Regarding Lady Gaga’s new song “Judas”

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s recent attempt to rehabilitate the disciple Judas is nothing new. In April 2006, the agnostic “Gospel of Judas” went on display in Washington. It incorrectly portrayed Judas as Jesus’ closest disciple saying that Jesus asked Judas to hand Him over to the Roman authorities so that He could fulfil His mission.

In reality, however, Judas was a greedy liar who put his desire for money ahead of his relationship with Jesus. Judas’ betrayal of his close friend is the clearest example Christians have of someone who refuses God’s saving love. For Judas only power and success are real; love does not count. Judas purposefully ignored the truth, hardened and became incapable of conversion. He eventually threw his destroyed life away.

With Lady Gaga’s new single “Judas” we can see how Christ is being sold again, only this time to music publishers and record stores for millions of dollars. People are being manipulated by an entertainment industry which is more interested in touting the newest fad or insight rather than the truth. The song “Judas” deliberately suppresses the truth about Christ’s life, His death on the cross and His resurrection.

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  1. Anonymous
    October 28, 2011

    it’s not worth a comment.she suucks also shes a copy of maddonas music.shes just another puppet…….controlled…..

  2. Lady Gaga
    April 29, 2011

    WOOOOWWWW! People have you actually taken the time to listen to the song or understand the lyrics? Or did you see the title and decide you knew what it was about?

    The Song Judas is a METAPHOR. IN short: “Gaga’s in love with a ‘bad boy’ — but her virtuous side is telling her not to get freaky-freaky with a man who will surely betray her”

    IF you’re going to the spend the time arguing your points at least investigate what you are arguing…

  3. uhuh
    April 29, 2011

    There are 3 types of people, stupid people that listen to this type of ‘music’, stupid people that keep trying to bring down these ‘artists’ with all kind of inane crap and then there are people who just couldn’t give a sh*t and listen to real music. The third kind usually finds out about the other two through news posts like this. For example i didn’t know about jonas brothers, justin beiber, lady gaga etc till i saw stupid fans vs haters arguements on youtube etc usually on videos that had nothing at all to do with the ‘artists’. This is one of the reasons why I don’t bother watching tv, that and the advent of the internet lol. Also to the people spewing all this conspiracy crap check yourselves. Go back to your holy books and tell me where it talks about people selling their souls, how exactly is that done etc(verse references would be nice). Go back and research into exactly what is the illuminati, satanism etc etc. Most of you are just confused idiots regurgitating what your idiotic ‘informed’ friend or spiritual leader/elder told you.

  4. woyy
    April 28, 2011

    I read the lyrics and there is no way someone could try justify this song as being metaphoric. this is a stab at the bible full stop. I loved gaga.. no more… this is the straw that broke the carmel’s back

  5. GIRL
    April 28, 2011


  6. Truth, Justice, Love, Peace and Unity
    April 28, 2011

    :oops: I primarily meant “Atheists.”

    So-called Lady Gaga. It is as Our Lord Jesus Christ said:

    Matthew 12:33:37 – A Tree and Its Fruits – …I tell you, on the Day of Judgment people will render an account for every careless word they speak. By your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned.

    All their money, material possessions and worldly status will not help them when they are faced with their eternal judgment.

  7. Truth, Justice, Love, Peace and Unity
    April 28, 2011

    So-called lady Gaga is no different from Madonna. They are the agnostics of our times. If they continue in this manner they will join Lucifer and Judas and keep them company for all eternity. This is where those who blaspheme Our Lord Jesus Christ, refuse to pay Him homage and other such traitors end up where there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth. :twisted:

  8. I'm just saying
    April 28, 2011

    Lady Gaga Just SUCKS!! Period. no questions asked.

  9. Tired
    April 28, 2011

    Every discussion point is filled with these illogical belief systems. If most of you were born in India you’d be Hindu and not be questioning a thing about your different faith. If you were born in Iran you would likely be Muslim, and if you would be born in Norway you’d probably likely be an atheist. Your belief system is a coincidence of your birth, and of systems handed down to you. You people still spend time waiting for a suposed white guy with long flowing locks and white angels to come rescue you and you wonder why black people worldwide have such a complex. You adopted religions of slavery, both islam and christianity and still dont get that the whole complex people have towards vodoo is primarily because it is a spiritual black African religion.

    Instead of spending time with these stupid end of times scenarios, more time should be spent trying to educate people on being more productive in their daily lives and to be decent to each other.

    Not spending time like the majority of you people barking about God and church when you screw and drink and lie like most of your congregations and pastors and priests. You all know it. Read your Bible, Quran, Torah whatsoever if that makes you feel better but dont for one second think that your fear will drive the world to be what you want it to be.

    Religion does not make people morally better. if so Jamaica which has the highest per capita churches on earth wouldnt have among the highest murder rate. And Scandinavian countries wouldnt have lowest crime rates despite not believing in God in the main.

    Jesus aint coming, and when you die you dead. Deal with that. Live properly, leave something of substance behind in the things that you do and stop repeating garbage that used to keep many a slave trembling in their quarters.

    ANyone who spends time analysing a song to find hidden messages about nonexistent beings needs to go to a doctor quick.

    • fire
      April 29, 2011


    • Humanist
      April 29, 2011

      Great post, Tired. It’s good to see there are a few other sensible (and articulate) people on this site. Nonetheless, Dominica is filled with ignoramuses, which is largely because of a poor education system, and until that improves, there’s little hope for any change.

  10. DPM
    April 28, 2011

    What ever lady gaga thinks or sings about doesn’t change the fact about who Jesus is or what the Bible teaches.

    • curious
      April 28, 2011

      I agree with you.It doesnt change anything,but she is misleading people with the nonesense and lies she is singing about and some people actually believe that crap.its a shame that she has already sold her soul to the devil so she will sing anything he tells her to sing in his hope of keeping people from learning the truth.Jesus Christ is the Truth,the Way and Life.

      She needs help.i feel soooo sorry for her.Its the devil plan to deceive people so they wont know Christ.

  11. Take heed
    April 28, 2011

    We are indeed living in the last days. People like lady gaga, kenyan west,little wayne,Puff dady,snoop doggie, rihanna, Jay z and the list goes on……… are all workers of lucifer. These people belongs to the satanic cult groups like the illuminaties, the boheiman groove, the trilateral commission, and free masonry. Some of these satanic groups use popular people like, pop stars, sports stars and anybody that is popular to spread their evil gospel. The stars take the oath of selling their soul in order to be famous . Remember, satan was the top musician. Look at the music today its all about sex and homosexuality. Mostly all of the pop stars and the illuminaties members are gay and all the members of the higher cult groups. Homosexuality is one of satan ways of challenging god. if you take a look at kenyan west video called “power” it is filled with demonic symbols. Some of lady’s gaga videos shown where she is in blood and hanging herself as a sacrificial lam. Kenyan west said in he have sold his soul to the devil. Little wayne said the same. It is an end game now between good and bad. Satan is coming full force with his tricks and deceiving messages in all form of the medum. If you look at the movies of yesterday and today , they all have masonic symbol in them, even down to the cartoon. We are being indoctrinated without being known. Its very important to filter the music you listen to. Did you know that michael jackson was a member of the illuminates, but decided to leave in the end. They cult did not take his leaving so well. He was constantly saying that they were trying to kill him. His sister confess that too. Michael death was stage. Anytime you try to leave , they kill you or say you are mad. David chappell the comedian, they say he was mad but he was not. He refused to joined that cult. Dmx and many more have quit , but they make sure they make their career go on the down fall. If you sell your sold to the devil, you either have to pay with your life or a family member. For example, bill cosby, he lost his young son, michael jordan, father, and it never stop. check out the groups elite , lite the G7 and so forth. They are the ones that control the world economy, the federal rerserved band ….all are part of the same group. Bush , cliton and all the heads of government of the world are part of the cult that control the world. Workers of lucifer. The men and in to high sorcerry.

    • so true
      April 28, 2011

      You could not have said it better. That’s why young people like myself need to guard what we listen to. Take time and do some research on music.I found out bout those thing not so long myself.When we listen to those music we are coming demon on us. Before every CD is sold so much is done with it, the witches calls demons on them first. Elton John said he has never sang a song that is not written in witch language. Believe it or not, when they say Micheal Jackson molested the boy that was not true. They did that to bring down his character first, then they killed him. they usually bring down your character first , to make you look like a nobody, then they kill you.

      • keep on the right track
        April 28, 2011

        keep on the right track. you are so right .

    • so true
      April 28, 2011

      Even the cartoon Dora, we love so much and we allow our little girls to fall in love with it is demonic. We need to be careful with those Dora stuff we buy for our girls and to boys Diego. there is something called subliminal message that they use. Those are played in the background and our conscious mind picks it up.

      Do your search young people, especially the born again believers. Don’t give the devil a doorway.

    • u s a
      April 29, 2011

      i totally agree but there are some who prefer to remain in the dark for whatever reason.they would rather say you’re a conspiracy theorist.

  12. aye aye aye
    April 28, 2011

    I’m not even bothered. This young lady is part of the illuminatist– it’s plain — her songs are all Gothic furthermore, she is well known for bad mouthing Christ- just check out her famous song “Alejandro” where she disses God.

    The Song “Alejandro”…. sung by Lady Gaga

    In a very subtle way, the devil sneaks into our life’s to get his dirty feet in the door to steal and destroy souls…
    We don’t even realise it – and just by singing along with the lyrics of a seemingly ‘innocent’ song with a nice tune,
    we open the door wider for the evil spirit as we sing these words!!

    ‘Alejandro’ means: Mans defender and protector’ (GOD).
    ‘Fernando’ means: Ardent for peace (JESUS).
    ‘Roberto’ means: Bright or shiningly frame (HOLY SPIRIT).
    ‘Babe’ is the same as ‘Child’
    “Don’t call my name, don’t call my name,,,, Alejandro(GOD).
    I’m not your child, i’m not your child,,,, Fernando (JESUS)
    Don’t call my name, don’t call my name,,,, Roberto (HOLY SPIRIT)
    Alejandro. Alejandro(GOD),,,,,,,,,,, Just let me go.”

    -Lady Gaga-
    People, please stop listening to Lady Gaga; real name “Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta”,
    Especially encourage your children and grand children not to listen to this womon’s music!
    She sold her soul to the devil for fame and fortune..

    This is clearly the devil at work…

    • Reader
      April 28, 2011

      There are people named Alejandro, Fernando and Roberto! So now I must choose songs based on the main of the “main character”?! I thought your beef would be with Bord this way … but with Alejandro?! Clearly you have too much time on your hands! Stop being a bible tumping ignoramus. Aye, aye, aye!!

    • uhuh
      April 29, 2011

      hahaha well clearly god, jesus and the holy spirit are all my friends. dude i know like 3 alejandros lmao

  13. dublanc
    April 28, 2011


  14. Fuke-CHillot!!
    April 28, 2011

    Someone wrote this as a comment on the website below! so i’m quoting

    “wow!! haters re-read the lyrics please! GaGa is using her BRAIN and a little literary technique called a METAPHOR: she’s comparing her lover who betrayed her to Judas, the most famous betrayer in history; the song is about how when you’re in love and somebody screws you over it’s still hard to let go, hence, “I’m still in love with Judas” – geez people take everything so literal cause they can’t think for themselves!”

    Copied from

    I’d wanna ask then WHY ON EARTH WOULD SHE THEN SAY THAT SHE WANNA BRING HIM DOWN, BRING HIM DOWN, THE KING WITH NO CROWN if she’s speaking about Judas, was he a king somehow? Because in the bible, they referred to Jesus as a King with no crown! So why GAGA wanna bring him down? hmmmmm and then you tell me these people and their songs aren’t wrong in a spiritual sense? PUHLEASE!
    To all those that love the song ALEJANDRO!, I love the song but the VIDEO is too ridiculous and disrespectful to the catholic religion! That is my OPINION! She’s dressed in an outfit portraying a NUN with an Upside down cross, plus she’s shown swallowing what catholics use to pray when asking Mary (mother of God) to intercede and yes, i said INTERCEDE! LOOK back at that video and tell me I’m wrong on Gaga’s behalf!

    • Hmmmm
      April 28, 2011

      As far as I’m concerned Lady Gaga and her music can go back where they came from. I don’t care what these music execs and critics say praising her originality. That girl is just disgusting, and I refuse to listen to any of her music.

    • malpardee
      April 28, 2011

      Exactly! I heard this song yesterday and i knew it was about a man. Hellooooo people gaga is talking about her man who betrayed her. For yur info, i have referred to someone as being a judas. That does not mean that i was mocking jesus. I just find that she likes alot of attention, and that’s the way she gets it. We all have our likes, dislikes and opinions. I just sit and freak out on lady gaga. She is making her money. Y do i have to sit and worry about her….

        April 28, 2011

        So so true. Lady Gaga is the ultimate attention seeker.

        Personally I think her songs are cr*p. Sad thing is that with all the publicity the song is getting, it means that she will have another hit and another award for best single.

  15. LMAO
    April 28, 2011

    Are these people not satanist, illuminati and freemasons? haven’t they sold their souls to the devil, to baphomet for riches and fame? what then do you expect from them?

    Think i am lying? if you are reading this it means you have access to a pc and the internet. go to youtube and search for “the wicked music industry” or for “artist who sold their souls”. Don’t be frightened what you see. It is called prophesy being fulfilled.

  16. BIG
    April 28, 2011


  17. Dominican Abroad
    April 28, 2011

    Ive never seen a more senseless , foolish song,

    people be careful what you sing, I know many young people go for songs initially because of the beat, but know what you’re singing cause you might just be selling your soul to the devil himself.. Lady Gaga has already clearly identified whose side she’s on

  18. Happiness Ka Fan Cho Mwen!
    April 28, 2011

    ….She need a doctor…..Doctor Tyid…or Dr, Benjamin

    • so true
      April 28, 2011

      Dr Jesus

    • malpardee
      April 28, 2011

      hahah gaga in d us y travel to da :-P enough mental institute in d us…

  19. Happiness Ka Fan Cho Mwen!
    April 28, 2011

    It’s a Euphemism. She’s saying she can bring down religion, and bring down Christianity. A king with no crown means that Jesus doesn’t rule over her. She’s knows Biblically he ought to, but she doesn’t agree with the Bible. Instead, she sees Judas as doing something that should have happened a long time ago…by “killing” Christ, he’s “killed” religion. If religion dies, then Gay people won’t be persecuted anymore. Plus people wouldn’t need to feel bad about having affairs, murder ect. Gaga views Religion as the problem and she views Judas as the answer. Kill the Messiah, and thusly kill the belief system that “holds back” what she sees as human progress. Kill religion and Gay people can get married and people can have abortions and we as humans can establish our own set of right and wrong. …(It’s a complicated song)

    • uhuh
      April 29, 2011

      lolol lady gaga, complicated , “rah rah rah rah rah rah rah oh llala ggaga oh lala”. yea complicated only if you’re a paranoid conspiracy theorist who reads too deep into any bulls**t that gets put out by these crazy ‘artists’.

  20. Interesting...
    April 28, 2011

    This is why we should choose carefully what music we listen to as christians. People like Lady Gaga & Vybez Cartel make statements in alliance with the devil on several occassions. Do we really want to support these “musicians”?

  21. wawww WAWW
    April 28, 2011

    i haven’t even heard the song..doubt i will..however..teach your own kids the bible n church and stop expecting “singers” to do it for you and this won’t be a problem..not everyone believes what you believe in this case better agree to disagree..#theend

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