LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Who is responsible for the upkeep of road signs in Dominica?

Dear Dominica News online,
I have come to the conclusion that the relevant authorities are very careless when it comes to road signs in Dominica. We are a very reactive people in Dominica, we wait until something happens to act when  in many instances we can prevent it.   I drive the Canefield  route to work everyday and I have realized that there are quite a number of pedestrian crossings which have faded and also road signs are missing. Some of the signs I have noticed which have faded or totally erased are:
1-Canefield- Across Auto Trade  close to Bridge
3-Canefield – Across from Harris Paints and bus stop
3- Fondcole : Across road leading up to Domlec area
4- Fondcole Across from road leading up to Astaphans wholesale
5- Goodwill Across from Ma Boyd’s Restaurant
6. Goodwill- Across from EH Charles ( Pottersville/Goodwill)
7-Across from Pottersville Savannah
8-Across from Pulse car rental/Juice man (Pottersville
The question is who is responsible for the upkeep of road signs? Is it traffic department?
Also I think that we need signs to let drivers know that particular signs are upcoming, in that way they can prepare themselves and start slowing down.
 For example: School zone up coming, slow down
Pedestrian crossing upcoming
I have seen pedestrians cross where they know once had a marked crossing but the driver didn’t slow down because he/she was not aware that there was a crossing there.
As it relates to road signs, there are many which are missing especially from the city.  Stop signs, no entry, one way, no turning and speed limits are missing. Some were gone pre-Hurricane Maria and many others post-Hurricane Maria.
I am hoping that action can be taken to rectify this issue not only in Roseau but around Dominica, especially places where there are schools, churches etc.
Let’s not wait for an accident to happen.
Safe driving and travels to all Dominicans during the holiday season.

Concerned Citizen

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  1. viewsexpressed
    February 4, 2019

    The first set of Road Signs that Concerned Citizen like me would like to see on the roads of Domininca are the following:
    1. Skerrit Must Go
    2. That Corrupt Labour Government Must Go
    3. These wasteful, hopeless 18 useless 18 Ministers Must Go
    4. We need our states money and an enquiry ASAP into our Passport Bobol activities
    5. We need a decent, mature Prime Minister in Dominica and Not a failed Odd Minister.
    6. We need employment for our suffering people and not….
    7. The abuse of states funds in this Red Clinic abusive scheme ran by Skerrit
    8. Skerrit, as Prime (Odd) Minister Must be apprehended as Minister responsible for our states finance to account for the waste of states financial resources; for eg. The Red Clinic, the abuse of states funds where couriers dispatched money to people etc. We need to know why our nature island has deteriorated so much into begging, poverty blind loyalty & scavenging. Skerrit is not mature enough to be Prime Minister. Skerrit must Go and…

  2. February 3, 2019

    Good comment, also there is a confusing situation at the junction of the canefield road and the E O Leblanc highway. At that junction there is a no U turn sign which is baffling, their is no yield or stop sign as you enter the EO Leblanc high way from the canefield road. There should be a no right turn at that junction.

  3. Giyvelma
    February 3, 2019

    My Friend, when parents are neglectful with their children the state intervenes and the children are taken from them. If you like me find that there is much neglect of our roads and many other aspects of our infrastructure then join the line. Let us do what reasonable ad sensible people do. Let us reclaim our belied LBD from are careless, incompetent and impotent labor party government. The solution to much of Dominica’s problem is to simply get rid of labor. The longer they remain in office the poorer the country will grow. Be a part of the movement an Jon the force for change and you will see improvement.

  4. The city observer.
    February 2, 2019

    With the state of roads in Dominica, do you really think signs are a priority? do you expect the signs to be written on the dirt roads that mostly exist? No roads no signs period.

    • Nrt
      February 3, 2019

      It’s ok as long as they put street lights to light up the jungle so they can see the trees from airport to their homes when they return from their many trips :cry:

    • February 3, 2019

      I Don’t think you know Dominica, so just hush. The person is making an observation about road safety which is very valid.

  5. Annon
    February 2, 2019

    There seems to be rampant lack of training so the same ppl in these positions take symplistic unprofessional views like ‘boy is so it is wi boy’. Is there such training as to how it’s done in other parts of the world, so that we in Dca do not have to reinvent the wheel on so many simple things?

  6. badbaje
    February 2, 2019

    Very good and important observation. Some have seen, some have heard, some have read Now let us all do our part to alert the authorities and get this much needed work done. Road signs are for all, especially those not familiar with the areas.

  7. stephen
    February 1, 2019

    where is public works a country without a public work sector is a country that will fade away.

    February 1, 2019

    This is so true all the high light markings on the roads should be replaced and proper signage all over the country. I saw a tourist driving in a no entry road and this could have caused a major accident.

    Please whoever is responsible, do something about this, the traffic department or public works…..we are watching.. 8-O

  9. February 1, 2019

    Your letter is very relevant.

    By extension, for years I have been asking the traffic department to advise bus drivers against stopping immediately before a pedestrian crossing and then directing their passengers to pass in front of the bus. Even given the casual last minute extended arm of the driver to warn approaching traffic, this is a fatality waiting to happen.

    No vehicle should stop or be parked with the vicinity of a pedestrian crossing.

  10. Ibo France
    February 1, 2019

    Every public institution has gone awry in Dominica. This is an irrefutable statement. The incumbent administration is horrendously incompetent. Why do you think Dominica is at the bottom rung of the ladder in the ECCU? It’s due to colossal mismanagement in government. It is from simple but important things like road markings and signs, stagnant and odorous waste water to an abominable health care system and a floundering economy gasping for oxygen. This government is only efficient in lies, political mischief, self aggrandizement, divisiveness, propaganda, suppression of opposition voices and ubiquitous corruption. Dominicans should disentangle themselves from this web of corruption by showing Skerrit and his subservient disciples the EXIT door on election day.

    • viewsexpressed
      February 4, 2019

      IBO, I, or We the people of Domininca concur fully with your statement. Which Is: “Where is public works a country without a public work sector is a country that will fade away.” He further says: “The incumbent administration is horrendously incompetent.”, And also this statement is of truth, read more and act:
      Here goes: “This government is only efficient in lies, political mischief, self aggrandizement, divisiveness, propaganda, suppression of opposition voices and ubiquitous corruption. Dominicans should disentangle themselves from this web of corruption by showing Skerrit and his subservient disciples the EXIT door on election day.”
      Great Statement that must resonate among our people and my civil servants friends who are anxious to see the back of failed Skerrit. Skerrit is a big failure and has reduced our nature isle to poverty, no production and begging. Skerrit Go, Get lost, Go away. Dominicans Please wake up and let us take back our Domininca.

  11. saferoads
    February 1, 2019

    Absolutely agree with this – road signs are a vital part of road safety. Pedestrian crossings are very, very dangerous here because of lack of signage and the habit of drivers stopping on them or before them which blocks view of drivers to see pedestrians

    • Fair onlooker
      February 1, 2019

      you are right, the bus drivers especially. And sometimes they don’t even signal to you that the passenger they dropped off is crossing.

      We can do much better than that in Dominica. I remember after the Goodwill road to the hospital was just completed there was an accident there and some questions were raised about pedestrian crossing, a few days after that I saw one being painted. Let us not wait for something to happen before we repaint pedestrian crossings and also put signs leading up to them to show that one is upcoming.

  12. Read again
    February 1, 2019

    Good observation, one of the worse ones is the lack of speed bump warnings, none at all. I live close to a speed bump and have seen many of the same tourists we want to come hit their car roofs and almost crash, we wonder why they don’t bother coming. It may just be because these small things we do ‘the Dominica way’ and take for granted, when there are other ways that work internationally and low cost. Who’s looking into these simple things?

    • Passenger
      February 1, 2019

      no signs of speed bumps can be very dangerous. I have known of people who hit their heads really hard because of that. Sometimes I think they believe that everyone should know the road. Like you said there are tourist visiting our island or even us as nationals don’t know everywhere. I saw a tourist driving down a one way in town, everybody shouting “Mr don’t know that is a one way” No he didn’t know, because there was no sign indicating ‘no entry’.

      I hear to get your license in Dominica you have to know Roseau, so you have to know there was a stop sign or a no entry there 10 years ago but it was damaged.

      Traffic department need to step up their game.
      This is foolsihness and

  13. Child of Itassi
    February 1, 2019

    Should be Ministry of Public Works and Infrastructural Development.

    Nonetheless, nothing is done unless the Dr. Dr. can claim political credit.

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