Lakeyia Joseph delivers her address at the rally

Youth Speaker, Lakeyia Joseph has called on young people to get involved in productive things to help develop Dominica.

She made that statement while delivering an address at the National Independence Rally held recently.

This year Dominica celebrates its 40th year of Independence, [Reunion 2018].

“My fellow young people, there is work to be done to continue to develop our beautiful land,” she said. “This is no time to sit around idly singing the same old song that this country has no jobs, there is something for you to do, get involved in something productive, because the future of our beloved land belongs to us, the vibrant, brilliant energetic youth.”

According to Joseph, the youth can play an important role in efforts to combat climate change in youth development, “in rebuilding our country, in charity work and in certainly volunteering.”

She encouraged them to have constructive conversations and to ensure that they get an education.

“Let us ensure that we play even a small part in the development of our blessed country as we celebrate 40 years of Independence,” she stated. “Let’s consider the sufferings and sacrifices of our four-fathers…”

She added, “We owe it to those who came before to be just as strong and just as determined.”

Joseph went on to say that in spite of where someone comes from, what their background may have looked like or the challenges they may face in life, that means nothing, “make it happen for yourselves, for your family and for your country.”

She told the young people, do not be afraid to dream and think big.

“Set goals, work to achieve them and make something great of yourselves,” she advised. “Be true to who you are and the goals you have set for yourselves.”

Joseph stressed the need for young people to be respectful.

“Respect all people, respect each other, don’t allow anyone to force you to fit in a box, spread your wings so high and wide that not even the universe can contain you,” she advised. “Never ever give up on yourself, your country, nor those around you.”

She encouraged them to to put God first in everything and to love and support each other.

“Tell your loved ones that you love them, and let them know you care,” she urged her peers.