ANNOUNCEMENT: Re-dedication of Dominica

The general public is invited to attend a ceremony for the re-dedication of Dominica on Sunday August 11, 2019 at 4:00 pm at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium.

The event is being organized by the Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs, Family and Gender Affairs in collaboration with faith based organizations.

A dedication event for Dominica was held fifteen years ago. Since then, much has happened and there have been repeated calls for the re-dedication of the country especially in light of the upcoming hurricane season.

The event is non-political and non-partisan; it is an invitation for all Dominicans to come together in a spirit of repentance to pray for our beloved country. It will be held under the theme “A Call to Repentance: To Love and Serve God”

Please come in large numbers to rededicate Dominica to the Lord.

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  1. re dead e cation
    August 6, 2019

    The Ministry needs to provide the specifics of the dedication which took place 15 years ago. To me that what when the PM had something in the gardens to include the Evangelical Churches who complained about the sewo and their exclusion.

    And, if you ask me, that kind of event should be led by the church community and not a government department.

  2. like really
    August 2, 2019

    like reallly???? why not a gospel concert?!! the same money the Government is taking to launch each new candidate, they could at least send for a gospel artist!!! this entire “thing” is just hypocritical! no one will be forced to repent, upon this, repentance should begin with the Minister!!! smh!!!!!

  3. Peace
    July 31, 2019

    I laugh so hard I nearly choke! :-D :-D What foolishness is that?! People get serious.

  4. Frank N Stein
    July 30, 2019

    Repentance starts with the minister of church affairs.Catherine you have too much guts. How can you be talking about God and repentance? Have you repented?

  5. Hypocrisy
    July 30, 2019

    2 Timothy 3:1-5
    The scriptures warn me to stay away, very far away from workers of iniquity of which this DLP government and your leader is chief. You have bought the souls of many with money, blinded the minds of others with witchcraft. Dominica needs deliverance. Your government has made corruption and victimization commonplace in this country. Who will not support you suffers. Pure evil. Repent!
    You are inviting me now to do what? Help you play with 🔥? God is not mocked.

  6. Jonathan Y St Jean
    July 29, 2019

    It sounds like the first God that Dominica was dedicated to 15 years ago was a fake one or not powerful enough to grant Skerritt’s wishes, so Skerritt wants to rebuild Dominica anew with a new God. Well, now we know that the God who these false, non-partisan Christians want to dedicate the country to are mocking the one true God. They are so impatient to let the real God work in his time that they are turning to many Gods. It’s not 15 years since Sinach was in Dominica and there was that ram’s horn dedication. How many Gods does this Labour Party need? Mockery and non-partisan buffoonery. They are telling God that he’s taking too long. Where is their faith?

  7. Joseph John
    July 28, 2019

    The tropical wave today is an other sign of warning from above. Return to me says the Lord or suffer the pain of nature’s wrath. Remember that humans cannot control nature’s anger. Remember only Jesus can calm the storm. He can turn it to a breeze and a drizzle. So let us return to him through this rededication and trust in his goodness for protection and defense . Amen.

  8. Dominican
    July 28, 2019

    “A call to repentance” is the motto under which this manifestation is promoted to the general public by the government’s Ministry of religious affairs, which I presume also underwrites the costs. Apart from wrong grammar (It should be a call for repentance), biblical teachings have imprinted upon us that it are sinners, who must repent. Is this a recognition by government that Dominica is therefore a nation of wrongdoers. I wonder whom of us they have in mind?

  9. Ja’ nice Island
    July 27, 2019

    Jah Bless Dominica
    and resolve the issues with it’s people…a Black Independent Island
    must close the negatives…The island is so beautiful…Everyone
    must welcome ideas
    and show the world how great Black folks truly are…I visit
    Dominica and it is a
    paradise of it’s own…Not a place where a government
    should reflect greed…or selfishly control the people…
    Too small of an island to not work with the people…
    Positive vibes are
    needed in government while
    Rebuilding Dominica…It is power for all the people on this island
    that is so beautiful and so amazing of
    a location…I say power for all people
    on Dominica!

  10. Kalinago Justice
    July 27, 2019

    :?: Here it is that the abominable ministry for ecclesiastical affairs comes with their hypocritical deadication pretending to inviting the entire public who made up of people of different religious and political affiliation, but their logo is all “red”! :?: Are there not blue,green and yellow political colours :?: In my opinion,if they are really genuine, the logo that should be used is that of the”Flag”!!!

    ADMIN: What logo? Are you referring to our stock announcement graphic used for numerous announcements on DNO?

  11. let me remain in catolic
    July 26, 2019

    This is total foolishness, Dominica was never dedicated to the Lord, and can never be dedicated to the lord. Individuals can dedicate their lives to the lord, but no one can force any country to be dedicated to God. In Dominica we do have freedom of religion and there are muslims, Baha;is, Hindus, Rastafarians and more. Please stop this political game with this foolishness about dedicating Dominica nonsense and if you cannot find anything to do with this strange ecclesiastical ministry talk to the Haitians and stop this garbage.

    • Tris
      July 27, 2019

      Why are you angry? A country can be dedicated to 👑The Father👑 regardless of all the other chaff teachings therein….there is only 👑One God👑(The God of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob…The King of Kings…ElRohe…Jehovah…Alpha and Omega….beside The Father there is no other) and all will bow……even if they mean it for evil, The Father will oversee it. Most of the laws of countries are derived from The Bible Commandments… to dedicate a country would mean to stand in agreement with the things of 👑The Father👑… sides you have the free will to decline to go…you were given the gift of choice

      • Peace
        July 31, 2019

        That’s why black people will remain poor.

    • William Giraud
      July 27, 2019

      I agree with you

  12. Fran
    July 26, 2019

    Really good gesture. Trust that persons will truly repent from the heart and this will be evident through the demonstration of changed lives and behaviours

  13. Pure Truth
    July 26, 2019

    All these evil people doing is use God and religion to do their evil. They want to dedicate Dominica to God but their hearts are very far from God. I hope they know they cannot fool God. They know is because of their wickedness Erika and Maria punished us so they trying to fool us with that church thing. But Skerrit wants more storms to destroy us because that’s how he making his money

    • Tris
      July 27, 2019

      Do not underestimate The Father….he knows the hearts of men and all things. Leave it in his hands…and better, pray that if any I’ll intention is behind this let it be revealed. I remember Maria…however there is much to learn from that incident. It is at those times that people remember God and cast all their differences aside..I remember well. Gods power is made perfect in weakness. There was a lot of togetherness and kinship after Maria….I loved it, for a time it was like experiencing the times of old that the elders talked about…going for fig and sharing it just to put a smile on someone’s face….we saw how fickle life was and we appreciated it. I am mostly introverted so that kind of exposure was bliss…no smartphones etc…When light came back and bus started running. Some of those I helped ….you’d swear there was no hurricane….people went back fast their old habits. So I went back into my shell. I am sure many can relate……..alas nothing lasts forever

  14. Sam Ford
    July 26, 2019

    Excellent idea. Long overdue.To God B The Glory

    • Joseph John
      July 28, 2019

      @Sam Ford,…..I agree that this is an excellent idea. Weather officially or not our Dominica was dedicated as ” The Land of the Lord ” but we have been straying from him. “Return to me says the Lord Jesus Christ”
      We have to give praise and thank to the Lord for protecting us from the ravages of hurricanes, earthquakes and floods. If we do not we will suffer disasters worst than Mathew, Erica and Maria.
      We have to be consistent and persistent in praying for His protection and defense from all disasters and calamity natural and manmade.

    • Joseph John
      July 28, 2019

      Today’s tropical depression is just an other warning especially for those negative sceptics who think everything is politics. Well todays “storm” was not politics. Todays storm affected all of us regardless of our political or religious ideology, just like Mathew, Erica and Maria.
      With our selective memory, with our ears and eyes closed , whatever disaster strikes will bring sufferings on all of us. Nature is not selective.

  15. Casio
    July 26, 2019

    nonsense. re-dedication ? where all you going with that majeee ? that lady herself in her made up ministry have her own sins she need to ask forgiveness for. then there is the politics of it all. state and church have been separated. why are they still acting like one. Let me guess, majority of church goers are voters.

    • Lord Megatron
      July 27, 2019

      Wrong country!
      Dominican does not have separation of church and state.

      • Church and State
        July 28, 2019

        Church and state cannot be separated. Do you know that the church plays an important role in the state. Do you know who organized the meeting between Cuba and the US? Church just need to ensure that State’s plan and policies are based on principles. That for sure is a difficult task.

  16. E
    July 26, 2019

    God wants the people, not the hills and valleys which He already has.

    • Joseph John
      July 26, 2019

      @E,…. Dominica is the people and the land (hills and valleys etc) all united in the Land of the Lord.

  17. LifeandDeath
    July 26, 2019

    If they want anybody to take them seriously start by calling out the attrocities committed by the DLP beginning with Skerrit as Leader and PM.

    Dominica full of Hypocrites, and they all over including in high offices..SMH!!..


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