The Trough System caused widespread flooding in Martinique

The Meteorological Office has announced that as of 6:00 am today, a Flood Watch which was issued for Dominica on Monday, April 16, has been discontinued.

However, the Met Office is advising the public to be vigilant and to exercise caution as some showers are expected later today.

The Flood Watch was issued because of a trough system which resulted in widespread flooding in Martinique on Monday. According to the Met Office, it continues to linger across the area.

Associated shower activity is still evident south of Dominica on radar.

“We are still expecting to see activity from this system moving northwards spreading some showers, however, models are not showing significant shower activity. As a result, the flood watch for Dominica has been discontinued at 6:00 am on Tuesday 17th April but we are still advising the public to be vigilant and to exercise caution as we are expecting some showers later today,” the Met Office said in a statement.

According to the release, the Flood Watch may be reinstated if conditions become necessary.

The public is advised to stay informed by listening to media reports from the Met Office or by visiting their website at