NATURAL HEALING: Peace, the Key to ADHD, PTSS and ADD Relief

The symptoms of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome are all nervous disorders which include the brain/ central nervous system and stress. The nervous system functions with its full potential in perfect tranquility. This is how we experience peace of mind, calmness, restful alertness etc.

Restlessness, impulsive reactions and an aggressive nature are all opposite to the experience of peace of mind. What the children are experiencing with ADHD and ADD are all indicative of an overload of stress on the Nervous System that causes the Pre-Frontal Cortex to shut down. This is why they seem unable to calm down on their own. The Pre-Frontal Cortex, the area of the brain located at and behind the forehead, is responsible for higher functions such as thinking, learning, attention and attention span, intuition, inspiration, right action, decent words, clean intentions, positive thinking, planning, organizing, and a host of other activities that make us gentle, loving, creative, compassionate and tolerant, and God loving human beings.

When, because of constant stress, the pre-frontal cortex shuts down, we see the opposite qualities in the behaviour of the individual because another part of the brain is now playing the leading role, the main functioning brain has made a switch to the back of the brain, or limbic area, the area responsible for the Fight or Flight response. It may get as if stuck there. The direct result is of course all that we see in our society and our world today, negative thoughts, charged words, wrong actions, wrong intentions and of course, as you sow so shall you reap, so the more negative we become, the more negativity we cause in our lives and collectively in our society. It becomes a vicious circle. This is how we create little by little, thought by little thought, word by little cuss word, action by every little wrong action that hurt others and ourselves, the fabric of this stressful society we live in. Of course, we reap the results in crime, dullness of the people, lack of creativity, lack of energy, wrong eating habits which will destroy the body, wrong lifestyles. The most stressed cities in the world are the ones where the people do not sleep at night.

Sleep is the way of the nervous system to settle down away from activities and the hustle and bustle of life to repair any wear and tear that happened during the day. It also replenishes the system for the coming day. When you see children on the streets at 11 pm and past that time, you know that this society is preparing for trouble. The young nervous systems need sleep to replenish their energies for the functions of higher learning to be effective, instead, it is the adults who are supposed to guide them who most of the time, create these nocturnal activities that rob them of their vitality, intelligence and their youth.

According to Ayurveda, ADHD, ADD, and PTSS are all caused by an imbalance in Vata (air). The mind feels unstable with lots of thoughts, mainly of fear or anxiety. This causes the individual to lose confidence in himself or herself, and they may dive into depression and or substance abuse of all kinds to try to self medicate and escape the deep feeling of imbalance. The mind is unable to manage itself and dullness is the result. The purity of the mind is eroded, and this brings on frustration because knowing one’s ability and not being able to use it creates anger – the inability to fulfill one’s desires.

Many of our children are going through these debilitating illnesses. They turn away from school and most of them become violent. They have intense intrusive thoughts and may be trying to fight them off all the time. Such a child withdraws from company as they feel they have to fight their battle alone, because others around them will not understand. If this child does not receive help, he or she will soon be influenced by these negative thoughts and we are all aware of the results. The youth should know that taking drugs will not solve any problem, it will only serve to make the problem worse. All hallucinogenic drugs without exception, vitiate Vata and create deep, long-term imbalances in the mind and body.

The remedy to this malady is to get the young person to experience Peace of Mind on a daily basis. They need to have quiet time woven into their day. Today, we do not think that children should get free time just for themselves, because we keep packing their days with all sorts of activities from morning till they go to sleep. The other thing is that when they do have free time, they will be found in front of the TV, the Internet or playing dangerous video games. We may not think of the video games as dangerous, but just the thought of killing is detrimental to the individual, so much more the act, even in what seems to be a game. Remember Christ said, “If you think it you have already done it.”

We need to introduce children to Nature from a very early age, lots of outdoor activities should make them healthier and more positive and rested, and give them healthier habits for the future. Children who maintain a healthy connection with nature are very difficult to be influenced negatively.

Several Scientific Research studies have been done on ADHD, ADD, and PTSS (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome) The soldiers coming home from war show the worse symptoms of PTSS. Please look it up: or The David Lynch Foundation is trying to reduce ADHD, ADD, and PTSS from the lives of our youth and help them to live dignified, decent lives again.
When someone has a traumatic experience, it creates a deep stress on the nervous. Years may pass, but the pain keeps bothering the person. It can be physical, emotional or mental.

The stars of Hollywood have understood the importance and urgency of our times, and from time to time, they give special performances to raise funds to help these helpless children and young people to experience peace of mind. To date, only the Transcendental Meditation Technique has been shown to significantly decrease and eliminate these debilitating diseases. The medications used for these conditions have long lists of side effects that parents should seriously consider and carefully read the labels, and talk with the child’s doctor before deciding to administer them to their children.
All over the world; USA, Latin America, Europe, Asia, leaders of all areas of society are using TM to help the youth regain their calm and their normal lives again.

Transcendental Meditation is a simple, natural mental technique for experiencing deep rest in the body and peace of mind. We experience a unique state of inner silence, stillness, and after 10 – 15 minutes of restful alertness, we open the eyes to a much clearer mind, positive thoughts, better behaviour, and inner happiness. The nervous system is less stressed. As the practice is continued regularly, we acquire deeper and deeper states of permanent inner restfulness, greater energy and creativity, increase in intelligence and IQ. The brain regains its proper functioning at the Pre-Frontal Cortex, and stresses are released.

The Transcendental Meditation Centre has been teaching Transcendental Meditation in Dominica from 1975 to the present time. Dr. Lucia John and Mr. Kelvin Rolle are Co- Directors of the Institute and right now we are trying to get 100 students suffering from ADHD, ADD or PTSS to learn the Transcendental Meditation Technique. We are actively looking for funding so that these 100 students can learn for free and experience the peace of mind we are talking about. We are also looking for sponsors in Dominica who would like to help finance the project.

National Day activities are coming up in less than a month, and we would like to have peaceful activities. Scientific Research has shown that in any environment where there is a group of individuals practicing the Transcendental Meditation Technique regularly, the crime rate is greatly reduced, the entire society enjoys a sense of relief and peace, simply because a group of persons in that society is releasing the stresses from their own nervous systems, and they are enjoying greater peace of mind, becoming more positive and compassionate. This is scientifically called the Maharishi Effect, because His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi predicted this effect since the 1970’s.

To register your child to learn to meditate, or to sponsor a child or a group, please call Dr. Lucia John at: 1 767 449 8154, 1 767 614 0903, 500, 5060, or email [email protected] you can also visit us at 30 McIntyre Lane in Goodwill. So far, we have 103 young persons registered and we are accepting registration for a future group. We would also like some parents to volunteer to help in this process of returning the peace of mind of the youth to them.

The media will be following the progress of the group.


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  1. Dr. Lucia John
    June 27, 2013

    Number of children with ADHD learning the TM Technique so far; 175. Persons with children who suffer from ADHD must take steps to help the child regain their mental balance. The simple natural meditation technique, Transcendental Meditation, gives this edge to the children. It helps them to settle down naturally, and regain their balance so they can focus on school work again. Their memory returns to normal, anger calms down to inner peace, fights at school and at home become a thing of the past, and they are much happier. They become normal children again.

    Please contact Dr. Lucia John for more information. 1 767 316 9765

  2. Dr. Lucia john
    December 9, 2012

    Update on ADHD Project.

    Number of Children and parents who have learned the Transcendental Meditation Technique so far: 54.

    It is very gratifying to see children regain their ability to focus in school, enjoy memory, and ace their exams.

    This is the report that I am having from all the children who meditate regularly, morning and evening.

    See how Transcendental Meditation is transforming lives for the better.

  3. Dr. Lucia john
    November 8, 2012

    The group is continuing to meditate, the children are having wonderful results. The parents are having a bit of respite, and the teachers are beginning to notice that the once troublesome children are actually settling down, paying attention, and even participating in the classroom discussions.

    I would like to share this link with all those who would like to see what is happening worldwide with Transcendental Meditation.

  4. Dr. Lucia john
    October 28, 2012

    UPDATE on the ADHD, ADD, PTSS program.

    Date Started: Saturday October 20th.
    Number of students and their parents who learned so far: 30.

    Children Report: calmer, more positive minds, less disturbing, intrusive and negative thoughts, greater ability to focus and concentrate in school, and teachers are noticing the change, feelings of happiness within, greater tolerance, less desire to annoy others, greater self esteem and self confidence, less fighting at home and at school, less bullying or being bullied, less anger, less loneliness, less anxiety and panic attacks, less depression, less persistent desires to do wrong things, greater feelings of well being.

    Parents report: greater inner peace, inner contentment, greater satisfaction with their children’s behaviour, sleep is improving, less tension in the home, better health.

    As the numbers grow, we expect the general collective consciousness of Dominica to experience greater calm, less restlessness, frustration and anger, and as a result less criminal behaviour: lower crime rate at least during the National Day festivities at least.

    My advice to all Dominican parents; allow your children quiet time at home, allow them to learn Transcendental Meditation, talk with your children, gain their confidence so you know what is going through their minds. Your children are suffering in silence and when they break out in unwanted behaviour, you blame them for their short comings. Together, we can break this cycle of suffering that the present generation is going through. They want to do well in school and at home, they want to make you proud, but you must know what is wrong in order to help them better.

    Help yourselves too parents, because when they misbehave, it is you the parents who suffer the consequences in terms of High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Heart ailments, Stroke, etc. All these Chronic ailments are based on Stress…The Transcendental Meditation eliminates this stress and gives you lasting relief.

    No funding has been received for this program. The Dominica Institute of Natural Law has undertaken it on its own limited funds, and sponsorships from the public is solicited in order to help more children overcome the scourge of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSS)

    To contact me call: 1 767 500 5060, 1 767 614 0903 1 767 316 9765 email: or [email protected] I will be available for consultations with the general public on Wednesdays, from 10 am to 4 pm. Please call for an appointment. Free Introductory lectures are on Wednesdays, 6 pm. 30 McIntyre Lane, Goodwill. No appointments needed.

  5. Mother
    October 25, 2012

    My son and I started this program and it is just a few days ago, but my boy is back to being himself again. He has not talked back to me since he started. There is peace in my home. I hope it lasts. I feel much calmer and I shout less. I also notice that foul words do not fly from my mouth like before. I hope that many more people will benefit from this wonderful program which is free. Even my skin tone is changing. It is smoother and looks less dull. This is a wonderful program and I thank Dr. Lucia John for her professionalism and dedication to the children of Dominica.

  6. Dr. Lucia john
    October 24, 2012

    The Program to reduce and eliminate ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), ADD ( Attention Deficit Disorder) and PTSS (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) in the lives of the students of Dominica who suffer from those mentally debilitating diseases, started on Saturday October 20, 2012.

    The response was so great, that we have actually decided to double the number from 100 to 200. The need is great as the children are suffering silently. Their suffering is only noticed when they break out in violence, become introverted, depressed, or cannot reach their academic goals, etc. Some parents and teachers are actually unaware of their suffering, because most of them feel that they cannot speak of what they are going through, and speaking does not really help. They need to eliminate the stresses from their nervous systems and experience relief.

    Since learning to meditate,the children are already experiencing less stress, fewer intrusive thoughts, fewer negative thoughts, greater ability to focus and recall, their teachers are already commenting on their calm and ability to pay attention.

    The parents are much relieved and therefore feel less stressed. As the numbers grow, we expect the environment and society to feel the positive effects as greater calm and tolerance in general.

    The project started without the funding expected. Anyone who would like to sponsor a child is asked to contact Dr. Lucia John, 30 McIntyre Lane, Goodwill. 1 767 500 5060, 1 767 614 0903, 1 767 316 9765, email: [email protected] [email protected] or write to ADHD Project, P.O Box 2394, Roseau Dominica

    The fee to teach 1 child is $300.00 EC and the initial follow-up period is 3 months. We will continue to post the results of the project on DNO. Thank you to those who gave encouragements to start this project, and also thank you to those who promised to volunteer as the children need your help.

    October 15, 2012

    Dr. John has been working with the WISDOM TO KNOW project that seeks to rehabilitate drug addicts and alcoholics. Her work with the project has definitely contributed to the project’s success, and WISDOM TO KNOW is elated to see that her work is being expanded and accepted in Dominica.

    • Dr. Lucia john
      October 18, 2012

      Thank you Wisdom To Know.
      When a man has fallen, there is always the possibility for him to get up, dust his pant and walk on, continue his journey of life. The experience of stillness, silence within one’s own inner chamber eliminates stresses and roots out addiction.

      May God bless these young men and continue to strengthen them that they may keep in His ways and remain substance free and continue to be useful to themselves and the society. God bless you too. There is a lot more work to be done to clean up the country of addicts. This will require more help from the general public in terms of a complete change of attitude towards the problem.

      I think the situation is calling for Compassion, but the more the people harden their hearts, the more young people will be on the streets. it is a direct reflection of the society. Sorry if this hurts to hear, but it is true. As soon as the society begins to be more compassionate and loving to each other, less negative, the streets will start to clean up themselves. It would be interesting to watch this unfold. Compassion does not mean money, NO, it is a quality of the heart that is expressed when one feels love for those who cannot help themselves. it is a virtue, it has to do with attitude.

      • Dr. Lucia john
        October 21, 2012

        When I say Compassion does not mean money, I mean, instead of giving money directly to the person who is addicted to drugs or alcohol, give it rather to an organization like ‘Wisdom To Know’ which is doing an excellent job at helping addicts to be rehabilitated and to regain their human dignity.

  8. Dr. Lucia john
    October 15, 2012

    Thank you Roseau Valley for pointing out the inconsistencies. “There seems to be an inconsistency in the information with regard to the funding and training of 100 students in Transcendental Meditation in Dominica.”

    I did get a response from the David lynch Foundation about funding the Transcendental Meditation Program for students, but they will only fund 87 students this time around. The number of calls for registration keeps growing
    every day, and the list is at 183 at the moment.

    Normally funding may take a few months. Due to the closeness of the National Day Festivities, I would like to start teaching the children to meditate right away in an effort to help them lessen their stresses and feel more calm inside, be more tolerant and less reactive. The effect of this on the national level will be to lessen the national collective stress and we will have less violence and stress during the festivals.

    It is one thing to see the children acting up and not understand what is happening to them and feel helpless or even blame them for their restlessness. It is a completely different thing to see them acting up, understand what is going on with them, try to help them, but cannot do much because no one thinks that they can be helped. I hope this is not the case. I hope help will come for the children and that we can have at least 50 children meditating before National Day.
    It is standard that the funding agencies want to see that the program has already started, and DLF has suggested that I seek help from the local population for the rest of the students.

    In Roseau there is a total of 62, while in several villages there are between 10 and 30 persons. We will combine villages into zones.

    I actually started with the first Introductory lecture on Wednesday October 10. Due to the weather, I had to postpone the following lectures which were to be held on Saturday.

  9. October 15, 2012

    I really like this article. It’s hard for some to understand what it’s like to have ADD/ADHD. I have found taking a good omega 3 has helped me a lot. It helps with memory, mood support, concentration, and keeping me calm, and more.

  10. October 15, 2012

    Adult ADD
    Adult ADD or adult Attention Deficit Disorder is often used to mean the same as adult ADHD. Both are linked together in many ways but ADD speaks specifically to problems with addition and focus. ADHD includes a hyperactivity component that is less common in adults.

    Many children that are diagnosed as having ADHD grow up into adults that have ADD. The hyperactivity behaviors may decrease over time for some people but the brain based issues may continue.

    Adult with ADD account for about 4.7% of the adult population of the United States. They have ADD symptoms that may be mild to severe and may cause difficulty in their work and personal lives.

    ADD Symptoms In Adults

    The symptoms of adult ADD can be very similar to that of children. They may include trouble in organizing and planning. Scheduling may be a challenge. You may have difficultly in staying focused at work or find yourself constantly off track. You may also be prone to daydreaming or zoning out during a meeting.

    Different adults will have different degrees of symptoms. Some may experience difficulty in the workplace in following protocols. Listening to detailed instructions can be a major problem. Some adults with ADD may have trouble in communicating with others. It may also be difficult to maintain a relationship because of partners that don’t understand the diagnosis.

    Additional Concerns

    With all the added complications that ADD places on a person’s life there are several conditions that can occur at the same time. These conditions can make a diagnosis of ADD difficult and they can also impact your quality of life.

    Common mental health conditions seen in adults with ADD are depression and anxiety. They are also conditions caused by chemical imbalances in the brain. These conditions are six times more likely to occur in an adult with ADD than in the general population.

    Finding ADD Treatment

    As an adult finding an ADD treatment that works for you is essential. After all you need to be able to focus in your job. You will also need to concentrate and follow directions in all areas of your life. You need to be able to plan and organize both for your career as well as in your personal life.

    Many adults find that the traditional ADD treatment options of medications are not what they want. They are looking for natural remedies for ADD that really work. If you are one of these individuals then you will be happy to know that a treatment option is now available.

    Krill oil is an all natural supplement that contains high concentrations of Omega 3 fatty acids, phospholipids and antioxidants. These will naturally help your brain functioning. They will increase essential chemicals and neurotransmitters in the brain to help those areas responsible for attention and focus.

    You don’t have to worry about costly prescriptions. Krill oil is available online at a very reasonable price. With mounting research as to the effectiveness of this all natural treatment for adult ADD this is really a breakthrough for millions of people.

    • curlis
      October 15, 2012

      Is it ok to take Krill oil for the Omega 3 benefits even if there is no diagnosis if ADD?

      • Be Nice
        October 16, 2012

        Curlis, eating things like coconut, especially with lunch or preparing your lunch sometimes with fresh coconut milk is very good. Cod Liver Oil and Krill Oil are very good also. Flax Seed Oil is another one. They keep lots of functions in the brain/nervous system in good order. You don’t need to have any illness to take them. The coconuts grow in your backyard. Make your own traditional coconut oil and use it instead of Corn oil, vegetable oil, and soy bean oil. These items have no oil in them, and they do cause harm to the body. Coconut oil, palm oil, safflower oil and Olive oil are better than the corn soy and vegetable oils. But I think it is good also to have the different functions in the body working well also.

  11. October 15, 2012

    “The Pre-Frontal Cortex, the area of the brain located at and behind the forehead, is responsible for higher functions such as thinking, learning, attention and attention span, intuition, inspiration, right action, decent words, clean intentions, positive thinking, planning, organizing, and a host of other activities that make us gentle, loving, creative, compassionate and tolerant, and God loving human beings”. News Article

    This paragraph above, though differently worded is parallel to the Words of Peter, who teaches about Spiritual growth by faith. But of course, what is the point of physical growth, which is our outer body if the inner body –the soul– continues in its condition of death. You will find Peter’s teaching at 2nd. Peter 1: verses 5-8

    There we learn that the conditions, which we adopt and practice, will keep us in knowledge of Jesus Christ, the same as Dr. Lucia John suggested that we become Godly human beings, as we cling the habits and practice that keeps our minds with the state of peace and tranquility.

    As mind, body, and soul, cling together in perfect balance, our final achieve is “Eternal Rest” But is that not what Jesus said to us? Here it is: “Come to Me all you who labour and are heavy laden, I will give you rest”. Matthew 11: 28

    And so it seem as if, while we are spending so much money, which we may not have, in search for peace and tranquillity, which are the spiritual substances by which we acquire the “perfect balance” we need in soul and body, those substances are available to us “freely”

    All we need is the channel of faith, the knowledge of God’s Word, and the connection of Holy Spirit, who is God’s Person of Love, through Jesus Christ, the connection happens through conscience. And the building up happens immediately–even we may not know it for a few years to come.

    Dr. Lucia John may be one of those mediums through whom God is doing His work of bringing peace to the minds of His people–May God’s will be done on earth as it is done in heaven.

    • Dr. Lucia john
      October 18, 2012

      To Lizavier4Jesus: I know that you are experiencing the Living Christ within you, because only one who is experiencing Inner Life can speak like you do. Persons who do not yet experience it may not understand what you are speaking about because it is not part of their experience. Inner life is abstract, very abstract compared to outer material life and sometimes it is a challenge to find the right words to express it. But you are doing a very good job.

      God is within us. The entire Kingdom of Heaven is within us. There is something called Inner Space, but only those who experience it know and recognize it. to people who are not aware of inner space, this is foolishness and nonsense. talk.

  12. Konspiracy
    October 14, 2012

    Condense that please…make it clear and simple like a Labourite speech…need to know

    • Dr. Lucia john
      October 18, 2012

      To Konspiracy.
      The part of the brain right behind the forehead is responsible for higher thinking, planning, organizing, praying, loving, any of the higher human functions, spiritual growth, etc. The back of the brain is where the Fight or Flight response is handled. Violence takes place there. Wrong doing takes place there also. When one is stressed the brain switches its functioning from the pre-frontal cortex to the back, limbic area.

      When one can think calmly,clearly, one makes less mistakes, because one is using the pre-frontal cortex.

      When the mind is clear, calm, the body is rested and it rejuvenates itself so health improves.

      When we go within ourselves and experience that inner calm, inner silence, the body experiences deep rest and Alkalinity, and natural, self healing. When stressed, the body experiences Acidity which brings on all sorts of diseases. If we do not take care of our inner life, then the outer life, ruled by the body takes over our functioning and our life. This is responsible for illness and early death. On the contrary, if one experiences one’s own inner silence regularly, then the body benefits. One experiences love, compassion, tolerance, etc, all the virtues within oneself. The body benefits with good or better health, reversal of the ageing process etc.

  13. noko
    October 14, 2012

    ‘We may not think of the video games as dangerous, but just the thought of killing is detrimental to the individual, so much more the act, even in what seems to be a game. Remember Christ said, “If you think it you have already done it.” ‘

    Not all video games are about killing. And if you want to think about it that way even a game like chess can be considered violent since it is based off war. The mere idea of using strategy to dominate your opponent is the very thought pattern that creates conflict.

    We are the results of millions of years of evolution and supposedly so the most successful species on the planet. Our very nature of aggressiveness along with some important physical attributes has played an important part in that.

    The way some people talk it’s like violence and conflict only started with modern society. By standards of the dark ages and medieval times we are pretty well off right now. Most of our aggressive energy is being released through other forms such as sports.

    Video games are also a form of release. Your conjecture that they may play a part in making children violent is simply opinion. Many studies have been done and there hasn’t been found a correlation strong enough to imply causation. There are many other factors that are to be considered including environment, upbringing and culture.

    • October 16, 2012

      The mere idea of using strategy to dominate your opponent is the very thought pattern that creates conflict.

      @Noko I can see your point above. And for that reason, no matter in what direction I look, I continue to see the substance of faith,and a cleansed or reformed mind, as the basic cause for Life and living both Spiritually and physically.

      Hence, that is why I believe, and understand so well, the concept of “mind renewal” My conviction is that this concept is working in me, for the sake of healing and then perfection of Life.

      I understand that I am not anywhere close to perfection and completion, but I know that I am on my way there; for that is the promise of the Living God in Jesus Christ, to me and us on the whole. We simply need to come to grip with faith—and so God help us.

      I pray that God will find His way directly and perfectly into Dr. Lucia John, and I hope that by faith, she will allow Him to bless and guide her work with His own strength and capabilities. With God nothing is impossible, He is waiting for us to call to Him with trust and humility.

    • Dr. Lucia john
      October 18, 2012

      To Noko, Every thought, word, action or intention is registered by the brain as a neurological pathway. When that thought, word, action or intention is done again and again, it becomes stronger and may become a sort of neurological structure. This structure may be self sustaining and we experience it as a habit. A habit will want to strengthen itself and it becomes an addiction. Addictions are bad, because they rob us of our free will. That neurological structure will play and replay itself again and again as a craving or an intrusive thought, or a dominant thought that you cannot seem to shake off to strengthen itself. Someone who is addicted to something can hardly help themselves when the craving kicks in, It is as if this habit has taken over the mind.

      Video games are not all safe. There are of course educational games which will help develop good habits and help us to learn good things. That is good. There are sports and the like, but most of the games involve wrong and bad actions and especially killing and killing oneself.

      Parents do not see the danger in those games and purchase them for their children. By repeating these actions in the games, the children will soon start to exhibit the exact actions of the games. It is as if the characters come alive in the individual, because he or she is acting out the neural pathway that was created in the brain by these actions.

      Take for example Golf. If you want to learn to play Golf like Tiger, you will play it over and over for many hours in the day, etc. What is the result? you will be a pro like Tiger. you can play golf with your eyes closed. Another example, a child who hears bad words very often will one day repeat them even if they know they will get a spanking, why, because every time they hear the words, the neural pathway that was created is strengthen. Soon it has become so strong, that it can express itself even if the child does not want to.

      Playing violent video games does make children violent. You should just take a look around you and you will see. If you play video games for release, try to stop it for a week or so and you will see then if you are addicted to it or not.

      Release means let go – rest. When one plays the video games, the muscles of the shoulder, neck, arms, chest, and hand and fingers become so stressed, filled with adrenaline that they ache for days. This in itself bring on its own illnesses. The constant pumping of adrenaline in the bloodstream may bring on early High Blood Pressure or a host of other possible illnesses including heart problems.

      People who are addicted to video games should practice Transcendental Meditation and get rid of the habit. If you play, it is because YOU want to play and not because of a habit or craving. Take frequent walks in nature to reconnect with nature, go to the sea, the river, the waterfalls etc. This is very important, because once we lose our good health, it may be difficult to get it back. Connection with Nature automatically helps you to connect with God, because of the appreciation and love for everything that grows within. We are missing a lot when we spend all our time in a dark room with a video game. Life passes us by. We get less and less sunlight, therefore less Vitamin D and we start loosing the other essential vitamins that D is involved with Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium etc

      You should do a little research on this. Knowledge is powerful and knowing will help you to choose between for example, a dip in the sea, or the games.

    October 14, 2012

    There seems to be am inconsistency in the information with regard to the funding and training of 100 students in Transcendental Meditation in Dominica.

    Dr John has indicated that they are still actively looking for funding so that 100 students can learn for free and experience the peace of mind that they are talking about and she is also looking for sponsors in Dominica who would like to help finance the project.

    However, in response to callers to the Hot Seat on Q95 /Matt in the Morning, who thought that the opportunity to train 100 children to meditation for free was too good to be true, it was indicated that the project is fully funded by an international or US based foundation and in fact this campaign is not limited to Dominica.

    Perhaps Dr John could clarify.

    Roseau Valley

    • Dr. Lucia john
      October 18, 2012

      Roseau Valley, Update on the funding for 100 children suffering from ADHD, ADD, PTSS. The funding agency has informed me that all their funds have been allocated for the year. We can be funded but at a later date.
      We now have 183 children registered and will stop at 200.

      We promised 100 children that it would be free so we will go as far as we can into the 200, hoping now that the public will help in the process. We will go as far as we can as usual. We offer scholarships for children to learn all the time.

      The children are all over Dominica and to go to any villages takes organizing, transportation, etc.
      The offer is good, and it is true and you will see the result when the media reports that the grades have improved, that the attitudes are better in school and at home. That the children are beginning to create their own constructive, decent and safe activities. but only time will show that. As they meditate, they will eliminate their stresses and life will be much more bearable for the children, for parents, and for teachers. They will have active follow-up for 3 months.

  15. Be Nice
    October 13, 2012

    Dear Dr. John, Thank you very much for what you are doing for us, Dominicans. I can relate very well to the contents of your article. My two boys have the symptoms you describe and I will be getting in touch with you to register them for meditation. I think a lot of us Dominicans had a very mistaken understanding of what meditation is. It is so good to have you explain it as simply as you do. I also went online and did my own research and I am very satisfied with my findings. I especially liked the comments made on the Q95 show: “If parents are brave enough to expose their children to the Internet for hours on end without any supervision, taking all this influence from God knows which sources, they are also brave enough to expose their children to the TV without supervision for hours and with all its different influences which the children display afterwards, they should be brave enough to expose these same children to learning a technique of meditation which will bring them peace of mind and allow them to focus again on their school work.” I really love the work you are doing, Dr. John, Keep it up. I need to know, how can one become a teacher of Transcendental Meditation? I think my interest in the technique is growing. Seeing the children become children again is something I would be interested in getting involved in. I am a retired teacher and children and their positive development are always dear to my heart. God bless you.

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