Agriculture vessel high on gov’t agenda – Douglas

Douglas said the vessel is no pie in the sky promise
Douglas said the vessel is no pie in the sky promise

Minister for Trade, Ian Douglas, has said that a vessel to export Dominica’s agricultural produce is no pie in the sky promise.

He said that the matter is high on the government’s agenda.

He was speaking of the radio program, Focus on Government and Development, on Thursday evening.

“A couple of weeks ago when I said the vessel is still a high priority for the government, persons from other media houses and persons who do not necessarily support the government felt that it is another pie in the sky promise by government,” he stated. “But I can assure you that we have a committee in place looking at the specs of the type of vessel that we need to be able to support the industry.”

In October 2013 the Government of Dominica announced that it was in contact with a group of vessel operators to determine all the issues to be considered in acquiring a vessel primarily for transporting Dominica’s agricultural commodities.

Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, said at a press conference that the availability of a cargo vessel will enable hucksters and companies involved in the trade of agricultural goods to take advantage of markets in the south of the Caribbean adding that Government’s real interest is “the facilitation of export and trade” which will no doubt bring immense opportunities as far as job creation is concerned.

The Government said at the time that it is hoping that the private sector will express interest in partnering with Government in this enterprise.

Meantime Douglas informed that pack houses the government invested in should  up and running “hopefully” very soon.

“Again you know of our investments in the pack houses and hopefully I would say by July we should have the pack houses up and running,” he stated.

Douglas mentioned that tenders have been sent out for the procurement of equipment to run the pack houses and so far they have gotten a response from a potential provider.

“We have looked at the tender, we have accepted the tender and we have actually engaged that provider in actually procuring the equipment that we need to get the pack houses up and running because the pack houses are an essential element in being able to get the produce to the market in the condition that the market requires,” he said.

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  1. Anthony Ismael
    May 19, 2015

    Eugenia Charles was the only leader within the last thirty years who created a policy to encourage Dominicans who reside overseas to return home. Returning Dominicans would receive duty-free concessions on personal items if they were to return home permanently. Since then, what policies has been enacted to encourage expats to come back home? None.

    People like John are living in dream land!

  2. Anthony Ismael
    May 19, 2015

    The lower class migrated in droves the first chance they got, because the local environment did not want them. Look at the level of ridicule that our sons and daughters received when they returned home from studying in Cuba.

    People like John are leaving in a “Pipe Dream.” Who will return to Dominica with their families to live when the environment has never been conducive for us to live in. How do you purchase a multi-million dollar vessel with no market or agricultural produce to transport? This is utter madness. Banks do not loan money for fun and dreams. They loan money to earn a profit.

  3. Anthony Ismael
    May 18, 2015

    The authorities jailed the “Indian Man” with the little store near the bay front because he was selling his cloth cheaply to the poor people in Dominica. When the greedy Roseau Merchants discovered that, they invented false rumors against this man.

    Golden Loaf Bakery was attacked because of jealousy. They claimed that the owner was using “Dead People Water,” to process his bread. The elites do not want progress in Dominica whatsoever. They will never stand for it. If they’re not in control and reaping the benefits, they will destroy any new venture on the island.

  4. Anthony Ismael
    May 18, 2015

    Wade and Faustin were operating steel haul ships in Dominica for several decades. Why would the government want to purchase two vessels to export agricultural products? They cannot complete a 50-room guest house in Portsmouth, but they want to purchase ships.

    The problem with Dominica is this: Four families control the entire island. To get anything done in Dominica, you must get past the following families: Nassief and Astaphans etc. Any business venture that conflicts with their personal business interest will be dead on arrival.

    Heineken Brewery built their beer factory in St. Lucia versus Dominica because the then local agent for this brand of beer was afraid that they would lose business if the factory was built. Decades later, Dominica still operates with this myopic approach to pretty much every aspect of society.

  5. UserName
    May 18, 2015

    We all missed the point. In the original intent, it was announced by the DLP Govt. that TWO (2) ships would be purchased. ONE (1) to serve the North bound markets (i.e. Guadeloupe, Antigua, BVI, St. Marteen) and ONE (1) to serve the South bound markets (i.e. Martinique all the way to TnT). So where does this reduced version of only 1 boat come into the picture. DNO ask the Govt. this question at the next Press meeting. Apparently it really was a sunbeam pie in the sky.

  6. Francisco Telemaque
    May 18, 2015

    Just a reminder!

    Somme of us are old enough to remember ” The Federal Maple, and the Federal Palm” donated by the Canadian Government to serve the Caribbean islands from Guyana, in the South to Jamaica in the North during the West Indian Federation. Trinidad was the capital of the West Indies.

    When the Federation failed, the governments including Dominica government decided to keep both ship in service transporting cargo and passengers across the Caribbean. No need to say there was never any cargo shipped from Dominica on any of the two Vessels. Eventually, the vessels were pulled from service.

    Reasons, they were too expensive to operate, and the purchase of spare parts became impossibly to purchase. Now if that was difficult for governments including Trinidad, Jamaica, Barbados, and Guyana, and let me plug me Dominica in there. How is Skerrit going to afford the maintenance of a Ship?

    Facts, I know you are old enough to remember Federal Maple/Federal Palm!

  7. grell
    May 18, 2015

    Blah blah DOUGLAS all you let go is air.

  8. May 18, 2015

    Yes my people we sure are living in a fool paradise .he said it will hopefully be bought all thse guys utterance s are the same hopefully maybe probable u know the rest .

  9. Augustine Lockhart
    May 17, 2015

    Can I as ask one question? Where is the minister of agriculture?

    • Anthony Ismael
      May 18, 2015

      We don’t have one. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  10. sdcg
    May 16, 2015

    mv pilgrim ,maurina oska flor all those ships failed mr douglas please donot waste any money on this doomed to fail project.

  11. May 16, 2015

    Well you guys remember When they had Orcar Flo in Portsmouth doing the same thing and just up and let them go well say

  12. Sochi
    May 16, 2015

    Where is the Minister of Agriculture to answer to the incitement against his ministry? Has he been served with a “Gag Order” by Judge Supremo? This silence is deathening. We continue to watch the death of our agriculture, our economy, our business, our livelihoods and our people. Ah magway sa!!

    • Anthony Ismael
      May 18, 2015

      He Moo-moo. :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P

  13. Sochi
    May 16, 2015

    This government has absolutely no idea how to build the infrastructure for economic development. None whatsoever! And the sorry thing is that they do not even know that their 15th century anachronistic ideas are not even being reprinted in modern textbooks. Look at where Cuba is, crying to become a colony of the US. Say thanks to Papa Francis Senor Raul. Brother Fidel must be longing for an American ice pop. The Minister of Trade talking about a cargo boat and what is the Minister of Agriculture promising to deliver?

    The next think they will do apparently, is open up a farm with the 20,000 black sigatoka vulnerable plants. Where are the pronouncements about an integrated plan to move agriculture forward, the markets, products, infrastructure – technical and physical and financial access facilities? Is there a website so that a farmer with excess production can run a quick ad so that someone in Guadeloupe can say “that extra 500 lbs of dasheen, you have Mr Farmer, I’ll take…

  14. look at your feet
    May 16, 2015

    Mr Ian Douglas the last time i visit Portsmouth there was not a public connivence ( toilet ) well there was one but is was in a sad and smelly condition sir what is the condition as we speak?

  15. May 16, 2015

    Another shining example of how the great and powerful Labour Party Government is working tirelessly to bring Dominica to the highest level of prosperity. The brain-dead Opposition and their Zombie Puppets here on DNO and in little pockets around the Island continue to be blinded by their own jealousy. They see Labour pushing forward like a big freight train and they can’t accept that the Dominican electorate surely made the right choice in rejecting them. Yet, the loving and compassionate Labour Party does not seek to exclude these critics and nay-sayers from the progress and economic boom that will soon be reaching our shores. However, they must understand that (in the interest of fairness) the first to eat MUST be faithful Labourites.

    • grell
      May 18, 2015

      Whatever your smoking continue,lABOUR HAS NO CLUE ABOUT AGRICULTURE,GIVE MEA A BREAK FOOL.

    • Anthony Ismael
      May 18, 2015

      You should get off whatever you’re on. It’s a detriment to your health.

  16. Ma Mosesi
    May 16, 2015

    I would think fixing the feeder roads are a priority because otherwise we may not have enough produce to load that boat. Right now we are importing agricultural produce so what are we going to export. Maybe that is just a way to supply a Barbados supermarket chain at our expense? Also, will that boat come back to Dominica empty? If not, what cargo will it bring?

  17. mike
    May 16, 2015

    socialism have a history of failure so blatant only a fool can ignore it, all that money you spent on red clinic if that money was made available as loans for small business in manufacturing, agriculture, transportation etc.. you would have made that money back in interest on the loans and taxes on the businesses and jobs created. I know red clinic gets you elected but a good economy will do the same.

  18. mike
    May 16, 2015

    Dominica is now point central for aggregate and no Dominican owns a tug and barge to carry aggregate, the foreign tugs and barge makes an average of $70,000 usd per trip, so you can calculate the amount of money that would stay in dominica over the years if Dominican owned some of the tugs and barges. This government have no vision or plan, AID bank will give you a loan to buy a Japanese car but wont give you a loan to start a business even if you have security. If AID bank gave loans backed by floating assets Dominicans will buy their own boats and will be better able to manage their own boats. I applied for a loan at AID bank 4 months ago with security and all documentation since then every day I call its either they at a meeting, sick, vacation, out of island, holiday, meeting, did I say meeting again?

    • Anthony Ismael
      May 18, 2015

      Mike, the AID Bank is not designed to help people like you, unfortunately so. If you had the right last name and skin color, you would have secured the loan. If you were able to purchase a tug boat, the level of red tape to gain permission to do business on the island will lead to madness.

      However, you should not give up. You may have to grease the hands of the boys to get it done, but it’s worth a try.

  19. Discombobulated
    May 16, 2015

    The govt must fix all roads, schools, buy the vessel, build the airport, build the hospital, pay all employees, support d poor and elderly & d geothermal project at the same time. Forget budgeting and risk, do it all at once. only way Dominicans will be happy. When we want, we want it now. If we don’t get it we throw our toys out the pram like kids. We do not have one idea of economics or what it takes to budget and manage our salaries much less a country but we are all experts in govt expenditure. This isn’t a labour thing because since I was a child we doing it with freedom right back to labour. We are one impatient, greedy people. I’m sick of reading comments like the govt not doing nothing at all.
    We need hotels before building international airport. We need road to get tourists safely and smoothly from a to b. We need feeder roads and main roads to get food from a to b & the slaughter houses to produce before a vessel. We as a country need self sufficiency before exportation…

  20. Duncekyat
    May 15, 2015

    Agriculture vessel high on gov’t agenda – Douglas

    Q: Why is the agriculture vessel high on gov’t agenda.
    A: The gov’t agenda is a hallucinogen.

  21. BEB
    May 15, 2015

    At one time I heard the PM said that his intention to purchase vessels , which I conclude this means more than one vessel. He is now talking of a vessel, now I do not know what is his intentions. Why on earth the Govt. has to get involved
    in purchasing any vessel? This should be left to be handled by the private sector. Will the Govt. be prepared to train the various persons to manouver the boat, sailors and crew and when that would to be boat would be leaving the islands where the would to be produces would be off loaded, would that would to be boat be coming back to Dominica empty or arrangements would be made to have some cargoes shipped to Dominica?
    I’m listening, “would to be”

  22. Bee
    May 15, 2015

    Garcon skerrit and his boys will tired mamaguy Dominicans. And gullible as most Dominicans are they just swallowing it whole. Douglas said he can assure us is not a pie in the sky. Since comer elections ago skerrit promising that boat to farmers…. they still voting for it…. Espwar mal papeye

  23. combos
    May 15, 2015

    Every burning current disturbing issue is always on the dlp agenda…. it’s tiring. .. Dominicans do not be fooled.

  24. Disclaimer
    May 15, 2015

    still have hope for Dominica

  25. Captain Ian
    May 15, 2015

    Ian you remember you told us of someone that fooled you not once, not twice? So now seem to have learnt the art and it’s your turn to fool us? But I don’t blame you all you know because the DLP realized it is easier for Dominicans to believe a lie than for them to believe the truth, so why not keep fooling them? I mean state of the art hospital in Goodwill is high on the gov’t agenda so to is Trauma Center in Marigot, International Airport for Woodford Hill, so to is Morocco-funded hotel, Range Development Project in Cabrits, plus five more hotels they considering, Agricultural vessel and so on and so on. I guess we should also add the coffee plant, the abattoir, all carib children getting tablet. Boy by the time we get all of these fulfilled Skerrit will be 98 years old and Dominica will be the America of today. Me DABA woy, woy, woy daba

  26. Michael
    May 15, 2015

    IAN again with the same old talk? DNO, it is not everything a Minister says is worthy of note especially when they have been repeating themselves over and over with no effect or result observed. Give us a break, man!

    May 15, 2015

    “A couple of weeks ago when I said the vessel is still a high priority for the government, persons from other media houses and persons who do not necessarily support the government felt that it is another pie in the sky promise by government,” he stated.

    Ian had me laughing so much that he even got me drunk. Ian, have you ever seen snow in summer when the sun is 95 degrees? That’s impossible and laughable right? That’s exactly how you sound. Ian, what agriculture do we have in Dominica to export? In 2013 when agriculture was booming I could see the need for that talk show, but you all did not deliver! Are you referring to buying a vessel to import agricultural produce into Dominica? That would make sense because we already start to import banana plants. Right now we have no bananas to export, a hand of fig is almost $5.00, plantain dying, orange tree shave pishu, even coconut we importing and you want to buy ship? To export what? Water? Stupes! Maybe to export medical ganja man

  28. Doc. Love
    May 15, 2015

    If lies from Skeritt and the DLP Government were riches, all Dominicans would be millionaires. One time we heard about boats from Barbados. One time, we heard boats were to big and then we heard the boats were to small. Presently, we are hearing the purchase of boats are on Government’s agenda. The 7500 tablets have also been on Government’s agenda. The repairing of the Salisbury feeder roads were also on Government’s agenda. The building of a new hospital since 2010 has been on Government’s agenda. The Moroco funded hotel has been on Government’s agenda. Finally, the improvement of the economy has been on the agenda for many years.

  29. Portsmouth Jetty Boy
    May 15, 2015

    Please we me, Ian and friends) use to make boats out of coconut husk and a wood called “floa” and we use to sail those boats by the Indian River and on the beach in front Ian’s parents house ( which is now almost in the sea). So if Ian is thinking about those little boats we use to make by the jetty and put the zaman tree leaf or plastic as sails if these are the boats he is talking about then let thee man talk. Sometimes when thee man talking is the ” spirit” in him that is talking. On windy days we would set those little boats out to sail and some of them would sail away so maybe with the spirit in him he thinking about those boats coming back. Good go boy.

  30. I am Dominican
    May 15, 2015

    There are too many wastes paying lip service to the country. They are commenting on everything but produce nothing. Not even a pod of pigeon peas.

  31. john
    May 15, 2015

    Every thing is about these guys what the he’ll are we doing to help our selves I need workers now to he’ll with these guys. These guys never gave me any thing I have two eyes and a brain I can do it for my self like my father and grand father you people make me sick.

  32. May 15, 2015

    This government could not organise a drink up in a rum shop,let alone a country Dominica. It is true,15yrs of what?

  33. john
    May 15, 2015

    How many ministers that was in business before they become ministers we need some people who ran a business and made money in the cabinet. Can some one help me I need workers now I want to raise15.000 chickens and pigs on my farm to have load for the boat when it comes

  34. john
    May 15, 2015

    Why do we let every thing fall apart maintenance is the key the boat must be maintained every day washed paint oil or else the sea water distroy every. First thing put maintanance in place please

  35. john
    May 15, 2015

    Dhaka Zulu keep putting the information out there make sure you have trained men to drive that vessel no stealing the books must be k eept government people must be on the boat at all times boat must be on time it must run like a business not like those huts in jimmit we must learn to run every thing in the government like a business clean public works up. Sand blast the old ministry don’t let in fall apart

    • LANGLu
      May 17, 2015

      john. do you think it is educational to some of us dominicans to read the nonsense you have typed multiple times on one news article.. PLEASE ONE COMMENT FROM YOU IS ENOUGH…thanks
      . no disrespect

  36. May 15, 2015

    If it’s economically viable to increase the amount of shipping available to farmers, then why does the public sector need to do this? Shipping companies should be in the shipping business, not government.

    • The Facts
      May 15, 2015

      How old are you? Have you and your relatives always resided in Dominica?
      Are you stating that the government should not own and operate one?
      Previously, the Dominican government once owned a boat (if not two), used to transport nationals between Portsmouth and Roseau. If I recall one of the names were Maris Stella (called The Launch). Correct me if I erred on this name.
      Dominicans did not complain nor were they critical of the government owning a boat. It was specifically built and used for their benefit. Those who used it were too happy to have that service. The problem with some people of today, they are never satisfied and critical.
      What makes you think that the shipping company will provide proper service, as being on time when required, not overcharge and not increase the cost?
      Similarly, as being presumptuous to assume and state that another government would be a better leader of this country.

      • Francisco Telemaque
        May 18, 2015

        Facts, here you are again making erroneous comments which you cannot substantiate; unless Dominica government owned the two you know what; prior to my birth, I may not know about that. Considering that I remember most of what happened to me from age two years old to today.

        I am sure I would have at least heard about those two boats which transported people from Portsmouth to Roseau. Let us give credit to where credit is due!

        The only person I am dead sure: one (100%) hundred percent sure had a very small boat transporting passengers between Roseau and Portsmouth is a man know to me as Robert B. Douglass, he had a store which sold from cloth to rum to sugar to shoes, and everything. He was the father of the late Roosevelt, and Michael Douglas. He owned a truck, and an agricultural Estate. I doubt he is the father of big eye, Popeye Ian.

        The first time it traveled to Barbados, it failed to return, perhaps it mash-up oui!


      • May 18, 2015

        “What makes you think that the shipping company will provide proper service, as being on time when required, not overcharge and not increase the cost?”

        Because, as one learns in introductory economics, the state is highly inefficient, making it best for providing essential public goods only. It’s no accident that countries with high GDP per capita don’t have state-run economies, and that countries like Venezuela that do have them have empty supermarkets and widespread misery.

        “Similarly, as being presumptuous to assume and state that another government would be a better leader of this country.”

        I didn’t. One can question the wisdom of a particular policy without calling for a change of government. Those who blindly agree with everything their party leaders say aren’t doing enough of their own thinking, no matter what side they’re on.

    • Francisco Telemaque
      May 15, 2015

      Dumb and ignorant people do dumb, and ignorant things, and make bad decisions Steve.

      The idea is so stupid, it is almost senseless. In the late 70’s we brought our ship out of Europe, Bought in Denmark, worked between Germany and Denmark. We decide to bring it to the Caribbean. Our first Job in the region was to pick up about four hundred bags of flour in Puerto Rico, and brought them to the Nassif’.

      After we unloaded the cargo; W. H. V. Whitchurch, our then agent kept us in port for many, weeks and could not provide us with one ounce of Cargo. We left empty for St. Lucia. Within one day in St. Lucia we were loaded with cargo to take to Barbados. In Barbados we again got a full load of cargo which we discharged in Trinidad.

      In Trinidad we got a full load of cargo bound for the island of St. Kitts alone; we got loaded with cargo Beer mostly to take to Antigua. The idiots do not know what they getting into; Dominica is as dead place!

      • Francisco Telemaque
        May 15, 2015

        If Ian Douglas, Skerrit and the people he has deciding what ship to buy, he had better form a committee to investigate how expensive it is to operate a cargo ship. In the first place you can’t dock into nations port, and say I will pay you latter!

        If you cannot pay the fees your ship will be confiscated. That is why you must have an agent in every country your intends to enter. If you cannot pay, and the agent pay your bills you had better get the money from some place to pay the agent, or boat becomes the property of the agent.

        And boy if your boat damage a berth, or one spill the slightest amount of fuel in a port that adds up sometimes to more than the value of your ship. Anyway as long ass Skerrit name is on it; you know how him is big man, they will let go for free eh.


    • Under your watch!!!
      May 16, 2015

      Steve, there are a number of local ships docked and without work so if things were properly organized, there should be no problem with shipping!! The fact is that Dominica has been reduced to an island with fertile soil but no production due the the government’s emphasis on tourism while turning their back on agriculture! They have left the farming community out in the middle of the rolling ocean with no growth engine, no captain and nothing to row with. No that the is hitting the fan, they are trying to appear as if they are doing something! But it will take a while to get production back up even with the best planning and execution in the world. But where are the feeder roads to the farms?? NONEXISTENT!! And the money to fix them?? NONEXISTENT!!! And the PWD to do the works?? IN SHAMBLES!! But de country nice bwouy!!! And they talking about prudent management of the economy??? Oh!!! And where is the PM?? Travelling regularly!!! DE COUNTRY REAL NICE BWOY!!

    • Truth be Told
      May 16, 2015

      Well said Steve. However, the bigger economic question that follows on from this argument, is why are there so many market failures in Dominica, that we see a government needing to be all things to the Dominican economy? I believe you and I know the answer but Dominicans need to begin to ask the government this question.

  37. Domfool
    May 15, 2015

    Wey papa, alas Pap Mon Dieu. How many things the Government going to do at the same time! Building PMH hospital, Marigot Hospital, building an international airport, buying a vessel for dead agriculture, completing the Absttoir, fixing the feeder roads, hey by the way, don’t forget Captain Bruce road eh.
    Dominicans please note promises is comfort to a Fool.

    • The Facts
      May 15, 2015

      Do you know the saying, “Time waits for no one” and “Make hay while the sun shines?” If now is the time, so be it. Be grateful. I realize your narrow mind could not fathom that this could or should happen all at once and as always, you criticize the government.
      When will you learn to say “Excellent, Thank you, I am pleased and be happy of what is being done in Dominica?” If nothing was happening, no prospects for new constructions in general, you would be critical and complain. Can’t please people as you. You have a problem of also not understanding.

  38. talk is cheap
    May 15, 2015

    stop making promises

  39. Merlot
    May 15, 2015

    Dominicans HOW LONG are you going to let these guys FOOL you all?? HOW LONG????
    When is SOMEBODY…ANYBODY going to man up and call this guy out on his bull?? Please WAKE UP people!! The ride should’ve been over a LONG time ago!!

  40. celedrity mum
    May 15, 2015

    what kind of agriculture produce is this vessel coming to get and farmers do not have roads and resource needed for agriculture,, Mr Douglas do you have your special farmers ready

  41. john
    May 15, 2015

    Every thing in the country have to be done with you . You have guys in the Bronx from portsmouth drinking rum by steve go down and go to school and captain the boat. Stop talking useless politics and doing nothing. All dominicans overseas can put their money together and buy three boats you will make your money back. You waiting for N assief to do it for you why are you going to school to work for people the rest of your life you own nothing in canada and America go back home and do business

    • Truth be Told
      May 16, 2015

      Go back home and do business? Is Dominica a conducive environment for me to risk my capital? A country where your government laughs at, shames and scorns the private sector! Your PM announces which private sector borrows from the bank, which private sector struggling or brokes, which private sector cannot buy paint to paint their hotel! Do you think potential investors are not looking and listening at these utterances by your PM, well I am. I am now thinking of how to pull my investments out of Dominica because I took your advice and invested in Dominica a few years ago! The man hates the private sector but he goes around the world begging for investors. Do you wonder why it is not worth investing your hard earned capital in Dominica, because your PM is a big risk to that capital investment!

    May 15, 2015

    ***NOW WHAT***

    Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, said at a press conference that the availability of a cargo vessel will enable hucksters and companies involved in the trade of agricultural goods to take advantage of markets in the south of the Caribbean adding that Government’s real interest is “the facilitation of export and trade” which will no doubt bring immense opportunities as far as job creation is concerned.
    This should be a government/private sector venture!!
    Government’s “going alone” in such ventures usually becomes INEFFICIENT & IRRESPONSIBLE!!

    First, we need a comprehensive “REVIVAL” plan for the agricultural industry!!
    We are still supporting policies that are deteriorating our agricultural industry! If we don’t address these issues, then this venture will be a failure!

    Because if we don’t have anything much to grow, then what will we be exporting!!

    Still, we must all hope for the…

      May 15, 2015

      ….Still, we must hope for the best!!

      • The Facts
        May 15, 2015

        Oh my! Some of them are always negative. They are not able to give new ventures their blessing. As soon as they hear and read about them and before they get off the ground, they are already cursing them; not blessing them.
        Dominica has some strange people. It is as if they are not interested in the progress of Dominica. God will take care of them in time.

  43. john
    May 15, 2015

    He should ask dominicans over seas to invest in three boats to go all over the caribean you can find some lovely vessels all over the place. You people have to teach these politicians how to be orginized as business people don’t blame them if you don’t tell them what to do they are politicians not business men and women , don’t complain after the damage is done they must listen to is your country. Any thing your government is doing you must be involved all the time. Don’t wait for later get captains trained the boat must run like a business if the opposition is the best people to run it you must give it to them dominica is to small for that n onesense support who the he’ll you want but take care of business. Put your priority first your family and your country we have to get it together now

    • The Facts
      May 15, 2015

      What is your contribution? If you reside in Dominica, it should commence with you.

  44. Dominic
    May 15, 2015

    ian with wat all u goin to full that boat man doh make a full of your self

  45. john
    May 15, 2015

    The reason why nothing works in dominica we the people are not getting involve when we hear our government have ambitious plans. With a boat you first need trained people who knows the laws of the ocean send them to miami to be trained no drugs on board proper books have to be kept if drugs is found on board you loose your boad. The boat must be maintained at all the time . Goods must not be moved without proper papers some one on board from the government all the time. The boat must make a profit .if you don’t tell this people what to do they don’t know. Tell Mr Douglas I found 27 ocean liners for sale some of the owners will hold the notes you pay them monthly. There is one build in 1985 in Holland breath 10.27 depth 4.32 draft 3.45m dwt 1, 1411 1/1 ho/ ha – 1854 cabin steal haul.

    • The Facts
      May 15, 2015

      The problem is, they project they do not care. this is quite noticeable by their comments. They are too busy being narrow minded and critical. People as they could never advance Dominica. They are the ones who keep Dominica back and backwards. Yet they blame others. They should examine their conscience and the words that they utilize as imbedded in their heart and mind.

  46. Shaka zulu
    May 15, 2015

    As a representative if the government we have noticed based on statistics and info from farmers that our products are spoiling in the fields and at the ports. Our markets in the region are running out of products because we cannot get shipment on time. To date we have lost and average of 2 million per week due to lack of shipment. As a result we are working deligently on getting a vessel to aid in getting products to market. Additionally we have set up small cooperatives in each community and conducting extensive training on animal husbandry. To date the number of pens with pigs and goat have increased by 100%. We have brought in 15000 livestock which we will breed and grow so they will be ready for slaughter by time abattoir comes online. Contracts have already been signed with local supermarkets to purchase meat. Excess will be shipped to regional markets on the vessel.

    May 15, 2015

    ian, enough already… after 15 years you still talking about that boat…. just do man and shut up

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