Injuries reported in accident at Dubique

The bus involved in the accident

Several people were injured in an accident which took place in Dubique, information reaching DNO indicates.

The accident took place on Tuesday afternoon and at this time the circumstances are unknown.

Reports indicate that the passengers are from Bagatelle and Fond St. Jean.

They have been taken to hospital.

This story is still developing.

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    May 24, 2018

    just another “Normal Day” in Dubique

  2. Yow
    May 23, 2018

    Some people in the comments doing like is Dominica alone that does have accidents..smh

  3. Man bites dogs
    May 23, 2018

    HI Kid, I am not a bible basher but who want to be i will not be criticizing your believes, but i know one thing that So-called workers party Lennox Linton, and his mafia gangs of criminals, it just goes to show the DEVEL and man is working hands in hand, but the evil men and women of the so-called workers calamity party, Conmen Lennox Linton know that he will never be prime ministers of Dominica that is why he is trying to make as much money as possible before he Disappear from Dominica ? :twisted:

    • moi moi
      May 23, 2018

      hatred will destroy you – aren’t you tired of living hate? Try dealing with just truth and facts will will help you. For God’s sake -come out from that hatred just deal with the truth . Believe your heart is tired and it will fail you soon if you don’t stop with the hate. Right now your reasoning is being affected

    • Ibo France
      May 23, 2018

      Man boils dogs, you are pregnant with hate. Holding this degree of hatred only hurts yourself. It’s like holding red hot coal in your hands and expect it to burn your ‘enemy’. By the way, do you think before you write? A primary school child of average ability can express himself much better than you. You are completely embarrassing yourself with your postings and the sad thing is, you don’t know that you don’t know. Pathetic!

  4. j
    May 23, 2018

    but how that happen?

  5. mwen mem pa sav
    May 23, 2018

    Those people who cite the bible, do you follow the bible word for word or just what suits you when you want. Even the devil can cite scriptures for his own purpose. Are you forgetting no one is perfect except God. This is world we live in today hate hate hate and more hate bring on judgement.

  6. Da Girl
    May 23, 2018

    Omg…these people are covered by the blood. This could have been so much worse. I’ve seen accidents like this where the bus is literally a crumpled piece of metal. I pray that no one has any critical injuries and all recover quickly. Before we jump to say what caused the accident wait for reports. We like to play detective too much without proper information, spreading false information and instigating calamity unnecessarily.

  7. Dominican/West Indian
    May 22, 2018

    Thank God that no fatalities have been reported thus far and hope that everyone involved makes a full and speedy recovery.
    And thank God that it wasn’t a precipice that they fell into because we can imagine how much tears we would be shedding all now so.
    And it’s true that the circumstances are still being investigated but I would just like to implore my fellow passengers to “stand up for their rights” when they see the driver of the bus they’re on doing arbitrary things.
    Some bus drivers want to be there on their cellphone or playing loud music (sometimes with profane lyrics) or just speeding or doing something reckless and most passengers just “grind their teeth and take it and get it over with”
    But sometimes it ends up in tragedy.
    It was the late great Boople who sang about the passengers being there busy texting on their cellphone as if the life in danger was someone else and not their own.
    We should speak up as if our lives depended on it.
    Because sometimes it…

    • Dominican/West Indian
      May 22, 2018

      Because sometimes it does

  8. Ibo France
    May 22, 2018

    It is my fervent hope that the lives of the driver and all the passengers will be spared. I wish full restoration of health to all those who suffered any form of injury. Driving on these roads is hazardous to one’s life.. Whatever the factors are that caused this accident, the network of roads and bridges needs urgent attention. The government has been negligent for far too long. Is Dominica cursed as some have opined? I don’t believe so. But I’m convinced that the country needs a fresh breath of air. Skerrit has overstayed his time. After holding on the reigns of power for so long, he has nothing new to offer. The country is yearning for leadership that is different, new, vibrant, inclusive, innovative and visionary. What the country needs badly is a participatory democracy where the people are treated as equals and no one is excluded in spite of his /her political affiliation.

  9. May 22, 2018

    I am a Dominican who has left a long time ago can any one give me a geographical location of where dubique is located , and the neighboring villages ? [thank you .

    • Chester
      May 25, 2018

      Why you making comments on so many things when you have no clue where or how anything is? At least visit, spend a little money in de economy, do a tour and feel the pulse, the vibes etc, then comment. Too easy?
      By the way it’s not gabwit, it’s cabwit….what the :?:

  10. The Evangelist?
    May 22, 2018

    Hypocrites like kid on the block and those religious people can blame the bad turn our country has taken the last 10 years on what we say as much as they want but that changes nothing! In fact I am quite sure there might be more using their tongue to say good things than the few that saying “bad things” against the country. Why then the majority not changing the bad results we seeing? Boy it is our leadership. If we would play the “ink stink pen and ink you go out before you stink” One person would be the stinking man and he needs to get out before he cause the entire country to stink!

    In the book of Jonah The sailors threw overboard everything on the ship until there was nothing else to be thrown, just to save the sinking ship that would have killed all on board. But Jonah was the cause and had to be thrown out to save the ship. PM you are that Jonah that needs to get out!

    In Joshua 7 we also see Israel being defeated by their enemies because of Achan. PM is our Achan!

    • Danziger
      May 22, 2018

      @Evangelist, restée tranquille say on bon remede MERCI, ou konnet trop l’ Evangile AMEN;

    • Me-Aloe
      May 23, 2018

      @The Evangelist…….So there shouldn’t be any accidents in Dominica? Once there is movement, there is supposed to be accidents SOT!!!!! Nowhere is perfect and so is no-one

      May 23, 2018

      Who are you to judge anyone? The same finger you take to point at the PM, makes four more point back at you.

  11. May 22, 2018

    Bad road, can cus that you know.

    • Toto
      May 23, 2018

      You are right bro. but it is the government’s job to keep our roads in a good state especially in our country. If they can not do that let someone else try it.

    • Da Girl
      May 23, 2018

      Given your statement I presume you were one of the investigators??

  12. The Evangelist?
    May 22, 2018

    @ kid on the block, it’s time to stop that religious foolishness about people using their tongue to curse the country. The truth is, according to the teaching of the Bible, no one can cause their curse to harm me or any country if we are innocent. Here is Pro 26:2 -“Like a flitting sparrow or a fluttering swallow,
    an undeserved curse goes nowhere.” Have you read the story of Balaam, who was paid to curse an innocent Israel? Read 22: 1-35. It would also do you good to read Isaiah 54:17.. every tongue that shall rise against you in judgement is condemned. The truth is, we have a very ungodly leader who knows how to macarade himself to decieve the simple and religious body but can’t decieve God. His works are evil and the man is not blessed. As a result, under his leadership Dominica has been a disaster under his leadership and so long he remains in power we shall not experience blessings, just as Egypt never experienced blessing under Pharoah, no matter how rich they were.

      May 22, 2018

      The Bible also talks of the danger of the tongue. Why are you so offended ? Are you one of those guilty ones using your tongue to destroy your country? Repent before it’s too late.
      The Bible also talks of HATE. The hatred you bear towards Skerrit, stop it. If he has or doing wrong, who are you to judge him? Are you quoting the verses of the Bible you want to to please your motive? Could you be one of the many are called but few are chosen?

      • viewsexpressed
        May 23, 2018

        You are a real Kid, Childish, and on the corrupt Labour Block for too long. You also appear immature to comprehend and understand the bigger picture. If I were you I will really not take the chance to debate or compete with the Evangelist. You are so not ready and you are making yourself more and more exposed to the public as a blind loyalist who spew out rubbish. Try to shut up for a week and read and learn from those who know better. Skerrit is not a role model and he is not a role model to you. You need to elevate yourself and go read, analysis and comprehend matters of state better. Skerrit cannot help you, he is not sufficiently qualified as doctor, much less to be leader of an ailing, poor Domininca, he and his corrupt bunch created His works are dangerous and deceitful.

      • Met Boda Yo
        May 23, 2018

        viewesexpressed, how long have you been on the UWP Bliock? You seem to be too mature to understand that you are just a fool!

    • Danziger
      May 22, 2018

      Are you a true Evangelist? where is yr HEART?

  13. marie-claire R Skerrit
    May 22, 2018

    Oh my God.. What is going on in Dominica.. Praying over this Country

    • My opinion NOT yours
      May 22, 2018

      What’s going on in this world
      10 was just murdered in a school in Texas
      Don’t blame Dominica

      • The Evangelist?
        May 22, 2018

        @ my opinion not yours, no doubt it’s a crazy world and the 10 that got killed in Texas is works of man. But the constant devastation we see under Skerrit, year after year, be it after heavy rain, tropical storm, hurricane, road fatalities and you just name it, is a sign and proof that our leadership is very evil and is attacked on every side. In fact should you still have doubt just take a look at all those disasters, multiple road fatalities we have been having since Skerrit became pm and you will realize almost all of them happened in constuencies carried by him, including the 5deaths in his constituency and every village in his constuency was involved. My heart goes out to the family and friends of the deceased and it even hurts to type this truth but I just want you all to pay attention to what’s happening around us. I strongly believe that someone is trying to teach us but somehow we are not learning. Skerrit needs to go so the curse on our land could be reversed!

      • Dominican Passports
        May 22, 2018

        That kinda ting will never happen DA, DA probably the only place in the world where people get killed or hurt in accidents like this, everyday is Friday the 13th in Dominica, bad news and bad luck!

    May 22, 2018

    The TONGUE is a dangerous weapon. The results of the curses THEY have and is continuing to put on the country are being manifested. HATERS! Be careful what you wish for the country.
    Hope the injured are not that serious and they get well soon.

    • The One Of A Kind
      May 22, 2018

      Man, this is the biggest pile of dog crap I have seen for the day so day. So because there is an accident you think it’s because we are cursed???? It’s a accident! Stop your religious B.S. about curses.

      • Dominican Passports
        May 22, 2018

        I been telling allu Dacursed since 2016, worst part is allu doh want to acknowledge it, all de young people that die in DA better haunt allu in your sleep so many yout that die for no reason in DA smh car accident all kind of accident

    • Looking
      May 23, 2018

      @Kid on the block. The tongue is indeed a dangerous weapon. But be mindful also “Who Jah Bless no man curse” If we were blessed no man no tongue can destroy us. As the old folks would say “what is yours is yours no man can take away. If we and our leadership were blessed we would be protected. In years gone by we used to have heavy rains storms, we never had flooding. In fact all the other islands would envy Dominica. Presently at the sight of a drizzle our people tremble. Remember also with “many are called, few are chosen” that even if the masses support the present government, it doesn’t mean they are right. Please remind your folks also that Skerrit is not the government nor Lennox. We must stop worshiping man and put our faith in God. The God we serve is a jealous God.

  15. Hurricane Skerrit
    May 22, 2018

    Oh Lord have mercy on. To see a passenger bus in the sea like a boat is very frightening. Lord please save the lives of everyone safe.

    • May 23, 2018

      Why ask your lord to save them if they are already safe ?

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