Featured Classified Ads

Featured classified ads are now available for the low price of $20.00. Your classified ad can now be featured on Dominica News Online in the classified ads widget on the Home Page. Featured ads will also be highlighted and listed before free classified ads, have a listing duration of 30 days, and will be given priority for approval over free classified ads.

Side-by-side comparison of featured and free classified ads:

FeaturesFeatured Classified AdFree Classified Ad
Featured in widget on HomepageYesNo
Highlighted in classified listingsYesNo
Appears at top of classified listingsYesNo
Number of images allowed31
Given priority for approvalYesNo
Listing duration30 days (1 month)7 days (1 week)


How to Pay

There are two ways to pay for your featured ad:

  • You can pay at DNO’s Office located on the top floor, 25 Independence Street, Roseau. If you are paying at the office please bring the listing ID emailed to you after you have submitted your ad to DNO.
  • You can pay online via PayPal by sending a payment of $20.00 to [email protected]. When paying via PayPal, please specify the email subject as ‘Classified Ad #xxxxx’, replacing the ‘xxxxx’ with the listing ID emailed to you after you have submitted your ad to DNO.

Please note that featured ads will only be posted after we have received payment. Also note that classified ads are only available to private individuals, not-for-profit organizations, and businesses that advertise on DNO.