FEATURE: Roosevelt Skerrit’s proposed international airport

DLP 2018 Int Airport plan superimposed on satellite image

Although Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has made mention over the past year of his government’s intention to construct an airport capable of taking international jet aircraft in the vicinity of Wesley and Woodford Hill, no formal plan has been issued. No names of engineering companies or detailed sources of funding have been announced. But social media has been on the move and leaked information, plans, and images are circulating.

Some eight alternative sites around Dominica have been suggested over the last 50 years, but it is generally agreed that the best location on the island is in the area around Woodford Hill and Wesley. The fan-shaped outflow of low ridges emanating from Morne Diablotin provides land that is furthest away from Dominica’s central mountain range. This “shoulder” of Dominica is generally flatter in comparison to the rest of the island. The challenge has been to find the best approach unencumbered by mountains or ridges while at the same time allowing for an alignment that is generally facing into the Trade Winds from the east.

The Dominica Labour Party (DLP) announced plans for an international airport in this area under the leadership of Patrick John in 1975. The new Chronicle newspaper 16 August 1975 announced that some 450 acres had been earmarked for the airport and related projects. But no land was ever paid for. The plan was rebooted in 1979 when 40 square miles of northern Dominica were to be taken over but no drawings were ever issued.

The Dominica Freedom Party unveiled a plan in 1988 in a hefty report compiled by the British engineering firm Alexander Gibb.

DFP 1988 Plan 1

The following year this was revised in a supplementary plan that shifted the alignment of the airport closer to Crompton Point.

DFP 1989 Plan 2

This was because the then Prime Minister, Eugenia Charles, raised concern about the number of houses that would have to be demolished in Woodford Hill and the extent of banana lands that would have to be acquired.

Then, on 22 June 1998, the United Workers Party launched their own alternative plan devised by consultants Planning and Stanley. This would place the airport inland of Wesley. Extensive lands, including the whole of Londonderry Estate, were acquired. Neither DFP nor UWP plans went to a further stage.

UWP 1998 plan behind Wesley

The most recent United Nations Development Plan (UNDP) for Dominica establishes that this general zone of north eastern Dominica is designated for future airport development. Now this has been confirmed by the DLP, Roosevelt Skerrit Plan, for an international airport based on what is now circulating social media.

The plan, as seen on the internet, is superimposed onto a satellite image of this area. Based on this image, the alignment extends from the north eastern bank of the Woodford Hill River, through Eden Estate and Wesley village road and houses at Palpa along Bottom Wesley to the ridge known as Baptiste, ending on the point overlooking the end of Londonderry Beach. The simplified diagram which accompanies this article can be used as a guide.

DLP 2017 Plan 1. A simplified diagram of the proposed international airport showing its alignment from Woodford Hill Bay to Londonderry through Eden Estate and Bottom Wesley.

This alignment of the DLP International Airport appears to have a number of benefits: The first, unlike the old Douglas-Charles site in the Melville Hall Valley, is that it is well above flood waters and sea surge. River flooding has been a serious defect of Melville Hall for years, particularly during Tropical Storm Erika. For this reason, present engineers have avoided crossing the Woodford Hill River which has the largest watershed of all the valleys in this zone. All of the so-called ‘gutters’, including the small Eden River can be diverted parallel to the runway

The other advantage, is the clear approach and take-off over the sea with no encumbrances or obstructions at either end. The extended flight cones emanating for miles to east or west from the ends of the runway over the ocean are completely free. In the case of Melville Hall, difficulty of approach from the west, beneath Morne Diablotin, has always hindered the size of aircraft that could be accommodated there ever since its construction 1958-1961. For the proposed DLP International Airport this is not an issue.

The immediate challenge is negotiating the purchase of houses and land from villagers of Wesley since the airport will be taking up a line of properties along Eden Road and on ridges down to Bottom Wesley.  Properties close to Palm Tree and the Woodford Hill Estate yard, including the ruins of North Eastern Timbers will have to go. Prime Minister Skerrit has said that funds are already available. Roads have to be diverted. The trip from Roseau will now be about 15 minutes longer. Eventually a totally new, shorter, highway may have to be devised. What is certain is that the whole enterprise will require national commitment on a major scale.


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  1. Cecilia
    February 3, 2019

    Totally agree with you. I have been hearing about an airport for over 50 years and still and whichever government is elected this still cannot be achieved.

  2. chester
    January 30, 2019

    Boy don’t spread yourselves too thin boy, keep this fresh in our minds but build a geothermal plant first, by all means.

  3. WM
    January 30, 2019

    it is very clear that the north east of the island is the most suitable area for airport development on the island.

    it is also very clear that the site selected in 1998 by the United Worker Party (UWP) government is the site best suited for airport development.

    The UWP Government had a very comprehensive airport development programme which the incoming government lead by Prime Minister Roosevelt Douglas trashed when the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) lead collision government took over the reigns of government in 2000

    The UWP plans for a well organized hotel development program, a road through the interior connecting at the Layou bridge that would have shortened travel to Roseau by 30 minutes.

    The airport run way was expected to be around 10,000 feet with leverage of up to 12,000 feet.

    The airport proposed by this DLP administration in 2019 only provides for 7,500 feet of runway… After almost 20 years in Government all you can do is present a simplified drawing, lol!!!

    • Nope
      February 4, 2019

      If you knew anything about aviation, then you would realize that this site has some issues, and i think one of the most serious one would be Morne Aux diable, which is the mountain that penville, viellecase etc is on, is an obstacle to a straight in precision approach to any airport built on that site. Especially one catering for bigger jet aircraft. Just cloud build up alone over that mountain would be a problem, not withstanding the altitude one would have to clear that mountain 2500 plus feet, at (minimum 1000 feet above) and then begin to descend close to the runway. To begin a decent that close would result in a steeper approach more than the recommended 3 degree angle, which would add to higher approach speed etc. This and more issues with rain, low clouds, visibility at nights, would result in having to do a visual approach or circling approach, and taking us back to the same problem as melville hall.

      Yes you could build there, but the site is definitely not the best site.

      • Hey
        February 6, 2019

        Which site are you talking about ? The dlp or uwp proposed site?

  4. Jane
    January 29, 2019

    Put the airport point round that roaf to dangerous

  5. Massacre
    January 29, 2019

    When I saw the headline of this story I din’t know if I should laugh or cry! So sad!

  6. January 29, 2019

    These are political pie in the sky promises

  7. Bring back the kidnapped Dominican parrots
    January 29, 2019

    Why not just extend the runway at Melville Hall out into the Atlantic by 3,000 feet. That would be long enough to land a 757 and airbus 200 the runway would then be 8,000 feet. They can use the rock from the west end of the runway. There will be cross winds at the location they are talking about, winds coming from the east. A tunnel can be constructed under the road at the east end of the runway for vehicle traffic. This probably would be less costly than constructing a whole new airport. The only problem would be getting enough rock and soil to extend into the Atlantic. Melville Hall river needs to be diverted.

    • chester
      January 31, 2019

      Extending M-Hall will not work, simply because of the approach from the big ole mountains at the head of the runway, you need clear approach mainly into the wind, and that’s towards the sea.

  8. Man bites dogs
    January 29, 2019

    Now look at them all of a sudden Prince of darkness supporters all turned out to be international airport engineers, Weemama papa God please help me.

  9. Man bites dogs
    January 29, 2019

    Election or not Dominica is more important to us all rather than arguing with each others who the hell build what I don’t care ; All I want to see right now is a start on that international airport i been hearing about from the day i was born now is the time to move on before it is too late Mr Skerrit, don’t let that monster of darkness and his loonys supporters distract you by doing so. 👹

  10. Truth Be Told
    January 29, 2019

    Aircraft land and take off into the wind. Runways must be oriented to facilitate this. While there are many exceptions to east-west runways, prevailing winds (which blow from a single direction) blow east-west rather than north-south. It happens because of Earth’s rotation generates Coriolis effect. What are the prevailing winds for this proposed runway area? I am just surprised at the fact that this information is not included in this research…

  11. January 29, 2019

    I still say that should go back to Grand Savanah in Salisbury this was already survey and its in the middle of the country wind was tested but the land was sold by the next party that came in where ever its time we do something.

  12. Annon
    January 29, 2019

    Another bad idea for the location of the airport.

    • Thug luv
      January 29, 2019

      I would like to know why? Just a question

  13. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    January 29, 2019


    ” DLP 2017 Plan 1. A simplified diagram of the proposed international airport showing its alignment from Woodford Hill Bay to Londonderry through Eden Estate and Bottom Wesley. ”

    Upon reviewing the alignment of this so called Dominica Labor Party International Airport which seems to be running from the North Western end of Woodford Hill to the South East of Wesley; anybody with commonsense contracted to construct, and build an International Airport would simply crumple that bit of garbage up and throw on a garbage heap!

    I doubt the FAA would allow any flights originating in America to attempt landing on an Airport aligned in such a confounded stupid way.

    International Airports are specifically constructed for take off and Landing from West to East, and also landing from East to West depending from which end of runway the wind originates.

    What we are viewing in that drawing is nonsense, it has the potential for Wind Share, spending money on will result the same as…

    • January 29, 2019

      Now all of a sudden you are a builder and you can give advise on airport and wind direction as usual always
      nothing is good or in your taste

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        January 29, 2019

        If is one thing I am certain of is that I am not an idiot!

        You have Cane Field Municipal Airport sitting there; Patrick John idea, and people like the late Eugenia Charles was to build it in “Town” and shut down Melville Hall Airport.

        How many commuter aircraft do you see landing in town? Dominica is the only place on the planet with an airport aligned North and South with the Sea (Ocean) directly to the West of the Airport with winds blowing from West to East.

        How many Aircraft’s such as LIAT do you have landing at Cain Field!

        You stupidity is ten million miles away from my intelligence which extends to infinity!

    • January 29, 2019

      What is your problem Mr. Telemacak? You must be loco. But guess what, the UWP WILL NEVER GET IN POWER. Since you are a jack of all trade and know it all, what have you contributed to Dominica? You operating by remote control? No wonder Skerrit pays you no mind with all your garbage talk.

  14. 2 sense
    January 28, 2019

    Sylvester Cadette, I would appreciate some comments from You on the redevelopment of melville hall just some years ago and the 200 plus million that was spent there.. Do you think having spent all that money on that facility less that 15 years(i stand to be corrected) it is justified to warrant developing an International airport at this time?

    • Sylvester Cadette
      January 29, 2019

      I agree that wastage ought not, should not and must not be tolerated.

      But here You are actually saying that if a few scientists were working on some project and had failed because of their wrong assumptions, poor experimenting techniques or scientific methods, then ALL other scientists, wherever they are, must abandon ALL RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT. :(

      My friend, if that was the approach in this world then we would have made little headway in technological advancement and innovation – we would be stagnated, frozen in time.

      What Dominica ought to do is assess the failures for the terrible mistakes that they are and learn from them in order to avoid the source factors that created those errors as Dominica addresses any new quest to development.

      We, Being cognizant of past errors, ought not to merely wring our hands in lamentations and despair to the point of analyzing in fear and being paralyzed in fear but use WISDOM to avoid the wastage you so rightly pointed out.

      • Country Man
        January 29, 2019

        I would suggest we don’t mix up greed and corruption with scientist and scientific experiments. There was no R&D, no bidding and procurement contract, etc… They had a few bulldozers pushing dirt, built shed for a terminal with a 5ft long luggage carousel and claimed they spent $200 million dollars. This is what is being defended here. I sometimes wonder if the government officials and tourism official take note of other countries port of entry when they travel, because if they did they would have been able to design a better terminal that the contractors who built this shed in Melville Hall.

      • Sylvester Cadette
        January 29, 2019

        Hi @Countryman :lol: :lol: You totally miss the point. I guess a lapse in comprehension.

        I love my teachers. They really instilled a lot in me about comprehension (though I falter too). I pray that Teachers with the characteristics of my English teachers (they were Giftus John, Josephine Josephs, Gloria Shillingford, Mona Joseph), just hold free classes for the whole of Dominica.

        And oh, I am not defending anyone. :lol: :lol:

        The point is if people make gross mistakes in a project that leads to little improvement it does not mean that we remain stagnant and not seek to do the project if it is essential. I can understand if you do not want the same contractor.
        Example, if a water intake is critical for a few communities and the project was “MESSED UP by one contractor, are you saying that you will never consider that essential project again? – LAWD A MASSI !!

      • 2 sense
        January 30, 2019

        while I agree that if a plane crashes others should not stop from flying, however mr carrette with all the information that was available at the time and from previous attempts to develop this facility are you saying that we should just ignore that wastage? I am sure you will agree that as small developing states with limited resources we should be extremely careful how we spend these resources. your comment is acceptable if this was a completely new area of interest i.e the geothermal project. can you comment however on the issue of statements that were made re: we do not need such a facility or we cannot afford such a facility back in 2000.. what has changed from 2000 to now..

  15. Self
    January 28, 2019

    The headline should be” Skerrit to build international in vieille case with containers” that would be more credible.

  16. Ti Garcon
    January 28, 2019

    I’m a little off topic but I just saw a news update that the US is putting sanctions on Venezuela. I heard that they are allowing time for European and Caribbean islands to transition for Venezuelan oil. DNO i may be misunderstanding a ramifications of this, but could you guys follow though on that and what it means for us? Especially since we import most of our oil from Venezuela.

  17. country man
    January 28, 2019

    Spruce up our port of entries and invest in a ferry and air traffic while we work on the needs assessment from the customer view.

  18. Country Man
    January 28, 2019

    I think this venture is requires a robust and public stakeholder analysis;
    1) What is the core mission of this venture:- is it for tourism? Is it for Dominican (home and abroad), is it for the movement of goods and services? etc…..
    2)With the core mission/missions identified – what is the cost benefit analysis? What are the infrastructure requirements, education and workforce training and development, What is the impact on the environment, culture, and economy – I would imagine that CREAD is all over this sort of analysis. Our natural tendencies may have us look at what is in it for us in the near term – what about 2 – 3 generations down the road (our children and their children, is this setting them up to be competitive.
    Interesting read – https://halshs.archives-ouvertes.fr/halshs-01332085/document
    My take is Dominica needs to identify and address a need or needs that will warrant high volume movement of people/products before going down that path. For now invest in a ferry…

  19. Sense out of nonsense
    January 28, 2019

    “Leaked Information”

    Conspiracies aside I wouldn’t be surprised if this was intentially put out in the public domain. Any information seems to be more valid if it comes from a “leak”. Heck I wouldn’t be surprised if those were completely false. At any rate I waiting to see where we be in 2020 because for almost 10 years now if not more we have been hearing about a geothermal plant that started as a 200mw project and devolved into a 7 megawatt plant but we still have yet to get 1 kilo watt from geothermal energy.

  20. Maybe
    January 28, 2019

    All I hear and see is more lies my father have land there I have there and no one haven’t come to me here he goes fooling the fools liar liar liar liar

  21. JBaptiste
    January 28, 2019

    Two minutes in photoshop and I could have done the same. I just think that you should have added a flight itinerary while you at it, at least for your brighter supporters.

    Man stop insulting and disrespecting people by trying to fool them This is annoying

  22. Creation Rebel
    January 28, 2019

    Engineering firm used in the airport alignment over the years..DFP – British engineering firm Alexander Gibb. UWP -Stanley consultants. DLP – Skerrit and Sons

  23. Sisserou
    January 28, 2019

    After this elections we will no longer go see skerro in red clinic but will go see him in Dr. Benjamin’s house. :-D

    • viewsexpressed
      January 28, 2019

      Amen……we will resuscitate him to some level of human decency.

    • Not for anyone
      January 28, 2019

      Wishes don’t come after you, they live with you I hope you will be insane enough to remember the seeds you sow

  24. viewsexpressed
    January 28, 2019

    Skerrit is a failure and if he was what we refer to as this “intellectual”, he would not been behaving like this child dirtying himself with a stick of popsicle. This article is so demeaning and immature that because Hon Linton’s UWP purchased land for airport long ago, and now states property, Skerrit is in his childish behaviour gone looking for anther site. What hypocrisy, what jealousy that Hon Linton and his forward moving UWP team were well ahead of the thinking of this failed boyish Skerrit. The vision has been there for sometime now, for an international airport but after 18 years or during term of 18 failed years in government Skerrit and his failed government had no vision to do anything but go about with a vicious Red Clinic abusive bobol and have cash circled about Domininca by blind acolytes to buy people`s to votes and loyalty for his corruption practice. Skerrit has been this useless political Leader and failed and useless Prime (Odd) Minister. Skerrit get out just…

  25. transparent
    January 28, 2019

    Why is the Government putting out this zig zag pattern for the people, any 5 years can do this zig zag pattern, Government need to be more transparency to the people who put them in office, first they need to give assurance of the land for the airport. Introduce the plan or the blue print, name investors, contractors , and all the country who are welling to help (collision of the willing) create a website so people can follow the progress of this major project (an individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim) so we the people can help participate in such a venture. When the international airport was building to SVG I was following them, they create a company call AIDC, and lots of Vincentian was giving their contribution towards it. Roosevelt Skerrit need to be more transparent? Because an international airport , you need everyone support. Building an international airport, the foundation you would need specialist for the…

  26. Karl Orndem
    January 28, 2019

    Assuming the people and small businesses like Mrs. Defoe’s agro proceessing business will be pain handsomely for displacement. All the farmers and land owners as well. Again. Elections coming people. Since when were those images prepared? why are we only seeing them now? Keep in mind, it is a governments RESPONSIBILITY! to provide access, food stability, health care and in some cases housing for its people. These new roads and talk of airport are not gifts from the government. They are OBLIGATIONS. We do not work for them, they work for us. they HAVE to account for their actions or failures to act.

    • Karl Orndem
      January 28, 2019

      paid* not pain.

    • viewsexpressed
      January 28, 2019

      A fly by night quick drawn up images to attract Dominicans, as if in 2019, we Dominicans are so dumb and silly like Skerrit’s` immature so called Cabinet. These new roads and talk of airport are not gifts from the government. (good observation).
      Skerrit and his clowns are desperate to show or prove to us Dominicans that they RE ANXIUS TO DO SOMETHING. For 18 years these clowns in office, our agriculture has declined massively, Ross is gone, no exports, and Skerrit as Prime, oppps, sorry Odd Minister has reduced our people to beggars as we now live in poverty. Skerrit and his failed, corrupt Labour government has failed us and reduced our Domininca and people to poverty, beggars and unemployed. Skerrit go mind your “Funky Business” and get lost, get out, and make way for a more disciplined, professional dedicated UWP Team.
      Skerrit Go, Get lost, Go away, y9o have failed us and yo are not qualified to be Head of Domininca ad Prime Minister. sorry, ou are not yet in your prime. Go…

  27. Joseph John
    January 28, 2019

    According to Shaka Zulu it is now 44 years since the idea of the airport surfaced. Skerrit is about 42 years old, but no one accused an of his predecessors of election grandstanding as they are doing now. If I am allowed to amend Mr Zulu time frame factually, I would like to suggest that the idea came from Hon E O Leblanc 57 years ago. Land was acquired for purchase at Londondary from Frobel Laville.
    Again no political gimmick was insinuated . Now a 42 year old PM want to put all those airport into practice determined to make a real international airport a reality : “SKIRRIT IS A LIAR”
    Boy opposition gang bangers are something else.
    Thank you DNO for this awesome synopsis on the airport. It can only strengthen the resolve of the DLP and that of DR Dr the Rt Hon Rosevelt Skerrit to deliver on that promise. It certainly is motivation for it to be made into reality.
    N. B. One jet can carry about 300 passengers per day for Carnival.

    • Karl Orndem
      January 28, 2019

      why are we still talking about failures of predecessors when you have been in power for almost 20 years. thats like we catch engaging in buggery and you turn around and say them man that was there 20 years ago was doing it too, why we not blaming them for it 20 years ago. Opposition has nothing to do with this Joseph. Every man, every entity every organisation every party needs to take account for their own action or their lack of action. What opposition of 20 years ago or opposition of now have to do with the ruling government administration? when the government doing good all you doesnt call opposition name, unless it is to boast. take responsibility. Elections coming. lets see how stupid dominicans really are. those plans looking outdated to me. lke is old technology they used to make that. Issues like marijuana and airport, forget about that when they come with their talk. dont make your decisions come election day based on those promises of 5,10,15,20 years ago

    • Creole Girl
      January 28, 2019

      Skerrit is not about 42…… He is actually 46.

      • viewsexpressed
        January 29, 2019

        Not our damn business……42 or 46, Skerrit is still an immature underage politician who has strained our island and kept id backward and in poverty for over 18 years. When one takes an immature clown and put to run a country, challenged with poverty and resources to develop then we are in deep trouble as we see now after 18 years. Skerrit has failed, he is a failure and has destroyed our nature isle, where we no longer produce agriculture food to the Caribbean.
        Skerrit, just go, get out please. Make way for decent and professional servants to brig back our island to some level of decency.

    • Ibo France
      January 28, 2019

      JJ, isn’t it quite conspicuous that only around the eve of general elections the PM pontificate about delivering an international airport to the people. What will it take for you to grasp the real motive for this? Only someone who has wilfully suspended his common sense would believe this particular long, drawn out promise. Promises are comfort to idiots. What the people want is commitments not promises. Show the country the signed agreements, name of the contractors, cost, duration of the project, etc. The days of just accepting Mr. Skerrit’s words at face value are over for the perspicaciously minded. The international airport is just an election subterfuge. The people want deeds not words anymore.

    • Joseph John
      January 28, 2019

      Oh DNO that was a very good historical feature, but the first airport plan was made by the D L P administration of E O LeBlanc IN THE EARLY 60’S. Then there was one done by the Canadians for Layou Park. Then Mourice Charles , C.T.O of Public Works made two, one at Canefield coast and one towards the interior of River Estate. These two were made by the DLP Administration of Patrick John.
      Those plans were made long before D. F. P.1988/89 plans or uwp in1998.
      Hopefully the 2017/2018/2019 DLP plan of the Skerrit Administration will happen for real.

  28. jamie
    January 28, 2019

    Skerrit days are doomed,Dominica is headed to brink of destruction,just like Venezuela,Maduro days are numbered,Skerrit your next,You guys think buying people all the time will work,God has other plans for his people.

    • Man bites dogs
      January 29, 2019

      @ Jamie, Ha ha ha ha idiotic clown 🤡

  29. Creation Rebel
    January 28, 2019

    Go watch how this proposed alignment looks on google earth the village of wesley would be no more basically mash up by this alignment that cuts straight through the village

    • Dawg
      January 28, 2019

      He told us that the blood of the nation would be on us if they didn’t win in wesley.

  30. LaPlaine Observer
    January 28, 2019

    Election is nearing, so the mention of international Airport resurfaces again. Every time we are about to have a general election, this deceptive and corrupt administration feeds the people of Dominica with more lies and misleading promises about building an International Airport.

  31. Tcs
    January 28, 2019

    At least he has some of the money and may not have to borrow from Trinidad at exorbitant rate!!

    • Warakan
      January 28, 2019

      That’s the BIG difference

  32. Paul Rossnof
    January 28, 2019

    I own quite a bit of land there. Nobody has been in touch. It’s nothing but election propaganda. Remember how it was in the last two elections? New airport and new this and that. How comes still no airport and no this and that? Because Skerrit is a seasoned liar that has been fooling the country for 15 years now. But they still like his RED CLINIC and that’s the reason why we are where we are!

  33. Dan the American
    January 28, 2019

    You’ve got a good thing going as it is. You also have two international airports already.

    By building another much bigger airport, all you’re doing is putting out the welcome mat for people like ME.

  34. Shaka Zulu
    January 28, 2019

    We are now in 2019. Its taking Dominica 44 years and counting on how to align an airport when we have all agreed on one location because it is probably the only possible spot. If we had saved 5 million a year from 1975 we would have over 200 million not including interests. Thank God we only have one location choice cause it would be 200 years before we settle on the location then more to figure out alignment. By time this airport built man will be travelling by teleportation and thier will be no need fo IA. I think as a people we are the most stagnant mentally, structurally, creatively in the entire world. This just show the level pf stupidity in Dominica from our leaders down.

  35. Concerned
    January 28, 2019

    Little point in a new airport if more people don’t come is there?

  36. Sylvester Cadette
    January 28, 2019

    Once the location for the airport is determined beyond a shadow of doubt, the EIA and soil test must be done. The cost of the studies are invariable factored into the overall cost of the airport. Once we have all this done and there is a “GO” all Dominicans should rally together for its success. The Partners ?

    RUSSIA – the Russian Ministry of Defense & Civil Aviation Ministry could build a runway at one blink; I would request assistance from Moscow for all earth Movement and building the runway, apron, taxi-way and the Tower. they would bring in all the heavy equipment. CHINA -Completely furnished terminal building, Buildings for Cargo, Apron, Fire Service and Triage wing.

    USA- Navigation equipment and tower equipment;
    JAPAN- Security equipment and other instrumentation
    EU (Germany), MEXICO & BRAZIL- Lighting renewable energy fixtures, Electricals

    A VERY SERIOUS CONSIDERATION is to take a delegation to RUSSIA :-D as well as all the other possible partners above

    • January 28, 2019

      Brilliant idea but the double (Dr) PhD done make up his mind that is two containers for d TERMINAL so what he going Russia; China; Japan etc for.

    • Sylvester Cadette
      January 28, 2019

      My comment is a suggestion to all those who have ears to hear and eyes to read.

      the comment in no way suggests what is taking place because I do not know and should/ought not to be read as a reflection of present overtures.

      My hope though is that this comment/suggestion is taken seriously by all Dominicans

    • Shaka Zulu
      January 28, 2019

      Caddete sounds like a good idea but you asking for Russian ministry of defense to build runway and tower? Also are you asking for US department of defense or aviation authority provide equipment for the tower? This is like asking UWP and Labour build the airport. All this countries and agencies makes this sound like the airport is a global emergency. It is not a UN priority. It has been 44 years my friend and money has already been spent. I think we should first ask gov give an account of all moneys spent on this airport idea and start holding people accountable for state funds. Start jailing people. We then complain we dont want interference in domestic affairs. The right thing to do is parliament meet discuss funding and operations vote and plan on putting funds a side for next 10 – 15 years to build. We have already screwed up in our selfish political haste to be the party who build airport. 44 years later we cannot agree on a feww 100 ft. Absolutely ridiculous.

      • Sylvester Cadette
        January 28, 2019

        Hi Shaka Zulu, this is where our Ambassadors must prove that they are worthy of their salt.

        Quite frankly, I believe that for anyone with foreign policy skills and acumen, this is VERY EASY PICKINGS. Link it to reconstruction and consolidation of infrastructure and RELIENCE after massive natural disaster knockout punches. :-D. I am waiting to see real tangible high-level discussions by COMPETENT DELEGATIONS that can effectively communicate.

        ANYONE who could adequately address these overtures can possibly bring about some level of socio-economic transformation. And while at it, a new thrust needs to be developed to address aspects of the economy that can serve as engines of growth. Right now, even with CBI, we cannot boast of any significant engines of growth in manufacturing, the services sector, entertainment or even in tapping into our art, craft, culture and intangible heritage – Have we ever thought of the herbarium that Clemson University started ? JUST A THOUGHT!

    • Gouvelma
      January 28, 2019

      I totally agree with you. If America is against those government in their back yard then they should step up I the plate and build us an international airport. So the delay in getting us an international airport is inexcusable. Family preach that idea to the government. Then again Cadette that will never happen u Dr a labor regime line they will not be able to steal or get anything under the table. Skerritt and his gang will never bring anything to Dominica from which they cannot benefit personally.

    • Ibo France
      January 29, 2019

      Sylvester, you are certainly living in fantasy world. Are your suggestions a blueprint for other needy countries to follow? Do you think the whole world ( EU, USA, Russia, China, etc.) would just spend their hard earned taxpayers’ money haphazardly because they have it in an abundance? Billions were made from the CBI program. Where has it gone? Should Dominica forever remain a mendicant country? This beggarly mentality MUST STOP! Were we born with an inherent disposition to be beggars? Most countries give money with strings attached. For example, Japan gives so you would support their illegal international whaling, China gives so that they can set up their eateries, in your country, selling their cholesterol-laden foods, and their stores, selling their cheap counterfeit goods. We can do most things for ourselves if we stop the wanton corruption. Corruption deprives us of many necessities.

  37. viewsexpressed
    January 28, 2019

    This man Skerrit is one big Joker. This is a political stunt that Skerrit may have stayed at his house somewhere and have someone to draft a quick sketch to fool the eyes of us Dominicans that there will be an international at this place because of two face and is scares 1. He is not sure of the where this airport he has been chattering about like a parrot for over 18 and second, UWP has proposed a well designated place for our airport. Skerrit is spontaneous and childish and the UWP is brace on Acton upon investigation, substance, review, consultation and other matters involved in bringing a projects into reality. Skerrit is pt real, he is a joke in a pack of cards. Please ignore Skerrit and run the other way if yo see this man approaching. Skerrit is a bog joke. For years Skerrit has been talking and chatting BS about airport, now that he has nothing to show for the 18 failed years and Odd Minister he is now trying to ice the cake with designs that are out dated. Skerrit get lost.

  38. Ibo France
    January 28, 2019

    This is the biggest election gimmick that the Skerrit-led DLP administration has used to curry favor with the electorate. The question is – Are the electors going to allow themselves to be fooled for the thousandth time? Believing the runaway rumors about the international airport is believing that a space shuttle has just successfully landed on the surface of the sun. As general elections draw nigh, the promises are coming like torrents of rain. The office holders in the DLP government are making Donald Trump look like a choir boy. Imagine that!

  39. %
    January 28, 2019

    When will Skerrit stop trying to hoodwink Dominicans? ..This man is so shameless with his “”in your face lies”””,, Is he smelling defeat at the polls??
    In 2005 Skerrit had an international airport to build,… He LIED
    In 2009 Skerrit had an international airport to build … He LIED
    In 2014 Skerrit had an international airport to build … He LIED
    Has lying become part of his governance structure?.Young children must not model their utterances on Skerrit..He lies too much! Children choose your role models carefully!!!
    He Lie!!! He Lie!! He Lie!! He Lie!! He Lie!!! He Lie!!! He Lie!!! He Lie?!!
    Skerrit Must Go
    Skerrit Must Go
    Lazy Skerrit Must Go Now

  40. Iamanidiot
    January 28, 2019

    Elections soon i guess, but in any news, those two containers big eh.

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