DCA reports decreased attendance at 2020 calypso shows

Sour Sour entertains audience at 2020 calypso finals

The Dominica Calypsociation (DCA) is reporting a decrease in attendance at this year’s calypso shows compared to previous years.

Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Association, Deryck “De Hunter” St. Rose, said the biggest crowd was on the night of the calypso finals.

“At the tents, so many people weren’t coming and even at quarter-finals and the semi-finals. So, I don’t know what was the reason for that but the finals gave us a little hope. A little more people came,” he said during an interview with Dominica News Online (DNO).

He stated that it was also “unfortunate” that other carnival events clashed with the DCA shows adding that “calypso is a national event and we should give it all the promotion and hype.”

St. Rose said the Queen show should also be supported.

Meantime, St. Rose congratulated first-time calypso monarch ‘Jaydee’ on his win and the other nine finalists for ‘a job well done.’

He is of the view that this year’s finals was one of the country’s best in a very long time.

“This was one of our best calypso finals in a very long time in terms of songs. Everybody had two good songs. So, that was very good for the art form and also for the patrons; I think they got their money’s worth,” St. Rose said.

Commenting on the mishap of nine-time Calypso Monarch “King Dice”, who forgot some of his lyrics during the competition, St. Rose said the former monarch was under “a lot of pressure” on the night of the show and believes that although Dice did not place, he is still one of the best calypso artists on island.

“There was a lot of competition in the finals which added some pressure to him and then our people, when they find you are in something for too long, they want a change so I can imagine the amount of pressure he was going through,” St. Rose remarked.

In terms of awards, Jay Dee walked away with a grand prize of twenty thousand dollars ($EC20, 000) and Tasha P, who emerged 1st runner up, received $EC14, 000.

2nd runner-up, Webb received a $EC10,000 purse and Bingo, who placed 3rd, was awarded $EC8,000.

All other finalists received $EC5,000 each

St.Rose is hoping that the art form will continue to improve in terms of its production and promotion.

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  1. I said what I said
    March 3, 2020

    Low attendance cuz it was boring. Same politically themed songs. They cannot go anywhere with that. I’m just fed up. OH yeah and a particular calypsonian who sings like is a love song competition needs to retire.

  2. Bwa-Banday
    February 29, 2020

    LOL :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: . People the answer is simple! STOP searching for something that is steering at us in the face.


    Don’t you all realize is the little diasporas that came who was spending? Yes these are NOT the ones on welfare in Trump country. Those are not the ones who came in and vote after getting free tickets. Yeah, those are the ones who are very capable and want to see the betterment for Dominica. Next year will be worse in terms of local participation unless some miracle happen and the economy start progressing.

  3. Is So
    February 29, 2020

    I personally stayed away for the dice show. Pat and the Bull has killed our carnival with their political agenda. Worst of all are the judges who think their rude and ill manner Dice will do their job for them.

  4. Stop try raise the dead
    February 28, 2020

    Calypso is an obsolete genre, simple! It time pass!

    In recent times we have seen a range of Bouyon hits and increasing demand for Bouyon riddims and artists. There is no such demand for calypso!

    The people who come to D A with money to spend, have no interest in hearing songs about Skerrit etc – they want ‘free up music’ to enjoy themselves! Hence why they chose Viva instead. All you cannot force people to like what all you used to like before they was born – that was all you ting, things have evolved and now Bouyon is the up to date thing.

    Calypso is a traditional element of carnival, not the main hype. Bouyon took over since the 90s… that (90s) generation are now the adults and from that generation go down, they no longer have interest in calypso.

    Treat calypso as a traditional alternative for the die hards. But if all you want D A carnival to reach its full potential, stop trying to raise the dead. Invest that time, effort and MONEY in Bouyon!

    • Lorraine
      February 29, 2020

      Stop Try Raise The Dead,
      Calypso is Caribbean Carnival; the younger generation wants something different which is understandable. People go to venue of choice and Bouyon is repetitious fast loud irritating NOISE not enjoyed by “old” folks. Kaiso is here to stay whereas your music will disappear from people’s minds as they also get older.

      • 72nationsshallallbowuntoHIM
        March 3, 2020

        Not necessarily. I can remember bouyon hits from 10 years ago. I cannot even tell you who won the crown 10 years ago. Maybe it was dice, or chess idont know. worse, i dont know what they sang. But “Wood dem Wood dem” will forever be a classic in the hearts and minds of many. Id like someone, to finish this line in the next comment if you agree with me. “Girl you looking good, like a..”

  5. John
    February 28, 2020

    Yeah, everybody was at VIVA lol, tell VIVA move de date.

  6. Da Girl
    February 28, 2020

    Hmm the prizes don’t seem bad at all but wondering how much it costs the artists to put on these performances. I suspect some just break even and others not at all. Maybe they could increase the prizes for the finalists.

  7. Rellyyyy
    February 27, 2020

    Y d calypso association don’t award the road March winner a better prize than the $3000 this is just un believable it’s 2020 come on guys do better than that SMH

    • LawieBawie
      March 3, 2020

      Where are they to get it from? Dominica is a damn broke country….but then again, that’s how Dominicans like it.

  8. Bee
    February 27, 2020

    Hunter de people don’t have money. Cool out finish. so please ….Doh Complain Doh Complain!

  9. Kumbaya
    February 27, 2020

    “There was a lot of competition in the finals which added some pressure to him and then our people, when they find you are in something for too long, they want a change so I can imagine the amount of pressure he was going through,” St. Rose remarked.

    Really? Is he referring to the same set of Dumnicans who elected Prime Minister Scare-it to service 5 terms? So in this case, they were not tire of all the bulls%&* and empty promises? Magwaysa

  10. Bob
    February 27, 2020

    Blame the judges they need to understand that we too know when people perform well and when favours are given to DICE over calypsonians who do their best
    That’s why I don’t go to the shows at all

    • Me
      February 27, 2020

      What are you really saying Hunter? Everybody had two good songs?? Oh la ca?? This years calypso was crap! Hence the reason why attendance was extremely low. Imagine my mother who loves the art so much said that the show was extremely boringgggg

  11. 72nationsshallallbowuntoHIM
    February 27, 2020

    the economy is not doing well. People dont have money like how they used to. A dollar cannot stretch as far as once did. Something has to give. Ive had dreams of dominica ending up like Venezuela before. Soon all we will be doing is importing. our trade defecit will be out of control and our economy can be crippled. to the point where we wont even be able to afford the imported food on the shelves. to the point where the imported food becomes less and less due to demand. But not because less people want to eat, but because less people can afford to shop at supermarkets. then the businesses close. unemployment rises. its a viscious ripple effect which i hope never happens. anyway back to calypso, between not having money and have more suitable choices, the crowds are bound to dwindle. Sunrise took a lot of its crowd on saturday night. Queen show on Thursday. And all before that, just people being broke.

  12. zandoli
    February 27, 2020

    Mr. St. Rose if you don’t know why patrons stayed away, you may want to ask Pawol’s company to conduct a market survey to find out. Otherwise you may be on a trend to oblivion.

    As a matter of fact I was talking to a friend who stayed away on the night of the finals because there was nowhere to shelter in the event of inclement weather. He also said the VIP stand was obstructing his view, so he decided to stay home and listen to it on the radio. Another person who attended the finals also mentioned the obstructed view caused by the VIP stand.
    That may not be the cause of the lower attendance, but these are just a couple gripes that were voiced to me.

  13. jamie
    February 27, 2020

    Jaydee was the only hit this year,rest were very boring,and the stage setting up between the calypsonians took way too long,boring show overall.

  14. Eagle-Eyed
    February 27, 2020

    Could the decreased attendance also due to the fear of contracting the coronavirus which posed a higher risk in dense crowds such as those attending shows and carnival revelling? I deliberately decided not to participate in carnival this year and did not attend any shows due to this fast spreading pandemic. I thought people who decided to ignore the warnings go ahead celebrating carnival as normal, are either very brave or reckless. We’ll have to wait to see over the next few weeks if there are any cases reported in Dominica or other countries where carnival celebrations went ahead. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

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