ANNOUNCEMENT: Dominica for Jesus Crusade Dec 20th to Dec 22nd

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  1. out of south city
    December 18, 2019

    How much money will he be paid to continue Massa’s message. My people stop prostrating before a dead white man that was used in our spiritual enslavement. That’s why we can’t go forward as a people because our minds are warped by dead doctrines and religious beliefs

  2. God's child
    December 16, 2019

    I listened to an audio of our pastor in Portsmouth to a fellow Pastor in Roseau and I just can’t believe it. Can someone please shed some light on how Christians (especially Pastors) should handle conflicts? The reason? I’m totally confused. This sounded so vulgar and unbecoming! Wasn’t there a better way? A biblical way? What’s happening to our Pastors? Please, refocus guys! . The world needs some light. We can’t carry on like this. This is ridiculous and you all need a big cleansing, come to Jesus, repentance gathering. I know that I am just a believer but I don’t mind praying with you all.

  3. Just saying
    December 16, 2019

    To my Pastor in Portsmouth. Are we forgetting the scriptures it are we just using our platform to try to hurt others? What’s wrong with someone sharing suits with his brothers? Why are we being so fleshy with our own brothers in Christ?
    Gal, 6:10 Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.

    New Living Translation
    Therefore, whenever we have the opportunity, we should do good to everyone—especially to those in the family of faith.

    English Standard Version
    So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith

    New American Standard Bible
    So then, while we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, and especially to those who are of the household of the faith.

    New King James Version
    Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith.


  4. Confused Christian
    December 15, 2019

    Interesting that our local Pastors in Dominica spend so much of their time attacking each other and others who are not even in Dominica, on the phone, (audio),and social media (Facebook). Yet still we are having all is those events… have you been to Jesus for cleansing first?
    Our pastor in Portsmouth take note. You are confusing me with regards as to how I should behave as a believer when I have disagreement with my brothers and sisters. This is not the way to carry on. You taught us otherwise now look at your attitude! Roll back the curtains of memory now and then! Remember how much God forgave you couple years ago! You’ve come a long ways bro! Need I remind your? Forgive your fellow Pastors! Forgive and don’t be that way. And remember that if God uses others to bless us from another land there’s nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with that. I’m hoping that you make peace before preaching to us. I really feel that I am doing so much better in dealing with conflicts than…

  5. DAPossieMasse
    December 13, 2019

    How much are they going to pay this conman. He should not be allowed to bring his subjugating, white man keeping black people in slavery for the master and it is not God.

    What difference has he made in Cameroon, except living an extravagant life?
    So it is going from political slavery to religious slavery in Dominica. Boy what a gullible, sewoo loving people.

    • out of south city
      December 18, 2019

      That’s what it’s all about now my friend. Religious slavery. One does not go without the other. The bible that all these ministers and prime minister swore on has been used ever since our foeparents were in the slave dungeons. The enslaves were having church on deck while our foeparents were wallowing in their urine, excreta and vomit while these haters were having church. They gave us the bible so that we can continue their work perpetually, as recorded in the Willie Lynch letter. My people, you have to emancipate yourselves from political and religious slavery. No white Jesus in the sky is coming back to free you. You have to break loose from that bondage yourself. Your minds are not liberated until you give up that religious spirit.

  6. Reginald
    December 10, 2019

    Please provide me with the telephone numbers of the Dominica Crusade Committee so that I can register for the prayer line

    ADMIN: Contact numbers are listed on the flyer.

  7. radicalchristian
    November 25, 2019

    i can’t convince anyone to or not to attend,its your choice especially base on what your believes are, ive been following man for quite some time online. he is anointed and true apostle of GOD.HE once was a wise man from tb Joshua church,if he is there for healing and deliverance i would encourage anyone who is sick to be there,or anyone you now of who needs God to to something for that person,get them there,

  8. November 24, 2019

    @Just asking, do you really need an answer. Well, do not expect it from the stature of your species, who are human beings.

    I don’t know what is the substance of this crusade. I just cannot tolerate people like you, who choose your ignorance of God to speak blasphemy against Him–you don’t even know that is what you are doing.

    Christ is God Almighty, the Eternal Spirit, who showed Himself to man in the frame of a human being, whom He called the Son, the name is Jesus.

    God is Spirit, He cannot be born, but we hear Jesus saying to the Jewish Leaders: “Before Abram was, I AM” Jesus came to the Earth thousands of years after Abraham, that is why the Jews did not believe Him–but I do, because I know Him.

    If you don’t know who Jesus is, keep quiet, before making a mockery of Him, which can smash all the teeth in your jaws in less than a second. You all are lucky that God has the Grace of forgiveness–or else there would be no species, known as humans

    • Wilby
      November 26, 2019

      You see, you totally missed the point. Do some real research and then answer the question posted by Just Asking. The feeling is that you are another of those they have taught that it’s not about color, after bible toting Europeans brought your people here, careful to remove all references to Africa where ALL bible activities took place and careful to indoctrinate you with images of themselves. Is no wonder you have trouble answering the simple question. Is too late now as you’re too far gone into believing he was European. It’s ok, just do a little research on that you’ll find nothing biblical had anything to do with your European God’s image and likeness.

  9. pastor J
    November 23, 2019

    please keep away from Dominica in jesus name

  10. All are invited
    November 22, 2019

    This has nothing to do with politics

  11. Joe
    November 22, 2019

    Skerro doesn’t stop wasting Dominicans money with his hypocrisy, God will deal with him.

  12. jamie
    November 22, 2019

    How much money is he being paid?I

    • .
      November 22, 2019

      Ask the organisers (Dca. Crusade Committee / Dca. Association of Evangelical Churches). Their numbers are included on the flyer.

      • Tet pull
        November 23, 2019

        After those same corrupt pastors and preachers and priest would have helped Labor to commit their dirty pre election bribing and treating they planning crusade. Let’s be careful. God is not mocked for whatsoever a man sows that also shall he reap. Hypocrites.

      • Reginald
        December 10, 2019

        Please tell me the telephone number of Dominica Crusade Committee please in Jesus name

    • Kalinago Justice
      November 23, 2019

      :?: They’re taking a man from Africa where there are very corrupt and criminal who brings so much sufferings on their people and bringing to an island of less than 70,000 people who are able to get their problems solved :?: How many times must they have a Dominica for jesus crusade and still nothing changes for the better :?: I thought they had given the key to Roseau the Capital of Dominica to jesus :?: It seems like it didn’t work out :?: If this man can make so much good happen,why not invite him before the elections to have justice prevail and the one-man corrupt rogue regime removed :?: One day hopefully, black people will awake! :?:

    • The Truth Be Told
      November 27, 2019

      jamie u really need Jesus. You all (UWPites) are obssesed with money. Here u “How much money is he being paid?” . U people have lost all reasoning. This is a crusade. This to tell people about Jesus Christ who died on the cross for our sins. This to speak of the Gospel the word of Jehovah for our knowledge so we can become better citizens on this world and to inherit the kingdom that Jesus has gone to prepare for the children of God. Mind u I said children as not all of us are children. To become a child, there are things we have to do. We become new creatures when we accept our LOrd as our personal saviour. jamie everything does not have to be so negative. Wake up we all need Jesus. Everyone of us. Stop this politicising everything and seek the Lord’s face which we all (including me) have to do. Do u want to inherit the Kingdom or go to a place where you willl be tormented eternally. Choose which one u want – Everlasting Life or Everlasting damnation (fire). Love is…

  13. Just asking
    November 22, 2019

    I wonder which Jesus, the long hair European one that they make look like any hippie hill-Billy from Mud Lick, Kentucky or the real one burned by the Hot African Sun where he came from? Just asking.

    • The Truth Be Told
      November 27, 2019

      Pathetic! Did u give yourself life? Which Jesus – 1 Jesus the one who died for our sins (including u and I). Stop making a mockery of Jehovah who gave u the breathe of life. If you cannot say something good, keep quiet. Jesus is the son of the Great Creator _ Jehovah whom he sent as man on the earth who took the blow for us all otherwise we would all be doomed. Why because Jehovah loves us and is merciful (which we do not deserve).

  14. look joke
    November 22, 2019

    A simple google search will show you how much of a typical false prophet he is, all this touching people head to make them fall, his goal is to make the people not think of Jesus as their savoir but think of him as the one with the power to heal them. This touch head and drop on ground is outdated, walk on water or something na lol.

    • The Truth Be Told
      November 27, 2019

      Touch not the Lord’s anointed! We do not know who is anointed so please refrain and let Jehovah do the judging. I always remember Numbers 13 when Muriam spoke about Moses – the Lord’s annointed. I always prefer to keep silent than 2 make amistake. God knows everything so who is false he knows.

    • Wilby
      December 3, 2019

      He he he he ,, waa omg, I totally agree with this African guy. If people could be so stupid why not work it for what is worth, the white guys do it all the time like little gods. He he he, lol lol.

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