Visitors in Dominica

Visitors in Dominica

Dominica a slight decrease of 0.3 percent of tourist stopover arrivals in 2015, latest statistics from the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) have shown.

The report, released on Tuesday, shows that the CTO has statistics from Dominica for January 2015 to July 2015 only.

According to the report, the island received 48,154 stopover arrivals during that period.

11,682 visitors were from the United States, 2,006 from Canada, 9,035 from Europe and 25,431 from other markets.

Below is the breakdown of arrivals per month during the period January to July 2015:

January – 6,495
February – 7,986
March – 6,214
April – 5,551
May – 7,097
June – 5,563
July – 9,248

The report also shows that there was a 2.5 percent decrease in cruise visitors to the island in 2015 and compared to 2014. It shows that Dominica received 286,575 cruise ship visitors compared to 279,341 visitors in 2015.