weather updateAs the remnants of Tropical Storm Grace, now in the form of a tropical wave, makes its way across the Lesser Antilles late Thursday into Friday, citizens have been again advised to take the necessary precautionary measures to save lives.

The system is expected to bring an increase in shower and thunderstorm activity across the island just on the heels of another tropical wave which moved across the area on Wednesday.

Senior Metrological Officer at the Dominica Metrological Service, Marshall Alexander, said that Dominicans must bear in mind that the grounds are already saturated and the river beds are silted in the wake of Tropical Storm Erika.

“…And we are expecting about two to three inches of rain which is already too much for us,” he said. “Persons are advised to take the necessary precautionary actions to save lives. I think that should be taken seriously.”

According to the weather forecast, the remnants of Grace is located just east of the island chain and is expected to move across Dominica late Thursday into Friday morning.

Residents in Dominica in areas prone to flooding, landslides and falling rocks should exercise caution and listen or watch the weather reports on the radio, on the television stations, or persons can call the weather hotline at 447-5555, or visit the website at or the Facebook page at Dominica Met.