From l-r: Daviscia Mitchel, Delixianne St. Hilaire, Jahim James, Esabel Leblanc

In their continuing efforts to give back to students who are in need, Triple Kay International in collaboration with the Welfare Division has. for the third time, presented scholarships to four young students in preparations for the 2017/2018 school year.

The recipients are Daviscia Mitchel of the Convent High School, Delixianne St. Hilaire from the Isaiah Thomas Secondary School, Jahim James of the Pierre Charles Secondary, and Esabel Leblanc of the Goodwill Secondary School.

The scholarships were valued at E.C. $2,100 dollars with textbooks from the previous year in good condition being handed down to the current recipients who were selected based on merit and need.

Acting Senior Education Officer for Curriculum unit in the Ministry of Education, Robert Guiste, who represented Education Minister Petter Saint Jean, said that the Ministry is happy that the band has stepped up in their responsibility as corporate citizens in giving back from what they have received.

“It is important that we have such partnerships because as we often say, the Ministry of Education cannot do it alone. We welcome and encourage all to assist in that regard,” Guiste said.

Guiste said it is “tremendously important” that young people realize the value of having an education “because in any field that one may choose to go, an educational background is necessary to be propelled into one’s desired future.”

The Education Official encouraged the Triple Kay Band to be “even more flexible” in their production, looking at music that is “topical” and affects the young and old population in a positive way coupled with the students continuing to take advantage of the educational opportunities that the band has set forth before them.

Administrative Officer of the band, Jeoffrey Joseph, said that the band has taken on the obligation of giving back to communities that have given to them in one way or another.

“Every year we actually see what we can do to help our community. We do recognize the fact that our community has helped us tremendously, and when I say us, I speak of Triple Kay Band. Triple Kay is now seventeen years old…we feel that it is our obligation not to only get from the community, but to give back,” Joseph said.

He noted that it is the “corporate responsibility” of the band to assist persons with their needs and that the Triple Kay Band is happy to be able to award four students, which is one student more from last year, with this financial assistance.

“We think it is our corporate responsibility to assist those that for whatever reason are not able to assist themselves fully, and we feel elated every year that we have been blessed to be able to make this contribution to the youth in our society,” Joseph stated.