COMMENTARY: Ross University departs;heads should roll

In any real country, with the level of intelligence of the population above average, the departure of Ross University School of Medicine, that is so critical to the national economy, should see the resignation of government ministers and possibly the resignation of the entire government due to gross negligence and incompetence.

There is no doubt that the government of Dominica has failed its citizens to secure the continuation of Ross University on the island. The evidence is there in plain sight and this follows a similar pattern with Colgate Palmolive in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Erika, in 2015, when the Government of Dominica gave them the perfect justification to close shop by ignoring the damage to the Colgate Palmolive facility and its existence.

It does not appear that the Government of Dominica appreciates or understands the importance of foreign investments to the national economy and what has to be done to maintain what we have and to pursue others. Sadly, the departure of Ross University has closed the door for any genuine foreign investment for Dominica. It must be noted that in the last nineteen years of the present administration, Dominica has not attracted any foreign investor of significance. Instead we have been giving away all our foreign exchange obtained from the Citizenship By Investment Program to foreign companies while denying locals the opportunity to offer their service.

The Prime Minister’s attitude towards the departure of Ross University raises the question as to whether he really cares or appreciates the impact the loss of Ross University will have on so many sectors of the economy. His decision to give the population “a heads-up on Ross” while his three other Ministers gazed in bewilderment, tells a story. The facial expressions of Reginald Austrie, Ian Douglas and Kenneth Darroux, said it all; they knew nothing about the matter. In a situation where testicular fortitude was present, all of these three ministers would have walked out and allow the Prime Minister to give his breaking news by himself. This one was really an embarrassment especially when they found out that the heads-up was a pre-emptive strike to cushion the impact of the press conference of the Prime Minister of Barbados and the CEO of Ross University later that day.

On Wednesday 25th July, 2018, the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica presented almost a billion dollar budget in a two hour and thirty five minutes address, no mention was made of the situation with Ross. The following day the Leader of the Opposition gave his response in the absence of the Prime Minister, who customarily absents himself for the opposition leader’s response to the budget presentation. The Leader of the Opposition raised pertinent questions on the absence of information on the status of Ross University in his response.

Then came the presentation of Honourable Ian Douglas, parliamentary representative for the Portsmouth constituency which includes Ross University, who started beating his chest on the accomplishments of the government and assuring the people of Portsmouth and the rest of the country that everything was alright with Ross University because he saw them repairing buildings and that means they will be back one day. It must be noted that Ian Douglas is the parliamentary representative for Portsmouth since after the death of his uncle Rosie Douglas in September 2000. In a one hour presentation in parliament he did not outline one attempt that he made to secure the reopening of Ross University in his constituency. This is for the people of Portsmouth to consider.

Minister of Health, Honourable Kenneth Darroux, under whose portfolio Ross University falls, concentrated his more-than-one-hour budget contribution on nurses who were leaving the island for greener pastures and failed to make any reference to the Ross University.

Minister of Agriculture, Reginald Austrie, is popularly known as the attack dog of the government, a self-imposed title since 2000 when he was given the responsibility for special projects by the late Rosie Douglas, he at that time referred to himself as the Rottweiler, he attacked the opposition with venom and was particularly vicious on Senator Isaac Baptiste, the member of parliament he takes pride in decapitating.  Minister Austrie who is also the parliamentary representative of the Cottage constituency including the northern section of Portsmouth which benefits directly from Ross University, was also silent on the matter in parliament but subsequent to the conclusion of the budget debate, he accused the parliamentary opposition of writing a letter which encouraged Ross University to leave Dominica. Honourable Austrie is yet to present a copy of the phantom letter.

After a prolonged absence from parliament where he missed all the contributions from the opposition, the Prime Minister returned to close the 2018 – 2019 Budget Debate. No mention was made of the Ross University situation and the population was settling down to enjoy the fruits of the near billion dollar budget but alas, in less than seventy two hours, the Prime Minister addresses the nation on August 3rd 2018, with a heads-up on Ross University, informing the nation that within the next few hours Ross University will make an announcement on their departure from Dominica.

The Prime Minister has been a member of parliament since January 2000 when he won the seat in the Vielle Case constituency and is Prime Minister from January 2004 when he succeeded the late Pierre Charles. As early as March 2004, three months after he attained the Prime Minister position, he demonstrated a questionable behaviour, which was generally accepted by the population, when he severed diplomatic relations with Taiwan in Favour of the People’s Republic of China. On the night before he departed for China, the Prime Minister attended a dinner at the Taiwanese embassy and received a cheque from the Taiwanese government. A few days later the Taiwanese were kicked out of Dominica in the most undiplomatic way and the Chinese came in, the rest is history.

It is quite clear that the Government of Dominica underestimated or misunderstood Ross University and they should have consulted with the Prime Mister of Grenada, Keith Mitchel, on what he did to get St. Georges University operational after Hurricane Ivan in 2005. Grenada recognized the importance of SGU to its national economy and within weeks after the hurricane they had the students back on island. In Dominica it took months before the government even remembered that Ross University existed.

Hurricane Maria may have been the most devastating to hit the island but Dominica was not the first island to be devastated by a hurricane. There were lessons to be learnt from President Charles Savarin who was part of the Interim Government when Hurricane David struck in 1979, he could have advised the government on the processes to follow after Hurricane Maria, instead of the trial and error that was practiced with no coordination or sense of direction. The entire government machinery was involved in relief supply distribution, including ministers, permanent secretaries, ambassadors, all the way down the chain of command. The rampant looting in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria must have sent shock waves within the Ross University administration and the refusal of the Prime Minister to conduct an inquiry must have scared Ross University to the bone.

We could have learnt from the Jamaica experience with Hurricane Gilbert, from Antigua with Hurricane Luis, and all the other islands such as Cuba who have suffered devastating disasters from hurricanes in recent years. There is a false notion that Dominica has done a remarkable recovery from the effects of Hurricane Maria, yes the citizens and the private sector have done a remarkable job in the recovery process, but the government’s contribution leaves much to be desired. Without electricity and telecommunications the nakedness of Dominica’s recovery process would be exposed.

There are more than one hundred reasons why Ross University would have wanted to relocate from Dominica and only three tangible reasons why they should remain. The reasons for staying are simple; one) the island is beautiful, two) they have been here for forty years and three) they love the island, none of which make economic sense because the bottom-line for Ross University is their profitability and one did not have to go very far to realize that Dominica is not one of the most business friendly islands in the Caribbean and the myth that Dominica is the most beautiful is questionable because Dominica is very untidy and the people are becoming extremely unfriendly.

Something has happened in Dominica over the last few years that has made it very unattractive to visitors and even to our Dominicans in the diaspora who increasingly vacation in the neighbouring islands instead of Dominica; this has nothing to do with Erika or Maria.

One can imagine the frustration of the Ross University Students who are initially excited of going to the Caribbean to study and end up in Dominica after a frustrating travelling experience which involves possible overnight and a bumpy flight on a small aircraft. Arrival at Melville Hall is a unique experience and it is assumed that expectations are diminished as one proceeds to living accommodation. Dominicans must admit that Dominica is the most primitive among all the Caribbean islands and the unsuspecting students cope by accepting and justifying its nature island posture.

With a twenty five year agreement with Ross University, the government of Dominica thought it was a fete accompli, they could sit on their laurels and make all sorts of promises and outrageous statements and Ross would stay, because it was impossible for Ross University to leave their infrastructure on the ground to relocate to anywhere else. The Dominican authorities failed to understand that Ross University could simply abandon all the infrastructure and get it written off in their tax returns.

Hurricane Maria was the perfect excuse for Ross University to depart, and the government of Dominica allowed them to take full advantage of the situation. Since Ross University decided to move from the cruise ship off St. Kitts to Tennessee, the writing was on the wall but the government of Dominica did not read it. Whereas the Prime Minister made several trips to the Middle East to secure markets for the sale of Dominican passports, in his heads-up he could not reveal one single trip to meet the Board of Directors of Ross University, except a so-called discussion with the pretty CEO. Does the Prime Minister know that the final decision on Ross University was that of its BOD and not that of  the CEO? It would be no surprise if he was bamboozled by her femininity and was totally outsmarted. His remarks about; Ross Loves Dominica and Dominica Loves Ross, is an admission that he thought it was a love affair, no wonder he is talking about alimony in the divorce. This is business and profit, nothing to do with Nature Island and loyalty to Dominica. If all investors who love Dominica had followed through on their love affair with the Nature Isle, Dominica would be overflowing with foreign investments.

So, after forty years Ross University students are still struggling to get to Dominica, while their counterparts in the other islands fly home for a weekend. In Dominica it takes them four days of travel to and from Dominica. The government of Dominica has told numerous untruths about the construction of an international airport while travel to Dominica becomes increasingly frustrating.

Ross University could have relocated to any of the OECS islands such as Grenada, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Antigua or St. Kitts and the students, their clientele, would be more satisfied than being in Dominica. This can simply be interpreted as Dominica was more attractive for foreign investors forty years ago than in 2018. Why? In spite of the government of Dominica’s utterances of progress within the last nineteen years, Dominica is last within the OECS as far as economic development is concerned. Ease of travel is one of the main requirements for economic development in this new world order, so overnighting to get to any destination is not part of any traveller’s millennium psyche. That’s why all the other OECS islands have international airports except Dominica.

The fact that the Prime Minister recently announced the construction of an international airport without a location, without a design and a secret feasibility study is an insult to the citizens and more so to foreign investors whose investments depend on air access to Dominica. Ross University must have been pissed off upon hearing the recent pronouncements of the international airport and must have considered it an insult to their intelligence.

The people of Portsmouth may be the most direct victims of the departure of Ross University from Dominica but the whole of Dominica will suffer the consequences. Mention is made of the apartment owners who provided housing for students and faculty, but other service providers such as electricity, telecommunications, water and others who supplied products such as food, household products, sanitary products, agricultural products and the list goes on. The local lecturers and other workers are affected.

The loss of Ross University has no comparison with the exit of Colgate Palmolive, DCP brought in all their raw and packaging material and then exported their products and employed about one hundred persons at the time of their departure. Ross brought in foreign exchange, procured most of their products and services locally and created direct employment for hundreds.

The full impact of the loss of Ross University must be quickly analysed by our economists in an objective manner, free from political tribal bias and then Heads Should Roll, if 10% of the effort placed in seeking markets for the passport pushers was given to facilitating of the return of Ross University to Dominica, the country would not be in the situation that it is now.

Ask Keith Mitchel about the contribution St. Georges University is making towards the development of Grenada and there will be a greater appreciation of the crime the Government of Dominica has committed against its citizens and for that Heads Must Roll, Ian Douglas, Reginald Austrie, Roosevelt Skerrit and Kenneth Darroux should immediately tender their resignation followed by the rest of the cabinet because it is a collective responsibility.

The people of Portsmouth should show their worth, forget their party colours and in the interest of themselves punish the Dominica Labour Party for the pain its government has inflicted on them. The opposition forces must come together to pick up the spoils because no single party in Dominica can repair the mess the Commonwealth of Dominica is in. A government of national unity, which incorporates the best of Dominica’s resources at home and abroad, is what is required at this time in our history.

The surrender of Ross University to the Government of Barbados is a betrayal of the Dominican people and is indicative that after nineteen years in office, the Dominica Labour Party under the leadership of Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, has outlived its usefulness, lacks innovation, its tired and will only plunge the Commonwealth of Dominica into further economic peril.

In the final analysis the decision is left to Dominicans to determine whether they will allow themselves to be sentenced to economic death while they hold on to their tribal colours or will they finally take a stand and say “Enough is Enough, Time Up Pack Up!” heads must roll.


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  1. Bringback the parrots
    August 10, 2018

    If you know that the people you voted for are giving you the SHAFT and you keep voting to get SHAFTED you have no one but yourself to blame for getting the SHAFT. Vote the same people in to office next election to get SHAFTED enjoy the SHAFT get on down the road with the SHAFT and enjoy.

  2. amanda
    August 10, 2018

    Enough of this ROSS BUSINESS. I know it is going to be tough. But what about the rest of us. Are we supporting local to ease the nurse? . When is the last time you ate local food? . Run at ehe supermarket and buy cereal (GMO) when you should be contributing to the local market. Stop whining and contribute.

  3. Roseau Girl
    August 10, 2018

    THe PM thought he was dealing with the numerous Dominicans who have been fooled election and election with empty premises;; of hospitals and airport. Ross was watching him trick us; they saw we would continue allowing him to fool us with all these empty promises. So they left us and our Government to play games. The citizens need to be blamed for all of this….not the PM, not Ross and not Mia.

    We allowed one man to disrespect us with his empty promises.

  4. Val
    August 9, 2018

    If we open our mind and eyes to the truth and forget about party for a minute we will understand the truth of the matter. Everything written above is truth. Even if you are blue red or pink the truth is plain and simple. Dominica is already in and is heading for bigger economic struggles.

  5. Say it how it is
    August 9, 2018

    Most of you PEOPLE dont look at the real problem here .where worry about the pm ?the man pocket full of money and all u all still worship him like all u God. I would like to know what was done by the pm in the 18yrs of power for Dominica i just need to know because i dont understnad what happening to Dominicans all many now i want to know .what was done after 27/08/2015 ? 3yrs after ? Everything is going down all u better turn to GOD and leave man in thier mix up .domimica is sold out look around for the truth another bad news for Dominicans soon to come wait and listen

    • viewsexpressed
      August 9, 2018

      Good questions ….keep asking. This PM is a waste of time… a failure. Kick him and his corrupt Labour government out of our office …they have failed us. Time to go. Too much Bobol

  6. C. ben-David
    August 9, 2018

    1. If Ross University’s departure broke any legal contract that it had with the Commonwealth of Dominca — e.g., agreements stating the university has to operate there for X number of years in exchange for certain concessions — then Dominica should sue for breach of contract in a court of law. Since the medical school is moving to Barbados, another CARICOM country, such a law suit would be the best way to receive damages.

    2. CARICOM’s mandate to enact a Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME) says that the free movement of capital, services, and labour from one CARICOM country to another is to be encouraged. This move helps fulfill this mandate.

    3. These kind of business moves take place every day all over the world. It’s called free enterprise and the spirit of capitalism. (This is why Donald Trump’s anti-free trade policies are bound to fail because they will make America far worse off.)

    4. Dominica is in heart of the Caribbean hurricane zone; Barbados is on its periphery…

    • Voice of Reason
      August 9, 2018

      Not sure what you’re trying to say! If the Commonwealth of Dominica was to sue Ross for breach of contract and it was to win, a judgement could not replace the longterm impact of Ross’ departure from the country and besides, we would never know what the judgement entailed because currently, there is no transparency in governance.
      Secondly, while you make an argument for the spirit of capitalism, you fail to understand that Ross’ contribution to our fledgling economy was in excess of 30%, a significant contribution. With no tourism sector to speak of, an agricultural sector that is practically dead, an infrastructure that leaves a lot to be desired, a skilled workforce that is lacking and no transparent and sustainable FDI (Foreign Direct Investment), it was incumbent on government to protect their most consistent source of foreign exchange. That, my friend is the spirit of capitalism!

      • viewsexpressed
        August 9, 2018

        sooo True. Skerrit and his failed government failed us. They must go, done enough damage to Domininca

  7. Carmen
    August 8, 2018

    If only the people of Portsmouth would read.

  8. Propaganda
    August 8, 2018

    So who is that idiot that wrote this senseless article .Imagine he can’t even identify himself.

    • viewsexpressed
      August 9, 2018

      Are you are propagandist….have you declared your name…..who on earth are You, that you have as that “idiot that wrote this senseless response. Imagine that you propagandist cant even identify our self and you there throwing stones.
      Come better than that. Its like you calling a person a thief, caught in the act and you are thieving that same product.

  9. Gary
    August 8, 2018

    Why write such commentary and pen your name as concerned. Did you really write this commentary because you are concerned, of course not. What you have done is exploit a crisis to advance your political partisan beliefs. You have done this by misrepresenting facts, ignoring evidence and making assumptions without you having first-hand information and knowledge. When the dust is settled and all the facts are in the people of Dominica will decide the fate of The Government.

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      August 9, 2018

      Shut up Gary, you are an idiot, what difference does it make whether or not  the author write under their name of a fictitious pen name!

      That is what you all do in Dominica’ more than 99% of you writing on DNO dare not write anything and mention your names, for fear of Roosevelt and him victimizing you all by not giving you all a hand out when you beg him!

      The person is collect heads should roll, but Dominicans are so stupid Roosevelt and his puppet government caused Ross university to leave Dominica after forty (40) years, and because you all are so dumb you blaming the departure of Ross on hurricane Maria.

      So, did Maria cause Colgate Palmolive, a company with products selling all over the world, Kubuli hurricane cause Kubuli Beer  the Gleden Paint, the tram company, Clare Harbor, and all those prior to the destruction of Maria to leave? If Dominicans were not dumb, they would be in the streets demanding Roosevelt resignation, along with his government!

  10. August 8, 2018

    If it was in China more than Heads would roll you better believe it

  11. Bring back the parrots
    August 8, 2018

    The PM and government had no plan for the aftermath of a Hurricane. They had no plan for the evacuation of the Ross students or had a way for the students to contact their relatives, this is one of the factors in the Ross decision to close up shop in Dominica, the Dominican government is incompetent What has the Dominican PM and his buddies done with the millions collected in the CBI program? There needs to be an audit and investigation including a check of overseas bank accounts to find out if any people in the Dominican government have been making deposits in their personal bank accounts.

  12. August 8, 2018

    More rubbish. Just another UWP supporter repeating party talking points and propaganda.

  13. August 8, 2018

    A rubbish commentary, based solely on political bias. Just a whole load of useless political propaganda.

    • Anonymous
      August 8, 2018

      Geez. Are you that clueless? Didn’t you read and seriously processed any part of that commentary? Forget the party colors and think of your country. Dammit!

    • Larry Grell
      August 8, 2018

      If it was Freedom that was in government and thus happened what would you be saying? What would your actions? Be honest…..

  14. August 8, 2018

    MAMA Mia, spitefully, cowardly, and willfully went behind closed doors and convinced ROSS to come to her island. Barbados’s economy is in shambles and in dire need of money. Wake up, wake up.

    • August 10, 2018 are a FIDIOT…read and try to UNDERSTAND what was written

    • August 10, 2018

      So are you telling yourself that ROSS preferred to go to a Country whose economy is in SHAMBLES than to remain in a Country where their Prime Minister says one thing,but conditions say otherwise ?

  15. ???????????????
    August 8, 2018

    I will recommend that you become the Minister of Foreign Investments since you seem to know the importance. Apply for the position. It is well to speak and comment from the outside but when you are in the driver’s seat, it is a different thing. Reality stares you in the face.

    • Jonathan Y St Jean
      August 8, 2018

      On whose doorstep are you placing the blame for the departure of Ross, of Colgate Palmolive and others? Skerritt the little Hugo Chavez, is extremely happy to now be able to give more handouts to more people via his “red clinic” so he can be looked at as a “god”. The commentary, in my opinion, is correct and the writer has to have no fear of acolytes like you. You and your regime have led Dominica down a dark path.

  16. ???????????
    August 8, 2018

    You see you are not informed. Colgate Palmolive closed most in 2007. The small soap factory they continued but when Erica came, they left because they wanted to. Not Government that should fix there. They wanted to leave already. They were insured. They took all resources and brought the business to central America where the labour was cheaper. Back in 2007. You see again I must tell you and all the others, Colgate Palmolive is a Mega Entity whose budget runs into thousands of dollars. Futhermore back then they closed a lot of subsidiary world wide because operations were not showing the level of positive variance they wanted. Those people are about profits. Stop this and read more and make yourself a knowledge base before you comment and be objective like taking everything into account. Then commentors like yourself will be respected not playing politics and trying to campaign for a Political party. Now what Dominica needs is all hands working towards recovery.

    • Jonathan Y St Jean
      August 8, 2018

      You need to learn from what happens in the most successful economies in the world which receive a lot of assistance from their governments because these governments understand the real importance of these businesses to their GDP. They understand the multiplier effect of money through the economy caused by business. Skerritt has a cadre of communists like you who never learn even if you see that communism and communist countries fail. Look at Venezuela

  17. ???????????
    August 8, 2018

    Political Article …. Same folks … Different strokes….. Your job to be against the PM & the DLP. Nothing said here is objective but blaming. You commentators should look at all things and comment. Economics, Trends, What is happening around the world, business news etc: not subjective things like who caused Ross to go. Ross is not a baby and remember the founder has died. Other persons are on the board who do not care two hoots about Dominica. It is profit etc; The comfort of the students who brings in the money. It is attracting other students as well. Be objective … stop the political commentary and look at the outlook outside trends. Weather etc … World news .. what happened before – History. I am fed up of persons who believing they know it all; want things their way using their supposedly intelligence to woo person to vote for a particular party. Hey no wisdom here – self. Wisdom only comes from God (Jehovah) the one who created all. Hatred must stop!

  18. ???????????
    August 8, 2018

    NO one cannot and I mean No one could not prevent Ross from living. Their first duty is to Students. Stop the Blaming. Are there not always changes. ERI Shillingford not there again. Clock Shop not there again… So many things changed from when I was growing up. Great Ross survived here and stayed 40 years. Colgate stayed about 12 years and then continued with the soap manufacturing. Those Mega Entities look at their profits. I know Colgate Palmolive closed a lot of subsidiary over the world about the same time they shut down most of the operations here in Dominica. So rather misleading people and playing know it all … you need to increase you knowledge … for you should know that those Mega Institutions move here there and everywhere as long as the have a favourable variance ie. they make profits. Mischievous are many persons who want to speak on matters they have not researched and think they know it all. Most of you folks want to dictate people what to do.

    • Concerned citizen
      August 9, 2018

      Seems a nerve has been struck..Though I can’t comment on all points made in the initial written piece, it is factual that Dominica needs to modernize a great deal of it’s infrastructure to be competitive and of significance in these modern times. The departure of Ross university is sad and will definitely have adverse effects on the economy. If this occurred as a result of incompetence on the part of Dominica’s current administration, then someone or a collective should be held accountable. The well-being of Dominica’s citizens is directly dependent upon the decisions of government, hence every decision has to be carefully calculated.

  19. Pragmatik
    August 8, 2018

    The prime Minister of Barbados said that Barbados only came into the picture once Adtalem had decided that it would not be possible to get classes back up in Dominica by January 2019. In essence at that point they had already decided to leave Dominica.

    She says that they were approached from the 31st of May. So that is over 2 months now since Adtalem and the government of Barbados at least knew that Ross would be leaving the island.

    So knowing these facts consider that:

    1) There was very little information coming from the government as to the state of negotiations with Adtalem or the future of Ross’s operations in Dominica. It was not even mentioned in the Prime Minister’s address in the budget.

    2) The government, Rep. Ian Douglas in particular, gave the impression that Ross was getting ready to come back to the island and they were in negotiations with the government to get certain things in place.

    Really makes you think

  20. Enough is enough
    August 8, 2018

    The roads to Portsmouth was very dangerous. Only when hurricane season the government started fixing it. Ross people were afraid of the roads. That should have been one of the government’s main priority. Ross was was still interested in moving back to Dominica. Because they had there housing people every mouth or so checking to see if the apartments and houses were ready for Ross return. most of the home owners and business owners were ready for Ross return, some had insurance some had none. But they did what it takes to accommodate Ross back. Who’s going to compensate them for there lost. That ‘s a big lose for the Picard area.
    I think a government should put it’s peoples first not themselves first. People of Dominica. You should know what to do come election time. Put yourself and your children first vote that government out. enough is enough.don’t let them fool you come election time with there little pocket change. There red umbrellas and all the little trinke.

  21. %
    August 8, 2018

    Well written.When you put showmen and MISLEADERS to government your country,do not expect better from them.I complement Mia Motley for taking the interest of Barbados at heart..Skerrit prefers to juxtapose himself with God, and my true God is punishing all of us.
    Where The Wicked Rule The People MOURN
    This DLP is a Wicked and Evil Party

    • Gary
      August 8, 2018

      You will know who the true God will hold account for blasphemy. Keep calling wolf with you silly statement regarding Wicked rule. If this Country of Dominica was ruled by the wicked have you ever wondered if you would get a forum on DNO to express your political partisan beliefs so freely. When people are ruled by a wicked Government they do not mourn.

      • Mamizoo
        August 9, 2018

        Huh ? When a people are rules by a wicked government they do not mourn? Seriously.
        Gary if Skerrit and Tony could do away with internet access they would. But you know very well that it is impossible to do so- Dominica is way to dependent on external interventions. Skerrit has already stated that Dominicans are too free. The words of a serial dictator.

        Gary you can sit from within and come in here in disguise but you all days are numbered.

  22. Chakademus
    August 8, 2018

    Yes, heads must roll, but more importantly, the government must roll!

  23. zandoli
    August 8, 2018

    You could not make your point more concisely? This reminds me of the 3 hour Castro speeches.

  24. RandyX
    August 8, 2018

    I do agree with you 110% and also call on Skerrit, Austrie, Douglas and Darroux to resign immediately. Every democratically elected government in the world would have to do the honourable thing after such a show of incompetence. However, the reality is probably such that none of the mentioned individuals can afford to resign for fear of the new government discovering all their corruption and the consequence of that. Where on earth does that leave our country?? Even if the DLP would loose the next election I have a feeling that Skerrit and Co. would not leave without a fight and declare the election as invalid and bingo we have exactly the same situation as in Venezuela.

    • Gary
      August 8, 2018

      Can you not write a comment displaying facts instead of making silly assumptions.

      • RandyX
        August 9, 2018

        Here is another fact, you for sure is the chief Skerrit apologist!

  25. Neither a Labourite or Freedom Be
    August 8, 2018

    I wholeheartedly disagree with 90% of this commentary. Its narrative is vindictive and spiteful.
    The comment about Dominica being “primitive “reminds me of racist chatter. Way to go Concerned

    Political bias and “kick in balls” rhetoric will not bring Ross University back to Dominica
    Decisions made the Ross University CEO I can occur had leanings towards destination travel and its complexity but to say that there were three supporting superficial reasons Dominica offered Ross University as an advantage is false. Its proven in benchmarking reports
    That more students passed their exams on Dominica than any other Caribbean island.

    Oh Damn. ..I’ll return to this. My bus stop

  26. wayne shaw
    August 8, 2018

    There have been similar articles published about the departure of Ross and all with the resounding message. There is a stink within the wheels of power in Dominica. There is a lot of hot air but very little action. There is one sure thing, the Government could have done something if they wished to. The power was within their hands to move mountains to keep Ross in Portsmouth. There were so many negotiating tools at their disposal and yet nothing was outlined. There will be so many persons out of work and livelihoods lost. Picard is becoming a ghost town. This situation could well have been avoided. One may possibly understand if Ross wished to move to America maybe, but Barbados? It is a criminal affair! All it takes is hard work and organisational skills, which are obviously lacking. Maybe, just maybe there is still time but the Government needs to act now and act like a real Government not just windy puppets! DO it!

    • Gary
      August 8, 2018

      Do you know how silly you are to make the statement quote “The power was within their hands to move mountains to keep Ross in Portsmouth”. Wow. What evidence do you have to support such statement, talk is cheap, especially when it has no value.

      • viewsexpressed
        August 9, 2018

        Gary, grow and understand the operations of a government. Every information is noted and needed of a foreign company in your country and intervene ASAP under circumstances and eventualities when they arise. This inept hopeless Labour Government and Prime Minister and their acolytes have been asleep for 18 years reducing our island to poverty and loss of business. they are hopeless, the leadership including the Pm is defunct and illiterate. Where were they sleeping all these years. ?Yes, they wasted their time on Hon Linton and travelling the world returning empty handed and possible drawing lot of overseas travel fees.
        This labour government has failed us and they must Go. Real nincompoops…meaning idiots, hopeless senseless.
        Skerrit and his failed incompetent Minister Must Go. They have failed us. Go….Get Lost

  27. playboy
    August 8, 2018

    This is so stupid a ‘commentary’ that that will be my only comment. No doubt you’ll get plenty from like-minded people and defenders of the Labour Party.

    • RandyX
      August 8, 2018

      Are you drunk?? What are you saying?? I guess your name says it all…

      • playboy
        August 8, 2018

        Do you have a brain? “Blue” people will agree and “Red” people will defend their own. SMH. A_S.

    • Anonymous
      August 8, 2018

      Jesus! Playboy you’re completely ignorant. I am neither blue, nor green, nor red. But i’m Dominican and this commentary rings true. So remove pretend there is no red, green or blue and read the commentary objectively. No wonder Dominica is in the state it’s in. Just bend and allow the no gooders to rape you ………. and continue being screwed. Beg to be screwed a little more for the sake of party color. SMFH…

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