Kertiste Augustus

Kertiste Augustus

The Waterfront and Allied Workers Union says it will take measures to end a “long drawn out impasse” with the Dominica Air and Sea Port Authority (DASPA).

Outgoing Secretary Treasurer of WAWU, Kertise Augustus, says problems have persisted, ever since the takeover of the long shore and stevedore services by DASPA. 

He told the 17th Biennial Conference of WAWU this week, that the WAWU branch operating at the port, has been locked in a bitter struggle with DASPA in relation to terms and conditions of service for employees since 2002.

“The working conditions enjoyed with their former employer was drastically reduced and the rates of pay substantially changed to the demise of the workers,”

He said a tribunal was set up to hear the matter in 2004, “and for the first time in the history of tribunals, both parties challenged the results given”.

He said a new collective agreement was negotiated for lines men with DASPA and the Authority organized a special training program for 21 workers.

Augustus, who is no longer on the executive of WAWU, ended by calling for immediate closure to the matter.

“It is the declared intention of the port branch to do everything in its power to bring an end to this long drawn out matter with DASPA and hope that such will be realized during the ensuing years,” he added.

The theme for the conference was “Strengthening our ranks to face the economic and other challenges”.