Action at a Stardom Tent last year

The 2019 Stardom Calypso Tent is set to begin this Saturday, January 12.

The Tent was officially launched yesterday afternoon at the Calypso House in Bath Estate.

Event promoter, Leroy “Wadix” Charles, says the show will be held at the Strip in Lalay Coco (north of the village of Loubiere).

Charles said various calypso Monarchs will be performing at the show.

“The calypsonians for this year are Karessah, Tasha-P, Scrunter, Hunter, Observer, Checker, Comforter, Webb, Black Diamond, Intruder, Jay Dee, The Healer, Chris B, Trendsetter, Lady V, Sour Sour, Jamma B,  Haxey, Lugars, Shadow Flow, Wuk Suk, Dino, Mighty DBS, Son of the Saint, Nacheal, Unwanted, Inciter and Omee,” Charles announced.

One of the regular Stardom performers for the past few years, Nacheal has been included in the 2019 quarterfinal after having been left out at the eliminations.

Nacheal told DNO that she was allowed to advance to the quarterfinal after it was discovered that an error had been made in tabulating her scores from the three judges who officiated at the eliminations. She said she wrote to the Dominica Calypso Association requesting a review of her scores and found out that one of the judges had also informed the DCA of the error.

Newcomers to Stardom Tent this year will include Derose, Triumph, The Irish Kidd, Big C, Danyan, and The Scorpion.

Charles said the package will commence this Saturday and calypso will continue to be part of the Swinging Stars anniversary agenda until May Day .