Dominicans in St. Kitts

Dominicans stranded at the airport in St. Kitts

Some angry, frustrated Dominicans in St Kitts stormed LIAT’s counter at midnight Sunday after being told that their promised late night flight to Dominica had been cancelled.

This, after the 29 Dominicans who had just attended the 11th OECS Credit Union Summit in that country, had been stranded at the St. Kitt’s airport for over nine hours.

They were told that the flight to Dominica which LIAT had said would be scheduled to depart around 11.30 pm, had been cancelled because “the Melville Hall airport was closed.”

“The airport is closed and we are trying to speaking with the CEO to have it reopened to land,” a LIAT offical tried to explain to the irate passengers who were screaming “we want answers, we are tired, frustrated and hungry, take us to a hotel.”

Free-lance journalist Carlisle Jno. Baptiste, who is one of the 29, reports that it was well past midnight and after heated exchanges, when the LIAT official announced that they were making arrangements to have passengers housed at two hotels but warned, “we can’t say when you all will depart…”

The group was to have left St. Kitts at 4.50 pm Sunday on LIAT flight 511 bound for St. Maarten then onto Dominica but that flight did not materialize and according to Jno. Baptiste, the word from LIAT then was, “we will take you all home later.”

He said one LIAT official told passengers “hopefully, maybe at 11.30pm you all will depart.”

“It is just a shame the way we are being treated by LIAT, poor treatment, no communication at all. This is just not right,” Jno Baptiste told Dominica News Online last night from St. Kitts.

Just moments ago (Monday morning, August 26), Jno. Baptiste told DNO that there was still no word from LIAT as to when the group would be getting a flight back to Dominica.

“We do not know when we are leaving and we just sitting there waiting,” he said.

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