Barbuda was one of the islands devastated by Irma. ABS-Antigua

The Catholic community of the Diocese of Roseau stands in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Antigua and Barbuda, the British and US Virgin Islands and the rest of the affected Leeward Islands.

We are aware that they are all extensions of Dominica in that many of our parents, relatives and friends live in these islands.

Our own experience of these similar disasters helps us understand the effects of such great loss to property and human life and the odious task of building back. This makes us feel that their pain is our pain and that their loss is our loss.

We extend our good wishes to the people of the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cuba who experienced similar ravages, and the people of Florida who are still bracing for the onslaught of Irma.

We pray for a speedy recovery from the disaster but continue to ask God to extend His protective hands over us all as we are still in the hurricane season.