UPDATE: Public officers take industrial action

DPSU members at Tuesday’s meeting

Public officers have been advised to stay home today and tomorrow as the Dominica Public Service Union (DPSU) embarks on industrial action over salary negotiations with the government.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, General Secretary Thomas Letang would not confirm or deny that decision.

However, Dominica News Online (DNO) was able to independently confirm that the decision was taken on Tuesday afternoon at a DPSU meeting which was held to update members on the status of salary negotiators.

The DPSU said last week that it is not satisfied with the pace at which salary negotiations with the government, is progressing after five meetings.

The mood was one of defiance and protest when public officers gathered at the Dominica Public Service Union (DPSU) to hear from their executive and chart the way forward on salary negotiations.

General Secretary of the DPSU Thomas Letang and his executive have been in a battle with the government over salary increase and other benefits for public officers and revealed that the government’s offer for the triennium under negotiation is “zero, zero, and zero” which the union flatly rejected.

In an address punctuated by loud cheers and applause from the large crowd in attendance, Letang said that with God’s grace and their own hard work, and dedication, they shall overcome.

“The struggle for freedom has just begun…we can do one of two things: we can swim together and be saved or get drowned separately…we cannot be distracted in our pursuit for a just and reasonable salary increase and for improvement in other working conditions,” he said.

The DPSU boss continued, “And so, we must continue to hold that thought. Victory, I say is ours, I repeat. Victory is ours and so let’s not lose sight of that victory and allow it to crumble and fail. My brothers and sisters, what we do today, will decide what our fate is tomorrow. I ask you to put aside all partisan political interest and let us look at our own interest.”

Letang added, “Others fought for us; now is the time for us to fight for ourselves and let us fight for those to come behind us. Let us think wisely and traverse the gulf of fear and tyranny cautiously and boldly,” he urged. “Solidarity, united, I believe we are going to succeed, now is our time, and now is the time for action and to move forward. Whatever we miss today will be gone tomorrow let us stand together and take decisions that are in our best interest.”

The meeting then went into closed-door discussions which were heated as they tried to arrive at a decision. It was then put to the members that effective November 20 and 21 public officers should embark on “a two-day sickout” and report back to work on Friday, November 22 and then assemble at the union’s headquarters at 4:30 pm.

That decision, DNO has learned, generated a lot of heated debate and discussions but when it was put to the floor for voting, members all agreed.

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  1. Bwa-Banday
    November 21, 2019

    I am waiting for Friday to see if Ballsman Letang stick with the workers demand for a TOTAL shutdown. If them man did not give you anything before is now election call they will give you? I expect them to offer something at the last minute for votes but doh let that fool you.

    Dr. Smell-E-Deek is a cunning politrickstar who is now riding on Melissa’ back (literally :mrgreen: :mrgreen: ) hoping she can win her seat to give him some levrange because Clemo have him cornered so expect him to come like a knight in shining armor and save the day. Ask Wickham about the Vielle-Casse polls. If he is truthful he will reveal what is happening on the ground up there.

  2. Desporah
    November 21, 2019

    DNO admin,
    Why is there no follow to this story?
    Was the walk-out a success or not?

    ADMIN: Stay tuned.

  3. Zanfen malewe'
    November 20, 2019

    At the brink of a general election the party in power proposes a 0 to the 3rd power to the largest portion of the country’s workforce? So tell me why do you want to return in office? To later propose a perpetual zero? It could be understandable after such larvish spending you would not be able to afford an increase in the first year but magwesa, you have no anticipation of growing the economy to be able to give at least a 3% in the 2nd year and by the 3rd year with all the plans things should be much improved that you consider a 5%? For those who got koolout and materials to fix their houses they could even accept a salary cut but those on a fixed salary for the longest while, don’t you think they deserve a little more to meet their day to day expenses? So much money is going down the drain on a stupid campaign with no substance. That country is sick. Those hypocrites who call evil good. Hmm! You all pretend to know God get ready for his wrath. Shame Shame Shame!

    November 20, 2019

    All of you conspiring! All of you conspiring. Stop and see what u all are doing to Dominica! Creation is groaning! Hello please stop this. Repent Repent. Consciense seared. I am in Dominica & all those bad things protrayed are not true. Yes there was the malkasay people trying to burst the baricade etc. Road blocking, Demonstration by a minority. Foolish going round a statue etc. But it is not the majority of Dominicans doing this. Business is as usual but all this unrest by some (minority) does not give u the right to make it seem like civil unrest. Remember LL called for civil diobedience but it is not the majority.
    Stop this conspiracy! Jehovah is watching. Do not fall under the mighty hands of the ever loving, faithful but one who is also a judge. People beware & repent. Leaders 2 of this foolishness. Turn from those wicked conspiracies. Love one another. Love this beautiful country. Time to thank Jehovah for his mercies & gifts 2 us. Pray 4 those who gave us.

    November 20, 2019

    DNO DNO u again! UPDATE: Public officers take industrial action. U take a picture of a meeting at the Union previously and put up. Overseas people take note. There was no industrial action in Dominica today 20/ 11/2019.

    Why the mischief? Why join up with UWP to portray Dominica bad? Perhaps if I was not in Dominica, I would believe but I am here. Everyone was at work everywhere. Why the deception now nah just before election?

    Now all you taking this thing to far. God is not sleeping. He knows, sees and hears everything.

    Prayer time! We are in dangerous, deceptive times. How alyou like DA nah! Now is me stupesing!

    Hello lest we forget September 18th, 2018. We were spared. Lord have Mercy! Hello do u remember 7 hours? Remember Bahamas ! 36 hours! Memoire poule! Stop this stories, hatred of one man thing. We need to thank God! We do not want to be punished for our rebelliousness! Lord have mercy! Lord have mercy on us for this deception in…

    ADMIN: We are putting out a story of the actions taken over the two days. Stay tuned.

  6. good job PSU
    November 20, 2019

    Those public servants that are refusing to stand up with their DPSU bredren, the traitors are those “Skerrit gave job”. Maybe they kneel down for it or they beg for it, I dunno :lol: . Anyway, they were never qualified for the job in the first place, so they do not care. So, DPSU keep on doing what you’re doing, don’t be discouraged by those traitors. They have to do that because is Skerrit that give them their job so they will support whatever he say and do. You hear me? Doh study them. Go ahead with those who really want better for themselves!

  7. Bwa-Banday
    November 20, 2019

    May-sieer time to shut it down! My people time to shut IT down pleaseeeee. Why allu giving Dr. Smell-E-Deek and his tonton-macoute gang time to recover when we already had them on the back feet? Two little tear gas that scare you all like that? Come on, LETS SHUT IT DOWN!!!! I am invoking the spirits of Bala, Congoree, Collaire and Jacko :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: Allu have my number so I waiting for the signal….lets go shut IT down!

  8. The Truth Be Told
    November 20, 2019

    U see all of you Sallie, Gouvelma, Christian Volney & Judith Pestaina why do u all hate one man so? All you trying to cripple the country with all you hatred for the PM. Let me tell you all – God is not asleep. Ridiculous as u all seem to be. No reason for all this foolishness – souteewaying those who seem to be a little challenged thru education. Do u all remember what happens to those who hate others especially with no reason. I am old to remember that the whole country was Labour & the only constituency not Labour was Soufriere. I am knowledgeable & to make persons think that Labourite now are freedomites is a very big mistake. Well 4 your info, Soufriere seat is now a Labour seat. Also the past Parl Rep of Soufriere seat, they voted u on a Freedom ticket, now u all out blasting a young man full of love. But remember God is just showing us how the heart of man is deperately wicked which he knows. Emancipate yourselves from hatred slavery. U hurt u. Let the ballot talk

    • get the dentist
      November 20, 2019

      How many dentists do we have in the public service? All rotten teeth in Dominica will be uprooted starting with the Prime Ministeeth.

    • viewsexpressed
      November 21, 2019

      Your name is “The Truth be Told”? but you penned devious, lying, untruth, hype nonsense on this matter of the civil service who has been suffering for years under this failed Skerrit corrupt government.
      “U see all of you Sallie, Gouvelma, Christian Volney & Judith Pestaina why do u all hate one man so? All you trying to cripple the country with all you hatred for the PM. Let me tell you all – God is not asleep. Ridiculous as u all seem to be. No reason for all this foolishness – souteewaying those who seem to be a little challenged thru education. Do u all remember what happens to those who hate others especially with no reason.”
      There is cash all over being distributed indiscrimatley and why don`t you go to failed Skerrit to manage our states funds decently and stop all this Bobol, Red Clinic Bobolistic distribution of our funds to people whom this failed Skerrit feels people will may be loyal RS and failed to invest our money towards our people & Dominica development. Skerrit…

  9. Fight On
    November 20, 2019

    The PM has manage to have so much funds to bring in new foreign artists at exorbitant price every week and yet still he has no funds for salary increase. This is crazy, enough is enough. I find it totally disrespectful to bring in foreign artist week after week and then turn around and say that the country is broke. And don’t tell me that money is coming from the DLP, total RUBBISH.

    • viewsexpressed
      November 21, 2019

      The PM has manage to have so much funds to bring in new foreign artists at exorbitant price every week and yet still he has no funds for salary increase.
      Good observation! Where is all this money coming from and where it goes?
      1. Is it our tax – states money
      2. Is it our Passports States Money?
      3. Is this a loan and who will pay for this
      4. Is it our reserve money?
      Which ever, how and who authorised this heavy payment.
      We are hoping that it is money from the Dominica Labour Party own funds. The question is, how on earth are they able to have this kind of money?
      The states ombudsman accountant we hope will monitor this farce and have this failed government and Skerrit account for all states funds before they are kicked out of our government. We don`t trust them, we have never trusted them, Dangerous Labour Party government.
      Members of the labour Party who donate their hard earned funds to Skerrit`s corrupt labour Government, I sincerely hope that you monitor that its…

  10. The Truth Be Told
    November 20, 2019

    U see u Letang. Why now? U See u Letang, U too political. On the eve of General Election, u coming so to enhance your preferred party’s position. U see u Letang, I cannot understand u have Government contract (your son) & a pity I cannot say too much. The same u say u stand is the same thing that u doing on the other side of the fence. U see u Letang, god is not asleep. U see u Letang, is not u paying Public Officers. They pay dues. U see u Letang, don’t use them for your personal agenda. You say one thing then & another when u are Employer. U See u. U see u Letang, Let election call , so u can recommence negotiation. U see u Letang. I never hear u talk about the bonus Public Servants got after the Hurricane. U see u Letang, God does not like ugly & ungrateful people. Civil disobedience u involving in. U underneath, u just like those who sleep with Bala, Negre Maron spirit inhabit them. U see u Letang. God forbid but come straight. Love, peace 2 u. What…

    • viewsexpressed
      November 21, 2019

      “U see u Letang. Why now? U See u Letang, U too political. On the eve of General Election, u coming so to enhance your preferred party’s position. U see u Letang, I cannot understand u have Government contract (your son) & a pity I cannot say too much.”
      Where were you when Charles Savarin, now sadly enough President of our Dominica, was in the same position that Letang is in now today, that is General secretary of the CSA. Savarin did and advocated more that we civil servants should close down the country and we all assembled at the Goodwill Parish Hall where Patrick John and his Team received the worse mouth foul political language from the then leader of the CSA Charles Savarin. Today Savarin as President is blind and lost for words as he wishes to reign as President of Skerrit and his rotten corrupt Labour Government for a long time. This is where we are as these people just will not put our Dominica first, therefore sit on the comfort seats of nice states cash as our people…

  11. Bah yo bwa
    November 20, 2019

    For Skerrit and his regime to victimize those that would love to stay home?. My civil servants go to work but the day will come when allu will do what allu have to do 8) 8) 8)

  12. The islets
    November 20, 2019

    This sickout should have been done in September and repeated in october if no strides were made.
    Staging a sickout at this point to me does not meet its objective. Negotiating team busy in the political whoopla that going on in the country.
    My two cents.

  13. Special Labourites
    November 20, 2019

    :twisted: We don’t call people retarded anymore, It’s not politically correct. We call them special. I am seeing on social media, Labourites asking for the civil servants who are taking industrial action to be fired so their children can get the job. Your children have no job because of Labour party, special! Stop talking nonsense, Special!

  14. My mouth
    November 20, 2019

    Dno saying what they want.i listened to the news this mor ing.letang never said to stay home

  15. November 20, 2019

    Zero, Zero, and Zero; this the worst offer I have ever heard of. This is a gross disrespect for people. TTO; Take Them Out. This Government has passed its expiration date, and it is time to take them down from the shelf.

  16. yesa
    November 20, 2019

    what about the NEP workers that getting stypen,nobody for them?

    • SpeAker
      November 20, 2019

      I am trying my best to understand the rationale behind this comment. Are you saying persons who are on nep learning a trade and or gaining experience need a salary increase too?? Rubbish

  17. Ibo France
    November 20, 2019

    Nothing good comes easily. This fight with this heartless regime for a long and well deserved increase of salary for public servants will come down to a battle of attrition. Let’s see who blinks first. The Skerrit led government is adamant that civil servants are to live from hand to mouth, from paycheque to paycheque. Police, nurses, Customs and Immigration officers, in fact, all public servants should boycott work and shut down the country for as long as it takes tot get this stubbornly corrupt and soulless government to acquiesce to your demand for a well deserved salary increase. It’s now or never. If Skerrit manages to steal this election all hope of getting a raise in pay goes up in flames.

  18. jay
    November 20, 2019

    Aye just give us the raise,raise,raise,raise,we want a middle class,middle class,middle class,Dominica doe have middle class just rich and poor,enough is enough!

  19. Good try DPSU
    November 20, 2019

    This is the UWP arm of the DPSU. Clearly from the pic 90% of these present are UWP sympathizers. Stop playing politics with the union Mr. Letang and Mr. Joseph. Based on UWP false polls they are winning 14 seats so why the desperation. Your party coming in power and DPSU members is going to get 45% increase plus $25,000.00 per household

  20. JAH KAL
    November 19, 2019

    Dominicans shut it down skerrit is an xxxxxxxx hole

  21. My mouth
    November 19, 2019

    A jpke dat nah..allu doh get salary negociations yet and de padna pay 270,000 to one man plus put him in kimpinski etc just to sing sh…..stay at allu home man shait..

  22. Ibo France
    November 19, 2019

    It is now or never. Bring the public service to a complete halt. It is unconscionable to expect any set of employees to give their best when their salaries are so low you live in constant fear that your utilities will be disconnected; your family suffers from food insecurity; after paying your mortgage you are so broke you can’t even pay attention. The country is descending into chaos and anarchy. In any country, if a massive number of people have to depend on the government for handouts, that’s a failed state. Sorry, going forward, if Mr. Skerrit doesn’t relent, I predict crises in the country. Hope I’m dead wrong for the good of the people.

  23. November 19, 2019

    DPSU, oh I mean the other branch of the UWP, u think UWP is going to give your members more money? you know better, you are not even being discrete, just come out and say you are part of the opposition. You will not win

  24. Eagle-Eyed
    November 19, 2019

    I cannot help but think that this move by the public servants as being one of naivety or political meandering, considering that just a few days to go before the general election. We could have either the current government being re-elected or a new government in place . Either way i don’t see how their actions at this point in time will be of any benefit to them or their members. They could have waited until after the election to either resume negotiations with the current government or start fresh negotiations if it’s a different government in place. By their actions i think they have weakened their hands in future negotiations. A new government can easily say they have no mandate to continue the current negotiations, (although Linton promised that he would increase their pay to to match the pay of public servants in other countries across the region) but before falling for that they should first find out from Linton how he would raise the revenue and still able to pay $25.000…

  25. Tomorrow I’m working HQ
    November 19, 2019

    But how old is that pic nah?? 😂😂😂😂

    Let’s see how many will follow you

    After this hope you pack up because I am going work Sir.

  26. Bwa-Banday
    November 19, 2019

    Finally, someone has grown some BALLS and sent a clear message to the dictator that enough is enough. Now let that translate to boots on the ground for salary increase and whatever else and not just two days to chiilax and sewo. That will come in time but now its country and people. Thank you Balls man for growing some finally! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  27. Insomnia
    November 19, 2019

    Public servants will not work, police officers will not work, fire officers will not work, the hospital staff will not work, nothing in this country will work.

  28. The Devil Is Mad
    November 19, 2019

    The Devil is mad but we are glad, Glory Hallelujah
    He lost the power he thought he had, Glory Hallelujah
    The Devil has on the hypocrite’s shoes, Glory Hallelujah
    And if you don’t mind he’ll put it on you, Glory Hallelujah
    I know why Satan hates us so, Glory Hallelujah
    He had us bound but we kicked him out, Glory Hallelujah

    People you already know who that DEVIL of Dominica is. That DEVIL IS MAD, MAD, MAD. He scared and he fuming. It’s over for him!!!

  29. Omg
    November 19, 2019

    This labour party has never been interested in salary increases for Public officers. You can go back in history to realise that.
    It is a clear indication of a fail economy under the Labour party after 20 years in power.
    Dominica is at the bottom of the economic union in the region

    • The Truth Be Told
      November 20, 2019

      Omg hey u – memoire poule or repeating what u hear others say without investigating if is true. Public Servants got bonus (2 months salary) after the hurricane wee! A first in the history of Dominica. Est ce que zort “forget” lonblier? Omg go ask questions – investigate for the 20 years how many times they received increases. Before u talk go find this out.

      U all are outrageous (too political). Ah magway Sa!

  30. DC
    November 19, 2019

    These people are being beyond ridiculous! Isn’t the house dissolved? Why in a matter of days before an election? The opponents of the DLP know they will be defeated, therefore, they are attempting to create mayhem in the Land. You shall fail! Mr. Letang, you will not force the UWP on our backs. We don’t want them and our voices must be heard as well.

    • My money
      November 20, 2019

      Duh u think is nowbthey crying out and he find 270,000 to pay a man for an hr to sing for allu..stupes tan.. we want our increase

  31. Sallie
    November 19, 2019

    Trust me. A set of crooks that are in the public service. Everyone will be at work tomorrow

  32. Gouvelma
    November 19, 2019

    That should have happened a long time ago. Regaining power is much more important to Skerritt than the happiness and well being of Dominicans. Paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to foreign acts is much more important than making Dominicans self sufficient and independent. I saw a labor party budget some months ago. It showed that ECC $70 million is expected to be spent to regain power. Labor didn’t raise thay much money over the last five years. That’s from the treasury. That could pay every Dominican salary for the next year. Why didn’t he said public servants salary which would be an additional ECC $14. 24 million and spent ECC$56 million on his campaign? Not thay I suppirt using the treasury to campaign. However that would make life better for public servants. Not so for Skerritt. Regaining power and keeping his corruption a secret is of utmost important. Letang tell the people to vote out Skerritt. Do not sugar coat it. He and his gang need to go. Let Dominica breathe.

  33. Christian Volney
    November 19, 2019

    Shut the damn Country down!
    Sometimes we need to take two steps backwards to ensure future progress!
    Dominicas future is at stake!
    The opportunity exist and the timing could not be more relevant!
    Do what’s right for the future if our Nation!

  34. Judith Pestaina
    November 19, 2019

    Time for change

    • Eagle-Eyed
      November 20, 2019

      Judith, the once great Freedom Party died a natural death under your leadership. The current leader is overseeing it’s funeral and wake, It has now become the poor extension of the UWP. So these comments is a bit rich coming from you. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    • mine
      November 20, 2019

      You killed the DFP time for change a new leader for uwp.

      • Bwa-Banday
        November 21, 2019

        Bat-bon-darwuuu tou-jour! :twisted: :twisted: Lennox SHALL be the next PM whether you all like it or not!

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