Women we don’t like

A lot of times I’ve been asked my likes and dislikes for women. Truth is women can get on our nerves, but we just can’t seem to do without them. But how can we? God made them and gave them unto us for a purpose.

If your woman is ugly, more than likely she can cook and clean well. If she is cute and sexy, more than likely she can’t do anything in the house effectively. So what should we do? One way or the other a woman is needed.

Here are my dislikes:

1. Boring women: I hate women who do not talk much or do not know how to conduct a sensible conversation. Ever go out with a girl with friends and in the middle of talking about politics, she starts talking about a famous school teacher? Ok? How is that related? Or when you ask her to comment, she says “I don’t know hehehehe” or “ok, really hahaha”. Stupes. Some women don’t even know how to get a man excited about his day. She just can’t stimulate discussion.

2. Talkative women: Yes, while I admire an intelligent woman, I hate women who talk too much. Some women like to take over a conversation and control it. If she asks for your opinion, she tells you what she thinks you want to say, and she blabbers and blabbers. She talk so much that she bores you to death. One moment she is talking for half hour about her family then she starts about her favourite pet who died. Arggghhhhh!

3. Farting women: OK ladies. We know God made butt and holes and we know the purposes of it, but for the love of Mary, if you wanna fart, just go somewhere and do that – away from us. And a woman’s fart is one of the worst to smell. It is almost poisonous. Believe it or not, I had an ex who farted and almost caused a total blackout of my mental state. I regained consciousness when she turned the fan on.

4. Nasty talking women: Most women like to talk nasty. And I don’t mean sexual nasty, I mean talking about their period, when they farted, how it smelled, and all kinds of gross things. Please keep it to yourself if you want some sex.

5. Gossipy women: Women who love to talk about other people are not my kind. You ever had a girlfriend who always come home with some news about somebody? It’s like every night: “Nice guy? Guess who taking Janet man?” Gees, it’s irritating.

6. Secretive women: Ever met a girl who keeps everything secret? She does not want you to know anything about her past. People like that are not to be trusted. If she is shy to talk about her most intriguing childhood experience, that’s a stop sign.

7. Girls who have no fashion sense: I love a woman who can dress, not overdress. Some women are like natural models or fashion designers. They make their man look great. Sometimes the look of your man says a lot about your woman, especially if she lives with you. If you live with your woman and you look like a paro, then she is probably mentally ill.

8. Women who can’t cook: Now if she can’t cook, find someone else. She is a waste of time. After the sex is finished, what else can you love? A lot of these young women nowadays are all about beauty, style and fashion, but they cannot cook to save themselves but they love to gossip and fight over man. That’s why husbands use them as side meat because they have no use otherwise. If you’re 18 and can’t cook, you need to get a life.

9. Cheating women: If your girl has ever cheated on you, that’s a sign to move on. She will do it again. Cheaters don’t change. They only cool down for a while. Cheating women cannot be trusted and they lie a lot.

10. Vegetarian women: Now this might sound petty, but if your woman is a herbivore, most times it’s not a fun life because as a meat eater she will want to gross you out with her stories. And usually women who just eat grass are not really looking healthy and sexy. I mean come on. You can’t even enjoy a KFC with her. She only want fries because “it comes from the earth”. What the *&^%?

Anyway, that’s my top 10. More to come another time. See ya next Friday.

Nice Guy is written by an A-Hole so don’t take him on. He has woman issues and would like some help (writing is his therapy). He is also seeking a Nice Girl to compliment his column. He can be reached at nicestguyonline@gmail.com.

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  1. On the real
    November 17, 2010

    Muslim_always ….nuff respect you told Nice Guy, well educated him, and any other man who took the time to read the article and the replies.
    Men should take some of your experience and marinate and execute it and all would be merry.

  2. j
    September 3, 2010

    So what about men who cheat?Do they ever stop Mr Nice guy?

  3. The Truth
    August 12, 2010

    What I dislike?
    1) Liars and cheaters
    2) Excess Mr. T/pimp jewelry
    3) Bad Hygiene
    4) Men that consume alcohol
    5) Abusive men (physical, verbal and mental)
    6) Fatties-everyone will not be slender, but eat right and exercise
    7) Men who do not read
    8) Men who dress and act immature
    9) Men who lack self awareness
    10) Down low men

  4. jessieburnette
    July 12, 2010

    Dear nice guy….this is my list of dislikes:

    2.jobless guys
    4.unhappy guys
    5stupid guys YOU


  5. jessieburnette
    July 12, 2010

    @Muslim_always: um wow scriptures for a comment now? hmmmm okay den

  6. Dawn
    June 28, 2010

    Nice guy, you're an …..hole.

  7. Duttatarayan
    June 26, 2010

    nothing to say but LOL =]

  8. Muslim_always
    April 28, 2010

    In the Name of Allah, The Beneficient, The Merciful.

    It is so sad that the materialistic ideology has saturated majority in our western sphere. Virtues such as chastity, loyalty, honour, bravery, patience, love and many more it’s a rare diamond to find.

    Mr. Nice Guy article in my view is a reaction to the madness that many young women possess. I could see why many persons were bothered by it, it’s due to the cap which fits them very well.

    On the other hand, all praises be to Allah, I’m married to a non muslim christian woman. She is a woman of virtues, very young and oh boy she can cook. Even if that is so, I still know as a man to bring breakfast in bed for her. We really ever eat the KFC bc we prefer to make love in our kitchen when we do the cooking together especially on weekends.

    For the gossip part, that’s an evil that permeates both young men and women in the society. As the head of one’s home as a man, if your wife is involved in gossiping, instead of listening, taking all the bef, talk to her about it, teach her some divine principles on the matter perhaps, she may minimize it to begin with. When you notice the change, thank her, hug her, motivate her, love her more. Bad habits take time to develop and remain therefore, to unlearn these habits will take time as well. If she is stubborn, enjoy her in her crooked state because no one is patient not even you Mr. Nice Guy or myself.

    The farting thing, just fan that, laugh tell de woman she malpop and finish with that. I fart too! So what’s the big deal, we’re only human. If it come when in the mood for sex, hey what the heck, you guys love each other and there will always be times for sex.

    Regarding the cooking thing, I tell you, my ex wife man, she couldn’t cook but she tried, her first time she burn the rice soooo bad it was a mess, plus I was hungry and the food was extremely salty. I didn’t seek a second wife for that! I was patient with her, neither did I complain about the food, I just didn’t eat it. The principle is she tried. All I told her was be patient, she will get it, all great cooks made mistakes in their first attempt.

    That cheating ting, that should be a crime against the state, men and women too nasty to open one another to these diseases out there. Also, there is too much hypocrisy and foolishness in the home. Time to make the married home your whore house It’s your home, how the hell you guys expect to have children. Time to put on that Perry Ellis, dress sexy and make love like tower. Start cooking those aphrodisiacs. What’s wrong with you people. Take those showers together man, what’s up with you people! Your wife is your personal whore and your husband is your personal pimp/male whore whatever you call it man, you’re divinely licensed to have sex… Stop the hypocrisy or telling the man you not in the darn mood. Men, learn your woman, discover them, find out what turns her on. Communicate, check her body language, understand or research the rules of non verbal behaviour. When you having sex, guys, it’s not just about us enjoying it…Make sure de woman reach an orgasm. Make her come, suck her…so when she’s at work or alone, she always texting your phone, send those nasty dirty sexy texts. Do things together, a couple hours with your picnic basket in the gardens or park will build memories and intimacy. All you fellas not serious.

    Materialistic women? Yeah, I know, if a woman leaves you because you poor she is a stupid woman. If she leaves you because you lazy, serves you right! A lot of women these days cannot make the distinction.

    Well guys, don’t give up there are still good virtueous women out there despite the nonsense. You just have to look well.

  9. forgotmyname
    April 20, 2010

    well you….. are A big time someone any self ‘healthy’ loving woman would cheat on. what a judgemental d***! Men love to gossip about people they work with but never about their true friends. And being a married girl of ten years I know this for a fact. But when they have major problems they will talk shit even though they dont want to. Men have a special club and its not funny or nice at the most. Some times I think men are the antichrist but then I think of buddha, depoka chokpra, ghandia, brian weiss, jesus, so many others we are just souls thats all. Physical bodies here on earth. Why would you attack another sex when we are here to support all of us and not hold grudges toward others no matter what they look like or how much they have. WAKE UP PEOPLE, ITS NOT THE 50’S ANYMORE AND YOUR NOT A LITTLE BOY WITH MOMMY EITHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You actually need to try to make a 2 person realtionship work, mommy cant do it for you anymore.

  10. C.A.S.H
    April 15, 2010

    Nonesense!!! Let me tell you…I for one, CANNOT cook but that doesnt mean that i am not worthy of being loved or having the perfet boyfriend/husband/man in my life… are u kiddin me? There are men out there who cant cook either so wut is ur point really?…i mean the other reasons are quite resonable but # 8 is where i cross the line. And FYI presently, i have a great man in my life who i do satisy with my love and devotion. I guess..unlike you SIR..he has sense or more like A HEART!!! And he doesnt mind cookin for us both anyway. hmmph!!

  11. March 19, 2010

    I think you’re column is quite funny and I understand you. I am a young lady and I took no offence to what you said. Everyone has the right to say what they like and dislike and that is exactly what you are doing. (*_*)….

  12. madhead
    March 18, 2010

    “Nice Guy” Are you gay. come on. be honest. are you a homo. ANSWER ME!!!!!!

  13. eccavilo
    March 12, 2010


  14. C F
    February 22, 2010

    LOL!!!….There are cute n sexy girls who can clean and cook……rethink yr stuff b4 u put them out ther….as Tasha P say “U IZ A BOY 4 TRUE”

  15. the true one
    February 17, 2010

    i strongly think that u a mistaking women with ur pet they a not animal u just a confuse man that doesnt really no wat he about u talk to much sh.. grow up all women gone run from u ur confuse

  16. Totally disgusted
    February 17, 2010

    Mr.Nice Guy,

    I believe that it is a waste of time for you to spend so much time criticizing women to boost your ego. All your columns are fake and unrealistic. You personally disgust me and I do not think any woman should consider being with you. You need to think before you speak and do not just post columns for comments. It may be because you are either GAY or ugly as hell and had a bad experience.

    If I ever meet you i will tell you up front how lame you are. Please take my advice and do not quit your day job. DNO need to review your columns before posting them. You can post columns but it seems that your target is women so you will not get anywhere doing that.

    No offense……but it is true.

    May God be with you because you know not what you are saying.

  17. OMG.!!!
    February 8, 2010

    Mr Nice Guy, It’s a damn shame that you would degrade women all in the name of fame-just to say that you are part of DNO.Seems like you don’t have a mother and sisters who happens to be called “women” or probably you comes from an [email protected]@ HOLE.
    Or the women in your life exhibits everything you hate about women and that’s a BUMMER!!

  18. Roz
    February 2, 2010

    Anonymous, at least you can boil water. Even water i burning to keep Nice Guy away from me. LOL at least he knows the truth about himself!

  19. charmz
    February 2, 2010

    I agree with you man… You sound like a good friend of mine, could be you…. I respect your thoughts.
    All what was said i sooo true…lol

  20. Anonymous
    February 1, 2010

    LOL!!!!! That was the funniest article I have read in ages!!! lololololol Thank you A-Hole for writing that! Yours truly, Woman who farts, talks about farting, gossips, doesnt know a thing about politics or anything smart, has alot of secrets, cheats on her man every chance she gets, wears polka dots with stripes and can only boil water.

  21. February 1, 2010

    Always on DNO, thinking he himself perfect so…He’s a BOY!

  22. men!!!!!
    January 31, 2010

    there’s just no pleasing you guys is there? It’s amazing u will say and know all that yet still end up with the wrong woman, Sad but true

  23. yes i
    January 31, 2010

    Ha ha I’m vegetarian! And don’t gross out my man… Shut up mr “nice guy” not so nice

  24. Straightup
    January 31, 2010

    Mr Nice Guy i find u have a lyrics in u eh. If you so insecure about women why dont you get yourself ah man. You might find that you and HIM have the same interests. Stop degrading women with your B.S. Everyone has flaws, and men have the most so cut the CRAP!! KFC??? Are you freakin kiddin me??? Your topic should have been HOW TO PLEASE A WOMAN not what you dont like about women. YOU LIKE SOMETHING ABOUT MAN DEN?? AN A**HOLE FOR REAL!!

  25. hmm
    January 30, 2010

    all i need is a god fearing man

  26. Anonymous
    January 30, 2010

    i’m lookin for a god fearing man

  27. FattDoll
    January 30, 2010

    Eh Ben Nice Guy I Find You COME OUT??…Well go heaven neh and look for the perfect woman you searching for. It never occur to you…that a perfect woman would want a perfect man also…and I am Sure you are not him!!!…..Stuppesss Aforce all u thinking all doing woman a favor??

  28. ma beff posie
    January 30, 2010

    K.F.C. man women should stay away from men like u
    u not even saying steak at fort young u saying kfc
    no class

  29. CaCa Chien
    January 30, 2010

    hanging out with them is the worse part they have to say hello to almost every man that passes by
    question ????? how do you know all these peoples huh

  30. CaCa Chien
    January 30, 2010

    i believe that it’s a height of hypocrisy, he makes a lot of sense as a married man i choose my wife because she is a very good listener,and she doesn’t talk excessively,
    We exchange ideas and carry out meaningful conversations.We don’t wast her time chatting about others and this I admire,because most girls who carry on this habit themselves have a very low self esteem or a poor selves image so they rattle on others to feel good of themselves.
    Generally speaking the man is looking for a wife material, not some of those selves absorbed materialistic girl that walk our streets.
    they rather be side dish to a married man for the money than be serious with a young man,( “i don’t want to be tide down by one man) right ……..
    when they are ready to settle down their internal clock expire they become (high risk ) to have kids
    or they are walking hospitals

    • Muslim_always
      April 28, 2010

      lol walking hospitals, I like that one. Good response.

  31. Devonn P Vidal
    January 30, 2010

    Uh All i got to say is likewise any other thing on earth there r certain ones with attractive characteristics not present in others and other characteristics not found in the latter..Its all about choosing the right one..we all find different things attractive and the ideal woman for me is not the ideal woman for another guy..i think the part about women being vegetarians was kinda stupid its to an extent stereotyping ..dude women eat what they want..whether or not they choose to be a vegetarian should not affect how you feel about them…i do think that ALL women should be able to cook…and women should try to look there best at all times…but saying it is being sexist because not all men , matter fact no guy dresses his best all the time…although there r some women who could really use a few tips…but generally there r positives and negatives from both sex’s..Peace

  32. Looking
    January 29, 2010

    Mr. Nice Guy you’re looking for a Nice Girl to compliment your column. Here goes, we also do not like men who are boring (always glued to a TV set or playing video games), who are talkative (that’s why when we ask for your opinions we tell you what you think you want to say, because you guys go on and on and on. We like that you keep things simple and sensible), farting (and laugh when they do like it’s a joke), engages in nasty talking (nothing is more sickening), gossipy (OMG, sounds to girly), secretive (though we know how to get them to talk), have no fashion sense (stop wearing those pants half way down your bums. This makes us look bad), can’t cook (sometimes we like to take a break from the heat in the kitchen) and who cheat (when you guys get caught the outcome is never good. We don’t like to break our nicely manicured nails ). Oh BTW we don’t mind our men being vegetarians.

  33. G
    January 29, 2010

    There are wayyyy too many women out there to be bothered with the ones that annoy you.

  34. G
    January 29, 2010

    I don’t understand why you would mention, “you can’t even enjoy a KFC with her.” Dude, you actually eat that crap?

  35. Karkabeff
    January 29, 2010

    Well said nice guy. I like everything you said especially them woman that fart like their bom have no brakes on it. And they think its funny! ask for them so called ones that play comsedee and claim to be vegetarians. They look so poor and magga. Any woman i take out (not KFC) and is salad she want to eat I banning her. Thats because i know she aint no vegetarian. She just playing comseedee. Because a woman that eat meat and lick her lips while doing that is my type of woman. She well ready….but pooming especially when having sex is a disaster.

  36. January 29, 2010

    very funny “nice guy”.. some of the things u wrote were very funny…but i must say i disagree with the part where u said that if a woman is cute & sexy most likely she can’t do anything in the house effectively..dats a damn lie..I am a very attractive young lady and there is nothing a woman can do well in a house dat i cannot do.. And no woman is ugly..if men were looking just for looks alot of women wld b single…beauty in the iside dat matters not on the outside…
    Anyway nice guy and have a great day…u r one of the guys dat will stay on the shelf cuz it seems u very difficult to plz…….

  37. Misa
    January 29, 2010

    Nice Guy

    The woman you meet with those traits must be an alien because not everyone is perfect, even you.
    However, this article should encourage the young men not to go after teenage girls. Give them a chance to learn, develop positive attitudes and mature before you turn them into persons who you may write about later.

  38. d/can in j/a
    January 29, 2010

    lol @ : If you mother didn’t have a mentsrual cycle your trifflin behind wouldn’t be on DNO talking down about women every single chance you get.

  39. January 29, 2010

    Mr. Nice Guy You will make me turn my nose when I see ladies !

  40. January 29, 2010

    ROFLMAO!! Nice Guy you made my friday afternoon! DNO, ya’ll guys love that, I’m sure. ..

    I suppose I should break up with my man because I get upset whenever he scratches his balls in my presence, or leaves the toilet seat up, or leaves his nasty underwear with the brown “streak” in it for me to pick up?

    But I ain’t mad at you, I know you just writing this column for kicks. I know deep down in your heart you’re craving the love of a good woman, ain’tcha?

    Hmm, DNO, time to hook up a Nice Girl column or you could call it Naughty ‘Nica or something. LOL.

  41. Well
    January 29, 2010

    Well…NICE GUY…if you met me I’m sure you’ll open mouthed at my physic and a herbivore at that you know. Thankfully I can cook from you to meat if I have to. I prepare those meaty meals for my people and it does me no harm. If KFC is your idea of a healthy meal than you must be really fat and unhealthy…cause one should rarely indulge in fast food…once a month, once a year treat I say for KFC.

    NICE GUY my last boyfriend was cheating when I told him I knew that he was seeing another he said it’s because I was secretive….such crap eh. She wears **loads of makeup I don’t…just imagine his face when I confronted him. The rest is history as they say.

    Oh Well hey have you met those guys who don’t know what a toothbrush is? Phswh.damn bad. You are well dressed without a aftershave or a good roll-on and worse you didn’t think to brush your teeth and want to go dancing with me…you have to come close to my face man and imagine wanting to kiss me on top of that urrggggggggh! vomit yow. You looking good but smelling bad and the shoes oh Jesus name. they come over and then decide to take off the shoes cause you have a no shoes in the house policy. should I tell you more and you fellas gossip more than any woman I know. Always wanting to know about the other guy. HMMM maybe you should think that maybe I am wondering why you are so interested.

    Some women do have flaws I tell you. But most men have a long way to go. They can’t cook, clean, fix a dripping pipe, clean a stove, sweep house, scrub a bathroom and the list goes on and on and on….and on

  42. Sewonice
    January 29, 2010

    I was about to show Mr. Nice Guy how a beautiful, intelligent, culinary-savvy, interesting, female carnivore can tear him to shreds without ever uttering ONE expletive, until I saw the waiver below his diatribe:

    “Nice Guy is written by an A-Hole so don’t take him on. He has woman issues and would like some help (writing is his therapy). He is also seeking a Nice Girl to compliment his column. He can be reached at nicestguyonline@gmail.com.”

    …So, I will give him a pass for at least recognizing the above about himself. Uh…don’t expect an email from me though. I prefer the non-A-Hole types. LOL

  43. marlon jackson
    January 29, 2010

    nice guy,from one guy to the another,I think you`re a jerk ..however some of your
    points ok and funny..girls will be girls

  44. Prophet2
    January 29, 2010


  45. Heas
    January 29, 2010

    I love it …i love it …i love it….. That is so true.. and there are alot more things that men don´t like about women. Trust me!!

  46. suggestion
    January 29, 2010

    some woman should come and contest that article, cuz there are alot of things we can write about men we hate. hmmmm interesting though.. those about the women are like petty, i can understand the farting and cheating and some others, but vegetarian. please. MR NICE GUY…i dnt find u too attractive urself if u want to take me to kfc becuz i am eating healthy…a nie steak or grileld chicken would at least change my taste buds…..
    will and come again…..

  47. bunny
    January 29, 2010


  48. Anonymous
    January 29, 2010

    with that been said…us girls should prob send an article to DNO about “THE TYPE OF MEN ME HATE”

  49. L
    January 29, 2010

    Coming from a woman…not a bad list.

  50. .............
    January 29, 2010

    Wow Mister Nice Guy, KFC is your idea of a great meal? You aren’t to desirable yourself. Get over the pain some woman caused you, it may make you feel better at the end of your day. What is so nasty about the menstrual cycle? If you mother didn’t have a mentsrual cycle your trifflin behind wouldn’t be on DNO talking down about women every single chance you get. Women have the worst fat? Is that something you tested in a lab? People are suppose to take you seriously? Men and women have all the above tendancies, don’t think for one minute men don’t gossip. Especially Dominican men who lie and say which woman they put wood when in truth and in fact many of those DA felaz don’t even have 1/2 a wood. Plzzzzz See what skipping school does to folks. Stay in school kids!

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