NBA legend Kobe Bryant dies in helicopter crash

Kobe Bryant famed basketballer who won 5 championships with the Los Angeles Lakers  reportedly died on Sunday in a helicopter crash.

Bryant was reportedly riding his own private helicopter over Calabasas in California when it crashed.

Kobe’s daughter also lost her life in the crash along with seven other people.

Bryant was 41 years old and his daughter was just 13.


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  1. January 28, 2020

    cont: Every hour,every day,every month,every year our own appointment day draws nearer.And so,ones achievement as great as it is,whether he or she is a great legend in whatever field dose not buy them an exemption pass..On what you called slavery,the SAVIOR spoke about that,HE called it hired servant and HIS definition of how it is supposed to be carried out is way different from mans’. So don’t blame HIM,blame corrupt man,who is corrupt from youth.Did you know that,it’s the SAVIOR who said that..
    Believe in the SAVIOR or not,there are things that HE told us that’s playing out right before our very eyes and it is playing out just as HE said it would…

  2. January 28, 2020

    You want to believe in the SAVIOR or not one thing that we all that’re left behind do helplessly is break down and cry.That we have before us and it plays out everyday.The same SAVIOR told us it’s appointed unto man ones to die and HE also told us what follows after that.If HE was not speaking the truth a different scenario will be playing out before us.Never forget HE is not a man that HE should lie.As we say down here what HE said to us we can take it to the bank and it will be good to go. Believe in the SAVIOR or not we all that are left behind has an appointment date,we just do not know what time,what day,what month, what year,HE said prepare and stay prepared for it (death) comes as a thief in the night,and boy how true.Kobe is not the first and certainly won’t be the last.Every wake or funeral that I attends it lets focus on the deceased. Well the person is dead and gone never to return on this side.The focus should be on those of us that are behind really bcuz every second,

  3. Not Just Pushing Daisies
    January 27, 2020

    The screech of your sneakers will always resonate from the Lower Merion High gym floor. Your five championship rings will perpetually glow and reflect your basketball magnificence. Your innumerable highlights will forever loop in the mind of basketball fans.

    As a legacy Knick fan who cheered against you and the Lakers during your playing days, my household was divided as my daughter, a diehard Kobe and Laker fan, was mercilessly brutal on me and anyone who did not drink the Purple and Gold Kobe Kool Aid.

    I must confess though I always respected
    your hardwood genius but just could not bring myself to openly give you your props due to my allegiance to the Knickerbockers.

    You would pleased to know that after the news of your tragic passing I almost broke down to the point of slinging on your number “8” jersey hanging in my daughter’s closet…LOL!!!

    Seriously though, R.I.P. and arrivederci to you Bro., Gianna, and the other deceased passengers.

  4. Unknown
    January 27, 2020

    Rest In Peace Mamba, probably the best that ever played the game.

  5. J.John-Charles
    January 26, 2020

    You never know when, or how you are going to die.So with this in mind, it would do us well to prepare for the inevitable truth….Turn to the Savior now, before it’s too late.

    • Say What
      January 27, 2020

      JJ, it is indeed sad to hear of Kobe’s death. It depends on which savior you want us to turn to. If it’s the savior that Europeans turned to that made them enslave one half of Humanity and then inductrinated you and many of us, both them and You can keep it with all the misery that that savior has caused to an entire continent and worldwide by extension. Peace JJ.

      • Channel 1
        January 27, 2020

        @Say What – Point out where the saviour, you claim the Europeans turned to, was the one who made them enslave one half of humanity? Point out where this saviour you are referring to instructed them to do such things.

        I am aware than many of these European explorers were acting on the desires of their earthly rulers to expand their empires in a quest to gain land, riches, resources etc.

        Then can you point out who instructed Africans to enslave their own black brethren and sistren?

        Newsflash – When the Europeans came to Africa, they met black men enslaving other black men and women. It was the black man who sold his fellow black brethren and sistren to the Europeans.

        • Say What
          January 27, 2020

          @chanel 1: I will, when you point out one rapist who didn’t blame their victim for enticing the rape. Key word ‘inductrinated’ you’ve been. You see, the enslaving their brothers thing only got renewed thrust in the 1970’s after white Supremacists revised some history books including the ones in Texas who replaced the word ‘slaves’ with the word ‘servants’ until they were called out for doing that. I’m sure if you do a little research you’ll find out more.

          Newsflash: When Europeans left Europe bound for Africa they left many of their brethren and sistren still enslaved in unbelievable boundage with very low survival rates, part of their reason for enslaving and colonizing Africa for the bounty.

          I see you drank the coolaid that the Europeans were idly sailing by when Africans waved them in offering to sell a few slaves. Total lies written by the perpetrators themselves, then educated us accordingly. These were doctors farmers, children, nurses etc they colonized then…

          • Made in China
            January 27, 2020

            @Say What why all this on a news article about someone’s death? The fact is Jesus never instructed anybody to enslave anybody else. Arabs and blacks and nearly everyone else in the world had been enslaving their prisoners of war for years. The europeans only turned it into big business.

            We need to get over this us vs them crap because right now you fighting against your own brother just for spreading the gospel and blaming europeans. smh

            Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 5 Thumb down 0
          • Nature Isle
            January 27, 2020

            Perhaps this is not the best occasion to educate anyone about religious beliefs. Let’s keep the focus on Kobe and his achievements which made us all proud.

            Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 8 Thumb down 0
          • Channel 1
            January 27, 2020

            @Say What – :lol: :lol: :lol: ….. oh my golly, so it’s a lie when the FACT is pointed out that the Europeans met black men enslaving their black brethren when they got to Africa but somehow it is not a lie – a bold-faced one eh – when you state that the Europeans were following the instructions of their saviour to enslave one half of humanity.

            (I’m still awaiting your evidence of where this saviour instructed the Europeans to enslave one half of humanity)

            Go look at Africa today (latest scandal – The Luanda Leaks in Angola) and note the oppression & plundering by a number of black leaders of their own African countries and citizenry; look in Dominica and the Caribbean to see how the black-dominated leadership in these islands are plundering their islands and DELIBERATELY keeping their own people poor and in a state of perpetual dependency.

            You real jokey yes.

            Like or Dislike: Thumb up 2 Thumb down 2
  6. Shaka zulu
    January 26, 2020

    :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: thanks for the memories mamba. We are but pilgrims and you have played your part.

  7. Sad lesson
    January 26, 2020

    RIP Kobe. You entertained us on the big screen and alas we mourn your death on big screen

  8. Sad lesson
    January 26, 2020

    So sad to hear him go and maybe his family too. It just reminded me of how fragile life is and how we and everything we have could go just like that. I hope his Passing reminds us, especially those that think they own Dominica with their corrupt money, that we came here empty and naked and we sure will leave empty

  9. Not Just Whistling Dixie
    January 26, 2020

    R.I.P. Kobe, and the three family members who tragically passed. This is very sad news indeed!!!

    This comes at a time when Kobe was on a post-NBA trajectory to greater acclaim and success. Gianna also had a bright basketball future.

    As a father of four girls, my heart and sympathy goes out to Kobe’s wife and three surviving daughters. His infant daughter will have to rely on the tales of others along with Youtube clips and other media sources to paint a full picture of her Dad and older sister.

    I am grieving here in the ATL but YAH knows best!!!!

  10. Ibo France
    January 26, 2020

    This is truly sad. He had a lot left to offer to his peers and the youth. May his soul rest in everlasting tranquility.

  11. Bwa-Banday
    January 26, 2020

    Rest In Eternal Peace with the ancestors Black- Mamba. This should remind us all that regardless of what we do, where we go, how much money we may have or steal, fame or fortune we may gain in this world death awaits us all.

    • J.John-Charles
      January 27, 2020

      Say What
      You can play the Blame game if you want,but I am too old in the Christian Faith to join you in this game.Blame the Europeans or you can even play the rac-card. But at judgement day,that will not hold water.
      I don’t know if you are familiar with the scriptures (the bible).After Adam and Eve disobeyed God in the garden,He first confronted,and Adam replied by saying “don’t blame me,it is the woman you gave me.Also Eve followed the same example and blamed the serpent,by saying “the serpent who deceived me, not my fault.”
      So partner,blame the Europeans or even play the race-card,but that will not hold water on judgement day.There is no dividend in remaining a fool.The same serpent who tricked Eve have you in slavery.But the good news is, Jesus the Savior is saying to you “If I the Son set you FREE,you are free indeed.

      I have been set free.What about you.?

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