A tribute to Kent Pemberton

Kent Pemberton

It’s almost impossible to think of Kent Pemberton without a smile coming to your face.

Pembo, as we affectionately called him, breathed life into any room that he entered. He was never perturbed by the moods or attitudes of those around him. He never allowed anyone to dampen his spirits.

Pembo had a way of dissipating any, awkward situation with his jokes and comedic antics.  You may have made up your mind to be sullen and serious for a day, and you would succeed, until Pembo found you! Your frown was no match for Pembo! He could always coax a smile or a laugh from you.

Oprah said recently that we all have to be aware of the energy that we bring into a situation, being careful to always leave people better than we met them. Pembo may have never heard that quote, but he lived those words each and every day.

All of us who were blessed to be considered his friends can attest that one of his favourite quotes was “I only have one life to live you know, I going to enjoy it.” And enjoy it he did.  Pembo was not content in enjoying it himself. No, he made sure that his friends enjoyed their lives with him too.

Pembo loved having a good time, whether it was taking a friend for a spontaneous ride out for ice-cream, or having spirited philosophical discussions over a drink. He was always willing to volunteer his ‘bachelor pad’ for our weekend get together. He was an extremely gracious and meticulous host being sure that the lighting and music set the mood for a good time.

After making sure we all had drinks, he would put his apron back on and continue cooking. Pembo was a beast in the kitchen. There was no moping at Pembo’s. Oh no, if things seemed to lag, Pembo would shed his apron and put on his dancing shoes, and pretty soon everyone is laughing and the good times don’t stop until we say goodbye.

As an educator , Pembo was dedicated and passionate. Anyone who saw him teach knew that he loved anything to do with vehicles. More importantly he was passionate about his students. He was not concerned with the politics of the education system, “L’ecole pas l’ajole, ou sav” he would often say.

His concern was for the holistic development of his charges. His job did not stop at the classroom door. He kept his eye out for a student who was hungry; he extended his hand to students in need. He always had an encouraging word for a student who was distressed. His Christian love was not limited to the students. His colleagues were in the receiving end of his generosity. If he knew our need, he would find a way to meet it. Many of us can remember his delicious broths on a late afternoon or his hearty breakfasts and rich cocoa tea in the morning.

His heart was in the school and he was one of the loudest cheer leaders of the children. He took great pleasure in the accomplishment of the students. He made himself available for extra-curricular activities, especially to our schools dance group, coming to events and yelling out to encourage from the audience. At school events, he was always willing to entertain us with his smooth dance moves and was always the life of the party. Needless to say, the loss of Pembo has left a huge void in our school body. His shoes are impossible to fill.

It is said, that ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’. I’m certain I am not the only one who’s love and appreciation for Kent has tripled since he left this life. While we do shed tears, we cannot help but smile when we remember his life. Every single one of us has a pleasant memory of him. So while we weep because he has left us physically, we can smile at the many days that he brightened our days.

This is an opportunity for us to keep Pembo’s spirit alive. Let us not weep empty tears but let his life inspire our actions. Let us lend a helping hand to those in need. Let us have a loving word for everyone we meet. Let us have a smile for everyone we greet. Let us live our life to the fullest. Let us make a decision to bring positive energy to the world, and let us promise to leave others better than we met them. As we say farewell to our dear friends and pay our respects, let us not focus on the way that he died but let us always remember the loving and fruitful way that he lived.

We love you Pembo, may your soul rest in peace.

NOTE: Eustace Kent Pemberton, an auto mechanics teacher of the Pierre Charles Secondary School, died of injuries sustained in an accident in which his bike collided with a truck on the Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard (Bayfront) in Roseau on May 18, 2011.

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  1. June 16, 2013

    This site really has all the information and facts I needed concerning
    this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

    • His sister
      June 4, 2017

      What information did you need?

  2. black
    August 14, 2012

    wow didn’t know this young man and i am in tears after reading first time i read comments on dno and all were positive, to the person that ask how he died, as you can see u upset his ppl don’t take it bad then again he was a good man so they would defend him in any situation

  3. brown sugar
    May 18, 2012

    it is already a year since you left us physically. Nonetheless, your presence is felt among us each and every day. I trust that you family has become stronger over the months of your passing. I see you smiling like always and giving an encouraging word. You have left a positive impact on my life and others. When I think of you I just smile, and for a long period that smile just won’t fade away. loved you.

  4. JOJOH
    May 10, 2012

    miss u Kent

  5. divine
    April 13, 2012

    I miss u boo. Still feel like I just spoke to u yesterday. Your memory lives on my dear.

  6. close friend
    October 23, 2011

    Am still thinking of you Pembo. I don’t understand what it was, but I got up late one these nights looking at your funeral video. To me you are right next to me. The happy memories will not fade away.

  7. family
    October 1, 2011

    :cry: rip u are gone but not forgotten

  8. Woodfordhill girl
    September 23, 2011

    As far as I read the tributes are so touching I did not know Pembo but I know that he was my brother in Christ,sleep on my brother till the morning,however people someone asked a simple question as to how he died, there was no need for those harsh words, a simple question just required a simple answer,such hostility was not needed,especially after such heartfelt tributes,a time and place for everything,”I’m just saying!!

  9. Dominican to the bon
    September 10, 2011

    R.IP Pembo… See u in the first resurrection my bro….

  10. From way back when
    August 2, 2011

    It’s almost been three months since his death.And I can’t help but think of how true these words are. Mally I remember you guys cooking at the bomb shelter. I remember the masterguide hikes, the sunday morning cocoa tea and bakes at our friends house, the bike ride up to wotten waven….good times. A true friend indeed.

  11. KayUSA
    July 1, 2011

    I don’t know this young, handsome man but God never makes mistakes. I pray he’s surrounded by angels. You wiill see him one day again. May his family find peace in the joy he left behind.
    Be blessed:)

  12. His sister
    June 26, 2011

    Thank you all for you kind words and thoughts, my brother will be greatly missed..

    • Anonymous
      December 7, 2012

      Trying to get in touch with you or your mom,sorry to hear about Kent, shocked! Joe White. Call me # 917 324 8313 please.

  13. mzberry
    June 23, 2011

    missing him…

  14. Carla D
    June 6, 2011

    Pembo, Spider and I will never forget you! I am yet to meet anyone who had anything but good to say about this man… He wasn’t perfect but he’s as close to an angel as a man can get!

    You will be missed… Happy trails my friend!

  15. Ras Lee
    June 6, 2011

    Didn’t know the guy and my eyes are swollen with tears.

  16. Mel St. Maarten
    June 6, 2011

    Was a wonderful guy, touched every person he came in contact with. Til we meet again…….

  17. Agape
    June 6, 2011

    kent was my dear cousin and i will never forget the love and encouragement he gave me

  18. Lask
    June 6, 2011

    Great article- words well placed. Way to go!!!!

  19. Lask
    June 6, 2011

    I can identify myself with those words “Oprah said recently that we all have to be aware of the energy that we bring into a situation, being careful to always leave people better than we met them. Pembo may have never heard that quote, but he lived those words each and every day”. Pembo and I became friends just by these words. I was in a situation and he chose to help me. He had a very kind heart- and was not scared to speak his mind. He will always be missed. May his spirit live on.

  20. Anonymous
    June 6, 2011

    Well put together. Indeed was an inspiration.

  21. More Life !!
    June 6, 2011

    Pembo my boy.. you will greatly be missed..

  22. real recognize real
    June 6, 2011

    dont cry because he’s gone, smile because he lived long enough for you to meet and know him.
    he left a mark on all he met.

  23. SueQ
    June 6, 2011

    He was such a good person. One could never be sad around him. Miss u Pembo.

  24. mally
    June 5, 2011

    you really knew pembo.I remember him from our school days at sda when he stayed in possi real cool guy we studied together cooked togethger laughed at the original bomb shelter. i saw you a month ago and you left me laughing out mad.thats the kind of person you were.rip rip rip

  25. Former PCSS Student
    June 5, 2011

    Rest In Peace Pembo! You are certainly being missed! Gone but will never be forgotten.

  26. God's child
    June 5, 2011

    That’s a well written tribute.
    Hold on PCSS hold on…
    Family members keep on holding on..,

  27. School mate
    June 5, 2011

    Could not be said in a better way..thanks for those encouraging words that we can continue to live by..it is left to us to use Kent’s example to adjust the rest of our days.

    May he rest in the arms of Jesus.

  28. LuClu
    June 5, 2011

    I did not know this young man but your tribute to him touched me. May his soul rest in peace and may we all strive to emulate this young man. RIP

  29. My
    June 5, 2011

    Well written Jade! And to Pembo I pray we meet on the other side.

  30. friend
    June 5, 2011

    The little i knew of you, was a warm feeling, may your soul rest peacefully.

  31. rethink again Skerro of our needs in Da Country
    June 5, 2011

    well that why skero u have to think of getting this princessmargret hospital equipt and please extend it by puting a tremour unit instead of this state malaice . Though everyone can die when the time come but at the same time lives can be save with proper technology.

    he look like some one i knew.

    Sympathy to the family and faculty and staff of the grandbay secondary school.

  32. Lyn
    June 5, 2011

    Beautiful tribute!!

  33. Kay
    June 5, 2011

    R.I.P. Pembo. Your memory will leave on with me chick. You have been a very good friend to me always. I miss you everyday.

  34. Salisbury Woman
    June 5, 2011

    Rest in peace Teacher E.K.P.You will be missed by everyone.

  35. Kosto'
    June 5, 2011

    Thanks alot C! My only hope is to see him again one day.

  36. Anonymous
    June 5, 2011

    omg I know him!!! it’s so sad when people you know/seen passed a way….may his sole rest in peace.

  37. Rolle
    June 5, 2011

    Good tribute. pembo was a good man.

  38. Anonymous
    June 5, 2011

    Good tribute. Pembo was a good man.

  39. D
    June 5, 2011

    Good job Jade. Touched my heart. He was a cool guy.

  40. Kb lyric
    June 5, 2011

    R.I.P Pembo they say “Good Die Young”…

    June 5, 2011


  42. Dr.Finger
    June 5, 2011

    Met Pembo a few years ago through a mutual friend and he was just such a wonderful person. He will long be remembered for his loving kindness and passion for educating those who would listen. Life can be so unfair at times but only the almighty knows why he was taken from us so soon. You may go and tears may flow but thoughts of you will never go.

    RIP my friend, RIP.

  43. Dominican in the BVI
    June 5, 2011

    very touching indeed, am sure he is smiling. may the grace and mercy of the almighty be with him, and me his sole rest in peace. one love my brother.

  44. LL
    June 5, 2011

    RIP Kent, you were truly a good guy. I remembered you at college together with me always polite and smiling. You are in a better place now, where there is no more sadness .

  45. Sad
    June 4, 2011

    R.I.P Pembo! you will really and truly be missed and never be forgotten :)

  46. ???
    June 4, 2011

    did he go to commuinity high?

  47. Anonymous
    June 4, 2011

    god almighty bless his soul pembo and i went to sda secondary together he was an awsome wonderful fella.T BABA FLORIDA

  48. cry
    June 4, 2011

    This tribute touch me

  49. Anonymous
    June 4, 2011

    I concur with the tribute – Pembo you were a wonderful friend to me.

  50. Friend
    June 4, 2011

    Rest in peace pembo, i know your in a better place and i know that you would have loved your funeral…
    See you at the crossroads… :cry:

  51. oooh
    June 4, 2011

    went to stockfarm Technical college with him, WOW this is news to me..sad indeed, prayers to his family..

  52. associate
    June 4, 2011

    A fine tribute, so true to celebrate Pembo’s Life. Pembo Lived, he Loved , he Laughed, he Listened ,he was Learnt , he Laboured,he Lent his Life, he now he Leaves, – leaves his legacy. He was beloved, well loved of all who knew him

  53. ??????????
    June 4, 2011

    love ur article, didnt know him, but from what u said, i can see a lot of ppl will miss him. in just knowing that he is will spoken of so, make me miss him. really sad to see a good man leave so soon. continue to spread the good deeds he did, and share his memories.

  54. chocolate
    June 4, 2011

    well definitely miss those breakfast in the morning. The man knew how to cook. I don’t think any woman could cut style on him. He was husband material ladies!!!!! May your soul rest in peace.

  55. JL
    June 4, 2011

    I miss u luv….tlill we meet again

  56. Ling Ling
    June 4, 2011

    I don’t know the guy and my eyes are swollen with tears. Woow…

  57. PossieMouth
    June 4, 2011

    as i red this tribute tears filled my eye i will always remember him as “the security at best buy” he was such a gentle man………….The good always goes first!!!!R.I.P ma Boy!!when i think of the times i would pass by and the comments you would make i just laugh a smile goes up to you my dear!!

  58. past student of college
    June 4, 2011

    I cannot believe it was you who passed away. I knew you and many of us now seeing your picture are shocked. I remember the days at college, you always made us laugh, hanging out with your peers of automechanics. I am so sorry. I remeber walking down the road or trying to get on the bus, what fun we had. you were so jovial and kind to many of us, i will always cherrish those days. rest in peace.

  59. me
    June 4, 2011

    Well said and written, never met or knew him, but after I read this article I got to know him.
    reminded me of our son whom we lost recently, helpful and thinking of others.
    R.I.P Pembo

  60. Texas
    June 4, 2011

    I can’t believe this, that’s all I can say now. Pembo, you will be missed!!!

  61. Cecille
    June 4, 2011

    Thank you Jade and Chinda.

    • close friend
      October 23, 2011

      thank you Cecille. be strong

  62. JIM
    June 4, 2011

    REST IN PEACE PEMBO …..Gone but not forgotton !!!!!!!

  63. Reon
    June 4, 2011

    How did he die???

    • ..........................
      June 4, 2011

      Did u read the anything before commenting? Don’t think u did cause the answer to your question is right there at the end in bold…

    • bath estate
      June 4, 2011

      This is why some of us never did well in school. At the end of the tribute it says clearly in bold,plain simple ENGLISH how he died.RE-READ the tribute to understand it.

    • Anonymous
      June 4, 2011


    • reader
      June 4, 2011

      NOTE: Eustace Kent Pemberton, an auto mechanics teacher of the Pierre Charles Secondary School, died of injuries sustained in an accident in which his bike collided with a truck on the Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard (Bayfront) in Roseau on May 18, 2011.

    • alas
      June 5, 2011

      um you see the part that said “NOTE” nuh?

    • HMMM
      June 5, 2011


      NOTE: Eustace Kent Pemberton, an auto mechanics teacher of the Pierre Charles Secondary School, died of injuries sustained in an accident in which his bike collided with a truck on the Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard (Bayfront) in Roseau on May 18, 2011.

    • 1 3 4 N.r
      June 5, 2011

      apparently you didnt read the note under the article it clearly states he died from injuries sustained after his bike collided with a truck on the bayfront

    • m
      June 5, 2011


    • Anonymous
      June 5, 2011

      Please people let us take time to read and understand before we speak.

    • Canefield East
      June 6, 2011

      idiot, didn’t you read to the end of the article.

    • .........
      June 6, 2011

      read the note at the bottom doom doom

    • AmazingFace
      June 6, 2011

      according to de little junior calypsonian, “Take a book and readddddddddddd”. LMAO!!

  64. pretty
    June 4, 2011

    Well written. I new Pembo personally and this tribute is so true. May ur soul rest in peace ma boy

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