COMMENTARY: Dominica’s Forty Year Mark

Sapphire Carrington
The number forty (40) generally symbolizes a process of testing, of trial, or an evaluation period. Jesus, Elijah and Moses, fasted for 40 days and forty nights, 40 days of Moses on the mount receiving the Ten Commandments; the children of Israel had to suffer through the wilderness for 40yrs, Moses died after 40 years upon wandering in the desert just within the sight of the promised land-  In 2018, we’ve reached our 40th Anniversary of gaining independence. It is on this day we celebrate that Dominicans can exercise self-government and sovereignty over our island. Probably at this point, you intend to stop reading because what you expect to follow, is the same riddle you hear and read over and over again that comes from officials. I’m not promising that my independence statement will contain firecrackers and rockets. I simply want to express how deep in my heart about where Independence stands now in Dominica. To put it bluntly, there is little to none!
Yes, on November 3, 1978, we became an independent and sovereign nation. That was forty years ago and worth commemorating the fact by itself. Dominica became a self-ruling nation and did not have to listen to or abide by what was determined abroad and those far away anymore. We were now on our own. And that is where the new dependency begins to evolve.
The community of Dominican people became dependent on the actions of the government and whatever they decided, when and how they decided. I must add that too often Autocratic leadership style gets confused with a democracy. A democratically elected government but nevertheless a ruling party could determine more, and the opponents had less to say. One could only hope that the government would represent the wishes of all Dominicans regardless whether they did or did not have the voter’s approval of all.
When I look back over a 40-year independence period and see what has evolved with our government system, I get a tear of sadness in my eye. It makes me even more sad when I think of the young generation of Dominicans that have to deal with the current situation which they did not create and sadly may not get better in the future unless some fairly radical changes are upcoming and soon. For me, we are not truly independent.
One of the reasons that I believe that we are not independent, is that decision making within the Government is lacking transparency. It simply means that we as a people are totally dependent on what a few in positions of authority decide. Just about four times a year we have the occasion to observe calls of ‘the ayes have it’ upon political, social, and economic realities without any careful thought, without involvement of the constituents, much less analysis of the realities faced by the residents. And while they thrust their responses passing laws, and at times not passing laws, there are much consequences. Do you call that independence? I don’t! I also must ask, Is that something you can feel proud about on Independence Day? You can decide for yourself!
My contention is that Independence is more related to “Liberty and Justice For All” as they proclaim in the USA or “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity” as the French do assert. What do we have in Dominica? Think about that for a few… a few seconds, a few days, a few years…I will share with you what the people of Dominica really want after carefully listening to a great majority of Dominicans across the globe and residents.
We the people of Dominica want Sustainability, Equality and Prosperity. We want the goods and products we use to be produced right here in Dominica, by Dominicans, for Dominicans. These so called opportunities that the government manufactures comes with a great cost to us as a people, as an island nation. You see, we continue to have our cognition mapped by those who strive to occupy the minds of the people with fluff, fake news, narrative twists and continue their divisive and oppressive politics. Everyday these traditional parties occupy parliament, it’s like having a Trojan horse placed in our system of governance by our colonial masters- nothing has changed from colonial rule for the better and that is sadly by design- the sad part is that this type of dependence, divisive and oppressive governance is all the majority of Dominicans alive today know – to elect them again, is to willingly reinstitute a Trojan horse in Dominican consciences.
This is Dominica’s 40 year mark, and it’s time to pull up your pants and tie your waist “maway wrenw” and come together as a people both those residing in Dominica and in the diaspora to build a legacy of becoming a true self-sufficient, sustainable, equal and prosperous producing island nation. It is my hope, that you, like myself, look forward to see a rebirth of the Dominican spirit and much better governance.
The sad reality over the last two plus decades, we’ve seen a nation weaken – with no emphasis on civic education – the costs of that was and is too grave – you see typically when people talk of costs our brains automatically shift to think money but the costs we suffered as a people, as a country, is much greater than money can buy- many have lost hope, their human spirit, our identity, nationalism and consciousness – for decades we’ve allowed the powers that be to make us, our country become the base of exploitation upon which these transnational criminal organizations stand- our villages, your communities have become ravaged by the powers that be, resulting in alcoholism, dependency syndrome, drug addiction, unwanted/unplanned pregnancies, single parenthood, mass migration, brain drain, illnesses, pure degradation – WOW! I ask again, Is that something you can feel proud about on Independence Day?
40 years has gone, yes, but don’t let us die in the wilderness like Moses. We know what’s at hand, let’s wake up and clear a path from the wilderness and bring our people home. Let’s start a new 40 years of Sustainability, forty years of equality, and forty years of prosperity- it will be no easy walk in the park, cause we’re starting from a time of hardship around the world. The time to begin anew is now. If we don’t reset now, then when? After another 40?.  Today, our youth are suffering from a moral vacuum as a result of poor governance. Today’s governance is a harsh reflection of Dominica’s geopolitical reality.  Look around you, your community and be honest with yourself, face the realities and again, I ask, is that something you can feel proud about on Independence Day?
As for me, while many habitually celebrate ‪November the 3rd‬, as the day that we received freedom and independence from foreign rulers, in my heart I feel sadness and I’m worried about the evolved new dependence on local rulers that we now experience. I have a strong desire that positive change will happen on Dominica rather sooner than later. It is time we pause for a moment and reflect; reflect upon who do we want to be as a nation moving forward and reconnect with the true meaning of Independence Day. This time of reflection is not just for me, it is also for you, and the young generation of Dominicans. The time is now to come together and build the Dominica we all can feel proud about on Independence Day.
May God Bless our Sovereign Republic, the Commonwealth of Dominica.

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  1. Proud Family
    November 28, 2018

    This is your family and we want you to know that your dad would be proud of you and we are very proud of you and what you are doing. We are with you 100% and will be rallying for you and the team. The plans you all have for Dominica is by far the best so just keep pushing forward. Because of you some of us visited Dominica and we are happy that we did. We have never been more proud to carry our Dominican passport knowing people like you are fighting to protect this country. We know some of the work you have done and is doing and I pray God continue to open doors for you. It meant the world going to the hospital and knowing I can get my medicine even cheaper now because you opened that door for Dominica. We missed your event at the Gardens but received great reviews from a friend. We may not correspond much but we follow all of Clem’s children and I know he is happy.

  2. Poli Sci Major
    November 28, 2018

    Well written as usual. Praying Gods Blessings for you and your family . You continue to inspire me

  3. Morne Prosper supporting
    November 28, 2018

    Boy look at dem blue crabs go. Sapphire these people just jealous of you. The kind of knowledge you have them fellas cannot touch you my sister. The vibes you bringing they cannot touch. My lady you doing a good job

  4. FondCole I Come out
    November 28, 2018

    Say what all you want but Sapphire is always on fire. She have a way with words that I like. Since Mamo that is the best woman on the political scene. Show the woman some respect she more than deserves it. Sapphire keep your head on and just ignore them foolish people they can never do all what you are doing.

  5. Ready for change
    November 28, 2018

    Sapphire Sky keep using forward. They are jealous because what you say are resonating with the majority of Dominicans. Election Day we will show all of them. Let’s them keep bullying on Facebook and sending messages but we in Dominica know better. You make the most valid points and they are afraid. I listened to you on the radio a number of times and I checked out everything you say which turned out to be true. They just wish they had a candidate like you. A lot of people backing you so do worry with non of them.

  6. World's Moistest Jheri Curl
    November 8, 2018

    Where’s her BIG political party she was launching
    Election coming

  7. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    November 8, 2018

    “When I look back over a 40-year independence period and see what has evolved with our government system, I get a tear of sadness in my eye. ”

    How very sad that is!

    After forty years of independence, Dominica is worst off than it was prior to independence. All of the islands in the Caribbean region which were forced into independence has made progress, we see it in the development which has taken place.

    Meanwhile, the status quo remains as it was in the 1930 into the 1950’s, we remain backward, and and there is no sign of hope that prosperity is any place in sight; it is all about talk, everybody talks; however, by the time they go to bed and wakes up in the morning they have no memory of what they said the night, or day before.

    This generation will all die, the country will remain poor and backward; the sale of passports is not an industry, where are the industries that should come along with independence!

  8. Joseph John
    November 7, 2018

    Lady please keep at it do not give up. Dominica is a democratic country and anyone can participate in politics and election. You are a Dominican by birth and Dominica recognize multiple citizenship. Members of the one term tim tim party do not have anything to offer but blue bubbles, so they are afraid of any new political aspirants.
    Even before election they lost a candidate because of their negative mindset. Now they promise the world to the deputy leader of an other party to entice him to join them. This same man tried his best to join the DLP
    As we use to say “right on sister” Go for it.

    • Dominican2deBone
      November 28, 2018

      That I saying too. Sapphire smart but them hungry people lambasting her bad but all the time they talking their nonesense she will have her day Election Day. Any constituency mamzel run she must win

  9. Bob Denis
    November 7, 2018

    A Picture tells a hundred words, after 40yrs of self political talk, which is certainly not independence, Dominica, per capita, is ranked very high as being an OBESE State. Some of us have lost our way, mis-guided Ambition seems to hold sway where ever you turn.

  10. DA Fails
    November 7, 2018

    I dunno about this woman… but skerrit tell me I’ll be beating my fingers for the next 20 years because labor party ain’t going nowhere. So my lady leave dumbinicans alone ehh, Skerrit is a leader and dumbnicans are followers ready to be led.

  11. d-a born
    November 7, 2018

    I don’t know who this woman is, but she has a point.

  12. John Jay
    November 7, 2018

    Thought you went back and never here about you. You said your family would be here soon and up until now nothing. You did just like your comparade Chris and went back not knowing when is your next visit. Stop fooling Dominicans.

    • Joseph John
      November 7, 2018

      How is she fooling Dominican. Who has she tricked. Did she go on the airwaves to scam Dominicans for their money to pay court fees. Did she go to Sam Raphael and tell him not to build the hotel. I have a lot to say on that but I will save it for later.

    • divide
      November 8, 2018

      The response given by Dominicans at home to comments made by some in the diaspora usually puts some type of blame on those in the diaspora or make them to be people who are unable to comprehend what is going on in Dominica. We think of Dominica as our blood immediate relatives. We did not choose it but it is part of us. We may be out there but Dominica is still where we call home. Some of the issues are more apparent when you look at what is going on from outside in. You see so much potential in your family and it hurts when you see that they are not living up to their potential. There is so much you can do from out there like make suggestions hoping that the point will be well received but instead you are called a traitor.
      40 years is a long time to stay in one place.

  13. great things
    November 7, 2018

    Girl mind yourself eh…stupes….shooo

  14. mine
    November 7, 2018

    Dasheen leaf as you said you are, why can’t live DA alone you think you can make things better in DA keep running.

  15. viewsexpressed
    November 7, 2018

    The treason why I deliberately quote this, is because it is real. Thanks!
    “When I look back over a 40-year independence period and see what has evolved with our government system, I get a tear of sadness in my eye. It makes me even more sad when I think of the young generation of Dominicans that have to deal with the current situation which they did not create and sadly may not get better in the future unless some fairly radical changes are upcoming and soon. For me, we are not truly independent.”
    “One of the reasons that I believe that we are not independent, is that decision making within the Government is lacking transparency.”
    To end, We are looking for UWP under its dynamic, serious, dedicated and loyal Opposition Leader Hon. Lennox Linton and his UWP professional Team to be in office as soon as we kick Skerrit and his failed bunch of incompetent political Labour clowns out of office.
    Skerrit and failed Labour government has hurt us badly, managed our poor island with…

    • 💕 You 💕
      November 7, 2018

      Views Expressed, as you mentioned the Young Generation, gasson,, you have NO SHAME! As the leader of the opposition tell us how have you or your party 🎊 enhance or impacted the lives of the younger generation? Lennox when challenged base on your record you tend to lash out, but that’s because you can’t stand to be challenged. Clearly you are unqualified to be PM, because you are a high school dropout, second you have a childishness mentality’, thirdly your ego is bigger than Rodney’s Rock, and last but not least, you hold personal vendettas. Just a friendly question, can’t you find anyone within your circle who will lavish praises on you? Nobody is ever praising you but % , views expressed, Lennox Linton, HIS, ME HIM, and I, and we all know that the same person! 💩 Poor Pitty.

      • lula
        November 7, 2018

        :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: So he is coming under an alias? What a shame

      • Joseph John
        November 7, 2018

        You just describe a bully, a big time bully with no human respect. He had none at school, none for teachers, none for students, none now and will never have any. He is addicted to hatred and cannot be rehabilitated. Have you notice him in the House of Assembly. Take a look at his angry face, and his clenched fists. His profile is like someone who is always ready to beat up people. He reminds me of a bay front worker called “La Lie” (L. L.) He has one admirer who is posting under several fake names, and repeating his likes several times.
        The time will come when we will “Day Massay Yo”

  16. Your auntie brother
    November 7, 2018

    Sapphire, please get a life and leave us alone. We have enough problems without you already.

    • Dominican2deBone
      November 28, 2018

      So at least you know she’s not the reason for your problems and from the looks of things she’s more of a solution.
      All u Dominicans need to check allu self before you reck yourself. Give the woman a break

  17. Itassi peeps
    November 7, 2018

    You back again?

    • Dominican2deBone
      November 28, 2018

      But she had go somewhere nuh? Allu seeing what allu want to see man. One minute allu saying she live on Facebook, next thing allu saying you not seeing her then allu saying the radio giving her too much time but she all over radio, internet, and she meeting and talking with everybody in Roseau, she just had a big football match for independence but you asking if she back again? Wat you just get a top up man or what stone you hiding under? Sapphire they confused they cannot handle a working person far less for a working woman.

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