LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Disgusted with LIAT’s service

Edward E. Doway

Dear Editor,

One of the reasons why tourism in Dominica is at a low is because the Caribbean lacks a proper airline.

People tell me they refuse to visit islands in the Caribbean where LIAT flies and I can certainly understand why. In fact, though LIAT was my first Corporate employer, I am very ashamed and disgusted with the service and I have had some very bad experiences with the Antigua-based airline.

Imagine, I am trying to travel to St. Kitts from Dominica for a meeting and not only is it impossible to find a flight that would take me there in one stop, the flights are so expensive and the service, especially from LIAT is so poor.

How is tourism in the Caribbean ever going to improve when the Caribbean Airline is only focused on servicing Antigua and if one is going to St. St.Kitts in the North, you have to travel to Barbados. What is the logic? Not even God in heaven understands.

I resided in the Bahamas for years and it is so easy and so much cheaper to travel within the Bahamian Islands and also to North America. There are so many options.

I believe the Caribbean Governments should consider taking LIAT off the routes that LIAT says is unprofitable like Dominica and Nevis and allow for a new Airline which would be registered in Anguilla or Trinidad and Tobago, so that they don’t have to deal with Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority in Antigua.

It is about time we allow the smaller Caribbean islands in the North to have access to proper, punctual air service. Once I thought that the passengers were the reasons for the flight delays, but now I am convinced that it is the Operations Center in Antigua and the pilots.

Well, let’s open the doors. There is a very large airspace in the Caribbean and Trinidad that can give us all the air safety coverage that we need. Thanks to Seaborne and Winair, maybe we can expand their routes within the region and forget Caricom treaties, but provide a service to our locals and visitors.

Our problem right now is not the lack of an International Airport in Dominica. We lack the comfort of knowing that we can move from point A to point B in the lesser Caribbean and get where we are going on time at a reasonable airfare. ECCA keeps stonewalling investors who want to start a new airline because they want to protect LIAT.

Barbados wants to get all the tourist visiting the Caribbean, so they make LIAT divert all its flights via Barbados. Maybe out people need to impress on our leaders to wake up and take action.

The lack of airlift is the lack of visitors to fill our hotel rooms allowing us to see a Return on Our Investment.

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  1. Sam ford
    December 16, 2016

    This airline they call liat is the most digusting airline that ever sailed the skies. They are a disgrace to aviation.Most of the staff have no manners, the administration of this company have no idea as to what humsn relations is about nor anykind of sense. as to CUSTOMER SERVICE. may be if they new how to serve people they would be better off. God will help them see the LIGHT .Customer service is just not in their line of Business

  2. Steve, see if you can cipher this one out, we are using Antigua condition of Independence as an example, the arrangement with Antigua is totally different from Dominica in that they have a governor-general representing the queen who is actually head of State, in regards to Antigua.

    Charles Savarin is Dominica head of state, and that’s the difference, which cause us not to be a member of the British Commonwealth of nations, all our former links to Britain has been severed.

    “Antigua and Barbuda is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary form of government. The British monarch is nominal head of state, represented by a governor-general. The constitution allows for a two-chamber legislature, consisting of a Senate and a House of Representatives. Executive power is vested in a Council of Ministers headed by the prime minister, who is the head of government.”

    “a constitutional monarchy .” that makes a vast difference in our system of government.

  3. Troll Antigua
    December 16, 2016

    Them people just chat with no sense. Build an international Airport and you’ll have options. The Parrotts nah fly go no where. LIAT will get and ease. LIAT have too much problem with Dominica , bad weather, planes can’t land, remove weights to maintain balance when landing and take off at DOM. hEAVY RAINFALL AND WINDS EXCEEDING 23 KNOTS COME ON. you need an International runway.
    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to explain that to some Parrots.

    And as for the culprit Doway, we need to be Compensated and Reimbursed for the monies . Fork it up.

  4. “Francisco, there are quite a few small ones, including Air Antilles, Winair, Hummingbird, Air Sunshine, Cape Air, Tradewind, etc., and what I’m describing only takes one.”(Steve).

    Okay Steve, let me agree that there are more regional Airline than I knew existed. the few which I recognized are limited to the same size of aircraft as LIAT has. It is not a lack of airlines, and getting more commuter aircrafts to fly to Dominica.

    The problem, and obstacle of Dominica, is that we do not have an International Airport. Take it from me; if there was an International Airport in Dominica, there would be no need for LIAT. You talk about Hummingbird, they say it is owned by Sam Raphael Dominica, but where is Hummingbird now based?

    I hear in St. Croix, isn’t that strange Steve? I have an emergency at the moment, later when I get back I will expand on this.

    • Okay, let me tell you this; in every business, one have to find a way to improve the business in a way that will produce revenue, and be profitable the idea is not to operate at a lost, you cannot afford to operate in the red, and continue in business.

      A few years ago Gerald “Jerry” Watts born in Dominica, I believe but certainly to a Dominica mother from Portsmouth, who was a minister in the George Walters government in Antigua. That was in the 1970’s saw the need to develop LIAT to a point where LIAT could operate Internationally. Hence, he went to Dominica, and consulted with Dominica Government, and inform our government of the day of the changes which about to take place, and that or Government should build an International Airport to accommodate LIAT passenger 747 Jet propulsion aircrafts.

      LIAT two 747 aircrafts, and began flight to Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados, and Guyana, and they had a few flights into Miami Florida. Dominica could have definite from the…

      • Edison got money from the People’s Republic of China, and Taiwan, in the form of grants, and loan, of which the interest rate on the loans were fixed at 4% Rosie Douglas, and even little-boy Skerrit ran his mouth off saying they have no need for international airport in Dominica. Ian pop eye said they could get “jetport” built for a fraction Edison James is spending to build one.

        The fact of the matter is this: The Airport James and the UWP had in its first phase construction cost less than four hundred million, dollars of the secured 80% of the money from the Government of Trinidad & Tobago tobuild it, what did Mr. illustrious Athie Martin and his coalition party do. They shut it down, chasseing the Trinidad contractors, and engineers out of Dominica.

        More to come!

      • “LIAT two 747 aircrafts, and began flight to Jamaica,”

        Let that read LIAT bought two 747’s aircrafts.

    • Continue:

      LIAT two 747 aircrafts, and began flight to Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados, and Guyana, and they had a few flights into Miami Florida. Dominica could have definite from the improvements, Dominica government refused to take the advise of Jerry, stating it is too expensive to build International Airport in Dominica.

      To crown it all both ignorant Dominicans along with Dominica government officials said “we doh want it, because Antigua, and Barbados have one already.”


      Can you imagine the stupidity in our people? The UWP came along led by Edison James, and by the way I would not sleep well if I did not identify him as me cousin too. He decided to build a International Airport, he got money, from the People’s Republic of China, and Taiwan, in the form of grants, and loan, of which the interest rate on the loans were fixed at 4% Rosie Douglas, and even little-boy Skerrit ran his mouth off saying they have no need for international…

    • December 15, 2016

      Look, I wish we had nonstop flights to New York and London too, but it would cost a billion E.C. dollars to build an international airport, which means that even if we live as long as Ma Pampo we will never, ever see it. I wish that weren’t so, but it is, and the focus needs to be on what is actually possible, such as more smartly scheduled connecting flights that eliminate the need for overnight stays in the region.

      • Steve, it is sentiments such as yours which has caused Dominica not to have an International Airport you see.

        What is the difference in you complaining it will cost a billion dollars to build one, is it not the same as saying “we doh want it?”

        When Edison James was building one for less than four hundred million dollars the Labor Party including Skerrit said it was too expensive, and they could build one for a fraction of what James was spending.

        So how come you are complaining it will cost a billion dollars to build. Don’t you know the longer Skerrit procrastinate, it is the more expensive it will become to build. St. Vincent International is the last I know to be build, one have to spend money in order to make money. St. Vincent International will not pay for it self in ten years, but eventually it will pay for itself!

        I am surprised you feel that way, in that case you are suggesting that an International Airport must never be built in Dominica. Steve I do not care…

      • I am surprised you feel that way, in that case you are suggesting that an International Airport must never be built in Dominica. Steve I do not care what connecting flight you talk about it will not help.

        The Chines told Skerrit, the only way Dominica will begin to make some progress is when we build an International Airport. There is absolutely no alternative. you can station thousand the size of LIAT on all of the islands with International Airport waiting to Dominica, that will not help one bit!

    December 15, 2016

    Tourism is a flop in Dominica because there are no improvements to Air Access to the Island. LIAT in it’s capacity is trying it’s best regardless of our weather namely High Winds at Douglas Charles, weight to and from the island have to be removed to maintain the weight and balance of the Aircraft during take off and landings.
    Mr. Doway should know that if he claims to have worked at LIAT. No Airline knows the ins and outs of Dominica like LIAT.
    A solution to the problem is to build an international airport where the people would have choices of travel and more tourists. I find that as a past worker of LIAT he lacks the knowledge of Airline business, safety and security and airlines suffer ridicule for following these rules. If LIAT was not following these rules then the FAA would’ve ceased operations. Mr. Doway shame on you.

    • Tjebe fort
      December 15, 2016

      Hebrew it appear that when they wanted to circumsize you they gave you a lobotomy instead.. If you are not qualified to talk about a subject is best you keep quiet unless you want to appear to be a fool. Ask father Christmas to bring you a pair of wings so you can start practice flying or to change you into one of his reindeer. you will get free food and travel.

  6. Antiguanos
    December 15, 2016

    Wait this guy is in Dominica? We know you as Joseph Doway. What has become of our Monies from the Aero Club Flight School? What advise you have for LIAT Airlines if you have failed in Managing a simple flight school with a single engine Aircraft. We still need reimbursements for training, some of us are still paying our loans and you ran to Dominica.
    LIAT our Airline has it’s problems and it is transparent in all it’s transactions but you have not been nor could you get your dream flights to Barbuda sorted out. Come on, anyone from Antigua who reads your article will laugh

  7. Titiwi, read the following, perhaps you will discover you know less about Liechtenstein than you think you know. It is a sovereign nation, a sovereign State to 1806, that country has been a sovereign nation for two (210) hundred ten years, where are you from?

    The Principality of Liechtenstein was established within the Holy Roman Empire in 1719; it became a sovereign state in 1806.

    Until the end of World War I, it was closely tied to Austria, but the economic devastation caused by that conflict forced Liechtenstein to conclude a customs and monetary union with Switzerland.
    Note: all the islands of the Caribbean except Barbados, Guyana, Trinidad, have the same arrangement with East Caribbean Currency.

    Since World War II (in which Liechtenstein remained neutral) the country’s low taxes have spurred outstanding economic growth. However, shortcomings in banking regulatory oversight have resulted in concerns about the use of the financial institutions for money laundering.

  8. “Mr. Foerster, as it is we are not truly independent, But neither are Monaco, Lichtenstein, San Marino although they have sovereign status. Even the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man have their own internal self rule under the British.”(Titiwi).

    Madam/Mr Titiwi, I wonder on which one of the planets in the Milky-way, or beyond the Milky-way, or beyond the second heaven you were born? You see just because something flash into our minds, which seems to make sense to us, can become an embarrassment to ourselves and the country of our birth. With that said read I suggest you read your words in the quote, and then see if you understand the meaning of the word Sovereign Nation, or nation Sovereignty!

    So, let the definition of the word Sovereign as in “Freedom from external influence ” Do you understand the word autonomy, or free from being controlled by another sovereign power? Autonomy means the quality, or state of being self-governing, directing freedom especially moral…

    • Continue:

      Autonomy means the quality, or state of being self-governing, directing freedom especially moral independence.

      Everything you said in the quote above is absolutely nonsense! In the first place there is a reigning King in Monaco, who answers to any outside power. I will not argue except to say you do not have the faintest idea of what you are talking about. In your comment you made the claim that Dominica, is not independent; that is a very stupid thing to say.

      Dominica is a sovereign country, with a Prime Minister, and a President, our nation is a republic. The same as the United States of America, we are politically independent, and you cannot change that; now if you say we are politically independent, however not economically independent, that I could buy, be sure of what you are talking about before you talk nonsense!

      Antigua, and the rest of the Windward and Leeward islands are all independent, though they have a Governor Representing the queen of England;…

    • Finally:

      Antigua, and the rest of the Windward and Leeward islands are all independent, though they have a Governor Representing the queen of England; and the reason for that is because they chose to remain within the British Commonwealth of Nations, whereas Patrick John chose that Dominica became a Republic; hence the actual name of Dominica is “The Commonwealth Republic of Dominica!”

      • December 15, 2016

        The actual name is “Commonwealth of Dominica”, and yes, despite being a republic we are just as much a member of the Commonwealth of Nations as any other formerly British country that has replaced the Queen with a president as its head of state.

      • No Steve, Dominica is not a member of the British Commonwealth! The fact is we are a republic the same as the United States of America. America, fought for and gain it Independence from England more than two hundred years ago, and is not a Member of the British Commonwealth, the same as India.

        That is why Charles Savarin is President of Dominica, he does not report the British Monarchic, nor the British government, unlike the islands of Barbados, and the rest of the Windward islands, and Antigua, and St. Kitts, all of which has governors appointed by the queen of England, and paid by the British the queen.

        I do not know if you know this. There was a guy from Guyana Rose who was governor of Antigua, one time he went to England to consult with his queen, while walking under a building scaffold it fell on him and killed him.

        I am telling you Dominica is not part of the British Commonwealth of Nations, as far as I am concerned Dominica is not a nation aligned with any country!

      • December 16, 2016
  9. Danziger
    December 14, 2016

    LIAT is pain in de A I travelled to Barbados with LIAT my suitcase went on a previous flight. Half an hour before the flight they announce because of high winds the flight is cancelled. We paid guest house to sleep in Marigot 80 EC per person LIAT refused to refund us and blamed the wind. The next morining they put us on the first flight and here comes trouble, In order to collect my suitcase I stayed one hour the lady was out. Humm never say never.

  10. Antigua News
    December 14, 2016

    Accountant charged with forgery
    May 22, 2012 Observer Media Facebook Posts, The Big Stories 1 Comment
    ST JOHN’S, Antigua – Joseph Doway, an accountant, is facing 48 charges of forgery and uttering related to his duties to deduct statutory remittances from a construction company’s employees’ salaries.

    Allegations are that that the monies were deducted but were not paid into the Medical Benefits Scheme (MBS), Board of Education (BOE), Social Security Scheme (SSS) and the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) as is required.

    The total combined amount is $53,751.88 over the period from December 2010 to April 2011.

    Doway appeared in St John’s Magistrates’ Court before Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh yesterday when his attorney made application for him to be granted bail.

    Attorney Maureen Payne Hyman told the court that Doway, who is a Dominican national, is not a flight risk since he is married to an Antiguan police officer and has lived here for several years.

    The court wanted…

    • Me
      December 15, 2016

      Is that also the cause of LIAT’s abysmal service record? Has it got anything to do at all with LIAT?

  11. Academic
    December 14, 2016

    For the attention of the general public and all academia:

    I will soon be publishing my thesis on this exciting topic/subject: How not to progress–A Dominica perspective.

  12. Concerned
    December 14, 2016

    What is Dominica source of income? Farming,tourism or natural resources? How is the country sustaining itself or its citizens? Questions I must ask .

  13. Antigua National
    December 14, 2016

    Joseph Doway, is this the same Joseph Doway writing about LIAT? He has failed miserably in managing a flight school in Antigua and is blaming LIAT? What you need to do sir is to return to Antigua to respond for your sins.
    Try to seek ways in which Dominican can improve Air Access because that Little Airport nah cut it. You need an International Airport here, it’s only a matter of time Antigua starts to flood this article. We are disgusted by it.
    How many years Independence and No improvement in Air Access? Stop complaining an do because the day LIAT leave Dominica Dawg better than all you.

    • Me
      December 14, 2016

      What has the alleged failure of mr. Doway’s flight school got to do with the continuous failure of LIAT, which only survives through artificial aspiration by it’s government shareholders?

      • Antigua National
        December 14, 2016

        We want back compensation for monies ……….. who went to his flight school. Now we know where he is. The Law will find him. Mr. Doway could not manage the Flight School and has breached ECCAA regulations. He cannot tell LIAT how to run their business, he’s not fit to do so. It’s gonna be Antigua against Dominica situation here.

      • Antigua National
        December 15, 2016

        Yes because with all the training he said he got and the fake Airline experience he say he has he was never able to get a 1 cessna 3 seat airline company off the ground and he ran away with our monies. LIAT has made it thus far regardless of selfish criticisms from ungrateful people who have made it safe to their destinations. LIAT holds the safest record in history, others have failed at this and yall still travel on them. I agree with LIAT that if there is danger CANCEL AND DELAY THE FLIGHTS because the ones who fly the Aircrafts have families too who desire to see them at home safe and sound. If Dominicans want a reliable service of competition for LIAT , then they build an International Airport.

    • Caricom Traveller
      December 14, 2016

      You are dam right! Doway need to express his frustration to Roosevelt Skerrit, the man who thinks Dominica is his grand mother’s property. Dominica is the MOST BACKWARD of all the Caribbean, well after Haiti.

    • really and trully
      December 15, 2016

      he is very out of order to bashing another country for his dam failure and comparing other countries with us Caribbean that have so many better income and ways to make there airline run with a decent manner .. why did he not say let us small Caribbean .. countries work together to develop to bring in tourist all over.. we are one ppl from the time we start distancing our selves from each other shows how selfish we are..there is why we Caribbean country aint progressing because every body wants to blame everyone and dont want to settle the matter and come together… lord help us.. this man really dam bright look ya man na come dam blame ma country for nun low antigua come talk bout antigua this antigua that go blame ya self for your lack of progress
      :twisted: :twisted:

    • Tjebe fort
      December 15, 2016

      Sir, if you have a beef with that gentleman take him to court. He could be murderer for all I know but LIAT would still be crummy and substandard and lambasting him does not change that one iota. Stick to the subject and don’t shoot the messenger.

  14. playboy
    December 14, 2016

    Simplistic, uninformed, and pandering to the emotions of the masses

  15. December 14, 2016

    LIAT can serve as a basis for doctoral thesis. A don’t care attitude, poor service always late and behave they are doing you a favor.i can go on and on with the violations I have seen as a child to present. The many complaints that I have filed. The letters I have written is countless. I have stopped traveling with them. If I cannot get a seat on another carrier I will not fly. Corporation unstressed when money is not coming in and Reifer-Jones et al are out of jobs.

    • Me
      December 14, 2016

      It would make an excellent thesis with then title “How not to run a business”.

  16. travel
    December 14, 2016

    This is so true, LIAT don’t care too much about Dominicans anyway. Dominica is not recognize in the Caribbean island far less larger countries. So hard to get a flight to go to Dominica and when you do, prepare to stay in another country overnight. Travelling is so hard on me, my vacations has so many questions and I am tired of explaining myself to even co island folks. “Is it the island you have to change many planes.’ they asked. we need some reliable plane for Dominica.

  17. Antigua Source
    December 13, 2016

    Mr. E Doway should know how Airline business works because he tried to start a Flight School in Antigua and it didn’t last a year. Don’t try to play innocent that you have the solution for LIAT. When you digging hole for LIAT dig a bigger one for you too at least LIAT is transparent in all it’s business. You should stop it, No one wants to go Dominica because it’s too risky to operate there. Delays are always going to happen because the Damn Airport is in the wrong place and when Dominica weather messes up then you guys are F….d. Don’t blame LIAT, Blame you Government for not having a proper structure.
    We are waiting Dominica, Edwards has alot to answer for in Antigua. Don’t let us start.

    • Realistic One
      December 14, 2016

      @ Antigua Source… Your comments are completely asinine! As one reader so aptly put it, what does the failure of Mr. Daway’s flight school business have to do with the substandard and shoddy service of LIAT? It is attitudes like yours which stand in the way of improvement in LIAT’s service to Dominica. There is no leadership in that organization – the acting CEO doesn’t give a damn and that filters all the way down to the porters. There is no point in complaining because those go unacknowledged much less answered. It is so bad in Dominica, that LIAT personnel are openly taking bribes to let passengers go through with luggage. Other passengers are gouged with arbitrary overweight fees! Still others are verbally attacked by overzealous employees whose over inflated egos are sustained by a manager who does not care because I understand he is on his way out to his bigger things! The Dominica operation requires a complete overhaul – until then, Seaborne and Winair – here I…

    • River Street
      December 14, 2016

      So now LIAT’s fallacy and inefficiency is a gateway to attacking Mr. Doway and Dominica? REALLY? Dominica is not the only island experiencing the wrath of Leave Island Anytime Time and it is a known fact; so stop your attacks. LIAT is a disservice to most of the islands and needs competition and no more of our tax dollars.

    • December 15, 2016

      @Antigua source, St. Lucia, Barbados, Grenada, St. Vincent, and St. Kitts also express concerns about the LIAT service. Are these islands airports also in the wrong place ? It seems that the only island not having problems with LIAT is Antigua.

      • Antigua Source
        December 16, 2016

        LIAT is the largest investment in the region and if it stop then the dollar goes down. It’s our Airline but Dominica needs to fix it air access.

    • really and trully
      December 15, 2016

      look you so right this comment got me heated…. me nar lie i dont know who is trying to blame maybe the ppl start question him so he start feel the presure and war blame ppl

  18. LoveDA
    December 13, 2016

    I am overjoyed to read this editorial because our family likewise share Mr. Dorways frustration and complete dissatisfaction with the service, or lack there of, provided by LIAT. During the summer my husband traveled on business to Trinidad from California, then from Barbados to Dominica. The leg of the trip from Barbados to Dominica took upwards of 10 hours! So it took as much, or more time to travel from California to TT, as it took to travel from Barbados to Dominica. When we expressed our utter disgust about this experience to others on the island they are not surprised. This is truly shameful! The carribbean people and visitors to the area deserve better. One gets the feeling that there is no accountability; the LIAT representatives just don’t care. It is my sincere hope that the powers that be takes this issue seriously and gets it addressed.

  19. Locs Girl
    December 13, 2016

    That record just stick!

  20. OldMercs
    December 13, 2016

    Thursday 8th Dec evening Flight Barbados to Dominica Three hours plus late. Total Confusion at Liat Barbados gate 9. My luggage left out in 3 x Thunder Storms and soaking wet. No Information as to what was happening. Once there is Competition Liat will Disappear and be a bad memory. I have been in the Caribbean 10 years, the first problem I experienced was Liat’s nonexistent customer service and one of my last. Roll on Competition

  21. The Thinker
    December 13, 2016

    Sing hit the nail on the head.Demand shapes how air lines locate and routes it’s planes.Liat may not be to the satisfaction of all the islands but what other carrier would locate to serve them.?

  22. ArAb
    December 13, 2016

    People try to Avoid LIAT the best that they can. I went to a meeting in St. Marteen and the Trinidadians flew to Miami then back down cause it was cheaper and would arrive earlier. Now Imagine that.

    • Me
      December 14, 2016

      Why an I not surprised? Flying this way they could sit on a more comfortable jet and much quicker than on a LIAT propeller plane. Bet they could get a cup of coffee and a snack too!

  23. Anthony P. Ismael
    December 13, 2016

    In life you control what you can control. Dominica lacks an airport capable of accommodating long range non-stop air travel in and out of the island. So long as we continue to rely on someone else to make decisions in our best interest, we will be at the bottom of the barrel.
    Inter Island travel is still major issue especially for Dominica. Our leaders lack any foresight into present issues and concerns, far less for future ones.

    Our roads fail all the time due to inclement whether and we employ the same engineering failures of the past, to address issues of the present and future. This is a recipe for continued failure in all arenas.
    I traveled that route when I lived and worked in St. Kitts. I see that nothing has changed since.

  24. December 13, 2016

    All I can say is L.I.A.T socks, all the Caribbean government heads of states complain about but ,yet they do nothing to fix it, so I say shout up, or doing something about it, me I myself , and I don’t fly liat anymore if it’s not seaborne I will stay home .

    • Me
      December 14, 2016

      Question: Does Roosevelt Skerrit use LIAT’s scheduled services for his frequent travels? He should at least set an example and use the ailrine in which his government holds shares.

    • Me
      December 15, 2016

      i know that LIAt sucks but do they also wear socks now? Perhaps they got cold feet?

  25. Edward, for as long as you live, and Dominicans continues to dwell in the thirteenth century happy with their backward life; LIAT will remain an obstacle in the life’s of all Dominicans.

    As long as there is a Labor Party Government run by people like the bunch led by Roosevelt Skerrit what you now have “Douglas-Charles Melville Hall Airport,” that is the very best, all of you will ever get! It is ironic for you to suggest that the governments take LIAT of the rout!

    Let us assume they shout LIAT down, what airline do you have in mind to fill the gap flying into and out of Dominica? With all your talk like all the rest; not once you mentioned the name International Airport! Don’t you see you are nothing more than a waste of time talker.

    Your thoughts are simply sweet sounding music to your ear; nevertheless, by the time you and others stop talking, you are ready to vote for Skerrit who is the actual obstacle in the way of development of the country. LIAT is not…

    • LIAT is not Dominica’s problem, the backward minded politicians, and people like you who are contented with Douglas-Charles airport and Roosevelt Skerrit, is the real problem! The rest of the Caribbean gets their fair share of the tourists. So, do not compare Dominica to any other island.

      Unless an International Airport is built in Dominica, you will not even get a real remnant of the traveling tourist; a few Ships call, but that is a joke in comparisons to what the other islands get. Foreigners’ only go to Dominica when it is a must, otherwise Dominica is not on the tourist agenda!

      I have flown internationally, and yet to see any International Route remotely appear in red heading to Dominica. That will only happen when and if there is an International Airport in Dominica. Ask Ralph Gonzalez of St. Vincent why he did not advise Skerrit to leave office rather than advising not to build Dominica International Airport.

      • Antigua National
        December 14, 2016

        Francisco has more common sense than the average Dominican. The problem is there, solve it yet still Dominicans are listening to man who could not control his own business and is wanted in Antigua.

  26. Massacre
    December 13, 2016

    This is a good way to sell the idea to someone with the capabilities to understand and absorbed these way of thinking. But how many in our Gov’t can even decipher such great words?
    These guys have been doing some thing one way so change to them is like climbing a mountain on crouches.
    Change is always good Mr. Politicians .

  27. anonymous2
    December 13, 2016

    The time and expense of trying to get to DA is a major deterrent for tourists and residents alike. The location of the major airport is also a problem as most of the activity is on the Roseau side of the island. And LIAT has been a problem for a long time. Even solving one of the problems would be a help, however, nothing seems to be forthcoming when you have a PM that takes private flights.

  28. December 13, 2016

    If LIAT was only doing the routes that Seaborne and Winair were doing the Caribbean would not have an effective island hopping airline. Remember that many airlines have tried but most have failed. So rambling about how bad liat is a tired subject. If it was as easy as u make it sound, the problems that are plaguing inter island would be solved a long time ago.

  29. megso
    December 13, 2016

    So, You are disgusted with LIAT’s service.
    Please get in line behind the numerous other Dominicans that have previously aired their grievances on that topic in this medium in the past.

    Also get in line to observe the lack of action from those that can take any.

  30. Truth Be Told
    December 13, 2016

    Well analysed and well prescribed!

  31. Sing
    December 13, 2016

    Tourism will always be a major factor in transportation in the region. Destinations that do well have the facilities to support their business. The facilities are adequate until someone can’t get to some destination that is not heavily traveled. There are problems everytime there is a big event and problems when activity is low. Liat’s role is not to bring in tourists from outside the region. Its business is to circulate what is within. We need one approach to bringing tourists from all over the world into the region and another for circulating people between the islands. The more we invest in bringing international tourists into the region, the better the chances for Liat and others to survive and serve Caribbean nationals. Let’s be honest. How many people want to travel from Dominica to St. Kitts daily? Skype may be your need at the moment.

    • Kid on the block
      December 13, 2016

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that part of the issue? Tourists can get into the region pretty easily as it is via Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad for example. The issue is their journey to our smaller islands involves many stops, is unreliable, expensive etc etc. I think it would be more profitable for LIAT (or as Mr. Doway suggested an alternative airline) as well as for us, if LIAT could extend their reach. More people, more demand, less stops to try and fill up planes, easier access, more profits, ergo cheaper fairs. Caribbean Airlines(CAL) is doing that with destinations in the US, Canada and South America and they seem to be doing pretty ok. I for one enjoy their service much more. LIAT need a revamp. If anything, CAL should buy out LIAT.

  32. madam la
    December 13, 2016

    great piece – but will they listen? will they facilitate the infrastructure that will make it happen? Are there too many red tapes discouraging this type of needed investments? just asking

  33. Malgraysa
    December 13, 2016

    You are so right mr. Doway. Not only is it inconveniencing residents of islands like Dominica but a deterrent to attracting meaningful investors to our shores. We can not continue to live of the proceeds of passports sales for ever as that is simply unsustainable in the long run and vulnerable to other, larger countries imposing visa restrictions on our passport holders at any time with little or no warning. We must start thinking about our own people first and stop playing second fiddle to the likes of Antigua. We do not need a separate Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority, which serves as cartel to protect other islands’ interests and restricts development of our region as a whole. What are the real, tangible benefits we derive from being members of the OECS or even Caricom? Maybe we should consider an alliance with our French neighbours instead?

    • December 13, 2016

      It’s in our immediate and direct interest to work with one or more regional airlines to offer short flights that are scheduled to connect with long-haul flights into PTP, FDF, and SXM without requiring an overnight stay. Any regional institution that is getting in the way of that, whether LIAT, the ECCAA, or whomever, should be dismissed from consideration.

      That said, a wholesale realignment from Caricom to the French islands would be a very far reaching policy change. Would that even interest the French in the slightest? If so, what would they would expect? There’s no point in regaining sovereignty from one arrangement only to surrender it again for another arrangement.

      • Titiwi
        December 14, 2016

        Mr. Foerster, as it is we are not truly independent, But neither are Monaco, Lichtenstein, San Marino although they have sovereign status. Even the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man have their own internal self rule under the British crown, including the ability to determine their own fiscal policy. It would not be impossible for us to to organise ourselves in a similar fashion and become a free port- & financial offshore basis, respected and recognised by the regular international community. I would have thought that this may be of particular interest to French citizens with our proximity to their “Departements Antillais”.

      • Steve, how many regional airlines do you know operating in the region?

        There are International Airports on all of the islands except Montserat , and Tortolla, and Nevis, and even at that St. Kitts International Airport serves Nevis.

        Besides the are thinking of building a bridge to link St. Kitts, and Nevis. So, all you have is Humming Bird, which Skerrit might be half owner.

        Try to be realistic man, and say it as it is without an International Airport built in Dominica air transportation into and out of the country will be a problem, as it has been for the past sixty years, and counting, I was alive when Kelsick of Montserrat flew the first Piper which landed at Melville Hall, that private lone aircraft which flew between Antigua, and Montserrat, later become LIAT Leeward Islands Air Transport!

        The first events took place in 1958, I was yet a little lad.

      • December 14, 2016

        Francisco, there are quite a few small ones, including Air Antilles, Winair, Hummingbird, Air Sunshine, Cape Air, Tradewind, etc., and what I’m describing only takes one. Conversely, an international airport would cost a billion dollars, literally. It will never happen. Never! It’s time to stop dreaming about it and make the best transportation plans we can that can actually happen.

        Titiwi, I’m all for that, but it takes a lot of commitment, including a willingness to stand up to the tax cartel of the OECD. Remember how much people cried about us being on their “blacklist” last time?

    • Tjebe fort
      December 14, 2016

      We have that same makakkery with our flour and animal feed that we must buy from fellow OECS countries, not even all of,Caricom and that crap sugar we bringing in from Guyana. Government does not get any duty payment on that but is our brothers in St. Vincent, Grenada that are benefiting. Our bakers have trouble finding decent flour but have no choice. Even coca cola so expensive here because we must buy from St. Lucia to get it duty free. Not even Barbados you can buy it from without paying at least 100%. Who is benefiting from that? Nobody, except from the monopolies in the other OECS islands and importers here. The government should free that up and open the market to free competition. They would not lose anything but would get a lot of goodwill from the voting public. Wake up, time we look after ourselves first and not other islands. What do we sell to St. Vincent, Grenada or Guyana after all. Boy, we are screwed by our own politicians.

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