Dominica to mark the first anniversary of Tropical Storm Erika with national days of prayer and thanksgiving

Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th of August have been declared national days of prayer
The village of Petite Savanne was devastated by Tropical Storm Erika

The Government of Dominica has declared Saturday August 27 and Sunday August 28, 2016 asNational Days of Prayer and Thanksgivingto mark the first anniversary of the passing of Tropical Storm Erika.

As a lead-in to the two NationalDays ofPrayer and Thanksgiving, Prime Minister Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit will deliver an address to the nation on Friday August 26, 2016, one year after the deadliest natural disastersince Hurricane David in 1979.

On August 27, 2015, Tropical Storm Erika dumped an average 17.83 inches of rain on Dominica triggering flooding and mudslides that left thirty-one (31) people dead, thousands more displaced and causing over $EC1 billion in damage.

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  1. A Doubting Thomas In Solidarity
    August 26, 2016

    Dear God, Thank you for looking over your children as we never want to be seen as being ungrateful. We appreciate your generous mercy over Dominica. When we look all over the world we can truly say that You outstretch your arms and cover your people.

    As we remember our dead & the devastation as a result of Erika let us not forget the numerous people worldwide who are in similiar or worst situation than we are in Dominica.

    Lord God, I remember the people who suffered as a result of Hurricane Katrina a few years ago, as those of us who live in the United States and elsewhere believe acts of nature can be blamed on our Government when it happens in Dominica due to politics.

    We remember the Flood Victims in Louisiana last week and coming on its heels, the world is again in a state of shock as we see the devastation of the earthquake in Italy. Dear God Thy Will will be done and we pray for our brothers and sisters in Dominica and around the world. Lest we forget. Amen

  2. August 26, 2016

    It is indeed appropriate for PM Skerrit to declare a Day of Prayer and Thanksgiving in memory of Erika.

    In the Bible we have examples of how God honored national leaders and their people when they collectively recognized Him and came before the Throne of Grace with their petitions and praise.

    I find it appalling that some Dominicans would use this blessed occasion to once again spew out criticisms of the Prime Minister. It seems no matter what the man does there are always nay-sayers coming out of the workwork. I have never in over 50 years of world travel in evangelism seen such a situation.

    We pray for those who suffered hurt and loss, and for their continued healing and restoration. We give thanks for the lives that were spared, for the people and organizations that assisted financially, and for individuals who have laboured to assist in repairing.

    Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill. Evangelism.

    • August 26, 2016

      According to the Holy Scriptures God sometimes sends a disaster to speak to people about their sins and call them to repentance.

      Anybody who lives on the island OR follows DOMINICA NEWS ONLINE know there is enough sin in Dominica to attract God’s attention! Your yearly ”carnival” is smoke in His eyes with its alcohol, drugs, semi-nakedness, lewd dancing and lyrics, and fornication. This is only the annual peak of your degradation. The sin continues all year in the bars, dance halls, behind closed doors, in parked cars, and in ally-ways.

      Many closer to the action than I am believe Erika is only a foretaste of the worst to come. But there are righteous people in Dominica. Their prayers are holding back the wrath of God. But beware lest God’s patience wearies some day and leaves your beautiful island in the blast.

      Yes, a National Day of Repentance is called for :!: Don’t misunderstand me. My own nation – Canada – needs to repent even more.

      Sincerely, Rev. Donald…

      • August 26, 2016

        After a National Day of Repentance it would be wonderful to have an island wide Gospel Festival :!: Let it be led by the best of your church musicians and anointed gospel singers. Feature testimonies from individuals who have encountered Christ, people whose lives have been changed by the touch of the Master’s Hand. Then turn it over to an absolutely fearless evangelist, a God called messenger of the cross who will tell the old, old story of Jesus and His love, and invite people to publically surrender their lives to Christ.

        Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill. Evangelist. 8)

      • Joe
        August 26, 2016

        We are not all CHRISTIANS REVEREND HILL!!!

      • August 27, 2016
  3. Tell the Facts
    August 25, 2016

    Fellow D/cans, it is a godly gesture to give due thanks to God for sparing you and disallowing TS Erika further devastation in D/ca and of lives. You do know, this could very well have occurred.
    Granted, some lives were lost including property but much of D/ca and yourselves are still standing. :) It is something to smile about and enough to give God due thanks and praise. He is pleased with your prayers and of gratitude.
    When praying, He does not judge those who do. He notes how you pray. Therefore, “pray with the heart.” The latter stated by The Mother of God. This means fervently.
    This weekend I will remember D/ca, yourselves in prayer. We pray that Dominica will never experience such a storm/hurricane again or not in such a manner or a worst one.
    God spare Dominica and nationals. God bless all of you.

    • Tell the Facts
      August 25, 2016

      As I stated that, the thought came to my mind of what The Ever Blessed Virgin Mary, The Mother of God said in one of her many messages down through the ages which, as usual is a message for all God’s created children whether they are believers or not.
      She said: “Prayers can avert disasters.” Please keep this in mind.
      Love and Peace!

  4. dominica blessed
    August 25, 2016

    the level of ignorance DOMINICAINS have eh….God be with u guys !!!

  5. Reasoning
    August 25, 2016

    :?: Yahweh God heareth not sinners prayers; but if anyone be a true worshipper of Yahweh God,them Yahweh God will hear. How much hypocritical can this illegal rogue prime mistake be,to call for national day of prayer and true worshippers of Yahweh God Almighty will listen and take heed to him :?: This man who holds power illegally needs repentance!!!

    August 24, 2016

    All the passport money you are using to syphone through your so-called kempinski hotel which is a scam,use it instead on the people and the infrastructure to keep the people safe instead of your hypocritical days of prayers which the Father of Creation is not interested in because of your evil unrepentant heart! :?:

  7. Danziger
    August 24, 2016

    To me Hurricane David was August 29th, 1979.

    • Alas
      August 25, 2016

      Who said it wasn’t?

  8. Well I am not in Dominica, so I am writing my prayer, in advance

    Heaven Father as we come the end of the first year since Tropical Storm Erika lashed us and our homeland, Dominica, down to a gruesome demise, we remember that as difficult as it was, You were among us.

    O God, You have said that \”Your strength is made perfect in weakness\”, You demonstrated that truth to us, in that we are here today to give You praise and thanks for Your deliverance, You built our hope for recovery through Your various messengers with material donations of difference kinds–You did not leave us to suffer alone.

    O God You know that at this time of 2015, we were a people who had been stricken–maybe by your own rebuke, but You did not allow us to fall to the deepest ground, for You picked us up as quick as we were stricken

    Please remain with us dear God, as we continue to recover; teach us to obey Your Will –our driver in Life- in Jesus name I pray. Amen!

    • The Evangelist
      August 24, 2016

      @Graceful&WiseLiving4Elohim, kindly consider the passage below.
      “Now we know that God heareth not sinners: but if any man be a worshipper of God, and doeth his will, him he heareth.” John 9:31

      God ONLY hears those who are His worshippers and those that do His will. One CANNOT be doing God’s will and supporting, encouraging, be part of, and defending the blatant lies, hypocrisies, and deceptions of Roosevelt Skerrit and his ministers .

      I have no doubt that it was because of such things Erika shook us like she did and as long we continue partaking in such evils, Dominica will go nowhere because Skerrit will build, but his works will go down in the fire.

      • @The Evangelist August 24, 2016

        So then, on August 28, 2016 God will hear the prayers of those who worship Him, pertaining to His deliverance from the rage of Tropical Storm Ericka in 2015; what is your point now?

        if you are trying to judge people, I have, and want nothing to do with it

    • August 26, 2016

      AMEN :!:

      I join Dominican believers in these days of Prayer and Thanksgiving for bringing the nation through Erika and for the continued healing of the nation.

      Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill. Evangelist.

  9. JesusSaves
    August 24, 2016

    Dominica is a very hypocrite country stop making joke with God.
    you cannot live like the devil for most of the year and then praise God only in your trouble times,
    God will not be receiving that can of praise, from people who don’t serve him with all there heart.
    Live like Jesus all the time. And make carnival Monday and Tuesday a praise festival instead.
    Because something worse than Erika will happen when the Lord is ready to bring Judgement on this nation.
    Have a good day.

    • weypapa/mama
      August 25, 2016

      It\’s better to start somewhere at some time. Jesus didn\’t come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. Only God knows our heart. So we shouldn\’t be too quick to call other people hypocrite. I want to remain as humble as possible, and not think of myself better than anyone else. Thank you Jesus.

    • Joe
      August 25, 2016

      Dominica is the only place on earth who celebrates CARNIVAL RIGHT!!!!!!! SMDFH!!!

    • Tell the Facts
      August 25, 2016

      You referred to everyone. Who do you think you are? A saint? Saints are in Heaven. They served God with all their hearts and souls. God rewarded them with eternal life.
      It is said, if you want to become a saint, read about the lives of the saints. They also did not judge anyone. They prayed to God for everyone, even their persecutors. This is how they were able to obtain eternal salvation.
      You people who judge others highly offend God. Our Lord said: “Do not judge that you will not be judged and two-fold.” He knows your sins.
      It is a grave mistake people as you commit. When you judge others especially that they did not harm you, you commit a sin, either way. Consider how many sins you commit when you consistently judge them.
      Judge yourself and pray to God for your sins, to perfect you in words and actions. You are in dire need of that and godly enlightenment. The fact you judge, you do not serve God with all your heart and soul.

    • Mealone
      August 25, 2016

      @ JesusSaves, at least some of us are planning to come together to pray and praise God. There are places where people don’t even get the chance to pray. Maybe you should consider joining in the moment of prayer and forget who is hypocrit or not. God is a loving God and he loves all that he has created.

      • Tell the Facts
        August 26, 2016

        The more the better which will please God and help Dominica and nationals.
        As we know, Our Lord Jesus Christ said: “Where two or more are gathered in My Name, there I am in your midst and anything you ask for it will be granted.”
        Praise and Thanks be to God!

  10. Favored
    August 24, 2016

    The next area that will be impacted in similar ways to Petit Savannah in the very near future will be Petit Soufierre, Good Hope and San Sanveur because we are paying no heed to the vulnerabilities of the people in that part of the island. Risk Reduction and risk management begins with reducing and managing population exposure. And that we are failing to address. Therefore we will continue in making the same mistakes over and over again, that is, responding with make shift mitigation measures after the fact. No government wants to bite the bullet to do what has to be done.

    • resident
      August 24, 2016

      I rebuke u and ur negative comment. Think of something positive to say. Stupes

  11. Red striped one wear shirt
    August 24, 2016

    Way Papa…………………….. Unbelievable, how can anyone ever forget Erika. There has just been a depression over Dominica, very luckily no rain and no damage. However, very little if anything has been done to put back Dominica. We still have all the Bailey bridges, we have a great many bad roads and unsafe places and in a year nothing has been done to fix this. What a hypocritical thing. So what if we do have another Erika, how many countries would feel like helping Dominica when they gave funds and the whole world can see nothing has been done to fix her. The Government should be ashamed it is a disgrace. Stupes……. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. We morn our dead. RIP the dead would turn in their graves to see that no one cares about fixing Dominica the beautiful nature island of the Caribbean after Erika. Stupes. Way papa

    • sel
      August 25, 2016

      Your handle should read instead “My cranium stripped of it’s brain”

    • Joe
      August 25, 2016

      Well at least Dubique residents are settled at Center in Grandbay, thanks to the hard work of this Government!!! Bailey bridges also assist us in traversing the country and i am very grateful for them so if you feel that this is nothing then build us a 4 lane bridge!!!!

  12. Dan is de man in de Van
    August 24, 2016

    What about hurricane David. No anniversary for him…..

    • Tell the Facts
      August 25, 2016

      David had its time already. :lol: Today, people are more enlightened to know they must pray and thank God to having spared them. Do not deny them that God-given opportunity. God enlightens. He is pleased with genuine prayers.
      A saying, no doubt stated by a saint: “God governs the world but prayers govern God.”
      Let them pray. God knows that Dominica in general is in dire need of prayers. You, too, do your part which is an obligation.

  13. August 24, 2016

    Prayer and thanksgiving sound good but it would be better if it were a “National Day of Repentance “, where the PM and his ministers could address us on and tell us exactly what he was doing in Macau, together with his friends, and why his his friends in his circle were jailed in Ny, except him. Also, the minister that ran in front to perform funerals, needs to tell us why he rushed the burials and if those he claimed to have buried were really the ones he buried so they could get a death certificate? Let’s use the opportunity to confess our sins first and then pray

    • Skerritr Agent
      August 24, 2016

      @Cemetery Church you are so correct. One year after Erika Skerrit is yet to tell the nation what exactly he was doing in Macau with Lap seng, Ashe who died a mysterious death just days before trial, Lorenzo and others, who were all seen in photo cutting cake with Skerrit, two days before Erika and were all arrested by FBI two weeks later, except Mr. Skerrit. Like Jonas that was running in disobedience and had to be vomited by a whale in the midst of a storm, so to the PM had to be given helicopter ride so his nakedness could revealed.
      Like you I have also wondered about the so called rushed burials of the corrupt minister who lied to us about his Lang-ka-wee trip. I mean why rush those secret burials? Wouldn’t it be nice if loved ones and friends could bury those that died? Knowing how corrupt they are I wouldn’t be surprised that those he claimed to have buried were not the ones he buried but said so for death certificate. They need a repentance service to confess their sin

    • Tell the Facts
      August 25, 2016

      In prayer, they also repent. Do you know what is contained in their heart? People as you act as if you are in their mind and heart.
      Your broken trumpet is outdated and will not help. Keep them to yourself.
      When people confess to God with a humble and contrite heart, He forgives them. It is between God and themselves. He does not remember their sins/frailties.
      Some of you D/cans continue with your charade. If you carry-on like that how do you ever expect God to forgive you? You sound like a bitter person without a good heart and consideration. Look to yourself and pray to God to release your feelings, to cleanse and heal your heart which is in dire need of same in a worst manner.

  14. Pondera
    August 24, 2016

    God has been gracious and kind to Dominica. His mercies endureth for ever. Thank God for a government that has had excellent international relations and a foreign policy that takes development of country as its hallmark. We give God thanks!

  15. August 24, 2016

    We think we can go to Macau sewing and signing corrupt documents and when we were cut naked by Erika, we can come and hide behind church? These hypocrites who were really the cause of the wrath of Erika think God sleeping? I hope on that day captain will start by confessing his evils to the nation. Otherwise the worse is yet to come.

    • Joe
      August 25, 2016


      Please DNO words are powerful, these IDIOTS thinks when wrath falls on Dominica it is only Skerrit who feels it, I BEG YOU WHEN MODERATING PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT POST THESE RUBBISH!!!!!! It is best to have no comments than to have these NEGATIVES, Dominica go down means no business for you and all of us who lives there will suffer… These IDIOTS do not leave on island so they don’t care!!!! SMDFH!!!

      • @Joe August 25, 2016

        I definitely join hands with you at this comment! Yes indeed! I rebuke that EVIL UTTERANCE!

        That person who calls himself/herself Evangelist knows nothing about Evangelism–the attitude is too dark and futile for that Title.

        I agree that DNO should not print those kinds of comments on their comment board; it is bad for all of us.

    • Tell the Facts
      August 25, 2016

      Listen you. You are not God. Save your soul and mind your own sinful business. You confess your sins. God knows you are no perfect person.

  16. Reasoning
    August 24, 2016

    Another rhetoric to fool and buy the people and churches! You the rogue prime mistake,the people do not need your national day of prayer. What they need is for you to meet their needs,get the infrastructure in good condition! REVOLUTION TIME NOW!!!

    • Tell the Facts
      August 25, 2016

      Do you know your comment can convict you and condemn you to Hell? If you know what is contained in Holy Scripture, you would never make such a comment. Go and study and learn Holy Scriptures.
      What is stated in Holy Scripture is to perfection. You are not and far from that, based on your comment which gave you away.
      A man is judged by what comes out of his mind and mouth. In this case, through your fingers on the keyboard :twisted: : :mrgreen: twisted: : :mrgreen: twisted: :mrgreen: :twisted: :mrgreen: :twisted: :mrgreen: :twisted: :mrgreen:

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