UPDATE: Man shot at Bath Estate, dies

Marcus Fagan of Silver Lake was shot at Bath Estate

A man from Silver Lake who was shot at Bath Estate last night, has succumbed to his injuries.

Police have confirmed to Dominica News Online (DNO) that Marcus Fagan, who was admitted at Princess Margaret Hospital following the shooting, died in the early hours of this morning.

According to the police, Fagan was attacked in the vicinity of a grocery shop at Bath Estate. Security footage of the shooting which has been released shows that the victim was shot by a masked individual.

Parliamentary  representative for the area, Joshua Francis was in the area on Monday night after shooting and expressed sadness and shock over the incident.

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    July 24, 2019

    SMH at all the ministers, who are empowering known criminals and funding crime. Our little country finish!

  2. Bring back the kidnapped Dominican parrots
    July 24, 2019

    Bath Estate was not like this in the old days when Rose’s Lime juice had a lime crushing operation there and the people had jobs. I remember when the lime harvest was going on 24/7 with tractors going to Elmshall collecting the limes and taking them to the mill all night to be crushed.

  3. mine
    July 24, 2019

    they guys follow all the nonsense they see on tv, i hope that he is caught and throw the keys away.

  4. voir dire
    July 24, 2019

    looks like that gun violence is not going away anytime soon eh! During the hurricane these fellas from estate was all over the place(like from other communities) looting and even putting gun to fellas head demanding their vehicle. The authorities while the regional forces were in Dominica should have used that opportunity to clean up Bath Estate and the other trouble zones in Dominica. look we have an expert criminologist offering his services to the country free of charge but our leaders have not waken up and see that we have a serious problem in our nature isle. Im not a prophet of doom and gloom but if we dont take the bull by the horn and arrest that situation now…..it will definitely get worse before it gets better. stop the politicking. put country first. put the brakes on these criminal elements. politicians and criminal make for bad bed partners.

  5. Shanta
    July 24, 2019

    Dominica is one of the most beautiful.CNN. if outsiders can see all that beautiful nature we have can we stop that killing and allowing all that drugs into our system.
    I have never heard of so many killings growing up in the70’s it was all love and giving. Broth here. Music and just a merry group. Please bring other back don’t destroy what God has given. Beautiful Dominica. People don’t want to retire and come back home anymore. Please get rid of that mess.

  6. Abby
    July 24, 2019

    Take the guns away we do not have but a handful of people left. Stop following big countries. Stop that gang violence. Make Dominica Great Again. MDGA.

  7. Sunshine
    July 23, 2019

    It’s sad killing of young men come on there are better ways to resolve conflict

  8. Roccz Perers
    July 23, 2019

    Skerritt is to blame for any and all Gun violence. How can a peaceful country turn into a F-In war zone under his watch?
    Weak Gov- yes
    Weak Police force -yes

  9. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    July 23, 2019

    My sympathy I extend to your family: Whatever the circumstance that brought about the incident; sorry to hear your demised is actually due to no oxygen in the hospital to help keep you alive while doctors performed surgery!

    It is a shame that millions of dollars are spent on election campaign by a corrupted culprit, buying votes, and giving millions to criminals; however, the hospital lacks the essentials such as oxygen.

    For such, Roosevelt asks the nation for five more years; while Blackmoor said Dominicans should give the next year election to him and Roosevelt as a gift.

    The lack of medicine, and something as common, and imperative  as oxygen needed to save life Roosevelt ignores; how can people in their right mind go out and vote labor, actually Melisa, and Roosevelt Skerrit? 

    • Bring back the kidnapped Dominican parrots
      July 25, 2019

      Dominica politicians do not have to worry about health care, they get sick they just jump on a helicopter and go to the French islands or France itself namely yours truly the millionaire courtesy of passport sales.

    • MIA
      July 25, 2019

      Am not into Politics, but you all must stop blame the Government for everything, There are ordinary persons who are paid to do a job and to do it properly. What happen to proper inventory, some persons are too laid back and do not take their work seriously. If there was no oxygen (as you said, hope you have facts to back that up) what happen to the person who is responsible for looking after basic essential. We must look at the bigger picture and stop point all hands on other people for blunders.
      There are a lot of things we could see done yet still everyday is a politics and no one is trying to help one another. We need to put party colours aside and work towards a common goal. As a young person, I believe we must all get involved. These days money is all we care about, what about volunteerism, gather our youth and make a positive impact.

      I know of a lovely lady from the Bath Estate who does the foundation thing. Work with her so things can work out.

      Just so fed up.

  10. Bwa-Banday
    July 23, 2019

    RIP young fella. You may not have made the right decisions all the time in your short life but you were a brother, uncle, son, nephew, boyfriend etc. No one deserves to face death in such brutal way. To Robo (Bernard Robinson) and family kindly accept my deepest sympathy.

  11. Massacre
    July 23, 2019

    Where is the barrel of Guns that was on the harbor and the Police picked it up? The boys are living the life that they seeing that Politicians are showing them.
    We are still waiting on a statement from the minister of National Security!

  12. Strong
    July 23, 2019

    It doesnt make sence to take a man’s life . He who shed’s man blood so to by man shall his blood be shed. This murderer may never be at peace. Condolensces to the family of the deceased. Please stop the blood letting my people. Peace and unity is a blessing. GOD BLESS OUR LAND.

  13. Bwa-Banday
    July 23, 2019

    Unfortunately, the crime situation in Dca is going to get worse before it can even start receding. You see my people, police officers back from the 80’s and 90’s were real cops that did their jobs without fear , favor, malice or ill will. They had commissioners and seniors who would NEVER throw them under the bus for doing their jobs. Carbon, STOP PERSECUTING your men :twisted: ! Today, criminals roam with impunity because of their “connections”.

    If Skerrit and Blackmore are reading this, here are some tips to improve the situation;
    1. Send Carbon home (he has failed) and appoint Hobbs in his place
    2. Appoint Dr. Peter St.Jean as Deputy
    3. Surround the new chief with at least three senior advisors who served in the force (Alpe, Butcher, Duke)
    4. Work more closely with the PWA instead of fighting and persecuting its executive.
    5. Create employment opportunities for the youth
    6. STOP funding gangs with cool-out money

    • jackarie
      July 24, 2019

      Everybody seems to be Prime Ministers or some kind of expert advisers these days. SMH!!!

      • Toto
        July 25, 2019

        Well, they cant do worse, can they.f

  14. Truth
    July 23, 2019

    RIP bro. Pastors and Priests let’s try to save some of the young stars. Those responsible…. “Blood is on your shoulder”

  15. July 23, 2019

    All I want to say is the government should not allow the residents to go out and buy guns or any kind of weapons and bring them to Dominica. They should ban all these weapons. How do these guns get through customs and not taken away from the individuals and when people get barrels or goods from their people overseas the custom agents rip open the boxes or barrels to search and see if there is anything more valuable they can take charge you more than it worth. Guns are not valuable to people it kills I didn’t know about guns when I was growing up in DA. What is happening to these people this new generation of Dominicans use your heads and don’t do what you see on television or what the other nations are doing. Dominica isn’t the place where I was born people are afraid to come down to retire because too much violence are taking place in this Island they used to leave without dear. Government do something about gun or whatever grime is taking place there I’ve been a victim of a…

    • jackarie
      July 24, 2019

      So in the country where you be there the government have the gun issue under control? No guns don’t get smuggled in? And the crime rate where you be there is worth living in but Dominica is not worth coming back home? I does really wonder about some of all you.

  16. Heartbroken
    July 23, 2019

    This is just sad news, a family is hurting, children are being left without a father. Let us seriously lift up this family and our community in prayer. Too many lives are being lost.

    I believe that Police need to set up station in that community and other communities with similar crime rates. I traveled to a Caribbean country and I saw a container with the police logo on it, when I inquired, I was told that there was a bunch of crimes in the community and there was no police station so they set up a temporary station in a container ( just like people use containers to build houses, restaurants) and there is policing there during the nights especially. The person i spoke to told me that there was a significant decrease in crimes as a result.

  17. Mone banks
    July 23, 2019

    Yeah. This nation. Dominica is not a nation. It’s an island and small one. What to emulate the US. But That’s not going to work. The police a el prepared to handle any sort of criminal activity. Your current government stinks.

  18. dissident
    July 23, 2019

    Everyone knows about de drug and crime issue coming from Bat Estate.
    Our Political Leaders in Government proudly salute and embrace their commerades in view of the public.
    De Gang members honor and salute their political facilitators openly in public.

    Now i must say that i am deeply saddened by this incident.
    I mean when someone goes to the shop with perhaps just $5 to make a purchase…some parasite want to kill de individual for just spare change?
    De man not in de bank….de man didn’t just come from de ATM?
    but how much millions did dat weak, sick, parasite expect to get…even after shooting de man…taking his life
    Now innocent young children lose a loving father
    Just like dat?

    Dat barrel of guns de police got….i sorry but I DON’T TRUST DE HEAD OF DE POLICE NEITHER DE MINISTER OF SECURITY.

    de RED BLOOD OF INNOCENT VICTIMS should speak loudly in de coming election!

    i don’t want no government politician to come at my home to cry crocodile tears for…

  19. Kalinago Justice
    July 23, 2019

    :?: For many years now Bath Estate has been looking like a slum, with many undesirables! Silver Lake is hell, the way of life there is terrible! When I look at the behavior and features of these younsters, I usually wonder whether they’re coming from a home with parents :?: Then again,this is what we have as a result of man and woman being promiscuous in their sexual behavior, having children illegitimately. Most times those male men who are supposed to be fathers are no where to be found, leaving the mothers with full responsibility. The mothers then have to leave the children with Grandparents in search of greener pastures in places like Guadeloupe. When these children get to their teens, they fall into the drug trade,in exchange they bring back guns to their communities and hence the results! :?: Those who are supposed to be in authority are not living by example but rather preying on such vulnerable young naive people, it’s just a rotten society!!!!

  20. Shaken
    July 23, 2019

    It’s these same kind of people that get pats on their wrist from the government. It’s them we see taking pics with the pm wife and carrying Joseph Isaac on their tmax. And it’s because of them that we are told to not judge. They kill, steal and cause havoc in the place, but we are to not judge. And it’s them, o yes, them that walk on the streets free of charge after murdering others. Someone Google me. I need to find out what’s wrong with this country.
    Condolences to the family.

  21. wooooooooooow
    July 23, 2019

    Ehbeh blue blue doing things eh.

  22. Tetecarlbass
    July 23, 2019

    Brother, I run things in Dominica. Those words came about because the PSW decided to take action against the Skeritt led Administration in terms of the non established workers. It did not take Skeritt very long for him to call a meeting of all non established workers. Crime is on the increase, we have not heard of one meeting with the young people about this situation.

  23. 小帕
    July 23, 2019

    I used to think that bath estate was a nice place to live. I used to believe that many middle class people lived there. But it’s a stinking war zone. Take their guns, dismantle all gang activity, and purge the community. And for the love of everything that is good. Put up surveillance cameras all over the place. And police stands. Gees man. Get a grip already over the crime. Bring back the defense force

    • derp
      July 23, 2019

      @小帕 Nah they government won’t do jack they dun having those same fella riding in front of them during rally with free gas

    • Iamanidiot
      July 23, 2019

      Bath estate is a block now, and you can’t do none of what you mentioned there, because police men and ministers are their best friends even declaring it all over social media.

    • Lord help this nation
      July 23, 2019

      Bath estate was never a place to live, is wanabe gangsters that there, thugs that dont know they place. is time the police start mass arresting them fellas in that blue blue gang, stop pretending you all don’t know who they are. EVERYBODY ON THE STREETS KNOW WHO THEY ARE, WHY ARE THE POLICE PRETENDING THEY DONT K NOW ABOUT THAT PLACE?

    • Just Passing By
      July 23, 2019

      Eugenics, unjust incarceration, ebola and AIDS are devastating enough; however, self inflicted annihilation is nothing but wicked, self inflicted destruction.

      Our young men in DA and their peers across the globe seem hell bent on reincarnating the wanton disrespect for life and violence that permeated the OK Corral of the American Wild West.

      Not too long ago parents were encouraging their house bound sons to put down the video games and go outside to get some fresh air and to engage is some sort of healthy outdoor activity. Now with this increasing tragic gun play which has encroached on our door steps, parents and children may have to put themselves under lockdown.

      It always grieves me to see how easy it is for a perp to violently snuff out the life of another person without regard to the residual pain that inevitably haunts the victim’s family.

      This self destruction must stop before we execute ourselves into extinction.

    • Pipo
      July 23, 2019

      Bath estate was a ghetto in the making from the day it was designed. Silverlake the same if not worse.

    • joseph charles
      July 23, 2019

      skewo will never come down on his boyz, is they he have up

  24. Lord help this nation
    July 23, 2019

    Dem fellas like to copy what they see on tv too much

    • July 24, 2019

      Man Dominica is too small for that mess. Just praised as one of the most beautiful. Why everyone has a gone is there any gone laws. Bring back old Pentecostal. Open air services. Please continue to walk in love. It is Devastating. Stop trying to kill each other already the Drugs is doing that. Please plan community togetherness

  25. Ibo france
    July 23, 2019

    I really hope that the victim will make a full recovery. The shootings have subsided in recent times and I hope this isn’t the start of a new cycle of violence. I’m encouraging anyone with information about this particular incident to give it to the police. Crime is everybody’s business, it does not discriminate. Only collectively will we be able to solve or reduce crime to negligible levels. See something, say something. Many people, justifiably so, have lost confidence in the Police Force because of the heavy handed and biased manner in which the top echelon operates. However, this is no excuse to withhold pertinent information from the police that can make a difference in solving crime.

      July 24, 2019

      At least for once, You make some sense! Keep it up.

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