Alex Bruno says DBS decision to suspend his radio programme is political; says he will challenge

Joseph, Bruno

Renowned media personality, Alex Bruno, has lamented the recent suspension of the ‘Diaspora Link’ programme, which he hosted at the Dominica Broadcasting Corporation (DBS Radio), alleging that the action was politically motivated.

In an interview with Dominica News Online, on Friday, Bruno revealed that his services had twice been interrupted previously— once in 2000, following the general election, when his contract was discontinued, and again somewhere in 2009/2010 when he was dismissed. Both times, he challenged the decisions of the corporation’s management, with favourable outcomes.

This time, in a letter, signed by Cecil Joseph, the manager of DBS Radio, dated December 30, 2019, Bruno was informed that “in an effort to position the Corporation to better suit its present needs, some programmes will have to undergo some form of restructuring, while some will have to be suspended. In light of this exercise, a decision has been arrived at to suspend Diaspora Link from the First Saturday of January 2020, until further notice, with new objectives and guidelines for the way forward of the Station’s On-Air Programming.”

However, Bruno insisted that this measure was pre-meditated and politically motivated.

“In terms of how I know, there have been plans over the year or so to try to discontinue to arrangement by the manager, in writing… and again based on public utterances, and what I have been hearing, and the personal threats of discontinuation, and the actual suspension, I believe that all of this is partisan and politically motivated,” he explained.

Yet, according to Bruno, Diaspora link, which has aired for two decades, was not a forum for political discussions.

“There was a direct order in terms of the arrangement for the program that we do not deal with politics in any way, shape or form… so we never had any partisan political discussions on the program whatsoever,” he said. “It was always about people—people’s achievements and people’s interactions… Never were we in breach of that in that specific arrangement.”

Instead, he claimed that the programme served to “[bring] Dominicans in the homeland and those overseas together. The program takes away space, ocean, air between Dominicans and creates this oneness, in terms of communication and understanding realities.”

He continued, “We sought to promote Dominican life… especially people who have achieved remarkable feats: academic excellence, entrepreneurship, cultural and artistic happenings, and the like…As long you’re a Dominican and you have some association with the diaspora and you wanted to share, you had an avenue to do that.”

Bruno has said that he will challenge the decision by the Dominica Broadcasting Corporation to suspend the programme if it is not re-instated.

Dominica News Online reached out to the manager of DBS Radio, Cecil Joseph, for a response to Bruno’s statement but Joseph declined our request.

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  1. Anthony P. Ismael
    January 15, 2020

    These decisions are made all the time, unfortunately. Today, we have something called the Internet and Podcasting. Take your show on the web. I read the words “Contract,” so my guess is there may be some financial loss with this cancellation, however all is not lost. We rely too much on government or subsidiary- government entities at home for survival. Break the hold from the “Beast” and be independent. If the show has appeal, people will find you whenever you’re on. Look at DNO for example. They put the New Chronicle out of business. Every Dominican I know turns to DNO for updated news and information and it’s not government owned. Good Luck!!

  2. Sybil nowell
    January 14, 2020

    Take your sorry tail back to where you came from . You are back with your bull ….. Go take a running jump.No offence your face is to sour

    • viewsexpressed
      January 15, 2020

      Sybil Nowell, Nuff respect please. If you have some views to add please share it with us. That is what will take us further, open views, as Bruno has to us the public, that we aware that opinions matter & views matters and in order to consolidate these views we need to be analytic, open to other views, be transparent and honest. Where you feel that the point do not necessarily address the issue, to strengthen the debate and respect the views and expressions of others please give or offer other views that can be comparative, complimentary, helpful to the bigger picture that Alex Bruno has rightly and academically opened this valued debate to us that we analyse and contribute our views to those of concern that if there will be any changes that you will be proud that you contributed to this debate that was professionally started by Bruno. Let us not all go at each other. Go for the alternatives, tell us what you think that we are able to move on, from where Alex Bruno has started. Thanks

    • Afflicted
      January 15, 2020

      Alec is the one with theBIG smile. That’s says how much ukno.

  3. Agathine Scotland
    January 14, 2020

    Help me understand why the radio station has to keep a program that does not support its purpose. Get somewhere else to go! What is this? What’s wrong with you people? I am surprised that Alex is doing this having been part of the American culture.

  4. NatureBoy
    January 14, 2020

    I never warmed up to this program. I never found it appealing. Politically motivated or not, I felt that is was time for change. Change was a must. Wow….that phrase sounds familiar.

    • viewsexpressed
      January 17, 2020

      Nature Boy, you appear to be personal on these maters. I`m addressing you with some matters of importance and not get personal. This is not academic but you have expose yourself as this blind reader. Regardless who wrote this article we learn by comparing numerous articles and comments, just as I have respected you & your comments. It helps me to put things in perspective that I expose and read at length the thoughts of many people. But when I wrote or respond I do not disrespect anyone either you or that of other writers on this media.
      Nature Boy, elevate yourself, read thoroughly, be a “critic”, meaning your intellectual thoughts and suggestions. Do not get personal with anyone because they do not support your party. I know the failure of Skerrit and his failed corrupt Labour government, and weakness as I work within this corrupt Labour government system and observe the poor performance of Skerrit. It`s his fault, alligns with those who blindly surround him. We need a mature…

  5. January 14, 2020

    Alex, you are fake news even with polls and nobody wants to hear your crap. You are a Mexican puppeteer for UWP and Lennox and his cabals.

    • viewsexpressed
      January 15, 2020

      “Alex, you are fake news even with polls and nobody wants to hear your crap. You are a Mexican puppeteer for UWP and Lennox and his cabals”
      Whooaa, this is a very disgusting statement addressed to “an intellectual who has contributed significantly to our Dominica in many fields.”
      “ds”, what have you done for us and our Domininca lately Madam ds?” Nothing!
      Then you have failed, exposed and reduced yourself to some level of illiteracy and hate. Please wake up and rise up from this unnecessary hate. If you feel that you are not sufficiently intellectual enough them please read what it is to engage in comparative approach that you are well read to best analyse the subject matter at hand. I recommend that you read Bruno`s article above again, fully, and please take your time, comprehend fully the message, and the decency of it. Do not reduce yourself to this level of Labour hate, personality, ignoramous and failure. On behalf of Bruno, the academic, the public, Me, We wish you…

      • January 16, 2020

        @viewsexpressed, if the same thing was written about PM Skerrit or any minister of his government would you have responded the same way? Of course not!

        That is why your lecture to ds is pure rubbish. You have the right to speak your thoughts; leave the thoughts of other people alone; you are not qualified to pass judgment

        • viewsexpressed
          January 16, 2020

          “That is why your lecture to ds is pure rubbish. You have the right to speak your thoughts; leave the thoughts of other people alone; you are not qualified to pass judgment”

          Elizabeth, thanks for this feedback. I am proud with what I have written with much more to come. I am happy to learn that you read And that will help more with your thoughts, analysis and decorum. You must look at that bigger picture before you comment.
          I have just been told by someone who just read your ridiculous response above that you need to up your intellectual and decency in politics.

  6. Man bites dogs
    January 14, 2020

    Rubbish Bruno, DBS Radio has a right to suspend or cancel your radio programme at any given time if they feel there is a problem with you, read your contact details properly having said that your programme was rubbish it sounded something like propaganda all crap. You also has a right to challenge which ever way you like you will not get far apart back to Floridia.

    • viewsexpressed
      January 15, 2020

      Man bites dogs barks this nonsensical rubbish: “Rubbish Bruno, DBS Radio has a right to suspend or cancel your radio programme at any given time if they feel there is a problem with you..”
      Biting Dog, “if they feel there is a problem with you..” Man Dog, please tell us what you, if they feel there is a problem with you.., Bruno.” “If” is the key word there, therefore there is and was no justification to kick out Bruno. This is an insult, unprofessional, scandalous, immature, journalistic ignorant, by our state DBS Radio. Who gave the order that Bruno should be dismissed? Was it Skerrit, th manager or others. If so, them they all idiotic, Journalistically illiterate, bias, blind party supporters. It therefore means and tell us that this corrupt Labour government and its leadership do not wish that our people are educated by our own intellectual, for example Bruno. Therefore this action is false, bribery, politically ignorant and stupid. Bruno stands firm. DBS manager and Board…

  7. A patriot
    January 14, 2020

    I don’t think that is polical. They did some changes and this program was one. Honestly when I hear this program on a Saturday I turn it in another station. It had no education. No focus. DBS broadcaster don’t even no what to say.

  8. zandoli
    January 14, 2020

    Perhaps if they had a rating system for shows, it would have been easy for the management of the station to justify its decision. If you can pull in listeners, your program stays. Otherwise make room for another show. That is how business is run. Let the numbers speak for themselves.

  9. Afflicted
    January 14, 2020

    I tried to listen in but that was the worst radio program I ever heard. Lacking material, no direction, just 2 guys blurting disjointed stuff and laffing each other’s bad jokes every sat. morning. Very boring, like the DBS manager’s talk show.
    As someone else said, just move it to Q95 and move on.

  10. viewsexpressed
    January 14, 2020

    Wallace Hussy: I think that was a good decision who ever came up with the idea. Wallace what exactly are you saying? That our distinguish Alex Bruno is not wanted to express himself on matters of politics, good governance and a highly obvious failed corrupted labour government. We are desperately in need of our intellectuals and analyst come forward to comment and analyse, expose matters of fraudulent behaviour, disrespect of our government system and the abuse of state resources and our civil servant who worked exceptionally hard and committed to the people of Dominica whom they serve. Skerrit and his failed government are failures, immature, discriminatory nd bind to what socioeconomic i all about. Thank God for my work colleagues here on the Financial Centre, whom for themselves see wats happening and attempt to expose the thievery and abuse of people`s business and states finances.
    We urgently need a change of government in our Dominica. We need Pawol to pen more of his…

  11. Casio
    January 14, 2020

    take a poll Alex.

  12. DA
    January 14, 2020

    Yes Alex again. Get use to it , as long as there is injustice .

  13. ??
    January 14, 2020

    Move your show to Q. Nobody owns you airtime anywhere. It’s time for you to move on. Btw, these are the same Dominican your party wants to prevent from voting. How hypocritical….

  14. viewsexpressed
    January 14, 2020

    Because it is a National State Radio Skerrit and his blind broadcast fellows has interfered wholesomely into our peoples broadcast which appears that the substance of the Pawol`s message is hurting hard and deep and I must stress that to ban these messages it therefore means that Skerrit and his failed clown friends are not sufficiently academic, intelligent, lack intelligence and knowledge of the obvious need to have trained and academic Dominicans engaged in commentary to challenge our government, the Prime Minster, the Leader of the Opposition and members of parliament to listen and comment on the message of our local intellectuals. In most countries for example the UK, USA, Canada, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica etc all have daily newspapers that their people read the commentaries, with sound poignant verses and message that we comprehend, debate and analyse and I guess also to respond that our people are able to debate. People please read, it`s rich. We need to be open.

  15. January 14, 2020

    Regardless of who is in power, there’s really no good reason there should even be a government run radio station. The private sector is more than capable of providing entertainment, news, and opinion via radio.

    • January 14, 2020

      Steve you have no idea what you are talking about which part of the world are you from. Every country in the Caribbean have their state own radio station some also have TV station its a form of generating funds . Dominica always have their radio station there was also a TV station in the making before hurricane David.

      • January 15, 2020

        I know exactly what I’m talking about. You, on the other hand, are offering no counter argument other than “but we’ve always done it this way!”

      • Riverboy
        January 15, 2020

        That might be right but never before were these media abused by people like Skerrit for their own propaganda, lies and deceit. Worse even, the country tolerates it because they rely on the dictators ‚food parcels‘.

        • jaded
          January 16, 2020

          Makes me wonder how you kept your gig after two previous attempts to end your show. The corporation has the right to discontinue your contract at will. That is why you are on contract. Which court is going to force an entity to renew a contract?

      • viewsexpressed
        January 15, 2020

        Wallace hussy, you are so right, and it appears that some people do not watch the BBC, which is a state own Television station. The BBC people are highly trained, educated, professionals, and obviously there are standards they have to, must adhere to. In Dominica, our government in power must not own the operations or interfere in the work of the journalists, manager, Board etc at this station. It appears that this nasty behaviour goes on continuously at DBS. The Leader of the Opposition and his Party equally has a stake in the running and operations of our DBS. Peoples tax money
        The current interference of DBS is shameful, therefore makes the journalists stay away, are limited in their work and in the collection of value news and comments to share with us the public. DBS does not belong to Skerrit, nor his failed Labour government. His blind labour loyalists and appears some at DBS appears that they take guidance and matters and directives from Skerrit? Now is this true? If so, sad.

      • viewsexpressed
        January 17, 2020

        Steve Foerster: Well said. Great Response:
        “I know exactly what I’m talking about. You, on the other hand, are offering no counter argument other than “but we’ve always done it this way!”
        Wallace you are ….. & wrong and appears unintelligent to read and comprehend the bigger picture before you respond with this blind loyalty thoughts. You make no sense. In the UK for example where I`ve been many times is the BBC. You must have heard of. Yes it is British and national, but has it Board of Directors and there is no way that the Prime Minister, Her Cabinet, her government ministers and her Conservative Party can or will interfere in the works and operations of the BBC, a National and international acclaimed media house. DBS has far to go and the Director, Management Board etc must put their damn foot down and keep away this fake Prime Minister and his corrupt government must stay away from DBS operations. DBS also must up their profile to be seen as independent in delivery. Its…

  16. Diasporan
    January 14, 2020

    Great move to get rid of that useless and foolish program. Diaspora link had no focus. I hope DBS can replace this program will a better diaspora program where there can be a genuine exchange with members of the Dominican Diaspora all over the world

    • Blabla
      January 14, 2020

      Hmm .get use yo it .Alex in the reign of uwp u all did the same to jonson johnrose.hahaha

  17. Garvey
    January 13, 2020

    The so call Prime Minister is now in charge of broadcasting go figure.Political for sure.

    • Mountaingoat
      January 15, 2020

      He in charge of everything and he pays the electorate for them to tolerate it. It’s time for Dominica to wake up and decide what it wants. Either Democracy or dictatorship. The country can’t have it both ways. Trust me. One day the country wakes up and then it’s too late…!

  18. Ripe patat
    January 13, 2020

    Labourites have got to be the dumbest people on the planet. Either that or they are just wicked to brush off blatant victimization. Alex, may God be with you in these testing times. When it rains not only my porch will get wet – thought they’d learn by now

  19. Bwa-Banday
    January 13, 2020

    Hold your head up bro. Who jay bless no man can curse.

    I have to see the day that puppets and victimizers like Cescil themselves on the receiving end of the evil they are doing to others. God is not a Bajan Police Officer and time has a sad way of telling. Pay back is an MF!

  20. Braindage
    January 13, 2020

    Who is the Minister for Communications and Broadcasting again?
    Is it Skerrit….

  21. dissident
    January 13, 2020

    Of course it was politically motivated.
    Don’t be surprised if they come up with a similar show with one of their stooges as host.
    I think their decision should be challenged….in the meantime link up with Q95fm

  22. Eagle-Eye
    January 13, 2020

    Bruno no one listens to your program anyway. UWP supporters only listen to Q95 because they like the propaganda and labor supporters turn of their radio as soon as you come on. So Cecil is right to terminate your contract as a cost saving exercise. Anyway, why do you want to have your cake and eat it at the same time. You are a UWP agent. On one hand you want to use our public funded station to propel your propaganda to diasporans and on the other hand you colluding with Lennox Linton to try and prevent diasporans from voting in our elections. Make up your mind which side of the coin you are, head or tail?

    • dissident
      January 14, 2020

      Imagine de number of diasporans who voted for DLP in the last general election.
      You actually saying these people don’t care about a show that connects dem to their home country every week……on DBS eh.. with Cecil dictating de rules. So Dem diasporans vote then run back ..far away from Dominica.
      And you loving it.

      I understand how low we come.

  23. Dr Clayton Shillingford
    January 13, 2020

    Looks like another step in degradation of democracy

    • You
      January 14, 2020

      Doc and company are you still suffering 18 to 3 syndrome?

  24. Met Boda Yo
    January 13, 2020

    Alex Bruno again!
    Man just switch your programme to Q95 and problem solved.

    • viewsexpressed
      January 14, 2020

      No way, this is our National Radio Station that we the people of Dominica pay for. Cecil Joseph is in no position to suspend or politically cut off this programme. We strongly believe that this decision was not made by the Manager nor DBS Board, but some failed incompetent political Odd Minister somewhere up at the Financial Centre, who has in the past appears to have interfered in the business of broadcasting from our DBS radio that does not belong to Skerrit nor Cecil Joseph. The Board is the one, with that high level of knowledge, management and intellectual decency to make such a decision. To have these political scams interfere from the fake Labour top is amazing, childish, lacks broadcasting principles and it`s failed leader with obvious lack of knowledge of the bigger picture as to the purpose and meaning of our State DBS Radio (that we pay taxes to) and not aligned in any way to failed incompetent interference Skerrit nor his failed corrupted ineptitude Labour Government. Sad.

    • viewsexpressed
      January 14, 2020

      Met Boda Yo….Nice name given to you by your parents and confirmed by your God parents? I hope that it is not Skerrit, but likely to be so, because it seems that you are locked and bond to this hypocritical political work, the worse Prime Minister who has ruined our nature isle. Met Yo, go Focus on these matters before you go hugging fake people who have no interest in you and our ailing, failed Dominica. Go drive around our Dominica and please tell us where is the development taking place that we can strongly say that “Something is happening”. We already know that many things are already happening over the past 20 years that has crippled Dominica`s agricultural base and income. We no longer produce bananas, crops etc. But you sit there and condone the sales of our passports to the big boys with big cash that we want to know where is our money? Who received it? Who expense it and to whom and for what? Our people are suffering too much to have one fakeman cripple our people &…

  25. January 13, 2020

    I think that was a good decision who ever came up with the idea

  26. Kalinago Justice
    January 13, 2020

    :?: When an island has someone like Cecil Joseph the labar biass as a manager for a national radio station, that Island is lost!!!

  27. jamie
    January 13, 2020

    Alex my brother,i would do not waste your time with these cowards,one man is running Dominica,and his little boys have to do as he says,Dominica is doomed and soon the all will be null and void.Just sit back and watch the self destruct.Best way to beat evil.

  28. Thanks
    January 13, 2020

    Your program should definitely be hacked. I don’t know why you choose to sing to the choir. How many times have you openly denigrated your job to interject you political incorrectness. Alex your political biases has clouded your ability to give fair messages. You cannot have it both ways. Why are you always crying, you still have your pollster job so move on.

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