Governments Chief Personnel Officer Irma Edwards has said the availability of  new video conference equipment will significantly cut travel costs within the public service.

New video conference equipment was officially handed over to government today after Government secured financing from the World Bank for the implementation of the OECS Electronic Government Regional Integration Project.

Edwards told the handing over ceremony at the Public Service Training Center that the video conferencing equipment would have numerous benefits to Dominica.

“We look forward to the benefits because although it is intended to facilitate the conduct of meetings, we extend an invitation to other ministries and department of governments to utilize the services in an effort to reduce the cost and time associated with travelling for meetings and conferences,” she said.

Edwards explained further that the new initiative will provide the capacity for more frequent interventions and input for regional and international actors in the implementation of projects and in conduct of their business operations.

The initiative is geared at promoting efficiency, quality, and transparency of public services, through the delivery of regionally integrated e-government applications that take advantages of economies of scale.

These may include productivity gains achieved as a direct result of being able to instantly share information and make quicker decisions, substantial economic savings achieved due to reduced travel costs and time savings realized through a reduction of downtime.

Meantime Coordinator of governments Reform Management Unit Ruth Allport said in today’s environment, where employees are concerned with the safety and time related issues with traveling, video conferences will benefit the public service and employees.

“It will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of hiring key employees who are not on island. This is taking an additional step into making the public service more efficient and improving service delivery to the general public” she added.