Nanthan (left) and Piper shake hands after the presentation of the cheque

The Windward Islands Cricket Team (WICT) has secured sponsorship valued at $20,000 for the Caribbean T-20 Tournament to take place in Trinidad and St Lucia early 2013.

Executive Director of the Discover Dominica Authority (DDA) Colin Piper and President of the Windward Islands Cricket Board, Emanuel Nanthan, signed the sponsorship agreement on Tuesday at the Financial Center.

Speaking to the media, Nanthan said he was grateful for the gesture and promised that the WICT would make use of the sponsorship.

“We are very pleased and grateful that DDA found us willing and capable partners to work with and they will be sponsoring our team going through the 2013 competition. We hope that this will be the year that the Windward Island becomes the champions of the Caribbean T-20 Tournament,” he said.

Piper remarked that the investment was a worthwhile one since Dominica will be exposed on a global scale.

“We also recognize that this event will be shown worldwide through ESPN2 Network and as such Dominica will get prominent branding because the word ‘DOMINICA’ will be on the front chest of the Windward island team,” he said.

According to him, the initiative was done to further develop sports tourism in Dominica

“One reason is since the building of the sports stadium here we’ve realized the impact of sports as it pertains to the movement of people and for sports tourism that is of keen interest to us. So we look at this partnership in a way to further both to develop our involvement in the area of sports tourism,” Piper pointed out.

Nanthan explained that the funding will help mobilize the Windward Islands team, get the needed equipment and give more time for training.

The matches will be played in Trinidad from the 6th -12th and St. Lucia from the 15th -20th.