Benette Thomas is Director of Telecoms. Photo: GIS

Benette Thomas is Director of Telecoms. Photo: GIS

Director of Telecoms, Bennette Thomas Has articulated Government’s vision to expand the reach of the ICT Center for Excellence across Dominica.

The Center for Excellence, built in collaboration with the Government of India, is housed at the Dominica State College. The Center for Excellence was created to generate information communication technology awareness in Dominica, provide employment in the field of ICT, make courses available to Dominicans in a variety of information technology subjects and upgrade the skills of ICT faculty in all schools on the island, among other things.

Speaking at the orientation opening ceremony of the Dominica State College on Monday, Thomas noted Government’s intention to bring the services of the center of excellence to rural parts of Dominica.

“We are seeking to develop a national broadband infrastructure that is to install fibres in as many areas as possible so that if you are coming from La Plaine, Delices or Grand Bay, etc you will not necessarily have to leave those places to come here [to the DSC]. That’s our vision and we are working hard towards that,” he stated.

He said Government is also considering building four smart centers around the island.

“That means we’re going to have real top-of-the-line centres at four different locations. The intent is to extend those classes via video conferencing so you can have greater access to education. These are the things which Government is seeking to achieve so that we can improve the expertise of local persons.”

Three Indian ICT specialists are currently conducting a train the trainers programme at the Center for Excellence to hand over the facility to trained local professionals in two years.