Antigua rejects Barbados’ proposal of US44M for LIAT shares

Browne (l) has rejected the US $44M proposal made by the Barbadian government

Antigua’s Prime Minister Gaston Browne has broken his silence about the ongoing discussion on the sale of LIAT between his country and Barbados.

Media reports from Bridgetown indicated that discussions were not going favorably because Mia Mottley is insisting that Antigua and Barbuda take up Barbados’ almost $100 million loan commitments.

But Browne said that Antigua and Barbuda will not settle at the US$44 million proposal made by the Barbadian government.

“I understand mathematics, and I understand percentages, and I also understand value for money. So, if we were to settle at US$44 million, that would be a steal for Barbados; and we are not in the process of giving away money. We are in the process of creating value and to get fair value for the people of Antigua and Barbuda. So, as far as I am concerned and I have said this to the Prime Minister of Barbados, because she knows my thinking, that discussions cannot start at US$44 million. She knows my position and has since come down,” he said.

Browne, while speaking on his radio show, was not shy in airing his disappointment with the government’s negotiating team in even considering the said proposal.

The two countries have been holding discussions on the acquisition of the shares and last week, Browne said the talks were still ongoing despite media reports that they had broken down.

Prime Minister Mia Mottley in a ministerial statement delivered last month in the House of Assembly, said Barbados was reducing its financial involvement in LIAT.

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  1. Self
    July 17, 2019

    What was the proposal for Ross University?

  2. Bring back the kidnapped Dominican parrots
    July 17, 2019

    Barbados should just annex Dominica.

  3. Casio
    July 17, 2019

    Between LIAT and the Roseau Cathedral i dont know which is a bigger disaster. Most likely LIAT as it has regional effects.

  4. Bring back the kidnapped Dominican parrots
    July 17, 2019

    Skerrit should buy LIAT, he has millions and millions in his bank account from the sale of Dominican citizenship and passports. He can then re-name it Air Skerrit in time for the election.

    • I Hear You
      July 18, 2019

      Not a bad idea I am sure people like you would take credit for it’s success.

  5. Derick
    July 17, 2019

    Sell it to the Chinese, that’s all I hear from carribs these days. You’ve got billionaires that can assure the survival of airlines and the people of the carribean

  6. Cyril Ralph Volney
    July 17, 2019

    The question begs to be asked what level of due diligence was conducted by the Antigua Government. Prior to entering negotiations to purchase anything, you check it out and establish a value in your head. You then tell your negotiators what your thresholds are. That way negotiators do not mess up the deal. Both Antigua and Barbados are well positioned to know the value of LIAT. The value is ZERO. You do not buy a broken down old vehicle, unless you can fix it, know how much it will cost to fix it, and have an idea how much it will be valued at after you fix it.

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      July 17, 2019

      Cyril, what due diligence  are you talking about?

      Don’t you know that Antigua government holds a major share in LIAT, therefore Gaston did his homework, that is why he did not make himself an idiot and waste Antigua Taxpayers money buying only a name, since just about all of the Aircraft’s LIAT fly’s are leased.

      Forty-four million US currency is approximately EC$118,800,000 plus; (that’s in millions). 

      That is in addition to another one hundred million in debt, I suppose that is also in US currency, meaning its another EC$270,000,000.00; any leader of a country who would spend that kind of money to buy a non-profitable entity, would have to be a fool!

      Gaston might not be an economist, but he sure knows how to count from one to a hundred; he knows how to multiply, add, divide, and subtract eh!

      Unlike the double doctor, sir knight oui!


  7. dissident
    July 17, 2019

    when will dat LIAT circus show end?
    not impressed
    flying from BVI to Dominica i have to go all de way to Barbados and overnight

  8. Connell Town
    July 17, 2019

    Incorrect to say ‘Browne has broken his silence’. Browne hasn’t stopped airing his mouth since he announced Antigua is buying Barbados majority shares as if it was a done deal. Bridgetown has been diplomatic and confidential as is the norm in negotiations. Browne is in for a rude awakening its clear he cant help himself from talking drivel.

  9. Its my Damn business
    July 16, 2019

    Trust me, if this article was about a corrupt deal like a passport sale or hiding an international wanted criminal, involving Caribbean leaders no doubt we would see the name of PM Skerrit and Dominica in the center of the embarrassment. But this article is about a real deal, real negotiation for something thats in the best interest of the people of both islands, that weakling Skerrit is out of it. He just cant be part of it just …………… or donkey cant take part in horse race.

  10. Jack Sparrow
    July 16, 2019

    It would appear both sides have options. Antigua can further invest in Liat thus tipping the balance as majority share holder. Barbados can divest its shares on the open market to the highest bidder or even a non-caricom nation. Since Liat is a regional airline most carribean countries would prefer it stays that way.
    But what you don’t know is that Barbados is trying to maximize profitability from the sale of their shares to start their own regional airline. Provided they attain Cat 1 status.
    So in effect Barbados must sell and its in Antigua interest to buy.

  11. Ask Melissa
    July 16, 2019

    If Skerrit were Mia Mortley, Gaston Brown would get everything for free. Yet if Skerrit were Gaston Brown he would not even try to buy LIAT because Skerrit is not interested in anything that would put people at work. The only use Skerrit has for us is to get our vote

      July 17, 2019

      Antigua and Barbados in their tug of war but YOU ALL (uwpites) have to include Skerrit in it. What exactly does Skerrit has to do with them two islands business? Did you hear any of them spoke of Skerrit or mentioned his name?
      When Skerrit says he runs THINGS in Dominica you all are upset and taking a mold and building a mountain out of it, but he makes sense because everything that happens whether in the country or out of country You UWPites involves him.

  12. I vex Man
    July 16, 2019

    Afte one week in office Mia Mottly was able to outsmart Skerrit, who had been in office for 15 years and litterally took Ross University from us for nothing! Ross was our little baby born in D and after 40 yrs Skerrit and his Bajan advisors took it from us for nothing. Ross survived the overthrow of PJ, the Oj administration, hurricane David, 15 years of Mamo, 4.5 years of Eddo, the death of Rosie and Pierro but could not survive the wicked, evil , corrupt and destructive reign of Skerrit. Thanks to Skerrit Picard is now a ghostown and what use to be Ross University is now the University of Haiti. I hope Skerrit will soon change the name from “Dr. Ross Blvd” to Haiti port au prince blvd. Imagine the fight two of Skerrits friends Mia and Brown are having for LIAT and yet that joujou gave our international Airport to Ralph Gonsalves of St. Vincent for nothing and Ross University to Mia Mortley and Barbados for nothing! No wonder CARICOM leaders want him in office

  13. TJ
    July 16, 2019

    Possible direct, you have my vote. The poto Labor are politically blind.

  14. LifeandDeath
    July 16, 2019

    Gaston you fight for your people, but I can’t help but to point out the divisive undertones continuing among Caribbean nations.
    Barbados in particular can now be singled out as exploitative regarding the smaller islands. As soon as they see an opportunity they’re ready to grab or offload with no regard for the spirit of a caribbean community.
    Both the CARICOM and OECS are joke organisations as they’re not committed to their mandate for regional integration, every island still doing things their own way, even when they harm the chances of progress of other nations within same community. I swear this is the primary problem of Black people.
    Liat is a failing airline probably for same reason, a poor attitude towards integration. Gaston, leave B’dos shares alone and use that US$44M to start a new airline..smh!!

    • Robert Goren
      July 17, 2019

      “Barbados in particular can now be singled out as exploitative regarding the smaller islands. As soon as they see an opportunity they’re ready to grab or offload with no regard for the spirit of a caribbean community.”

      What is your proof to substantiate these allegations?

      After all, over the years, Barbados has pumped millions of Barbadians taxpayers’ money into LIAT to subsidise air fares and Barbadian taxpayers are saddled with a debt to the CDB for 3 aircrafts so that people like you can travel around the Caribbean and write nonsense at the expense of Barbadians.

      • LifeandDeath
        July 18, 2019

        Well ask yourself why they getting out now? When have barbados ever done anything with the interest of the other islands at the forefront?
        They went in to make money, not to help ppl like me fly around the caribbean, especially because they never advocated to lower LIAT prices.
        Now, why didn’t they refuse Ross University especially knowing the devastating blow to the economy of Dominica? You think that is a country that cares for us? or any of the smaller islands?
        C’mon man..#Wakeup. Even more than a Barbados issue is the whole attitude towards regional integration, everybody on their own.

        • Robert Goren
          July 20, 2019

          I can see from your comments you’re one who reason based on emotion, rather than facts and common sense. It’s a clear indication you don’t read.

          When last has LIAT made a profit and which shareholder island has ever made any money as a result of their investment in LIAT?

          Barbados invested in LIAT because of a commitment to regional travel and because they did not want to see a demise of the airline.

          Ask yourself why the governments of CARICOM territories such as Trinidad, St. Lucia, St. Kitts & Nevis, Guyana and, until recently, Grenada, are reluctant to invest in LIAT? Allen Chastanet has been vocal in outlining the reasons why.

          You mention Ross University, which made a business decision to relocate. However, each time Dominica is devastated by a hurricane, Barbados is the first to send financial aid, soldiers and foodstuff at the expense of Barbadian taxpayers. Personnel from the privately owned electric company always VOLUNTEER their services.

          Perhaps you’re the…

  15. UKDominican
    July 16, 2019

    I suggest Barbados put it to the test and offer their shareholding on the open market to the highest bidder. That should soon establish what they are worth.

    • LifeandDeath
      July 17, 2019

      Your suggestion is Golden, but whether LIAT as a company will meet the minimum criteria for listing public stocks remains to be explored.
      Further, because of this same hangup, i’m inclined to believe that Barbados will get a rude awakening on their proposed share price.

  16. SMH
    July 16, 2019

    all u think that lady playing….now i see she really did play the DLP!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  17. FLORA
    July 16, 2019

    Please P.M. Skerrit the money we have in de bank to build de airport dat not design yet, use it to buy LIAT, please P.M. please, at least we will have an airline even though we haven’t got an international airport, then we can say to Antigua, Barbados and all those that have international airport, Beh, Beh! We have LIAT though. Please P.M. Skerrit, please buy LIAT, it seems to be going cheap. Then we can boast and not be last kakarat.

  18. Benton
    July 16, 2019

    44 is just a number. If you have a powerful strategic plan, 88 would not even matter. Its the platform, and ability to transform wealth into the hands of the Antigua people that matters. The opportunities are Worldwide, once your mind can conceive of it. Its like buying a useless piece of land that’s worth 1000x as much, once to use it wisely. Think…….

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      July 16, 2019

      Rubbish; you don’t understand a single word Gaston spoke!

      If you are a Dominican, I see the reason for your lack of intelligence; may I ask to which planet beyond the Milky-Way you belong?

      Roosevelt Skerrit would have buckled at the feet of Mia, because he would not understand her cynical language, Roosevelt would simply say forty-four ($44,000,000.00) dollars is nothing; he simply have to sell a handful of diplomatic passports to get that; ignoring the hundred ($100,000,000.00) million additional inherited debt.

      The Dominican mentality is different to any other human on earth anyway; that’s why I doubt you even understand your own rhetoric!

    • Made in China
      July 16, 2019

      It’s not 44 bro, it’s actually 44,000,000 . Those zeros matter. How can you buy debt, that doesn’t even make sense. If anything they should be glad someone else would take it off their hands. Another poster said they should put it up for open bidding. I strongly agree. Also it would seem this woman is a pure shark. Again as another poster mentioned seems like our P.M. got played by a pro.

  19. The Blackheart Man
    July 16, 2019

    Assertive Leadership at its best from Hon. Gaston brown..skerrit you could learn a thing or 2 from this guy since u have allow dominica to become a colony of barbados.

  20. Possie Direct
    July 16, 2019

    Yet Skerrit and the Dlp plp played softball, rounders or even “who get”the ball with Barbsdod concerning Ross University. What a waste of money to waste of money on these guys. Another reasom for them to go !!!!

    • jackarie
      July 16, 2019

      huh? what fork in nonsense is that?

      • Me
        July 18, 2019

        Is this supposed to be funny? Let me assure you, it isn’t.

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