Section of the UWP march on Saturday

Section of the UWP march on Saturday

A number of United Workers Party (UWP) supporters from all walks of life braved the weather on Saturday and rallied in the streets of Roseau to support the party’s march for free and fair elections.

The march began at the Newtown Savannah at 3:00 pm and culminated at the Pottersville Savannah.

UWP leader, Lennox Linton who was addressing a crowd at Pottersville, said the movement for free and fair elections in Dominica is a “very solid move.”

He said also that there has been no word from the Electoral Commission on that matter since the December 8th election date was announced.

“The movement for free and fair elections in Dominica is a very solid move. It is not just about elections, it’s about free and fair elections,” Linton said. “Elections that have integrity, elections that are honest, elections that are fair, elections that are not manipulated by people who know that they are going to lose and because they have power and because they have money they can buy the elections.”

According to Linton, the December 8th election is not for sale. “Your vote is not for sale, any attempts to try to steal it is going to meet with the stiffest resistance,” he said.

Linton said the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) of trying to steal the election in many different ways.

“This Labour Party government is once again insisting that it is going to break the laws of Dominica and import Dominicans living overseas to some to vote in the elections,” he noted. “We have heard today that 50 people in St Maarten are prepared to come to vote in St Joseph. They have received their tickets.”

He warned Dominicans to take a stand for the country.

“Dominicans must decide what we want for our country,” he sad. “Its not an election that is decided based on illegal behavior and irregular conduct, so they are trying to bribe people to bring them in to vote.”

Linton stated further that, leaders and citizens alike must abide by the laws of Dominica.

“We have laws that tells us what we can do and what we cannot do during election time, we are a country of law, we are a law abiding people and therefore our political parties must also abide by the laws whether they are in government or in opposition,” he stated. “They have refused to clean the list and insisted that there will be still dead people on the list and they are also insisting that the people who have not lived in Dominica for more than five years who’s names should be removed from the register, they are leaving those names on the register, so they are preparing the way for other people vote as themselves and come back and vote as somebody else.”

Linton believes that the DLP plans to steal the elections by bribing the citizens of Dominica.

“Another way they want to steal the elections is bribing citizens of Domiinica,” he said. “over the past few months, they have been going around, they have been giving you materials, nowadays they are coming around, they may have flat screen TV for you, they may have tablets, they may have laptop computers,” he said.