Two tropical waves are forecast to affect Dominica between Sunday and Wednesday.

A weather advisory from the Meteorological  Service states that the first tropical wave, currently across the Central Tropical Atlantic, is expected to move across the island chain on Sunday into Monday.

An increase in moisture and instability is expected across Dominica mainly from late Sunday and is expected to linger into early Monday. Strong winds and hazy conditions are anticipated after the passage of this wave.

Mariners and other users of the sea are advised to exercise caution and to keep updated on weather information during the period.

The Met Office also reports that a second tropical wave with an associated area of low pressure and which is also located across the Central Tropical Atlantic, currently shows a moderate chance of development over the next few days. This tropical wave is expected to move across the area by Tuesday into Wednesday.

Activity associated with the wave should affect mainly the southern portion of the island chain.  However, pockets of cloudiness and shower activity are likely to move northward to affect Dominica on Tuesday into Wednesday.

The Met Service advises the public to keep informed on these systems as it continues to monitor the situation.