Melissa Skerrit condemns violence in wake of latest killing in Roseau

Garth Jean Jacques. Facebook photo

Melissa Poponne-Skerrit, Dominica Labour Party (DLP) candidate for the Roseau constituency and wife of Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, has condemned acts of violence in this country saying, “it has to stop and it will.”

Poponne-Skerrit wrote in a Facebook post on Sunday evening following the stabbing death some hours earlier, on Kennedy Avenue in Roseau, of 24 year-old Garth Jean Jacques of Bath Road.

Police reports indicate that Jean Jacques was stabbed by a young man with whom he had an altercation a few minutes prior to the incident.

“Today, the devastating news of the senseless murder of my friend brought me to tears. Garth, I truly cannot believe that you are gone,” Poponne-Skerrit wrote.

She added, “I always used you as an example when I was unjustly criticized for reaching out to the ‘street boys’. You were one of the young men who gave me hope and so I persevered.”

She wrote about Jean Jacques’ desire to make something of himself and quoted him as saying, “Ma’am, I don’t like the street life, help me to get back into school”

According to the DLP Roseau candidate’s Facebook account, Jean Jacques had just gotten a new job and was to begin school in September.

“Let’s not judge, but rather, take the time to understand our youth,” Poponne-Skerrit admonished. “Many admit that they did not choose this life. Many are in these circumstances due to broken homes and bad decisions.”

She went on to say that she condemns the acts of violence in this country.

“It has to stop and it will. I plead the blood of Jesus over our country,” the prime minister’s wife-turned election candidate, declared.

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  1. Sweetie Pie
    May 29, 2019

    The violence cannot stop when you all speak with two tongues like the forked tongue snake….when your husband on platform calling people names that is violence, when he encourages harassment of opposition members that is violence, when members of the opposition cannot get a word in in Parliament they are jeered and laughed at by ignorant unlearned sexual deviants that’s violence too and you Miss Melissa when you get your trailer load of supplies from overseas and you get it duty free uninspected and you still sell at way over the top prices, some gaudy looking sou soun clayway, madame that is violence… because at the end of the day some poor person had to pay…oh and when the vendors were chased away so that your store could be featured, madame naive that is mucho violence…so you get pregnant do a shot gun thing and you arrive? I don’t hate you but Dominica is bigger than you and yours… oh if you want to help the youth, go back to school, go to UWI do something in Social…

  2. Financial wiz
    May 28, 2019

    Aye RIP to to garth.. n my condolences go out to his family. What melissa say is true. The violence had to stop. But skerrit had failed our beloved country for real. He and his cabinet needs to be replaced n give another party a chance to try help our country experience both growth and sustainable development. The least we deserved is an international airport. We can’t remain so backward. How we expect to go become a developed country without infrastructure
    As essential as an airport. Come on my fellow dominicans. We need to do better than that. We have more resources than many of other Caribbean islands, yet they are way more developed than us. Something can’t be right. We should embrace chage and growth. We need to approach change with an open mind. We can’t allow this administration to continue mismanaging our resources and as a consequence our economy. FURTHERMORE, we can’t allow any other administration the comfort to do su h things.

  3. jamie
    May 28, 2019

    This is all part of your husband failure to the young men in Dominica,if the have jobs they will not be so violent towards each other,Stress and anger,so many violent crimes are happening towards women also,condemn all not some.

  4. Diana Cockburn
    May 28, 2019

    What! a me2 movement in DA! Look like I have to takeoff and rejoin my ex-husband I left behind for this conman sexus what I for see the shame.
    I wonder how many females ,males. undefind will come forward. Am already ashamed am just fronting.
    If I only knew 10 yrs ago I would not have left my first hubby. The limelight drew me in rather quickly. Lord, Stalin, Hitler, Bishop Mazalline,LL, FR Thomas, Reggie please,please help me am no gangster Just saw an opportunity to be hip and it backfired. Mia culpa,Mia culpa.

  5. Man bites dogs
    May 28, 2019

    @Real are you Real? Are you telling me when people like you goes to America and end up on the road America is a fail state? Some of run away to America from Dominica and end up in the subways having to take low paid jobs dirty home low life no insurance nothing. Then you guys has the nerve to come on DNO with all sorts of nasty lies about Dominica. DNO may not post my comment but all i said is facts

  6. Natureb
    May 28, 2019

    Are you guys happy with the violence In Which one life has lost, or are you disagree or angry that the PM’s wife is running for elections?
    Let’s be honest people,
    Our ignorance bass on what we speak and write and comment send a bad message. I do respect everyone views and comment but, there is a place and time for this. What if it was you son would you be critical of a political leaders or would you be seeking answers? With all due respect , I would would be seeking answers.. My condolences to the family and friends of the young man who lost his life in such Violence act.

  7. Shaka zulu
    May 28, 2019

    We condemn all killing, drug dealing, stealing, fraud, hatred, lust, greed, deception going on in Dominica, and the people committing such sins and crimes will answer to God when thier time come but should answer to society and face thier punishment on earth in cases of crime. Tough love. We should elevate hard working honest people and stand for those principles. Crooks flock to other crooks and criminal like bird to thier flock. If by your life and example you cannot change a man he is not ready. Criminals should never be legitimized!!!!!

  8. Valley Frog
    May 28, 2019

    Mel, you are not gonna win that Roseau seat, not even if your husband dumps a truck full of cash there. No way, you are not gonna do because you simply haven’t got it!

      May 29, 2019

      She will be on the VICTORY TRAIN while you will be left behind.
      We VOTING LABOUR in Roseau.

      • Motettev
        June 2, 2019

        People like you, those with severe mental health issues, should not be allowed to vote at all!

  9. RandyX
    May 28, 2019

    Poponne, you would do well to stay out of this. Not long ago a photo was taken with you and Kenny G in it. What’s the connection? Just a friend, your campaign manager, a business associate?? If you want to be in the public eye you want to answer questions like that.

  10. A Blast from the past
    May 28, 2019

    Hi Mella or should we call U shasha?
    Are there any behaviors lately? Watch his butt closely. Dr.Julius Corbette has placed ur hubby on the suicide watch list Please take this seriously and watch his behind very ,very closely. The Dr. Knows a thing or two you don’t. The dark alleys of RMDS. You are relatively new to the guy’s dark history from DGS days. ……………………..
    Have ur Bishop read his last rite bc it soon come, Might just come in 3s Loss of election , what ever in between then what Dr Corbette sees as big as a beach ball and the rest of us see a lentil.Take his shoe laces and belts from hi us like lentil.

      May 29, 2019

      Be careful what you ask for, A blast from the past!
      The pit you are digging maybe your very own after this election.

  11. SON of DLP
    May 27, 2019

    Poor boy! He is now 24 which means the poor boy was only 4 years old when Roosevelt Skerrit and the DLP got in power and was only 8 yrs when Roosevelt Skerrit became PM. They failed the young man and Dominica so bad, and now Melissa running for office she discovered the poor boy was a product of the failed policies of Skerrit and the DLP? Man after listening to Melissa talking about “Crimes Must stop” I just had to run to the bathroom because this is just a clear reminder of how Skerrit and the DLP have FAILED our young people

  12. REAL!!!!
    May 27, 2019

    Many of them are there with the street life because of a Failed COUNTRY and economy which provides NO HOPE for their future as youths.

    Melissa who is running Dominica for the last 15years?

    It would be a pleasure to have your answer as this will give us an opportunity to test your IQ if you can connect the dots.

    RIP young Fella!!!!!

    • Man bites dogs
      May 28, 2019

      @Real are you Real? Are you telling me when people like you goes to America and end up on the road America is a fail state? Some of run away to America from Dominica and end up in the subways having to take low paid jobs dirty home low life no insurance nothing. Then you guys has the nerve to come on DNO with all sorts of nasty lies about Dominica. DNO may not post my comment but all i said is facts

      • viewsexpressed
        May 28, 2019

        All you said was hypocritical nonsensical weird thoughts that you alone understand. Just keep being this man that bites Dogs….woof woof…woof woof…woof…..Dirty labour barking.

    • Elisa
      May 28, 2019

      Now is not the time to sent words and use political issues
      Send a word of comfort to the two families ,you ignorant people
      The same night a Dominican a young man again was killed in Guadeloupe if you all don’t know ask his mother from mahault
      We have the problem all over
      A young man is killed in Guadeloupe I can say every week ,we had one last week 17years so don’t try to make it political
      That’s all you people worth in DA
      Pray for the young people all over the world tomorrow is your son,nephew , cousins ect.
      So upsetting

  13. Viewsexpressed
    May 27, 2019

    I share littlev Yout comments…well said and Melissa is not that mature oerdon to engage in our politics. They obvious is bisible in that her husband has failed us and Melissa is hust a papyshow and not one who knows of politics let alone to be engaged in it as her failed husband has been for over years. We don’t need two immature comical behaviours in our government…..Skerrit has been this failure And we now seeing this comical immature Melissa being elevated to be an MP.? What a laugh..what a conecy. What the hell does baby Meliisa and failed childish Skerrit know of develop much less to cook a soup. We need Skerrit and Melissa out of our Dominica business..they are failures and Skertit has failed. Dominicans please kick them two comics out. We had enough of Bin Bobol…Fertiliser Bobol and Bin Bobol and his childish behaviour. Dominica is in deep disrepair and Skerrit is to blame. Go Skerrit..gdt lost. You have failed us.
    We welcome Hon Linton and his professional UWP Team.

    • Concerned Citizen of Dominica
      May 28, 2019

      Y does everything that is done in our beautiful Dominica,you people have to comment and say all the negative about the Hon. Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerritt? Is Skerritt that caused the young man to go and kill the other young man? Anyway when election call and Skerritt and the Dominica Labour Party returns to office,I would like to see all you reactions. Was it you all who voted for Skerritt and his team in 2005,2009,2014? So how is you all to remove him and his team? We the labourites put them there to work a d we are very much satisfied, so you know what,we are going to re elect them to run the affairs of this land and if allu vex,GET LOST.

      • RandyX
        May 29, 2019

        Honourable Prime Minister?? That’s man doesn’t even know the meaning of the word let alone behave honourable.
        Since when are corrupt people honourable, or liars or thiefs?

  14. Ibo France
    May 27, 2019

    Where else in the Caribbean a prime minister handpicks his wife with zero political or professional experience to contest a critical election? Only in Dominica where the people are servile, gullible and moronic.

  15. JBaptiste
    May 27, 2019

    When will there ever be consideration for those of us who stayed the freak in school, walked the straight and narrow and became good citizens?Opportunities,favors and honour are given to all, except he who actually contributes. What a country.

  16. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    May 27, 2019

    Well, she want to be minister eh, so if you all vote for her, next thing you know the double doctor will resign, and Melisa will become Prime minister.
    The plan is Charles Savarin will become history, Roosevelt will be appointed President for life!
    They will continue to tighten the vise-grip  around the neck of every man woman and child in the country, while they rule as royalty over Dominicans.
    Who is that woman to talk such nonsense ………………?
    We need to remind Melisa, that she and Roosevelt are one of the same who told their supports:
    ” If they do not support labor,when you meet them in the streets, stores, in church, on a Plane, in another country harass them.”
    That is also violence; Melisa and Roosevelt empowers scums to kill  people in the country

  17. Angel
    May 27, 2019

    Lady oui tout mordara

  18. Mr. Nobody
    May 27, 2019

    Stop the hate people. Nothing the Labour Party does will never be good in your biased political eyes. Thank God for those of us who have kept the UWP out of office for 4 consecutive terms and who will ensure that they are be kept out for another. Why are you people so bitter??? Relax. Another 5 years in opposition awaits you. Linton is a Liability to the UWP and to DOMINICA. I would be insane to give this idiot a chance at becoming prime minister.


    • viewsexpressed
      May 28, 2019

      Mr Nobody, as you are…..I make this correction on your behalf. You ask the question which is: “Why are you people so bitter???” Because we have a failed very extremist corrupt Prime Minister and Corrupt Labour Government killing our country and has killed our agricultural business after al these years toil and toil and toil in the sun. Both Skerrit, the Labour party has failed us and they both must Go. Those who are boom-boom flies and follow this failed man Skerrit blindly and shout we love our Pm, this is fake news and real hypocrisy.
      We welcome decent and committed Hon Lennox Linton as Prime Minister and his highly Professional UWP Team. We need to take out country back towards agricultural base to export provisions and other produce like fish to sell all over Dominica that we eat what we grow and have. It is time to kick so called failed and incompetent Skerrit. Skerrit must Go, please and help kick that babay man out of office

    • May 28, 2019

      Mr.Nobody first let me say to you to call yourself a nobody is degrading and you should never look at yourself in those terms, and that’s why you fail to see why others want to put Dominica and Dominicans first, and not party leaders especially those who really don’t care for them, let yourself feel freedom for once stop judging others that think differently from you because only the man above can tell you and others who he wants to look over the affairs of that beautiful Island called Dominica.. We in DA reject our own people that are highly educated and who want to help our Island and I just can’t understand that ” WHY ” and that’s so sad and it hurts the development of the Island

  19. Conscious
    May 27, 2019

    So both of them are going to get paid? So skerritt is representing two constituencies? This man has ballers.

    • Pipo
      May 29, 2019

      Skerrit don’t care about constituency. He can be President without being an M.P. and wont have to go all that way to Itassi anymore.He and Melissa living in the State House palace already. Wonder if they are paying rent for that?

  20. viewsexpressed
    May 27, 2019

    Dominicans, let us please Get rid of this failed Skerrit and we must never attempt to get this clown Melissa in government. Her father has failed bg time and it shows that she is not even seen or suspect bas an intellectual but a big show case. We dint want Melissa bout and we are already fed up with Skerrit. We up here at the Financial Centre, work hard, hear alot and we manage and cope with this failed immature childish Skerrit, now appears they want to have this Baby Melissa Skerrit in her pram at the 5th Floor. We are already coping with massage immaturity in government t gave this lady Melissa to be in government. What on earth has she, Melissa got to be in government. A sad state of affairs and failed Skerrit must Go and Baby Melissa must not step into government., better she stays home and drink from her Baby Red Bottle. We are fed up with this high level of incompetence under this failed Skerrit leadership, now you`ll bring this childish dotish Melissa to run our country. No,No

    • Ibo France
      May 28, 2019

      Viewexpressed, you make many useful and serious contributions on this forum. Just a pointer, just before posting your comments, can you proof read? In recent times, you have made many typographical errors. Much respect!

  21. viewsexpressed
    May 27, 2019

    “Melissa Skerrit condemns violence in wake of latest killing in Roseau..”
    Melissa, you have woken up in a world of massive corruption, a corrupt labour government led by a very incompetent Failed immature Odd Minister Skerrit. Melissa, are you aware of this, if not you are a blind childish run about, as I will not and ever will refer to you as a politician, or an intellectual. You are just running behind this corrupt, waste of time regime who has failed our people and our Dominica. You know nothing of decent politics, you know nothing of government, let alone the level of poverty our people live, created by this corrupt labour government and led by this immature, worthless Prime(Odd) Minister Skerrit. Melissa, yo have nothing to offer us but be on stage waving at your failed incompetent Odd Min. Skerrit. He has failed us. We have no use for him. He lacks intellectualism and relies heavily on his bandwagon gang to prompt him up. Well Skerrit is a failure. He Must go, Get out, Just…

  22. Karaw
    May 27, 2019

    She lie. Bet you she doesn’t even know the man. Reach out to street people, since when? Garth cannot speak, so all of a sudden you used him as an example? Hohoho!

  23. Truth Be Told
    May 27, 2019

    Dominica has ‘street boys’? Who created these ‘street boys’? We did not have ‘street boys’ when I was growing up just in the 1980s and 1990s! Too many young men out of school and unemployed in Roosevelt Skerrit Dominica.

  24. TRUTH
    May 27, 2019

    Just to remind you Melissa, that it is the state of the economy that has all these young men on the streets. So you and your husband need to get out of there so that the economy can thrive and everyone can benefit.

  25. Joseph John
    May 27, 2019

    DNO usually post a picture of the person making the comment, but in this case a picture of the person who is the subject of the comment is posted instead. Why ?
    The negative accusations on Mrs Skerrit’s announcement is also interesting.

  26. %
    May 27, 2019

    I condemn the killing too, but who is this lady? Is she the wife of the man who has killed the economy of Dominica?
    Well politics can do things!!!!

  27. TJ
    May 27, 2019

    Madame Skerrit where have you been all this time? After all the time you spent in N.Y. you have a political decision to solve the chaos created by your husband. Please tell some legislation you are proposing to solve our many problems.

    • May 28, 2019

      I can’t wait when he lunch his wife and what Hartley Henry will put in her speech to say to us it’s going to be a shocker, maybe she would be better off going around campaign for her husband and his plans instead of jumping on the loosing train , she have to be asking herself why I’m I doing this. I hold back my full comments until I hear hear her message for us Dominicans.

  28. Bwa-Banday
    May 27, 2019

    Mrs. HiFU must first think of what got us in this situation….her husband Dr. Dr. HiFU has the answer. After 20 years of DLP and their failed crime fighting policy overseen by a Nincompoop, vindictive, tired (no vacation leave for years), clueless police commissioner surrounded by a USELESS command staff. The same command staff that pushed criminologist Dr. St.Jean (a good candidate for Police Commissioner) aside because he was telling them the things they did not want to hear.

    So Mrs. HiFU, if you can’t have you dictator’ husband ear on family matters, how dare you think you will in a one man cabinet. Young lady, if I were you I would pack my bags, grab my children and run run run far, far away while I still can. The greedy glory days are coming to an end either by the ballot or civil disobedience sooner rather than later. June 30th is quickly approaching and who knows if you will be able to get out then. SMH

  29. Me too
    May 27, 2019

    Can’t we all get along? Someone posts a condolence message and we are angry, a hateful message, we are angry and oppose. There is no pleasing some of us. It’s because the anger, the hatred and evil resides in us. We truly can’t give what we don’t have. Love!!!

    • Bushman
      May 28, 2019

      If someone posts a condolence message there certainly isn’t a problem. The problem starts, when hypocrites come on here with their Skerrit propaganda and try to appear whiter than white even though they are exactly the opposite.

  30. Roseau
    May 27, 2019

    All of a sudden you care ? I think you are doing just because you going up for Roseau and not because you care.
    Melissa is now in New York shopping at the high end stores for shoes , clothes and visiting expensive doctors ,while we languishing in poverty.

  31. The Evangelist
    May 27, 2019

    Melissa needs to condemn the Evils of her husband before it gets worse. I also want to encourage Melissa to read the passage In I Sam 31:4, that speaks about King Saul, who committed suicide.

  32. Lenpro
    May 27, 2019

    Well if these are your responses to someone who talking against violence in your country, some deep down heart soul check need to be examined. I can see why you guys support Lennox who tells a woman to shut up in a discussion. Because thats how who treat your wives and girlfriends at home. And when the are not submissive to you, you walk to their jobs and assault them with knives and machetes. Shallow men.

    • Neville
      May 28, 2019

      I think you ought to pay Dr. Benji a swift visit. For sure you have a few issues.

    • ibo france
      May 28, 2019

      Lenpro, get it straight. People are scoffing at Melissa’s newly found epiphany. For years, she resided overseas, living her champagne and affluent lifestyle, everything of the highest brand: shoes, belts, bags, etcetera. The abject poverty of most Dominicans way of life was of no concern to her. Now, wanting to get into elected office, she playing Mother Theresa. Thou HYPOCRITE! The insincerity, deception, falsity is so conspicuous. All this lady and her husband are bout is to ride on poor people backs to enrich themselves. The majority of Dominicans have had enough of it. Time for a clean break from these two and their unscrupulous bodyguards.

    • Sweetie Pie
      May 29, 2019

      Wake up sleepy wake up and when you do shut up yes shut up and listen, don’t interrupt, don’t mumble in the background , show some class, show you went to school and have some decency, OR maybe you been acting so indecently from London to Dubai and back to DA again so you forgot good manners…uh want to use the female card now, you are female? Then act like a grown … female…stop parading for the boys, you been had…what else nah? Oh writer violence is violence call it so Everytime, don’t discriminate…

  33. Frank N stein
    May 27, 2019

    Melissa really aint the brightest bulb eh. Girl take the money you flaunting and buy an education. I wonder who posting for you.

    • Patriot1
      May 28, 2019

      Quite right, Frank. In fact the opposite is closer to the truth. Birds of a feather flock together…

  34. Didymus
    May 27, 2019

    my sympathy to the family of this young man. its sad. most time when these things happen to someone we know personally it hurts, however the prime minister and his wife do not take it on a regular to talk about the loss of other lives that was loss because of violence.was there a direct benefit that melissa loss?there are some people in this world the only time they show concern about a person is when there is a benefit coming back to them, and this Family the skerritt family, is no exception.its the ultimate reason for support, no love in it.see how the country running, that’s enough to show how much they care. STUPS.

  35. Evil breeds Evil
    May 27, 2019

    Is those Jumbee money Melissa and her husband spreading is the main cause of these murders and crimes, and she trying to plead the blood of Jesus to stop it?Melissa, here is a passage to ponder on before you plead the blood of Jesus For where you have envy and selfish ambition, there you find disorder and every evil practice James 3:16. You cannot sow seeds of crime and rip peace. You sound so confused and I wish DNO would post the video or allow me to post the video with what sounds like your voice

  36. BMB
    May 27, 2019

    Politics aside, I have to agree with Melissa with respect to this young man. I was so proud to see him all suited-up in his safety apparel, and on the job for 7am diligently everyday, including yesterday (Sunday), the day of his untimely death. My heartfelt condolences to his family and his many friends on Bath Road who I know will miss him dearly.

  37. Jonathan Y St Jean
    May 27, 2019

    So Melissa, what about the charade you put on at the Windsor park with Sinach, the fake pastor, the rams horn etc. That seems to have failed as well? God is not mocked

    • Da to the bone....
      May 27, 2019

      What …. you coming up with. WHAT THAT HAVE TO DO WITH THE BOY DEATH ..

    • Joseph John
      May 27, 2019

      Yes God is not mocked. He is not judgemental either. You may judge that what she put out at the park is a mockery, but God judges our intent. The intention was not to mock God, that was never her intention. You and your fellow negative posters are attempting to destroy he political credibility. But she has a human right to express her opinion. In this instance she was right on point.
      As for the rams horn, there is no need to demonize its use. The use of this type of horn is documented in religious history for Godly ceremonies, never for evil (except in wars). Nothing inappropriate in this case, but as usual opposition gang bangers know nothing about any kind of history. They only know how to create chaos like extreme right wing traitors.

      • Me
        May 28, 2019

        How can you destroy what was never there? She never had any political credibility.

    • Nichala Francis
      May 27, 2019

      We need to accept Christ now because you never know. Get saved. Repent God loves you. Look out for new testament church God Good neighbor outreach will be visiting the island Dominica and will be distributing clothes, food, school supplies and more to people after the hurricane Maria devastation. If anyone needs to get saved we will also be here. Life is too short. We coming in July. Look out. God is great. We will be coming to help.

    • Ibo France
      May 27, 2019

      Jonathan Y St. Jean, you talk the unvarnished truth every time. You deliver the truth with surgical precision. A truth teller and an erudite person like you would don the country well working in the civil service as an advisor to a receptive administration. Don’t stop hammering them with the truth and the truth only. They will think it is hell.

    • ??????????????????????????????
      May 29, 2019

      Jonathan you not tired of hating? You not stopping that nonesense? Partner you must be hurting inside for you do not even know what. Emancipate yourself from hatred slavery. You only hurting you, yourself and you!

  38. TeteMorne I from...
    May 27, 2019

    Words without action is null and void! That said, I understand what you mean, but, as long as Dominica ( YOU , your husband, and the court) do not change the punishment the violence continues…
    When you ‘punish” a criminal by allowing him/her to sit in jail as times passes by, what do you expect? When the punishment often do not fit the crime, what do you expect? When they are bailed out for “good behavior” what do you expect? When you do not allow the victim’s family to handle the criminals what do you expect? When they are treated like everyday normal citizens while in prison, what do you expect?

    Maybe you should make an example of one of them by allowing family and friends to handle them. What/where is the punishment? How are they punished? One commits a crime, goes to jail, the others do the same. There is ZERO fear of the justice system. None.

    I join you in covering Dominica under the blood, but, cover them and ACT!Stop sparing the rod…

  39. Legion
    May 27, 2019

    Your husband make everybody believe they can get away with murder… remember “no law, no constitution…”? I hear them street boys repeating that mantra all the time. If you want to see an end to the violence start by examining the company you keep.

  40. May 27, 2019

    “It has to stop and it will. I plead the blood of Jesus over our country,”–News Article

    This is the voice of a “woman” of determination, fortitude, and vigor, thanks to God that He has given her to us.

    “It has to stop and it will” are the Words of a woman who is willing, and not afraid to bring the necessary changes to her community and the whole of Dominica for that matter; Mellissa Popourne Skerrit, we need more women like in our Dominica, for the sake of her complete survival.

    And I am glad to read that you have no intentions of doing it on your own; yes indeed! By the power of your faith in Christ Jesus: “It has to stop and it will!

    Just hold on to that power of faith, my Lady, as you do what you have to do by the Will of our God, in Christ Jesus, for the sake of Life in Dominica, both physically and mentally.

    Keep the desire to glorify God in your works, as you make our women of Dominica walk upright and proud. Blessings! My Lady

    • Sweetie Pie
      May 29, 2019

      Demons know the Bible too…can bitter and sweet water flow from the same well…all u think is say blood of Jesus and is so? God sleeping then?

  41. Annon
    May 27, 2019

    I am only seeing an increase in homicides these days. Mrs. Skerritt doesn’t say how they are suppose to stop or how she will deter them. She is apparently entering politics now, maybe via long distance. The elections are going to be something else this time around.

  42. Pipo
    May 27, 2019

    Melissa, Why then were you happy to pose with Keny G’s bling poise giving a gang V-sign at your hubby recent rally in Castle Bruce. You speaking out of both sides of your mouth and spitting down the middle. Of course that gangster behaviour on our streets is bad but your action speak kouder than weasel words.

  43. Ras B
    May 27, 2019

    How simplistic!! The labour party candidate for the constituency got the opportunity to lay out her wares and this is what she says!!! Lord help us, Please lord, Help Dominica in the next election, please look over its citizenry.

  44. Dominican to the bone
    May 27, 2019

    I hope this is not another human sacrifice to make boost some people’s image.
    I did not know Dominica had “Street Boys”? Because while Roseau in particular have some vagrants, most of whom are mentally challenged or chemically dependent, ALL normal young people, and young men in particular have homes where they stay.

    After 19 years of Labour, the Capital City of Roseau continues to deprived of the face lift it rightly deserves. The Skerrit led DLP Administrative continues to provide lip service and has done very little to upgrade the roads, side walks, living conditions of the city residents, enable the private sector to create more employment opportunities etc.

    The Skerrit Led DLP administration must take responsibility for the break down of law and order and for yet another senseless murder and loss of life of a another young man.

    May this young man Rest In Peace (RIP) and may his family find comfort with the prayers and messages of condolences of Dominicans across…

  45. Ibo France
    May 27, 2019

    Melissa Sherrie on the untimely death of Dominica’s most recent victim of murder: “It has to stop and it will.” Unfortunately, she has offered no solutions. Talk is not enough. It is strategic planning by our lawmen and the relevant authorities that will severely lessen the incidents of criminal activities. Where are the new initiatives of the police? Is there any attempt at community policing? Do we witness a greater police presence in hot spot areas? Is the police force adequately equipped with the human and material resources it needs? Are the top echelon of the police force and the Minister of National Security up to the job? Unless these questions can be answered in the affirmative, the people will remain as sitting ducks to be picked off by criminal elements in the society. This government’s primary and singular focus has always been re-election, hence the Red Clinic and NEP. The people’s problems are secondary or of little or no consequence.

  46. Braindamage
    May 27, 2019

    True that… Hungry power suckers.
    Dominica will be liberated soon.

  47. Benton
    May 26, 2019

    Wanting to get off the streets is like wanting to fly and never flying. Sacrificing yourself to get off the streets is what counts. Melissa Skerrit does not have to send you to school, that you may get off the streets. Meanwhile you dere challenging yourself to ruff up gangstas? Go home, do some research and fill your mind with something constructive and useful that you can utilize towards helping people in your surrounding area. Help yourself to understand first, then contribute towards the upliftment of your country. Then you will grow past stage one, then stage two will get you useful to someone, who will pay you enough to get real with yourself, and start utilizing your God given rights and divine talents, toward the advancement of your survival, and the survival of your race. Then you may become like a Melissa Poponne Skerrit.

  48. Locs Girl
    May 26, 2019

    All of a sudden she’s outspoken on such subject? Rather interesting 🙄

  49. Smh
    May 26, 2019

    Wooosh. Eh beh look it. Even using Jesus n blood name oui. Oh but even the longest ropen has an end

  50. little yout
    May 26, 2019

    Everyone condemns the killing of one another, but when a political party can choose to promote gangsters and drug dealers and dish out large sums of money to these criminals to lead their campaign, you are being very hypocritical. The decent people of Roseau will not in anyway associate with you and your political friends. Shame on you! You can never win Roseau central. RIP young man.

    • Joseph John
      May 27, 2019

      “Shame on you”, not shame on Mrs Skerrit . You are trying to use shame and guilt strategy to intimidate a lady. That is the only political genre you and your opposition gangbangers have. It is right up there with gender shame and body shaming. So shame right back at you and yours.

      • Neville
        May 28, 2019

        No shame on you! For acting blind and deaf. Just keep on supporting Bonnie and Clyde.

      • ibo france
        May 28, 2019

        Joseph, before Melissa was handpicked by her autocratic, corrupt, controlling husband, the lives of numerous Dominicans were cut short by violence. Have Melissa ever spoken out about this frightening phenomenon or publicly expressed condolences to any of the relatives of the deceased? She now comes and want political mileage from the unfortunate demise of a young man. Shame! Shame! Shame!

    • Kermit
      May 27, 2019

      I agree with your comment 100% but the way things are looking sweetheart she will win.

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