Cruise ship releases statement on Antrim accident

The accident left on passenger dead
The accident left one passenger dead

P&O Cruises, operators of a ship in which passengers were involved in an accident in Antrim which left one dead, has released a statement describing the event as very sad.

“A bus operated by a shore excursion provider was involved in a collision in Dominica on Wednesday lunchtime,” the statement said. “The bus was carrying 12 passengers, including 10 guests from Azura. The cause of the accident is not yet known. ”

The statement said one passenger has died of injuries and nine were treated at hospital with the majority now discharged.

“The names of the guests involved in the incident have not been released. P&O Cruises representatives are on-site at the hospital to support the injured. Next of kin have been informed,” the statement stated. “We have activated our Care team to help those affected by the accident.”

P&O Cruises Senior Vice President, Paul Ludlow, said, “Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone touched by this tragic event. Our employees and crew are working to do everything we can to extend support and assistance to those affected and their loved ones.”

There has been no official statement from the police on the accident.

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  1. Run
    November 13, 2016

    A space rocket that hit that bus man!!!

  2. ShapeShifter
    November 11, 2016

    The guy that filmed the video got to be the dumbness alive. how u on a video talking N!gg3r ebonics.
    dude seat down..and he constantly saying the woman dead because she wasnt moving.smh..

    The guy that shoot that video should just kill himself..he more want facebook likes than he want to carry the incident truthfully and with empathy for the people he filming.. “da one diah dead”..smh..

    and to the people that saying is Labour Government that cause the accident..u people are the reason the country so..blame blame blame..

    a guy overtaking around a corner switched his own driving lane and collide with a bus “head-on”..and all the comments are directed at the Bus Driver and The Government.. :?: :?:

    People it is very easy to be wise: just think of something stupid to type/say and don’t do it.”..

    tadahhhhhhhh..see…now u at home practice it..I will check all u..

  3. Informant
    November 11, 2016

    People, yes, we need to take more care on the road. But let us not make this about labour or politics, especially considering the fact that someone lost her life. We sympathize with her family and friends.

    We do not know the circumstances of the accident so let us allow the police, and the various insurance investigators to do their jobs, and hopefully update us when they have the details. In the meantime, we wish all the injured a speedy recovery. Let us also pray for our country which this year has seen a number of serious and sadly fatal road accidents for 2016. Lord, we ask that you spare us, and protect us from the loss of more lives on our road this year and the ones to come.

    • Robert
      November 14, 2016

      Thankyou for your comments and thoughts regarding the motor vehicle accident on your beautiful island.we were on your island at the time of the accident but thankfully were not involved in it but we’re on the same ship(Azura)as the passengers in the mini bus.all that is needed to improve matters with the vehicles is for them to slow down a little and show courtesy to other road users.

  4. The blind one
    November 10, 2016

    in the olden days when we had less resources and fewer police officers, we had police officers patrolling the road on bikes, there were much less vehicles and the job was getting done, recently we had the chinese government donating several bikes to the police,additionally we just saw skerro and blackmore giving several new vehicles to the police, the question why are there no police patrols on the streets where the tours are moving, checking for particulars and controlling speed limits.
    Wake up law men Roseau alone is definitely not Dominica.

  5. Jah
    November 10, 2016

    So sad to hear of this tragedy, I just returned home from Creole Fest and I must say that drivers have no respect for other drivers on the road. they think that the roads belong to them. The Government should place penalties on fast drivers. Take away their licences and allow them to pay a huge fine for such tragedies.It’s ridiculous that people have to be in such a rush for nothing and taking away innocent lives. It is ashamed that visitors have to be returned in body bags to their loved ones all because on human error, and also citizens of the country have to bury their loved ones. Please” Drivers Stop” the rush and slow down, and allow everyone to go home in” Whole” not in “Pieces.”

    • Ragga
      November 10, 2016

      Once those drivers, especially bus drivers, see Rental names on vehicles, is as if they vex…. they show no courtesy,

  6. November 10, 2016

    WTH -Does Matt or Carlisle have any idea what diplomacy and decorum means. These two rabble rousers were on the air waves this morning like two novices discussing the recent accident like it was a political football. I pity their listening audience who are constantly being abused by their daily partisan assault. There is no limit to their bias; they cannot decipher proper protocol when it is appropriate based on the situation at hand. They act like they know all, and are the authority on all things pertaining to government policies. The tone on Q95 was inexusable and does not help in procuring more tourism product. They are doing more harm than good, and should realize that accidents are accident. In the USA, insurance companies implement a no fault policy, meaning that no one is at fault, and therefore equal responsibilty is assessed to each party in the event of an accident. It may go further in proving fault or blame by taking the incident to a court of law.

    • madam la
      November 10, 2016

      you guys want always sweep everything under the carpet. This is news- Period! and sometimes there are news that are not favourable. You are the same set who will look and listen to USA news and wants all the details. It is news! we want to hide everything no wonder so much BULLSHIT goes on in this place and everything is hush and wickedness and evil continues. We should be thankful that it was not killing/murdere . What would be the role of the media if they can’t tell it like it is. Tourist visit many countries – they are robbed and sometimes kill yet it is the media role to inform the public as to what has happened. WHat is wrong with you wicked , pretentious people. Bad things happen hear too just like everywhere else and the media has to report it. There are not there to make you feel good and give you a false sign that everything fine. It is what it is! grow up

    • madam la
      November 10, 2016

      Thank God for credible men like Matt and Carlyle – we get to know what is happening in this country. Can you imagine that the minister of tourist is asking the media to stop reporting on such an incident? WHat madness is this. What is there to hide? or is this incident exposing this inadequacy of our Government, the lack of proper medical facilities, etc? Is this incident exposing the lie that we’ve been told that the hospital is functioning well and fully equipped? Will this incident expose another lie and create embarrassment? From my angle – this was a reckless driver who caused an accident which took lives of a foreigner and injured many- what if it was a bus local Dominicans would it be ok to report ? or is it because it is a bus load of white tourists? News is news and the story to be told. I am a bit disappointed with the 5 line report that was made on this story at first. There is so many aspects to that matter. Why wasn;t the reporter on this scene giving a first hand…

    • madam la
      November 10, 2016

      Is it ok that BBC can report but you and the Minister of Tourism wants to hiden? then what message are you sending to the outter world? in case you don’t know – when you hide this type of things then it makes our security questionable to the same tourists because everything must come to light as much as you want it hidden. Stop being politically foolish and ignorant

    • viewsexpressed
      November 11, 2016

      Jah, correction, from what I read, it is not “visitors” who passed but one unfortunate death. Secondly the government has not will not, not able to place you so called penalties because roads in Dominica appears to be construction in a tou Cho tou flam ” basis not taking into consideration our landscape, waters, erosions, soil etc. There are no related signs posted all over Dominica warning of danger bends, cautions for speed control etc. This corrupt government are only good at building structures with no plan to maintain, obey the road traffic laws etc. etc. This country is a big mess. Where is the Public Works Department.
      We are saddened by the loss of our dear visitor and injuries to others. Our condolences.

    • viewsexpressed
      November 11, 2016

      It matters to us that the Voice of Q95 is relevant to the voice and exhaling of their views and contempt of this corrupt, inept Labour Party Government. I have followed world news and any incidents, accidents the media is out in full bloom covering the story with their TV cameras and mike rightly at the faces and doorsteps of government ministers and departments responsible. We must put the blame where it is due, at the doorsteps of government. There is a thing called accountability.
      I just followed a news bulletin on BBC World of a tram that overturned and killed one woman. The driver is arrested and also signal lights are already addressed as maybe a cause. This is now big debate and review on all radio and TV news channels, newspapers and social media. So please give Matt and Carlisle and Q95 Radio a break and go place your concern at the doorstep of government, DBS Radio, Kairi and GIS and that the catch up with Q 95 on “Breaking News.

  7. Truth Be Told
    November 10, 2016

    BBC News: “A British passenger has died and nine others have been injured in a bus crash on a P&O Cruises holiday. They were on a shore excursion on the Caribbean island of Dominica on Wednesday when their tour bus was involved in a collision. The P&O ship Azura sailed from Southampton on 28 October with more than 3,000 passengers on board. P&O has confirmed that all those injured are British, and have been treated at a local hospital.”

    • Princess Natari
      November 10, 2016

      And what is worse for us is the pics showing people who are not with the Police or Emergency Medical Services milling around. The first thing the Police needed to do on arrival is cordon off the scene so as to preserve evidence for their investigation…..SMH
      These agencies are so unprofessional…..lack of training and correct procedures. When will we ever learn?
      It is sad that this happened. My prayers to the family of the deceased and those injured.

  8. Just saying
    November 10, 2016

    So so sad. Read comments on their facebook:

  9. November 10, 2016

    To very concern , your comment made a whole lot of sense, thanks for trying to inform the public, 45yrs over seas I have never seen this kind of driving, the young people here drive recklessly, what is the hurry , the traffic division need to play an active role in this , , we need that here, insurance , and license check should be implemented , the uninsured bus driver need to get off the road .

  10. Act Responsibly Dominicans (Grow Up)
    November 10, 2016

    It defies logic why Dominicans are predominantly making use of their SMARTPHONES for social reasons and this being an integral part of our culture. It is disrespectful and must be upsetting to the families of victims of this accident to see their loved ones in such a state of despair. As Dominicans the majority of us go our daily lives in idle chatter… sitting in street corners gossiping and minding others business. We use our smartphones with dignity; maximising every feature of it for social needs but void of any idea that can derive us real business benefit through its use.

    I just don’t know “Why oh why” people have put out videos on this incident, which has gone viral on the internet and across frontiers – this is so insensitive.

  11. JA4UK
    November 10, 2016

    On the BBC news in London today !!

  12. Tarzan
    November 10, 2016

    Our drivers need to better care when driving especially those driving passenger vehicles it’s scares then hell out off me when I’m home cause our roads are always wet.

    November 10, 2016

    ppl believed dominica is perfect place like nothing dont have to happen all around the world things are happening best thing to do is invest jesus more in our island

    • Concern citizen
      November 10, 2016

      Yes mr. Lucian, thanks for ur. comments I agree with that things are happening all over the world, but at the same time if the authority is concern about the country and it’s in habitant then the Govt. won’t spend $32m on a campaign and just spending money lavishly on elections giving people materials and goods and live the Island under develop

  14. Very Concerned
    November 10, 2016

    On reading previous comments relating to this sad event, a large percentage of people seem to be dismissing the VERY OBVIOUS fact that we do need to take more care on our roads. Yes, we can pray all we want. Yes, we can ask God to bless the dead and yes we can put our faith in God. However, what do we really think is going on in God’s head when ‘he’ makes people act like lunatics, forever overtaking vehicles in dangerous situations on our roads. I think that behaviour is more about individual’s stupidity than God’s will. Please WAKE UP my people. We’re rushing around in so much hurry and making the slowest progress ever. I feel for those involved in all these needless tragedies. Let’s now start counting the fools who will give this message the thumbs down!

    • Daryl Joseph
      November 10, 2016

      Very well said
      Thank you very much

    • watchit
      November 10, 2016

      You are so right. THe police, government officials and tourism ministers need to take this very seriously. WE are investing a lot on tourism, it would not be wise to allow a few individuals to wipe all that away.
      Some drivers drive without thought or have any idea of the driving codes. They drive too fast in places where they should not and overtake when it’s not appreciate. This is the second time in less than a year a visitor looses their life on our island.
      Please all be very cautious. WE all need to be vigilant. If we want to be successful in tourism we need to do the right thing. THis is an experience we dont want to create.

    • Delices in US
      November 10, 2016

      Truth to that. People drive recklessly in DA going no where in a hurry. The roads are narrow and even in areas like Canefield where the roads are a little wider there is no need for driving like this. People drive without thinking about others. Overtaking in single lane is a disaster. And time and time again it happens but no one is taking heed.

    • R
      November 10, 2016

      In addition to this, the law needs to help curb this behavior by imposing harsher punishments for reckless drivers who intentionally endanger the lives of others. These drivers come out with slaps on the wrists. Too many motorists drive carelessly without any consideration for other drivers and pedestrians alike. With the increase in the number of vehicles on island, I only see this problem escalating. All authorities involved need to come together and find solutions before it gets out of hand. Granted it happens everywhere, and all accidents can never be prevented, but at least it can reduce the frequency with which it occurs and the fatalities.

    • November 10, 2016

      Agreed 1000%. Stupidity? I said it. Animialistic behaviour! some of the bus drivers, and those motor cyclists is Dominica`s Next man made DIASTER, U READ IT FIRST ON D.N.O. I REST.


  15. Me
    November 10, 2016

    Good for you DNO. You are more, and better informed than those stale government controlled news outlets. Keep it up.

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