The UWP delegation now visiting China: Top: (l-r) Linton, Bazil, Francis. Bottom: John, Lugay, Thomas 

Beijing, China. August 10th, 2017 – Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition and Political Leader of the United Workers Party Hon. Lennox Linton has applauded the commitment of the Government of China to prevent corruption in public office as an important example to Governments across the globe.

Hon. Linton who is heading a seven member UWP delegation to Beijing at the invitation of the Communist Party of China told a banquet of the ruling party’s International Department (IDCPC) the fight against corruption will succeed in protecting hard earned state resources for the benefit of the people:

“We want to thank the Government of China for its courageous leadership role in ensuring prevention of corruption and securing integrity in public office not just in China but all around the world through its commitment to networking and sharing lessons learned with affiliates in over 160 countries,” Linton said.

IDCPC Vice Minister, His Excellency Guo Zezhou, said the Chinese President Xi Jinping takes this matter very seriously and his government will punish anyone found guilty of corruption regardless of his or/her status in public office. He said even if it is felt sometimes the party will lose face because of the seniority or rank of the person involved, “it is better to lose face than to lose our integrity”.

The UWP delegation thanked Chinese government officials for China’s generous contributions to a number of national development projects in the areas of education, sports, health care, road rehabilitation and post disaster reconstruction over the past 13 years. Team members also expressed the wish that Dominica would place a higher priority on economic growth projects in the ongoing utilization of development assistance from China.