Younger woman texting husband’s phone

Dear Bella: A wife saw a text on her husband’s phone with a younger woman asking ‘do you still love me? do you really love me?” He was confronted by his wife and he said that he has nothing with the young woman. She believes that her husband is being untruthful. Should she believe him? Do you think she will be able to trust him again?

She is such a wonderful person. Since then I feel she has died emotionally because our friendship has not been the same since that day. She tells me that she feels betrayed.

Concerned Friend.

Dear Concerned Friend:

It is possible her husband has not had sexual or intimate relations with this girl – as yet. He probably was caught before it blossomed into something more intense. However, it is unacceptable as a married man to be having those kind of texts on his phone. And first of all how did he get this young lady’s number? It got there some way somehow. He probably likes the young lady or is interested in getting intimate with her.

Now anything like this can betray trust so you totally have to understand her situation. What is heartbreaking is that she is not sure if he is telling the truth because there might be more to this text – or not.

She needs to get the truth out of him. I think a husband-wife discussion – not argument is needed to mend the offences. Or a marriage counsellor needs to intervene. Either way, he needs to get rid of this communication, starting with the girl’s number or else the marriage is sure to go down the drain.


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Dear Bella,

A wife saw a text on her husband's phone with a younger woman asking 'do you still
love me? do you really love me?" He was confronted, by his wife and he said that he
has nothing with the young woman. She believes that her husband is being untruthful.
Should she believe him? Do you think she will be able to trust him again?   

She is such a wonderful person, since then I feel she has died emotionally, because
our friendship has not being the same since that day. She tells me that she feels

Concerned Friend.

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  1. Why?
    April 25, 2016

    WHY is everyone hating on and blaming the “other woman”? It’s beyond me as to why the OW is blamed when many times its the MM who inquired, initiated and started the relationship in the first place!!! When a man cheats it all boils down to HE’S NOT GETTING WHAT HE NEEDS AT HOME-whether it be sitting at the breakfast table and having coffee, talking sitting on the front porch or tailgate, going out and just having fun, smiling & laughing, listening, appreciating, caring, affection or the almighty SEX!! Women get married, have kids and get all stressed out, they grow apart, he tries to fill the void! He will find someone to talk to and listen, to flirt with, have fun with and to have sex with!! Happens every day!

  2. Diva
    January 24, 2013

    boy ja dominique sot wi. did he reply? if no then he may be telling the truth.. if yes, then solve di puzzle.

  3. September 7, 2011

    Do you still love me:It is obvious the man was screwing the young chick and told he loved her.The litle bitch was to much for him and went home he have to service his wife
    Its obvious the litle bitch was high performance and wanted her nails done,do her hair buy nice clothes and screw her in hotels or guest houses and spending money like water in a basket this was to much preasure on the married man and wanted to back off from her demands for money.
    The married man could not satify this chick and began to lie and make excues that is why she text the married man darling do you still love me? he must be so tired he forgot to switch off his cell phone and the wife answered the phone and saw the text.
    Marriage is a serious vow men should understand if they cant go the distance to death do us part dont get involved for theirs temptation with these young blood suckers who will skin you alive they dont know what love is and think love is money they will sing no love on honey.
    These bitches dont care about the wives they say is not their business they give the man what the wife fail to give the wife its the wife to blame not them and if he was satisfied he would keep his ass at home and not chase after them like a dog in the neighbourhood
    Wives should take note and do the same as mankind cant keep the promiss to love till death as the bible say all mankind is born in sin.The Lord is not interested in the sprits of sinners,He said a body well prepared I seek,to present to Christ to create a New SPRIT with Everlasting Life in the light.
    The bible state 1PET 1.23 Prepare your body for the LORD for your body to have a NEW SPRIT created by the WORD with the LORD so your sprit dont end in everlasting fire.
    1PET2.1 Prepare your body for salvation,and get rid of all malice,deciet,hypocrisy,envie,and sin of every kind (30)for your sprit to rest in peace after death by the judge of the Earth.
    Wives count it a blessing when your man stray so you can correct your fault for your Peace and the only one you can trust is the Lord and prepare your body for Him.your faith will set you Free from this bondage. :( :lol: :cry: 8) :oops: :?:

    • diva girl
      April 5, 2012

      alas your husbad left you for a younger girl man.. cuz you seem to have a personal grudge!!

  4. Kalinago in NY
    November 30, 2010

    “Do you still love me?” Stop it Bella. You know well that if she was “trying” to get to him, the question would be phrased differently… he is guilty… those young women out there need to learn to respect other people’s relationships and find their own unattached men.

    • under the radar
      January 9, 2011

      thank you kalinago…. tell it to them so they can stop their filthy nonesense. think about it.. after a woman defile herself in adultery, waste years of her life with a dead end man.. give him all their best years of youth, then they bailing out, well weezay and looking for a nice fresh young man to give the DAMN LAWESTA!!!!! yes jah that world dirty!!!!!

      • OMG
        November 11, 2012


  5. Anonymous
    January 29, 2010

    there are very few men who would admit to an affair. people will see them with the mistress and they may still say is lie, there is a lot of this going on now.


  6. Karkabeff
    January 29, 2010

    So what if he get a text asking if u still love me? What is love? I hug and tell my friends i love them all the time. Maybe he and his friend (girl) had a simple falling out and she was just curious as to the state of the friendship. If she let that ruin her trust them she never loved the man in the first place. Second, she is wife already so her love is always at a higher level than the friendly love.

    Man I tell you, some married women are just paranoid. Some of them so because they know dyam well they not taking care of their bidnezz at home. If she doing what she supposed to do she should never worry. Her man is hers already unless she fall asleep on herself because them you chicks here not easy.

  7. January 29, 2010


    You sound mature. But paying the bills or helping in whatever way does not justify an affair with a married man.

    If he is having financial problems, he and his wife should sit and look at how to cut costs and plan a budget. Single boyfriends and girfriends with four children do it and are faithful to each other, so why can’t the married couples as well?

    And maybe you’d feel very comforted to know that another woman is your boyfriend’s confident. Again, you can be mature about it, but the feeling is not the best, whether man or woman.

  8. Don't Jump to COnclusion
    January 29, 2010

    What if the text was sent to him in error? Just last week I got a text from a number I did not recognize.

  9. tracy
    January 29, 2010

    d man was messin wit d chick self..if he wasnt he should have told his wife da she is after him and should have stoped d communication between them already..he well happy wit his alil B**** on d side..most men now a days r just like public septic tanks,FULL OF **

  10. Well
    January 29, 2010

    Well…I was involved with a married man once and we are now just friends…why because I respect him and we sat and discussed the losses and it ain’t worth it. I wanted more for myself. Initially it was a weirdly interesting experience but once I acknowledged that this is a married man I ran from it. He wanted to know why I didn’t want to keep seeing him, I explained that should I get married one day this could happen to me and that I don’t wish for myself why should I do it to someone else.
    But then I learnt a few things that some married men having affairs should know never save the numbers and always delete messages as soon as you’ve read them. answer back but know what you are saying in those messages as well. Fortunately I had a rather intelligent man who knew just what to say when and I never laid claims or sent obvious text messages. Ring the number once and hang up…it may take a couple of days but he will call back trust me.

    The important thing for ladies having other women’s men is to not lay claims and have high expectations…he will respect you and you will even wonder why he just wants to be in your company and not desire just sex. A few months into my affair when I told my friend that we should end it he was a bit sad but then I agreed that we could be friends and he could ring me anytime the rest out of the question. He smiled and said that’s why I will always love you thank you. and we cool even now. Try also to have constructive conversations then there won’t be no need for the heavy stuff. like “do you love me? bla bla bla ….
    For the girls who only see the ride and potato salad think who might be paying for it …his money paid the mortgage…her money doing the shopping she give him to buy at the market early saturday morning…

    • under the radar
      January 9, 2011

      bullshit! complete cutting off is the answer. you should know the rule of moving on…. DONT LEAVE OPEN WINDOWS OR DOORS!!!!!!!!!!!! common man that is misleading.

  11. disgusted
    January 29, 2010

    @ STUPES. I agree with u 100%. Secondly if the girl was after him he should let his wife know. That’s the good communication part. I do believe that he has some involvement with the chick.

    • miss concern
      October 9, 2012

      i agree with u my person. i used to help and pay stuff around my home and all. but since the phone stuff. i said u know what. u are going to take care of me,. u take all the responsibility. i am not working for three, im working for two . so now all responsibility is urs. u be man of the home.

  12. 'Iron' Mike Tyson
    January 29, 2010

    ….Responding from the point of view of a married man myself, I am aware that this poor guy may be as innocent as they come. They could be quite casual friends but the girl may be infatuated with him and might be harrassing him to take their relationship to another level (believe me it happens more than you might think) and the poor guy is trying to be faithfull to his wife and ultimately to his wedding vows. Obviously the wife did not find a positive reply to this text in the husbands outbox or list of sent text.

  13. January 29, 2010

    Those young women too bold face. Most times they are only lookiing for someone to put some extra dollars in their pockets if they have a job or to support them if they are unemployed because they know jolly well the man is already committed and is unable to guarantee them a future. So its all about fun and sex.

    The wife needs to dial that number and give that girl some counselling; like “go get yourself an education and a good job. Make yourself an independent woman. But not at my expense and to the loss of my children. I will take you down B***”.

    I think a married woman should try to protect her marriage and not give up too quickly. But gosh, if the man is a pig, move on because you have to think of not only the embarassment but the HIV, HPV, herpes, pwell gwatay etc. And you just cannot be part of that. So sorry.

    Plenty of them you see checking married man only interested in the weekend dwivay on nice ride, you know. And they dont mind passing a piece for the Triple K or Krazy Coconut lime, bbq ribs and potato salad. Oh, and top up. It’s really silly the reason why families are breaking up nowadays. Stupes.

  14. hisperan
    January 29, 2010

    girl you need to teach your husband a lesson about have those little biotches texting his phone and asking about love..those little hussies need to go and find their own man and leave other peoples husbands alone..TRAMP

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