UPDATE: Dr. Sam Christian being flown to Martinique following vehicular accident

Dr. Sam Christian

According to the latest information reaching Dominica News Online (DNO), arrangements have been made to fly United Workers Party (UWP) candidate for the Soufriere Constituency, Dr. Sam Christian, to Martinique today.

Dr. Christian was admitted to hospital as a result of injuries which he suffered during a vehicular accident that occurred at Pointe Michel on Saturday.

UWP Deputy Leader, Joshua Francis, in a post on his Facebook page on Saturday evening, described the accident, as “strange” and said the injured Dr. Christian had been admitted to the Alford Ward of the Princess Margaret Hospital.

This morning, in an updated Facebook message, Francis stated, “Arrangements have been made to get Dr. Sam out of PMH-ICU and flown to Martinique today! We must keep praying without ceasing.”

DNO spoke to another source who informed us that arrangements are being made by the Minister for Health, Dr. Kenneth Darroux, to bring an air ambulance from Martinique to airlift Dr. Christian to the hospital in that country where it is expected that he will undergo surgery for an injury to the pelvic area which he received during the accident.

We were told that doctors in the the Intensive Care Unit at the PMH have been working on Dr. Christian and that at the time, he was able to to speak, although he was very drowsy. We were also told that progress was being in efforts to get him in the proper condition to be able to travel to Martinique.

DNO also learned that there was a contingent of UWP members at the PMH, including political leader Lennox Linton and deputy leader, Joshua Francis.

Details are still unclear but DNO understands that the accident occurred when Dr. Christian was reversing a vehicle at a friends’ house in Pointe Michel and that he ended up getting pinned when he tried to exit or to enter the vehicle.

Meanwhile, the Christian family has released the following statement on the incident.

Dear Friends,
As has been reported, general surgeon  Dr. Samuel J. Christian, was seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident on December 1, 2018. It is reported that the SUV he was operating rolled over him shortly after he tried to exit or enter the vehicle. His injuries are grave and efforts are underway to secure for him the necessary medical care on the French Department of Martinique.

In this moment of grave concern over the life of Dr Sam Christian, his mother Mrs. Alberta Christian, the Christian family and friends wish to thank  the Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, the Leader of the Opposition Lennox Linton, Sam’s attorney Joshua Francis, Cecil Joseph,  Adenauer “Washway” Douglas, Matt Peltier, Alicia & Trudy Christian, Pearls Christian, Dr Hazel Shillingford-Ricketts,  Dr Dale Dangleben, Dr Irving Pascal, the attending physicians and staff of the Princess Margaret Hospital, alongside ordinary citizens at home and abroad who have rallied with humanitarian fervor in this moment. Dr. Sam Christian did his best for Dominica when he could. He will continue to do his best to unite and prosper our nation by God’s grace.

May the exemplary conduct of all concerned, on both sides of the aisle in our homeland and Diaspora, be a salutary message which directs us toward a better and more unified dispensation. As we seek to aid Dr. Sam   Christian in his darkest hour we know it is that love and unity he would want to see made manifest in our land.

We pray that his life be saved.

Gabriel J. Christian, Esq.

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  1. December 3, 2018

    It is sad and disturbing to read some of the rubbish most of you have posted on this site. I’m going to assume that It is Sheer ignorance. I live in a state where hospitals are too numerous to count. The fact of the matter is, some hospitals have better resources than others and are better equipped than others. That does not mean that the level of care you are receiving is sub-par, all that it means is that you are receiving the highest level of care that hospital can provide. Let’s face it, a top notch hospital is going to cost top notch $$. I’m not sure what Dominica’s economy is but can you afford to pay top notch $$ for health care. It is not a bad thing to receive mutual aid. Don’t you think? I just want to help you think outside of the box and stop thinking that everything is politically driven. To all the people who made Dr. Christian your priority in receiving medical treatment, I appreciate your effort. Wishing you a speedy recovery Cuz. Love you

  2. Diafish jab
    December 3, 2018

    I wish Dr Sam well. Accidents do happen and unfortunately this gentleman has been at the receiving end of quite a few! Let those who are posting accusations show evidence or stop the divisive rubbish talk immediately. It is irresponsible, vulgar and downright poisonous! It is disappointing that the moderator for publishing these comments has allowed such vile and defamatory comments to be associated with this paper. I will seek my news elsewhere from now on! God Bless and protect the Christian family and continue to provide healing hands over Dr Sam, Amen!

  3. shrewd
    December 2, 2018

    wishing Dr Sam Christian speedy recovery. God bless you, we love you.

  4. KIP
    December 2, 2018

    Blacks can’t reason our mental incapacity creates poverty wherever we are in the majority.. Get well soon.

  5. NatureIsle
    December 2, 2018

    Wishing him a Speedy recovery & God’s Peace, strength & Grace to his family at this time… Indeed, let us all continue to pray. God has the last say in All things!

    December 2, 2018

    The important thing is that the SAME GOVERNMENT is making arrangement to fly him(Doctor Sam) to Martinique to undergo surgery.
    What a contingent of UWP MEMBERS at the PMH that!? That should be obvious without mentioning. Is the leader or his deputy doing anything to help? Soon we will read of a contingent of UWP SUPPOTERS are/were at the PMH to witness his(Sam) departure to Martinique.

    • Island gurl
      December 2, 2018

      Tht good kill them with kindness, show then love,

    • Fbother
      December 2, 2018

      Jark ahhs yes the same governementime it’s the people money not the government money go to hell the government has no choice…. if he had a proper hospital he would not hAve to be transported oversea for treatment.. damn incompetent labour party administration… fiX the damn hospital… we will vote all u … out and fix all u up after. .. skerite and them flying oversea for a simple headach why can’t dr Christian get oversea treatment too… kid get out the block u darn blok..

      • Itassi Peeps
        December 3, 2018

        You people see death flash before you and you still walking down that same evil road. If you guys were in power you would let Skerrit die in the Vieille Case health center. You guys cannot even say a proper thank you to the man trying to save his life. You must include everyone that don’t have a penny to his name just to call Skerrit name. Just remember the same money you claim Skerrit is stealing is the same money he is using to help you ungrateful people. God don’t like ugly and he don’t sleep. I really feel sorry for you people. Continue to hate Skerrit and harbor evil see where it gets you guys.

    • SAME OLD
      December 2, 2018

      Kid on the block. The Dr Sam is a citizen of the Commonwealth of Dominica and it is the responsibility of the government to provide adequate health care systems for all citizens. Further more I am sure that the money in the national treasury is the peoples money not the politicians money.Also with or without government assistance Dr Sam will get proper medical care.

    • Neg
      December 2, 2018

      Question to you KID ON THE BLOCK? Is DR Sam an enemy of the state? I feel sad when I get to know how some people think.

    • %
      December 2, 2018

      What an idiotic comment.Isn’t the good Doctor a citizen of the Commonwealth of Dominica?This is the most ludicrous blogg of the year.It can only come from an inconscionable jack ….!
      Shame on this government we are still unable to deal with almost anything pertaining ing to the health of our people..This is incompetence at its highest .A waste of time government,replete with MISLEADERS.WE shouldn’t be in 2018 in this predicament…!

    • December 2, 2018

      “The important thing is that the SAME GOVERNMENT is making arrangement to fly him(Doctor Sam) to Martinique to undergo surgery” @KID ON THE BLOCK December 2, 2018

      Hello kid; I have always agreed with you because you and I are on the same side.

      But this time I need to scold you with that comment above, for with a situation like that, politics should stand aside and allow social welfare in Dominica to deal with it. That too is part of the responsibility of the Government, and we only have ONE the SAME and will always be the SAME–regardless of who is in Power.

      I am saying that the Government is responsible to take care of the people, especially in such cases, that is what they are placed in that ROLE to do–there can be nothing partisan in that situation

      And while I am at it, I hope that Dr. Christian is going to be okay

    • John Jay
      December 2, 2018

      Boss where all this coming in there. Its no time for politics. The fault is the government. If their was proper health facilities Dr.Sam would not have to flown to Martinique. The government owes it to each and everyone who is in need of urgent care so stop your nonsense, be a Dominican and STOP I SAY STOP BEHAVING SO. What we should be doing now is wish for the best of Dr. Christian health. I wish all the best Dr our prays are with you.

      • mine
        December 3, 2018

        Why are you blaming the Government. A seriously hurt patient is being transferred to other hospitals for treatment. My sister lived in St.Croix she wa air lifted to Miami.

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      December 2, 2018

      It is a pity, that people like you have to live among sane, and rational people, breathing God oxygen!

      Who is the government? 

      Who, is the authority authority over the Government? Don’ t you know that in true reality the people of Dominica, are the true power in any country. The people of Dominica are the power, they have all power and control over Roosevelt Skerrit, Melissa, and the rest of the clowns posing as government ministers.

      People like you are so …., you allow the scums who calls themselves ministers of government to usurp your authority, and power over them.

      Anybody who votes to elect a government is actually the boss over the politicians, and not the other way around! Now if Dominica had not become a Failed State under Roosevelt Skerrit!

      Medical technology would be more advance in Dominica, hence no one would have to be air-vac  (evacuated) out of the country for medical treatment.

      Shut up!

      Note: In Antigua;  Antigua trained doctors are performing…

      • Silver fox
        December 3, 2018

        @ Francisco, I always new you were a fake and idiot with your certificate of medical of science you got from the dollar shop. Don’t you know by now accident victims or patients sometimes move from one hospital to another? Regardless off country or state.

      • Lenpro
        December 3, 2018

        Francisco, i assume that you are responding to (kid’s) blog. So Kid made political comment which was wrong. And its your opinion with this (it is a pity, that people like you have to live among sane, and rational people breathing God’s oxygen) . And here you are making the same nonsensical political garbage. Do you think ….. like you are antitled to God gift and other are not?. He who exalt himself will be humbled. Whoever humble himself will be exalted.

    • PENNY
      December 3, 2018

      Hey kiddo your fake DR DR needs to put out of office, In 2018 such poor health care in DA. And by the way it’s not PM money is the people’s money. I pray God for those who cannot afford to get out for medical help stay healthy.

    • Smh
      December 3, 2018

      It’s comments like these which reveal the heart of men. An elected government doesn’t only serve those who elected them, they also serve those who voted for someone else! For crying out loud man! What difference does it make? Stop allowing politics to perpetuate division. Dominica will never go anywhere with such unproductive thinking…and that’s what we have had for years…unproductive thinkers who just talk and slow progress. We are one people, one nation. In a democratic society a government needs an opposition to keep them in line or at least try…so if that’s Dr Christian’s role then so be it…his party color shouldn’t be a factor in such a difficult time.

  7. Tobby
    December 2, 2018

    How comes Dr. Christian always find himself in things like that, if is not slash tyres is burst head or vehicle accident. Them things doesn’t add up.

  8. mine
    December 2, 2018

    Saturday was DEC. 1, not 2. wish you well. Joshua, accident happens to everybody.

  9. Sisserou
    December 2, 2018

    God we ask you to put forth your mighty hands upon Dr. Sam and touch him in a special way, a man that cares very much about the people of Dominica.. In Jesus name amen.

  10. Senjo cia
    December 2, 2018

    Saturday Dec 1st or Sunday Dec 2nd , which is it?

  11. Ibo France
    December 2, 2018

    Want to wish Dr. Sam a full and speedy recovery. May the good Lord put His healing hands on you and make you whole again. Maximum blessings and best hopes.

  12. Rebecca Musgrave
    December 2, 2018

    Be Happy
    Be Free
    Live life to the fullest
    Be a Blessing
    Be Blessed
    God is still in control
    In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth

  13. blue blue
    December 2, 2018

    SKERRIT that do that….

    • December 2, 2018

      @blue blue; I can’t believe that you have so much as 3 people accepting that ridiculous comment of yours. It doesn’t matter in what context you wrote it, it is still inappropriate.

    • Pipo
      December 3, 2018

      Sicko, to impersonate a well known supporter of the opposition like that. You really are sick.

  14. December 2, 2018

    All the best to him and wishing him a speedy recovery.

  15. Looking
    December 2, 2018

    What is so ‘strange’ about an accident? Everything doesn’t have to be political.

    • badbaje
      December 2, 2018

      The word used in the description is “strange”. It is the mind and interpretation of the you reader or commentator who would have to translate or equate that word to mean or indicate “political”
      Strange does not mean political. Or in this case, it is not said to mean political. The guilty flee when no one pursue.

  16. %
    December 2, 2018

    Oh my!!! Wish it’s not life threatening,and you recover speedily.

  17. Bibi
    December 2, 2018

    Will he be flow to Martinique?

  18. Faceup
    December 2, 2018

    Lanourites operatives dangerous people. Trying to hurt the BELOVED Dr..🤔💙💙💙

  19. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    December 2, 2018

    “UWP Deputy Leader, Joshua Francis, in a post on his Facebook page on Saturday evening, described the accident which occurred in Pointe Michel, as “strange”

    Joshua, in order for one to determine something a phenomena (strange) one need to describe the nature of the accident, and how it occurred. Accident do happen, the strangest of it all is that I find it coincidental that not too long ago there was an issue with blown out tire in that very Village!

    Shortly after that we say Sam suffered a bashed-in-head, which I consider very strange the way in which he got injured! Let us not forget Merlin Kelsick from Wesley, cardiovascular doctor, worked in the United States all these years;  however, shortly after he returned home, and went into practice his life was forfeited! 

    They say he drown:I maintain my suspicions, and if members of his family were not suspicions they would not have returned his body to the United States for an autopsy.

    In  politics friends can be your…

  20. I Must Admit
    December 2, 2018

    Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. It troublesome times if not dangerous and I rule out nothing! I pray for Br. Sam and ask the Lord to touch him from the crown of his head to the soul of his feet and to give him a speedy recovery. At the same time I do hope that he or whoever gets him out of Dominica asap because I just cannot trust Skerrit and them. It’s a wicked and evil team so you just have to be so careful

    • Anonymous
      December 2, 2018

      The wicked team has made arrangements to have him airlifted to Martinique

    • December 2, 2018

      @ I Must Admit December 2, 2018

      I scolded “Kid On The Block” above, because of his comment; but here you are writing a thought of your mind which is much worse than his/hers. It is people like you that create the conflicts of discord and disdain between, or among Political Parties. There is no substance in what you wrote above, and you must know it.

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