water tapThe water supply projects being undertaken in Savanne, Scottshead, and Union State in Point Michel are said to be nearing completion.

Parliamentary Representative for the Soufriere constituency, Ian Pinard said during a recent site visit taht the water supply project in the Point Michel area is a great step in terms of the housing situation in Point Michel.

“Point Michel is a growing community; very soon Point Michel will be an urban community and we had serious problems especially up in the Union Estate with water,” he said. “And I believe building this 30,000 gallon tank now is going to assist the residents especially in Union Estate in having a more reliable water supply in the area and I think that has drastically improved the lives of the people of Point Michel especially Union Estate.”

The additional tank of 30, 000 gallon tank costs almost $750,000 which Pinard says, is “a significant sum as to the amount of money being invested in this project to ensure that the residents of Point Michel are comfortable with water (the) supply.”

He said the Savanne Water Supply Project is also a major development in the Soufriere constituency.

“In fact we had serious problems, because Scotts Head, especially the Savanne area started developing and the community of Scotts Head was improving rapidly, and the people living in Savanne had serious problems with water and the government realized that problem; that is why we had to do the Savanne Water Project in stages,” he explained.

He stated that  after completion of this project, “we expect to improve the lives of people in Scotts Head in terms of water to their homes, they will have no problems in terms of getting pipe borne water to the community of Scotts Head.”

He added, “This too is going to improve the community in terms of more development. It means that people can construct more homes up in the Savanne area in Scotts Head.”