Authorities explore working with Norwegian Airlines

A Norwegian aircraft

Tourism officials are exploring the possibilities of working with low-cost carrier, Norwegian Airlines, to improve air access to Dominica.

This is according to CEO of the Dominica Airport and Sea Port Authority (DASPA), Benoit Bardouille.

“We are also trying to work with Norwegian Airlines,” he stated. “As you know Norwegian Air has some good tickets in terms of pricing from New York to Martinique and Guadeloupe. So we are trying to work with Norwegian Air to see if we can have passengers connected, either in Guadeloupe or in Martinique direct to Dominica, same day.”

He said ways and means are being explored to improve on connections for passengers coming to Dominica.

Recently Norwegian announce it will increase service from three to four flights from the John F. Kennedy Airport to Martinique beginning October, 29.

Flights will start at $79, one way including taxes between October 29 and March 23, 2018.

The schedule will operate as follow on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays:
JFK – FDF* Departing 2:10 p.m. Arriving 6:35 p.m.

FDF*– JFK Departing 8:05 a.m. Arriving noon

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  1. Anthony P. Ismael
    June 10, 2017

    The best bet for us right now is to build a new airport at a different location, to avoid constant flooding of the runway during heavy rainfall and one capable of proper night landing. The runway can be lengthened over time to meet demand. No matter how cheap flights are out of Europe or North America, that final leg of the trip home is the 800 pound gorilla in the room. If we could accommodate a short-haul aircraft, such as the one shown in this photo, we would be in business. We need to get out of this “Reliance Mentality” and start acting and thinking in a way that will see our island grow and develop. This cheap political propaganda every four years is having a tremendous negative impact on our ability to do just about every and anything meaningful.

  2. B VIDAL
    June 9, 2017

    every time election is comein we getin a new airline after election u never hear any ting about that airline,

  3. Me
    June 9, 2017

    Let’s face it, Melville Hall airport is a dud. Changing its name has done nothing but sully the memories of Roosie and Pierro.

  4. Nobody is listing to your hogwash; Just because they are flying to Martinique does not mean they are going to tangle themselves into your Dominica pit-hole nonsense.

    Everybody knows it stinks!

    Build an International Airport, and larger Airline will come to you, and not you going to them crying in your disgusting Dominica accent wishing for something which makes no sense. There would be no International flight to St. Vincent, if Ralph had not build Argyle International Airport.

    Where is Dominica International Airport?

    Norwegian Airline is not going to land on Roosevelt Skerrit Swamp at night; his landing lights are not bright enough!

    • Anthony P. Ismael
      June 9, 2017

      Dominica’s International Airport is in St. Vincent. :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P

  5. Great idea - Norweigan all the way!
    June 8, 2017

    Norweigan is a good airline and well worth considering. Those who want to continue being ‘poopooed’ on by LIAT and their antics, you are welcomed to them…as for me, this is a venture well worth exploring! I wait in anticipation! Norweiga already fly into Guadeloupe n Martinique from the US and Europe, why not Dominica?!?!?!?! Let’s make it happen.

    • Pappy Show
      June 10, 2017

      Foolish… LIAT do even want to come is NORWEGIAN that will follow… :lol: :lol: :lol:

  6. truth
    June 8, 2017

    well now i really believe elections is in the air, I have been watching for the past electionsn Every time an election is about to call, you hearing of a new airline,To bring dominicans down, Lets see this time

    • A. George
      June 10, 2017

      Umm FYI Norwegian has been flying to FWI for some time now.. currently anyone who takes those flights overnights and then takes the ferry next day. all the article is stating is they are looking at a way that when the plane comes in at 6:35pm that connections can be made to Dominica… or maybe they want the plane to come earlier so people can make the already 6pm flight to DA. #readingisfundamental #takeoffyourbiasedshades #noteverythingisanelectionploy

  7. Same old Same old
    June 8, 2017

    Be-no-it just talking crap thinking they can fool everybody. Who has difficulties flying from New York to Martinique and Guadeloupe, with or without Norwegian Airlines? People that want to ply to Guada or anywhere in the Caribbean have lots of options with Spirit, JetBlue, Air France South West etc. The problem is getting into Dominica from any of the islands because the Skerrit administration has taken Dominicans as fools. When it’s time to bring down voters they have their way of getting direct flight from the US nonstop to Dominica, and FREE. If they were concerned about the everyday problems of Dominica after 17 years in office they would have addressed it.

  8. Diogenes
    June 8, 2017

    So, the plane is arriving in Martinique at 6:35 pm, how long does it take them to get the passengers and luggage on a connecting flight to DOM? Flight time? Costs? Drive from DOM to Roseau over winding roads. How long? Cost of taxi service? Is that plane going to stay overnight in DOM. Crew needs to sleep somewhere. Costs? Are there enough passenger for an early return flight in the morning?
    Using an ATR from an airline to cover that stretch. They want to make a profit, so, the seats should be filled at the very least 65% average, no exception. And such four times per week.
    Wouldn’t it make sense to use smaller airplanes and fly from Martinique to Canefield? Last but not least, Canefield can become profit making.

    • Malatete
      June 9, 2017

      Canefield airport has no landing lights.

    • Anthony P. Ismael
      June 10, 2017

      Great question, but no to all of them. As I have said in the past, we are a captive market. That final leg of the trip will wind up costing more that the initial leg. Therefore, the cost benefit to Dominican travelers will be zero.

  9. Hugh .G. Recshun
    June 8, 2017

    But Benoit is a fool man? So how do you want Norwegian Airlines to bring people here? why not work with regional carriers like LIAT that we put millions in, Winar, Air Sunshine, Hummingbird Air, Seaborne to move these passengers from Martinique and Gwada to come here. How will norweigan help when their concern is only to bring them to the French West Indies that have international Airports and can facilitate their jumbo jets? For a big man Bardouille i really wonder how your mind works sometimes. Or maybe you just like to hear your own voice so you just speak. Or maybe you were just talking loosly and the reporter took your words for granted. Either way, Norweigan not going and do anything for us. check out the regional carriers instead and have them set up the connecting flights.

    • NabesandMaybel
      June 8, 2017

      Actually I think you are the fool….I guess you did not read the article. The article clearly says Norweigan will get people to martinique and they are currently working on the connections into Dominica on the same day

      • Hugh .G. Recshun
        June 10, 2017

        HOw is Norwegian working on the connections? WE are the ones who should be putting things in place as Norwegian doesnt fly here. WE pour millions into an airline company (LIAT) that doesnt fly directly to Martinique or Guadeloupe? Islands that are right next door? Same Day? No it seems you and Benoit are the fools by dear Nabes. We need to work with the smaller carriers to set up connecting flights around the Norwegian flights. thats maybe what he meant to say. But its not in Norwegian Airlines obligation to us to do anything for Dominica as they do not fly here. This is just talk.

    • zandoli
      June 8, 2017

      HGR, I thought your middle initial was E.

    • You are calling Benoit a fool, while confirming you are a bigger fool than he is! What you do not understand, and do not know; is that you do not know what you are talking about! Dominica’s problem is that we need an International Airport, in order for Dominica to be connected internationally.

      In case you do not understand what I mean; I am simply telling you, connecting Internationally means flights originating in Dominica, taking off and landing in Europe, America or Canada. Or a flight originating in France, Germany, England, Canada, or the United States landing in Dominica, such flights are called International flights.

      Even if you have a thousand of all you mentioned bringing people to Dominica, and out of Dominica, the problem will be the same. And by the way LIAT will soon make it exists into oblivion: So the money Skerrit dumped into it makes no difference. And again it is his boss Ralph Gonzalez who forced him to put money into LIAT.

      No International Airport in…

    June 8, 2017

    garcon, just tie two 29 mile long ropes with baskets from Martinique to Dominica, when people land in Martinique just put your stuff in the basket, radio DA, tell them to pull you home.
    That will be way faster than LIAT!

  11. Christopher Columbus
    June 8, 2017

    A lousy, lazy, corrupt government failed so miserably that after 17 years in office they cannot get an airline company to provide a direct flight to Dominica at a time when ALL other island have their intentional airport. We are back to 1493, when Columbus discovered Dominica by boat and by the way, even ships are running out! What a shame, shame, shame on Dominica to allow the one that came in as the poorest pm in our history to become the ONLY millionaire, while we can’t attract anything under his watch

    • concern citizen
      June 8, 2017

      Thank U Christopher Columbus, well said,
      But I tend to believe that it’s not the GOVT. it’s our people that is to bloody had headed for them to have that coshonnie in office and say is a GOVT. they have in office, that is good for D/ca

    • Bartholemew De Las Casas
      June 9, 2017

      The facts you have mentioned cannot be seen by the blind and stupid. In fact they celebrate their champion with the begging bowl while faithfully waiting for him to throw scraps their way.
      Some may take offence to these words but it is a view widely held outside the goldfish bowl of Dominica. We need real progress and development not empty promises and this article id just filled with the latest hot air.
      The state of affairs in Dominica is so embarassing nowadays.

  12. ki sa
    June 8, 2017

    Really? Is this another case of espwa mal papye?

    How that plane landing at Melville Hall?

    OK maybe they have smaller planes?

  13. megso
    June 8, 2017

    sounds like a great idea, but … We have to overnight in Martinique. Both ways.
    Are there even direct flights to & from Martinique that terminate in Dominica ?

    • Malatete
      June 8, 2017

      That is why I have suggested we invest in a dedicated daily ferry service between Fort de France and Roseau t to start with) , to coincide with the departure- & arrival times of international flights to-& from Martinique. I’d rather do that than put more money into LIAT.
      At least, let’s explore this option, study the cost- & benefit factors and see if it would be viable.

      • A. George
        June 10, 2017

        the french dont want competition… a Dominican tried that and is Trinidad he end up.

  14. zandoli
    June 8, 2017

    Here is my problem with “we are talking to…..”

    Guys I have been in business for decades and I “talk to …….” all the time. Unless you are far along in discussions and there is a perceived benefit to both parties, “I am talking to……” is meaningless. It is very premature to even talk about “talking to…” at this stage.

    It is almost like starting to dream about new business opportunities after you talk to a prospective customer.

    • Ras Ju
      June 8, 2017

      How do you get anything like this done without talking to people first?

    • Sci-Fi
      June 9, 2017

      They do this all the time because they know that Dominicans are easily fooled.

  15. only time will tell
    June 8, 2017

    wow soon we can get our young pm picture on one like that Dominica PM is the WORLD BOSS with lots of cash DOM-IN-CANS you all need to stop making nice pictures take you all head as a business person I have seen lots of things flying in Dominica AIR if LIAT is not doing well in little d/a how these people going to make money to take care of there cost come on my people you all go to school that why I am asking more young people to get into business so you can think for your self the cost of doing business in Dominica is very very HIGH and hand outs is not going to get us anywhere I also need some of you to know that any gov JOB is to work for Dominica so when the do I don’t want to know because they NEVER tell us the right thinking people how much they TOOK and what they have all over the world but always saying they help schools and the people that’s what they getting PAID to do

  16. Truth
    June 8, 2017

    Thats good but we need a the international airport so we could get them direct flights , some way some how Liat going to get involved

    • Anomymous
      June 8, 2017

      No, LIAT need not be involved. We can work with Antilles Air instead. We have to start looking after our own interest first, not LIAT’s. They have let us down too often and we do not own them any loyalty.

      • Malatete
        June 8, 2017

        Another option might be to approach AirCaraibe. They also operate ATR aircraft, certainly between Martiniqie and Guadeloupe, as far as I’m aware, overflying Dominica.

      • Malpardee
        June 8, 2017

        I agree.. Is because they know they don’t have competion.

  17. Anthony P. Ismael
    June 8, 2017

    Everyone who is jumping up and down with this idea really has no clue why people go into business. To make money if you didn’t know. We will pay a reasonable amount from JFK to Martinique and get hosed on the last leg of the flight. This is what my teachers would label as “Penny Wise and Hundreds Foolish.”

    • Jon Jones
      June 9, 2017

      You might as well just take advantage of the cheap flight to Mt’nique or Gwada and get enterprising and consider the following options:
      • get a fisherman boat from their coast
      • get your relatives to sort something out
      • Govt use of (CBI/dead Iranian/etc) money to set up own airline/ferry between the islands
      • swim across
      The first will be fine but the cost will grow as the fishermen catch on.
      The second is about Dominican individuals setting something up
      The third is about this Govt actually doing something other than line their pockets
      The fourth…. why not? The English Channel is cold as hell and about 22 miles across. Several people have done this. Where are the endurance athletes? We have all the terrain needed for motocross, triathlons, point-to-point equestrian events, etc….and a sleeping tourism and sports industry.

  18. pedro
    June 8, 2017

    Dominicans have used this airline and the cheap fares for the past two years flying in to Martinique and Guadeloupe from New York, and connecting via the Ferry and Winair. The airline however has recently added one more flight. There is also a connection from Fort Lauderdale which was not mentioned (does the government know that too?). For any seamless connection to happen via the french islands, another airline has to come in. What the government can do is negotiate with Winair about timing their flight so people can get there the same day instead of the next morning. Indeed they could have done that two years ago. Liat – well that’s another story. They have lost interest. Good that the govt has shown some interest but still it could have been much much earlier when they first started two years ago!

    • Malatete
      June 8, 2017

      You are correct. Norwegian will have three flights a week starting 31 Oct. this year between Fort Lauderdale and Guadeloupe on tues., thurs., sat. Fligth depart ft. Lauderdale at 15.35 hrs. , arr. Guadeloupe 18.55 hrs. Return flights leave Guadeloupe at 10.00 hrs, arr, Ft. Lauderdale at 12.35 hrs. Fares from U.S.$.79 (out) and U.S.$.129.20 (for the return leg). At present flights are seasonal only i.e not available all the year round.

  19. Pedro
    June 8, 2017

    Thought they were going to build the Skerritt international airport

  20. weh
    June 8, 2017

    Can this plane land at Melville Hall?

    • Anthony P. Ismael
      June 8, 2017

      No. Inadequate runway length, if aircraft has to abort take off. Cargo plane of same size yes. Commercial with passengers? Never!

      • TO BE KNOWN
        June 10, 2017

        Because of the alligement of the airport they won,’t land by sea because if anything happens straight into the mountain which has a serious wind turbulence issue A plane of this size did land in Dominica with passengers for your information.

    • Malatete
      June 8, 2017


  21. June 8, 2017

    I welcome this. Lots of people do the US to Guadeloupe route to come back home, so it would be good to get this deal with Norwegian.

  22. June 8, 2017

    Nice all the best with this route!

  23. lasspalay
    June 8, 2017

    Great initiative.

  24. June 8, 2017

    This sounds good. Hope it will come to fruition!

  25. June 8, 2017

    Hope that deal go thru , we the Diasporans are looking forward , to come home in mass .

  26. Observer
    June 8, 2017

    Great news!

    Authorities go for it please.

  27. analy thomas
    June 8, 2017


  28. June 8, 2017

    This would be a fantastic option for travellers between Dominica, the USA, and Europe.

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