PHOTO OF THE DAY: Fiery sunset at Giraudel

Photo by Phillip Curtis Shillingford

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  1. From Canada
    May 28, 2011

    This picture is beautiful. I’m sure it appeals to all of us – Christians, Muslims, Rastafarians, Budhists and non-believers. You may refer to God, Allah, Jah, or no central god figure at all (as in Budhism) but this only serves to separate us – as so many of our world’s wars have shown us (since the beginning of time). There is a reason why some democracies decide to separate church from state. It allows all of us to TRULY be one. I encourage all to continue with their personal beliefs, and then just simply appreciate this beautiful picture. The rest is just static – caused by your beliefs.

  2. Lover of nature.
    May 1, 2011

    What a beauty, thats the most beautyful photo DNO has ever released to the public. Thats the work of Almighty God.Yet some doubt His existence.

  3. dj 1/2inch
    April 15, 2011


  4. Truth, Justice, Love, Peace and Unity
    April 15, 2011

    This is indeed a beautiful picture. It looks like the sky is on fire. Let us appreciate the beauty of those pictures and that we have eyes to see them, thanks be to God.

  5. hmm
    April 14, 2011

    must say this is very pretty!

  6. Lizavier4Jesus
    April 13, 2011

    I am from Giraudel, and is proud to see the name of my village mentioned here. But one or two of us have missed the point here. This is not about Giraudel!

    This awesome photograph, here, declares the glory of God Almighty. As David writes in the Psalms: The Heavens declare the Glory of God and the sky shows His has handiwork Psalm 19: 1

    In other word this photograph should provoke our minds to dwell on the authority of our God, who created us human beings, that He might demonstrate His Love through our attitude and conducts. Let us first acknowledge this and give thanks and praise to God, for He is indeed a great God, of Love and Truth.

    I know Curtis from since he was a little boy, and I am proud that he is from Giraudel, just like me. I am happy for him that he is able to see the wonders of God, enough to desire to capture it on camera, that he might show it to the rest of us. But God alone deserves the honor and merits here–again not the village of Giraudel.

    Thanks to you Curtis. And you will have a blessing, your reward, because you obeyed the spiritual instinct that caused you to capture this awesome scenery through camera. Good for you, my man, my villager!

    • mon Dieu
      April 14, 2011

      Are you a preacher?, Every post that you send has to do with God. I love God too but it seems like you just got to know him and you’ve gone crazy.

      • D/CA
        April 15, 2011

        So because in every post she refers to the LORD she’s gone crazy…GOD created everything…so everything we see…do ….reflects our Father’s presence in our lives so your statement is wrong in all ways.

  7. Homeboy
    April 13, 2011

    Simply Breathtaking. Took me back to the days when I worked on Giraudel.

  8. no name no warrant
    April 13, 2011

    what a picture, – i can only imaging hell fyry.

  9. The UK Contingent
    April 13, 2011

    This is the day that the Lord has made.
    Let us rejoice and be glad.


  10. dream
    April 13, 2011

    absolutely adore this pic..teaches one to appreciate God an nature.

  11. shatta
    April 13, 2011

    Very beautiful makes me want to propose to my girlfriend that is not from granbay

    • yessa
      April 13, 2011

      eh beh you like grandbay papa

  12. Piper
    April 13, 2011

    That is the sort of standard DNO should set for photo of the day, not those that appear to have been shot by a blind man.

    Admin: Photo of the day is NOT a competition for professional photographers but a feature for ordinary people grabbing a camera and taking ordinary shots. Furthermore sometimes the most interesting shots are by those “that appear to be shot by a blind man.”

    • Piper
      April 13, 2011

      Admin, while I agree with your comments about interesting shots by blind men, I have yet to see one here. Some of them are truly blind and their shot are not interesting.

      • yessa
        April 13, 2011

        @ piper
        Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. i agree with admin, most of the pics, though taken by amateurs are quite exquisite.

      • Truth, Justice, Love, Peace and Unity
        April 14, 2011

        @ Piper

        Interesting for whom? For you alone? Why are you criticizing the beautiful pictures of your (our) country which are posted on this Website and have the nerve to dictate to DNO. If I owned this Website, some of your comments would not be posted. I can assure you of that.
        For goodness sake, just enjoy what you see and appreciate their beauty, God’s creation. They are meant for our enjoyment and to marvel at the wonders of God.
        Thank God you have eyes to see! Some of you really miss the point and never see the beauty of those pictures. Be appreciative.

    • Truth, Justice, Love, Peace and Unity
      April 13, 2011

      Oh my! The statements that some of you make on this Website are shocking. This person is speaking about a blind man taking a picture. Are you a Christian and a practicing one at that?
      What an offense primarily to God! God is not amused! You lack love, humility and gratitude primarily to God for your faculties.
      Blind people are more talented that many of us who have all our faculties. God gave them a special gift, no doubt to make up for their impediment. In their mind they can visualize what we cannot visualize.
      Someone sent me an email about a blind woman who quilts and is an extremely happy person. It is unbelievable to us, for a blind person, how she could make those beautiful quilts. Looking at it, I thought, I could never do that. Of course, if I made up my mind to quilt I could do so. This lady has a great gift. I believe it may have been on YouTube.
      There are blind musicians. There is a US man who is a Catholic Christian who plays music with his toes. He has no hands and his toes are deformed. I have attended a Church concert where he played. What a marvel! He makes good money playing music. And the list goes on about those people who have lost a visible faculty. They do not feel sorry for themselves. They make good use of what God has given them and developed a talent.
      Be careful what you say. None of us know what will happen to us and our faculties in the future. In the wink of an eye we could lose it all, be it one. This is something else I learned from youth. Yet, my parents did not put me to sit down and inform me about how to greet, talk to and treat people of every color, race, nationality, creed and status.
      Their attitude towards the poor and handicapped, their words and examples were sufficient for me to know and practice, that we do not make derogatory statements, tease, laugh at, make jokes, even stare at those who are handicapped.
      On the contrary, if we know them or not, meet them or pass them by we should greet them and say within ourselves, “There but for the grace of God go I.” Thank you Lord, that you have given me all my faculties and assist me to keep them until that day, if it is your Most Holy Will.
      If they are in need of any help we are to assist them; in fact any person. We are to have compassion on them for obvious reasons.
      Holy Scriptures tells us: “Fear God for our God is a consuming fire.”
      There are those who will misinterpret this. It does not mean to live in fear of God. He does not want us to do that. It means, love God and love others; be kind to them with no exception for a person will reap exactly what he/she sows, as they deserve and right here in this world. If you do not know that, contemplate on it, keep it in mind and practice it.. May God enlighten you.
      This is how I live my life. Thanks be to God!

      • Piper
        April 14, 2011

        There is nothing wrong with blind people, except they don’t take good pictures.

        Admin: Piper, why don’t you take out your camera and give us your best shot. Remember you don’t have to be in Dominica to send us photos, as long as the photos has something to do with Dominica they are fine. We are sure you can do something in Canada. Be creative and stop criticizing.

        • Truth, Justice, Love, Peace and Unity
          April 14, 2011


          I believe I met you somewhere, at sometime or a relative of yours. I do know some Pipers in those days in Dominica. Do you reside in Toronto?
          Piper, you are a Dominican. I am certain that you were nurtured to respect people whether they are blind or not. Give them credit and that is, do not discredit them. If I knew a blind person took a picture, I would not criticize it. I would understand the situation. You look for the beauty and nothing else. If you have nothing good to say, say nothing.
          I am informing you Piper, if I ever meet you, I will inform you accordingly.
          You should thank God that you are not blind. As you age, how long will this last? Only God knows!
          Let me further inform you that I knew a man who was an atheist. He had told me that God did not give him strength to stand on his own two feet and that he worked for himself. I kept silent and did not dispute this with him since I did not wish to get into an argument.
          Well, in the end, he left the world with no legs. God is not blind to our attitude, in thoughts, words and deeds.
          Piper, learn a lesson from this and appreciate the people, God’s people of this world as Dominicans, whether blind or not and all the beautiful pictures that DNO posts for our enjoyment.
          Show some gratitude and to God. May God bless you!

  13. MangoSweet
    April 13, 2011

    I wonder whether Curtis shot that sunset a couple of Tuesdays ago. There was a riotous sunset on 22nd March. Unfortuunately, I did not have my camera with me at the time. Good shot Mr Shillingford. I like the silhouette of the Royal Palm in the middle. tnat I just stood and marveled.

    • From Barbados
      April 13, 2011

      Yes. That date is correct. I was a witness to this heavenly sightings.

      • MangoSweet
        April 14, 2011

        “From Barbados”, where were you when you viewed that sunset? I viewed it from the Botanic Gardens and along the Elmshall Road, and was just mad with myself that I did not have my camera at the time. Reminds me of another in June 2008 which was even more spectacular than that one of the 22nd.

        • From Barbados
          April 14, 2011

          I was in Dominica until the 24th, when I travelled to Barbados. I thank God for the many persons that are appreciative of this view of God’s Glory in the heavens. Truly the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.

  14. Concern
    April 13, 2011


  15. Brenton S Henry
    April 13, 2011

    thats up by Ridge them man

    • From Barbados
      April 13, 2011

      No. It is from his own property at Giraudel. We give God the praises for this wonderful show of the heavenlies.

  16. clairvoyance
    April 13, 2011


  17. Jen Giraudel
    April 13, 2011

    My home. sweet home… oh how I miss you. This is a beautiful picture, let’s keep it up. A true beauty.

    • lala land
      April 13, 2011

      Jen u said it right….GIRAUDEL is so sweet and lovely…….great pic. Curtis

  18. Piper
    April 13, 2011

    We are finally getting good quality pics that really capture the beauty that is Dominica.

    Good job.

  19. Zandoli
    April 13, 2011

    Wow!!!!! the marvels of nature; fire in the skies. looks like something’s about to happen.

  20. Nature Boy
    April 13, 2011

    Ahhhh…The marvels and wonders of Nature. Magnificient!!

  21. Naturally Beautiful
    April 13, 2011

    Now this is what constitutes Photo of the Day!!! – Spectacular

    • niceness
      April 13, 2011

      Quite agree – MAGNIFICENT

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