ANNOUNCEMENT: Abandoned property St. Anne’s Co-operative Credit Union

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In accordance with section 157 of the Co-operative Societies Act 2 of 2011, we hereby give notice to all members of the St. Anne’s Co-operative Credit Union Ltd. of Laudat of unclaimed balances with the Society.

Members are Further advised that the following will apply to unclaimed deposits: If on the expiration of 14 calendar days from the date of the publication of this notice the account holder has failed to verify his/her account balance, any money in the account shall be deemed abandoned and shall be transferred to a Special Trust Account.

For further Information please contact the Credit Union service representative Ms. Claudette Rolle of Laudat  by Telephone (767-245-7061) or the Dominica Co-operative Societies League Ltd. at 767-448-4051 and 767-448-2142 or via email:


Dominica Co-operative Societies League Ltd.

November 23, 2019


Aaron Rolle

ABC Group

Ackroyd Birmingham

Agnes Bertrand

Ailel Ghita

Akeem Anthony

Al James

Alain Magloire

Albert Noel

Alcan Francis

Alfred Rolle

Alice Richards

Alick Steal

Alish Albert

Allan Darroux

Allan Laurent

Alphin Matthew

Alphonso Magloire

Alrick Rolle

Alston Rolle

Alyne Simon

Amantrading Ettiene

Ambrose Cadette

Amie Rolle

Andrew Stedman

Andrinette Rolle

Angelo Dequental

Annetta Bertrand

Annette Dequental

Annette Merchant

Annie Dequental

Anniel Stephans Laurent

Anslem Matthew

Anthia Bertrand

Anthony Bertrand

Anthony Cyrille

Antonio Rossi

Arieem Rolle

Arnold Corrette

Ashworth D. Stowe

Athenia Pharoah

Augustin Francis

Balthazar Cadette

Benjamin Bruney

Bennette Moses

Bernadine Sepelveda

Bernard Jno Baptist

Bernard Junior JnoBaptiste

Bertha Boyer

Bertilla Bertrand

Bertillia Matthew

Beulah Bertrand

Beverly Stedman

Brant Betrand

Brenda Jolly

Brendon Rolle

Brian Stedman

Bryan Bertrand

Calvary Baptist Church

Careen Moses

Carlton Magloire

Carol Joseph

Casey Rolle

Casilder Magloire

Catherine Dequental

Cattleya Cuffy

Cecelia Leatham

Cecil Laudat

Cecillia Sted

Charles Moses

Charles Rolle

Charley’s Photo Services

Chelsea Bertrand

Cheryl-Ann Commodore

Christiana Abraham

Christiana Matthew

Christine Magloire

Christon A Phillip

Clarence Bertrand

Clarina Etienne

Claudette Rolle

Claudette Williams

Claudia Rolle

Claudina Rolle

Clem Stedman

Collier Bertrand

Collins Bertrand

Collins Jno Lewis

Curlson George

Curt B.Robinson

Curt Rolle

Curtis Rolle

Cylma Rolle

Dahlia Jno Baptist

David Bertrand

Davis Noel

Daymond Rolle

Deborah Bell

Deborah Francis

Demetra Ralph

Demi Ralph

Denrick Royer

Denroy Moses

Denver Birminham

Desmond Hodge

Dessie Shillingford

Dianne Daway

Dionne Ralph

Donald  Ghita

Donald Hector

Donaldson Magloire

Dovelle Ghita

Dylon Magloire

Earl Jno Lewis

Eddison Stedman

Eddy Jolly

Edgar Rolle

Edmund Richards

Edward Rolle

Edwin Stedman

Eileen Rolle

Elena Daway

Ella Laurent

Ellen Emanuel

Elliot Rolle

Elvina Bertrand

Elvis Stedman

Emmanuel Rock

Eric Elizee

Eric Elizee

Estev Cadette

Eugene Magloire

Eustace Bertrand

Fabiana Moses

Felixia Jno Lewis

Ferdeinand Junkere

Ferdinand Richardson

Fitzgerald Shillingford

Florentina Cadette

Forest Nomad

Frances Valmond

Francis Magloire

Franta Valarie

Frantio Valarie

Frederick Daway

Frederick Svarin

Fritroy James

Fund Rasing Laudat Ch Comm

Genevieve Rolle

Gerald Noel

Gerald Simelda

Gerard Fontain

Gerard Fontain

Gertrude Lazar

Glennis Matthew

Gloria Bertrand

Graham Prince

Harris  Hodge

Harrison Hodge

Haynzes Shillingford

Hazel Peter

Hazel Shillingford

Hecham Laflouf

Heiem Laflouf

Henderson Rolle

Hendricks Rolle

Henna Daway

Henrietta Henry

Henry Cadette

Hermisha Rolle

Heskeith Hodge

Iris Bertrand

Irma Francis

Irvin Laurent

Isaac Magloire

Ivor Peter

Jacqueline Hodge

Jadaja Emanuel

Jaffa Emmanuel

James Daway

Jamie Jno Lewis

Janelle Stedman

Jason Bertrand

Javannah Jno Lewis

Javed Emmanuel

Javon Jno Lewis

Jeanine Jno Baptiste

Jefferson Rolle

Jeffery Rolle

Jermina JohnFin

Jevaughn Euzebe

Jevmina Matthew

Jno Baptiste Phillip

John Cadette

John Emmanuel

John Nature Icream

Jorjanna Albert

Joseph  Dequental

Joseph Hariette

Joseph Rolle

Joseph Simelda

Josephine Noel

Joycelyn Amantrading

Juanita Paul

Juliana Jno Baptiste

Julien Cadette

Julien Simelda

Kathleen J. Robinson

Kathleen Magloire

Kay Benjamin

Keenan Cadette

Kelvin Hector

Kelvin Noel

Kendel Rolle

Kenneth  Dequental

Kenroy Rolle

Keri – Anne Bruney

Kesler Darroux

Khalia Henderson

Khardijah Henderson

Kleyah N R Lawrance

Kostla Al Darroux

Lake Stars Cricket Club

Lake Stars Cricket Club

Lambert laurent

laudat  Sports Club

Laudat 4H Club

Laudat Adult Eduaction

Laudat Boxing Plant

laudat Ch Comm Members

Laudat Choir

Laudat Cultural Group

Laudat Famers Group

Laudat Gospel HALL

Laudat Medical Aid Trust Fund

Laudat Primary SCHOOL

Laudat Primary SCHOOL

Laudat School P.T.A

Laudat Spabtuns Sports Club

Leah Rolle

Lennard Blanc

Leroy Matthew

Lianna Dequental

Lilia Bertrand

Lindy Laurent

Lloyd Cadette

Louisa Bertrand

Lovelina Bernard

Luadat Village Improv Comit

Mable Daway

Magney Durand

Marcella Shillingford

Marcus Philbert

Maria Stedman

Mariah Daway

Marie-Louise Rock

Marilyn Charles

Marilyn Hodge

Marlisa Leatham

Marshall Matthew

Martilda Laurent

Marvlyn Birmingham

Mary Bernard

Mathias Magloire

Matson Bertrand

Matthew  Daway

Mava Shillingford

Mc Clean Jon Lewis

Mc Neil Clemon Stedman

Melissa Rolle

Melissa rolle

Melister Moses

Merina Esprit

Merril Matthew

Mervin Matthew

Mesha Anthony

Michael David

Michael David

Micheal Matthew

Micheal R Junkere

Miranda Rolle

M’Kaula Bertrand

Molly Jno Lewis

Mytle Matthew

Nahgie Lajay

Najaw Lajloy

Narlie Bertrand

Natasha Anthony

Nathaniel Hodge

Natherly Hariette

Neika Stedman

Neville Joseph

NICLOE Nolyn Bertrand

Nigel Rolle

Nisha  Philbert

Nixon George

Noreen Christian

Olive St.Ville

Omari Matthew

Oscar Rolle

Pamela Jno Baptiste

Patricia Rolle

Patricia Shillingford

Patrick Dupille

Perpetual Rolle

Peter Harriette

Peter Magloire

Philbert Daway

Phillip Cadette

Phillip Fontaine

Phillip Matthew

Phillip Sylvester Cadette

Phillippa Bertrand

Phillma Bertrand

Phyllis Dequental

Progessive United Movement

Raheam J Dequental

Ralph Diana

Ralph Magloire

Ramona Austrie

Randy Berkitt

Randy Corriette

Randy Rolle

Raymond Bertrand

Raymond Rolle

Remicia Noel

Renickcia Jno Baptiste

Rhona Victorine

Robert Rolle

Robinson Rolle

Roland James

Ronald Rolle

Ronnie D Ravalier

Roosevelt Bertrand

Rose Cadette

Rosemary Francis

Rosemond Laflouf

Ross Rolle

Roystan Azille

Rudolphia Rolle

Rufus Stedman

Rupert Charles

Ruth Cadette

Ryan Bertrand

Samanatha John Phillip

Samuel Betrand

Samuel Reid

Sandra Armantrading

Sandra Hector

Sandra Jno Lewis

Sandra Stedman

Sergena Stedman

Shane Reid

Shanna  Rolle

Shawn Reid

Shekira Valarie

Shevnel Dequental

Shian Jno Lewis

Shiena Joseph

Simon Cadette

Simon Laurent

Stanuel Dequental

Starford Hector

Steven Ghita

Sutanuma Harve

Sylvain Jones

Tamila Jno Bptiste

Tanika Albert

Tanika Albert

Thomas Deguental

Tony Peters

Trevor Stedman

Triple K Band

Trisha Leatham

Tyirk lander

Tyrone Toulon

Uganda Rolle

Vanya St. Luce

Velma Hodge

Velma Moses

Versatile Malestic Movement

Vileen Telemacque

Violet Magloire

William Mc Clean

William Rolle

Willie  Jno Lewis

Wilson Williams

Wyvone Hodge

Yvonna Dsiree

Yvonne Shillingford

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  1. Geseppy
    November 25, 2019

    But if you all want to close the credit union then say so. Dont go posting d entire membership list n saying the accounts are abandon.

  2. On the list
    November 25, 2019

    So what is this? A census?
    The entire village of Laudat and its Diaspora is on this list.
    Could members not be consulted at the community level instead of the public outing for the world to see?
    Just asking for why grandmother!

    Anyhow, I want my money!

  3. Dissatisfied
    November 25, 2019

    This is very disrespectful to us a villagers as you all were supposed to keep a meeting with us informing as to the next step the league is going to take regarding our accounts and the credit union. Then for u all to just publish all the names of the account holders without consultation with the people. We were promised a meeting for further discussion.

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