Sam Raphael

One major hotelier in Dominica says the absence of an international airport has greatly affected the country’s tourism sector.

Local hotelier Sam Raphael says while Dominica’s tourism thrust deserves a thumbs up, the issue of air travel continues to impede the vital sector.

“To market an island to people and then when they try to get to the island they can’t get connecting flights is an issue. That’s the problem that we are having because our marketing is high but the connecting flights to get people here the same day is a problem,” he said.

Raphael is anticipating an increase in visitor arrivals to the country when night landing is introduced.

“I understand that we will be able to handle night fights in the short term and hopefully we will be able to attract the night flights”.

He said with the advent of the technical completion of night landing “this should make a difference.”

Raphael said he is hoping that government could negotiate with various airlines in that regard.