11:00 am position of Irma

The Office of Disaster Management (ODM) has issued a call to the general public to continue with preparedness activities as Hurricane Irma continues to move closer to the Leeward Islands and northern Windward Island.

Acting Coordinator at the ODM, Fitzroy Pascal, said the center of Irma is expected near the islands of Antigua and Barbuda, nonetheless, all residents in Dominica are to complete all preparations and continue to closely monitor its progress.

“Residents should not wait until the final hours to purchase required commodities, that is dry foods, water, and other basic emergency supplies,” he said.

He also told shelter managers to get ready in case they are called upon by the ODM.

“Shelter managers are advised to secure all keys to shelters and be prepared to open these shelters if asked to do so by OPM,” Pascal noted. “All subcommittees should have plans in place in event of a response to Irma.”

Fishermen have been told to cease all fishing activities as of Monday.

“As a precaution fishermen, especially those in the north, should consider suspending fishing activities by Monday, September 4 and secure all gears since high seas are expected,” Pascal stated.