Sunday is Valentine’s Day? Oh shucks; stupes, grrrrrr

I hate Valentine’s Day, I hate Valentine’s Day, I hate Valentine’s Day!

Out of all the other “special days”, I hate Valentine’s Day the most!

I am not whining because I don’t have anyone to share my Valentine’s Day with (no surprise), I am pissed because it is a fake day when hypocrites pretend to be in love.

As Valentine’s Day draws nearer, everyone wants to be in love, share love, show love, be romantic, say “I love you”, and the whole bag of crap. Why? That’s because everyone is doing it, so there is this pressure to find “your Valentine”. Who wants to be lonely on Valentine’s Day?

To me it’s a day when people spend unnecessarily.

I remember a friend of mine who always beats his woman. Valentine’s Day is the only day she gets a day off from getting licks. At 12:01 am on February 15, the blows take effect once more. And that’s one of the reasons I hate the day. It’s just darn fake!

For those of us who are single, lonely, disengaged, and heartbroken, cheer up. It’s just 24 hours. Don’t worry about these fools sending flowers, champagne and sweet messages. By the following day or week they will be broke as hell, or they will be back to their old cheating ways, lying ways, and abusive ways.

It’s just a day when men get hard and women get wet. Nothing more than that.

For us men it is the only day we believe we can lie about loving the woman. It’s the only day we can fake the words “I love you” without feeling guilty.

When I was in a relationship, I only remember it’s Valentine’s Day when I see the ads in the media. Then I would groan. Why? Because I had no plans to spend any money to buy or do anything special for my then woman. I mean come on, it’s just one day.

Roses are expensive. I do not have time to cook. I do not have time to find petals and litter the bathtub. I do not want to use up our candles. What if electricity goes off on Valentine’s Day, then we would have used up all the candles.

I do not want to say “I love you” because normally I would say it from the depths of my gum, not my heart. Yes, of course I love her, but not the Hollywood Valentine’s Day “I love you” BS.

I think the meaning of Valentine’s Day should be changed to an official day of marriage and relationship counselling, not a phony day that is expected to break your pocket.

I know a lot of fellas are hustling, stealing or borrowing to buy their girl something nice or to do something nice for her. On the other hand the woman is waiting for the romance to unveil. And to add insult to injury, women are cheap and mean. They hardly buy anything for their men on Valentine’s Day or do anything romantic other than buying THEMSELVES some fancy cheap panties and wearing them on stale bodies. “Come on I’ve seen that in porn every night while you’re asleep”.

We men have to be busting our nut to buy her something we hope she will love. And I am not talking about roses. The last time I bought a female some roses the goat ate it. (Of course my goat does not believe in Valentine’s Day either; in fact we discussed it the day before).

She needs diamonds and pearls, candle light dinner, a night at the resort, lovemaking on the beach, an engagement surprise; then on Feb. 15, 2010 we will all be praying for pay day to close in so we can recoup our losses or pay back who we borrowed from to do our Valentine specials.

Or we will slap ourselves for doing and saying things we did not mean or are unable to maintain (probably for the week).

Anyway, this is my most boring column because I am writing about something that I do not enjoy writing about.

Well I wish ya’ll a happy Valentine’s Day. I will be wearing full black on the day, sleeping all day, and watching some Valentine’s Day horror movies.

Nice Guy is written by an A-Hole so don’t take him on. He has woman issues and would like some help (writing is his therapy). He is also seeking a Nice Girl to compliment his column. He can be reached at

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  1. March 19, 2010

    “And to add insult to injury, women are cheap and mean.” That was a bit of a blow to me but I guess you say that based on your past relationships, surely not every one is “cheap and mean”.. Anyways, I’d pick horror any day, ‘sides, my perfect date would be a trip to the movies to see a horror flick and I am not talking about those recent, cheap, fake- looking horror where the only thing that can save the film is those sex-scenes which just don’t cut it anymore.

  2. Miss Drumstick
    March 19, 2010

    Nice guy boy you really got issues ….hehe

    • Mr. WholeLegs
      March 19, 2010

      Miss Drumstick??? Haha, what kind of name is that? hahahaha.
      Well my dear you and Mr. Nice Guy got the same issues.

      Mr. Nice Guy what I can say is you know how to keep people on here.
      Hope you getting a good pay.

      … and if you single, call me, 440-4*2* (you know the rest)
      my surgery was successful, I am now full woman, got tits and all : D

  3. eccavilo
    March 12, 2010

    Valentines day is not only for lovers……. it is for loved ones!
    One does not have to be extravagant on Valentines Day! I am quite satisfied with a six rose bouquet that my husband gave me on valentines day and I got him a real nice shirt that he could wear when we go out. He gave me a box of choclates the year before and I bought a nice bottle of wine which we both enjoyed and we spent a cozy night at home. Just the quality time together made our day!.
    How dare you call women bodies stale? Mr. Nice guy needs to learn to appreciate women.
    Mr. Nice guy you seem not to have anyone to love you so you do not understand what it is to appreciate people who you love and love you in return. The store do capitalize on days like that but it is up to the individuals to spend the money if they want to.

  4. Anonymous
    February 15, 2010

    Valentine Day is when a rose cost 100 times more than any other day. So if any woman, wife, girlfriend, mistress, concubine, shabin, harlot or what think I will take my hard earned money to give to a florist to laugh at me, well they better come again. I know love is blind, but i cannot be that stupid. No puntang is worth that ridiculous rip off!!!
    Those sacre voleurs that want to become rich overnight, will not do so on my account.

  5. February 14, 2010

    Dear Friends, Happy Valentine’s Day!

  6. bigmama
    February 13, 2010

    lol well im married my husband love me deh gifts dont matter to me our if i even get a hot romantic night i live everyday deh same way but nice guy i think u should be nice gay lol ur always talkin bad about woman

    February 13, 2010


  8. noface
    February 13, 2010

    Well said MR GUY.
    I don’t believe in valentines day or Christmas. Christmas! has been said that Christmas is a time to give and share, yet still the merchants are selling,so clearly its a day that is designated to fool people so that merchants can get richer.

  9. isdat
    February 13, 2010

    Well I say Valentines’ shmalentines…whether I am married, single or whatever…………….I really don’t bother much bout valentine’s . everyone has their own opinion… whtvr

  10. Jessica Riviere
    February 13, 2010

    i agree about da fake love part bcuz its sickening but for valentines day i’m single and free and all i need is ma family and friends and i’m aight….guyz are just sick bastards who greet and cheat lolzzzzzzz well happy valentines day

  11. C.I.H
    February 13, 2010


  12. Loving Husband
    February 13, 2010

    Nice guy, that person that give you that gopwel do you a grave injustice, to me since you posting that column, you suffering from a gopwel, and a little again I would say you allergic to woman. I doh see what is wrong with a man doing something sweet for his original woman on valentines, if you are a man and you understand a little about woman, you will know they like sentimental gestures, you doh have to go and buy roses and take a loan in credit union to make de woman feel nice, a good woman will be satisfied with a bottle of boones and an anthurium. Last year I buy a cadbury chocolate for my wife for maybe less than 10 dollars and write a little poem for her, and you would swear de woman win de lotto…and trust me i didnt regret de effort! Then since i had like de ‘reaction’ to de chocolate, I take my fastness and decide to cook dinner, I almost cause a nuclear disaster in dat kitchen and she had to come and rescue de food…..but she liked my intiative and I get even better ‘reaction’ de night!

    A good woman doesnt want her man to bend over backwards on days like that, she will tell you straight its the thought that counts. But some of all you fellas finding the wrong kinda woman and all you labelling all woman as opportunists. Just like not all men are dogs, not all women looking to chew a man pocket.

  13. greatest love of all
    February 13, 2010

    I dont usually comment on sites like these. But one thing: you cant understand love unless you have a relationship with the one who shows the greatest love of all: GOD! AMEN…

  14. February 12, 2010

    All those celebrations, are money making business.

  15. heart of a woman
    February 12, 2010

    i dont beleive in valentines day. its a day like every other phoney holiday in which the rich lavish what they have and the poor spend what they dont. i dont want being appreciated one day of the year. the valentines day gift i want this year from my man is
    ” baby i love u and promise to be the best man there is for u and to appreciate u every day of the year from now on” and if he means it, my gift is worth more than chocolate, perfumes or $120 flowers that fade tomorrow and the man dont mean a shit by it.

    i dont believe in xmas cause its all about santa. thats its origin anyway. u cant steal it for jesus. i acknowledge the birth of our christ and i am thankful for it. as for its anniversary,,,i dont get salvation from that. the bible didnt give us a date so please dont steal santas holiday. do u realize how much an average person spend for xmas? what economic crisis?
    i dont believe in birthdays. last year for my birthday i ws crying. problems everywhere. nothing going write and i am asking god y was i born. whats my purpose for living. i was depressed so i maybe even didnt want to be alive. i am wondering how i am going to live life in that misery
    just then someone texts, ”’HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND MANY MORE TO COME…’.” huh????

    just saying,,,,doing this things out of custom makes no sense. and trust me i couldve continued with the fake holidays but i didnt buy this page. one love
    and remember carnival is just one of them

  16. child
    February 12, 2010

    i lost my valentine almost 8 years ago ….and i am still waiting ..although he never once say happy valentines day

    • Have Mercy
      March 19, 2010


  17. Prophet2
    February 12, 2010


  18. Piper
    February 12, 2010

    Here this. A woman friend just called to invite me and my wife to a fete on Sunday – she said it’s carnival Sunda and Valentines, so we all can kill two birds with one stone. But I am wondering why she bothering to even talk about Valentines since her husband treats her so miserably. Last year she took 6 months off work for stress related to how he treats her. Now she talking about Valentine’s Day. Can you imagine that? She needs to be talking to a therapist, not celebrating Valentines Day.

    • Not Nozy
      March 19, 2010

      So tell her, don’t tell us : s

  19. boowooo
    February 12, 2010

    I ain’t single. In fact on most days I am perfectly content with my relationship. I agree whole heartedly with nice guy. V day is for phonies. Guess what, I my other half will get up to make me breakfast most days of the week because i go to work before he does. If i am broke and he’s not, there’s not a problem. there is nothing as far as i know that he won’t do for me is it’s within his realm. We can sit and talk about sports hour on end. We can make each other laugh. At times, i wish he would disappear but guess what i sure as freaking hell don’t need any V day or present that says i love you for a day. Love me everyday or not at all.
    Good piece mr nice guy

  20. February 12, 2010

    its almost as if you wrote this for me. but i am real sorry and dont wanna loose you. i dnt care who see’s and i dnt care bout valentines, i just want you back, jus to see you one last time. i kno you must be pretty mad but your not like that and i knw you can find it to forgive me. i cant think straight and you the fact of what happen i do care and i’m nt that spongy teen anymore. nice guy i knw ure mad but rethink bout us before turn away p.s t-m

  21. Dominican lover
    February 12, 2010

    Everything he said is correct. I do not want my husband spending any money on valentine day because, i already know that he loves me. Nice guy that was a good piece. valentine day is for fools who want to pretend, by getting into debt then next day they fighting because they have no money for the essentials of lfe like the rent money.

  22. steve
    February 12, 2010

    darn why does cheap and lonely people never believe in days like valentines day, christmas, and birthdays?

  23. February 12, 2010

    @ Nice Guy and all those other grumpy men blogging here on DNO: You could always take the easiest way out and start a quarrel about something( anything, it don’t have to be anything special), so that you don’t have to buy your woman anything. Just be prepared for NO SEX on Valentine’s Day. You can always watch t.v.

    ESPN and SPORTSMAX have a V’day special going on.

  24. Dianna M
    February 12, 2010

    I love Mr Nice Guy….think we should hook up!im doin the usual on valentines….havin a glass of expensive red wine and watching a horror movie and then sleep.that is my usual every night i will do it on that night too

  25. tm
    February 12, 2010

    Mr. Nice Guy, two of your points seem to stand out. Firstly, a lot of persons are just plain old hypocrites where Valentine’s Day is concerned. They choose to show their “affection” for their loved ones only on that day. Once it is over, reality sets in. Back to the same old miserable, disrespectful relationship. You also mentioned that Valentine’s Day (like Christmas) has become way too comercialized and I agree. Don’t get me wrong, people who love each other should exchange gifts all the time. However, business persons, the media and so forth are publicizing Valentine’s Day and targeting the gullible in order to fill their pockets. They make it seem like if one does not get something super valuable then they are not that loved. This is so wrong. What ever happened to a simple yet healthy home-cooked dinner, a pretty yet durable wristwatch etc.

    Your other ideas, I must say are pure B.S. I think it stems from the fact that you fail to realize that Valentine’s Day is for loved ones and not lovers alone; that includes but is not limited to parents, siblings, lovers, friends and co-workers. Furthermore it could be a result of your inability to understand what love really is.

    Hope your Valentine’s Day is as miserable as you can be sometimes.

  26. rassulfur
    February 12, 2010

    Fire burn Valentines! What we celebrating? Wasn’t it a priest who sexed and underage child? He be put into Jail so child abuse, child pornography and be labeled a pedophile. Call the child well fare association for Valentines let them lock him up, and when he dies send him straight to hell for not honoring his oath between he and Jah.

  27. VAL..IN..TINES!!!!!!!!
    February 12, 2010

    Mr.Nice Guy u should change that to Mr Wise Guy,
    Trust me u have hit the nail on the head..look as im writiing this i seeing a pop up telling me that i have recieved an email from Victoria Secret..lets bet is some Valentine’s Day
    Anyways am in total agreements with a number of yr points for example:
    1. The rose petal..ladies when u see things on tv it looks good because it have something called EDITING..after they sprinkle the petals on the bed and the bathroom and everybody is all smile and happy..they cut out the part where the poor maid have to break her back cleaning it,unblocking the drain that got clogged because she petal went down,blistering her hands trying to remove the stains of the petal from the imagine in reality the maid is YOU so stop wanting shit u wouldnt want to clean up after.
    2.Candles…same point have u ever had to clean up the wax the next day..take one candle tonight and tomorrow clean up after imagine having to do that for 20-30
    3. Gifts..especially teddybears..after they usually end up in the closet taking up much needed space..OH and they always with the OTHER teddybears that she have collected before”That one was from Greg, Steve that gave me that one..Greg’s was bigger “..hehehehehehehe
    4.Edible i love u but couldnt u have spent all that money on a bucket of KFC or Subway cause at least when i finish eating them i will be full not burnt out and hungry..LMAO
    Anyways doh worry with me..i have a wonderful valintines that if i had the money would have been enjoying all these things..but its just a pity i brokes so i will take the convient escape and tell her..”Babby i dont believe in that” hehehehehehehehehehehe

  28. @workNY
    February 12, 2010

    Nice need help..where do you come up with this shit that spews out of your mouth?

  29. February 12, 2010

    Nice Guy sounds like you need some loving and DreamS1 “CANDY” is not for free, you pay to play CORREK WOMAN OR NOT

  30. Vernel
    February 12, 2010

    lol this is really funny. Well nice guy i guess u shud turn Gay

  31. Ludi Hurley
    February 12, 2010

    Hey there, Nice Guy..You sound so sad. I agree with you on many points. However, I feel it is a wonderful thing to be loved and to have love expressed to you. I agree a love holiday without a love of your own is heart breaking. I don’t the secret to finding a long lasting loving relationship. I do wish it for you. Hugs…Ludi

  32. DREALS1
    February 12, 2010


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