Air access still a problem for Dominica – Walsh

President of the Dominica Hotel and Tourism Association Simon Walsh says the issue of air access has again proven to be a major setback for the tourism sector.

Walsh who returned from the annual ‘Beneath the Sea’s Dive Show’ in New Jersey recently, says while divers had positive things to say about the country, they were concerned about the issue of air access.

“Is a dive show where the consumers of dive products travel from all over the world and come to see dive equipment and destinations,” Walsh said in describing the event. “It’s a three day long event and Dominica had its booth set up. We sold Dominica to the divers and most people in the US are very aware of Dominica. Everybody has positive things to say but they have an issue with air access. It was so difficult from anyone from New Jersey to get to Dominica in one day.”

Walsh said the price of tickets was also a concern raised at the event.

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  1. Regional Jets can safely operate into Dominica
    April 7, 2011

    30-100 seater Regional Jets such as the Bombardier Aerospace CRJ (50-100 seaters) and the Embraer jets along with BAE 146, Fairchild Dornier Aerospace Do328 jet can safely operate into Dominica flying Non Stop to Florida’s three main hubs which are Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando.

    A “National Airline” would be a start but I would prefer to see “Low Cost Cost” carriers ie Southwest Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Air Tran Airways, Spirit Air offer Non Stop service from Dominica to Orlando, New York with connections in the US.

    Air fares are too expensive and “Night Landing” is a complete failure since LIAT can’t operate Instrument Flight Rules at night.

    While our local politicians are 100% incompetent at fixing air access or building us a “Brand New International Airport” with a 10,000 ft runway to accomodate long range jets such as the Boeing 747-800 which replaces the Boeing 747-400.

    Take a St Vincents “Brand New Argyle International Airport” with a 9,000 ft runway and beautyful terminal.

  2. President
    April 7, 2011

    We cannot even maintain the small Airport that we have , its an international airport we can manage?. what i do think we really need is our own airline company. more aircrafts and more flights. i think more could be done about the melville hall airport. it could be extended more towards the mountain, to accomodate larger aircrafts. lets do with what we have and hang our hats where we could reach it. make the best of what we have, and dont envy other people stuff.

  3. Bushmaninda
    April 7, 2011

    In all this talk, is there a sustainable business opportunity, if there is, then why hasn’t some investor taken it up.

    Maybe if the airport was regarded as prerequisite to development and the government of the day saw it as such; then maybe the investment would be made by public. If there is well articulated vision which sees Dominica’s future as being something other than what it presently is, then maybe the inhibiting arguments of affordability will cease to have power.

    All progress requires vision and confidence.

    The decision of the present administration to undertake the recent “fix up” of the airport without improving air access shows that air access is not part of their vision, or maybe there was a miscalculation in the expected improvement to air access. Maybe it just a lack of confidence in the future, and they believe that Dominica cannot afford the enabling facilities. Whatever the cause, the solution lies in a government with vision and confidence.

  4. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    April 6, 2011

    Londonican Well-loved. Like or Dislike: 7 0
    April 6, 2011 • 9:25 am
    As I always say, we do not need an international airport, what we need is a jet airport/runway that can accommodate larger aircrafts. That is what will solve the problem.( Some Londonican).

    Let me say here I have absolutely no intention of monopolizing space on DNO, nor do I desire to respond to every bit of crap that I read, however, when I discover people with their to line comments talking without making sense, embracing Dominica, and those of us who knows, I think I am duty bound to expose the ignorance of those who do not know what they are talking about.

    We are taking about air access into and out of the country: we want to make it more convenient in order to attract more foreign visitors into Dominica, ( the tourrist). However, there is at least one among us who believes because there are Sea Planes landing in St. Croix, and ST. Thomas, on the sea, we should open our port to Sea Planes, and that will solve the problem in Dominica.

    What this person living in the Virgin islands, St. Croix, ST. Thomas, St. John’s, Beef Island, Tortolla the British Virgin island, do not know is that all of the Sea Landing Aircrafts on the islands mentioned are used to fly the tourrist on sightseeing of the Island from the air, and lest’s say for instance if someone would like to fly from St. Thomas, to St. John’s or Beef Island for days picnic!

    They generally do charter flights, they however, do not fly internationally.

    Now whereas I sympathize with the person in the VI, I am even more bewildered over the comment that the person who claims to be part London, and part of Dominica made.

    ” what we need is a jet airport/runway. ”

    How ridiculous can our people get?

    What is the difference of a Jet Airport/runway, and an International Airport?

    There is no difference, so to speak; since there is no such thing as a ” Jet Airport, never mind a Jet Airport/runway. Such word exists only in the Dominica vocabulary, and no other place on earth, it is not unusual to hear people in Dominica talking about ” Jet Port.”

    Well, some are going to want to shoot me, but I will burst their bubbles by informing them; any place on earth where Passenger Jet Aircrafts lands, that Airport is known as an International Airport, no matter where it is found internationally!

    There are jet aircrafts that are capable of landing and takeoff at Melville Hall Airport, and I am not talking about LIAT Prop Jet; however, they are very small single engine jets which does not need a long runway to lift off the ground, so to talk about what this person terms Jet Airport/runway is absolute nonsense!

    If the airport is built to accommodate private, business, and commercial jets, then it is an International Airport, and what is need in Dominica is indeed an International Airport; it can’t be anything else, or anything else called by any other name!

    Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque

    April 6, 2011

    All we need is an international airport in d/ca pple get up stand up…………………

  6. me
    April 6, 2011

    all you still on that topic, the least we need are passenger 737 period
    how many years now eh, go figure,lets get more money for another state house.
    how many people have to say that before it happens?

  7. AE Needs to Change
    April 6, 2011

    A big problem making it impossible to get from North America to DA in one day is the departure time of the American Eagle that flies from DA to PR every afternoon. Depending on the time of year, the flight leaves at either 2:40 pm or 3:40 pm. If the flight would depart just a little earlier you could get to PR in time to make connecting flights. On the same note, the same American Eagle from PR to DA leaves at 12:40 pm or 1:40 pm and that just does not allow enough time for most flights from U.S. to get to PR in time to catch that flight. You end up spending the night either one way or both ways. That’s another $100 or so U.S. each way not to mention food and cab fare. Who can do all that? Who even wants to? But the question is what would the harm be if American Airlines would just alter the flight schedule? Or what kind of politics would that involve?

    • Whappening?
      April 8, 2011

      Things like this … it’s gold. It costs nothing but benefits us so easily. We need to do these things in the meantime whilst we all talk about the HUGE projects that we may or may not want.

      It’s up to Ian Douglas, Colin Piper, Walsh et al to talk to AE about this. How hard can that be?

      Look at the simple ideas that cost little and then get on with them. No more talk.

  8. Lance
    April 6, 2011

    What we need to do is to invest in two large ferries that can serve Dominica from major hubs and have them incororate the connections and fares throgh booking engines.

    Another suggestion is to open our ports to Sea Planes, we have many which serve the U.S.V.I such as Sea Borne Airlines etc. AirCaraibes from espereance Airport and from PTP and FDF to DOM.

    Our main aim at his moment s to make Dominica accesible as possible to all while we can develop our Runway o accomodate Jet Aircraft,not anInternational Airport but o accomodate major charters.

    • Whappening?
      April 9, 2011

      “What we need to do is to invest in two large ferries that can serve Dominica from major hubs and have them incorporate the connections and fares through booking engines.”

      This bit is a great idea.

  9. worried dominican
    April 6, 2011

    skerro and blackmore has been to the virgin islands and these islands do not have an international airport,but you can fly from anywhere around the world with no problems,.so come on

      April 6, 2011

      Has been…I see why you are worried.

  10. MUDD
    April 6, 2011

    An International airport what a joke. We people are just to lazy for that. They have a little job at astaphans and we complaining how the people making them stand to much. We have cleaners at the little airport we have and they mor talking on the phones then wipping the water on the floor before someone trip on. pls.

  11. Londonican
    April 6, 2011

    As I always say, we do not need an international airport, what we need is a jet airport/runway that can accommodate larger aircrafts. That is what will solve the problem.

  12. My2Sense
    April 6, 2011

    We’re quick to follow other countries: other Eastern Caribbean countries have international airports and they seem successful, so we think that we “deserve” one too. Is that really the level of analysis the average working man/woman (or the average working member of the Diaspora) is capable of here in Dominica?

    Let’s face it… while countries like St. Kitts and St. Lucia can support an international airport, we in Dominica, do not have the required volume of visitors or economic activity to support and sustain that type of investment. Even if we get a donor to build an airport for us, the maintenance would weigh heavily on the backs of our taxpayers because – as one comment mentioned – we’d be burdened with the cost of empty seats on those international flights.

    Many of the comments are indeed correct – an international airport will definitely ease the issue of air access to our country. But the COST of such a venture is what we need to be mindful of, not only the benefits.

    As alternatives, we should seek to increase the number of American Eagle flights during the peak periods (Christmas, Carnival, Summer and Independence) AND add another ferry moving between the neighboring French islands and our sister island St. Lucia (on a regular basis).

    Finally, we need to remember that building an airport doesn’t guarantee we will get the flights we’re interested in. The final decision is still left to the carriers (and market demand) to decide if flying to Dominica is viable for THEM. So what we should focus on is building our tourism product to the level of those countries that we’re trying to emulate. And that product includes not only attractions such as the new Waitukubuli National Trail and others; it also includes accommodations (hotels and guest houses), road access (in the form of “good roads”), cleanliness of our towns and cities, workers and personnel trained in customer service (those who will be in close contact with the tourists), etc. All these things make up the finished product and contribute to enticing tourists to come to Dominica and more importantly, to stay over. If those things come together as they should, the increase air access will follow in the form of more flights from Puerto Rico, and eventually there will be calls from international carriers to land on our soil…

    That’s My2Sense.

    • Anthony Ismael
      April 6, 2011

      You are partially correct. It’s a case of the chicken and egg question. All the things that you mentioned will not transpire until there is proper air access. A hotelier will not build a three-hundred room hotel, when the largest aircraft, American Eagle only holds 90 passengers and is unable to land in Dominica at night, or after 7pm.

      There were discussions years ago about realigning Melville Hall, so that the flights could land and take off away from the mountains. My guess is, the feasibility study or lack there off concluded otherwise. Presently, we’re at a stand still in Dominica’s growth and development.

      Roads are being improved all over the island and new ones are being constructed as we speak. It is much easier to build a large hotel and train employees, versus building a jet airport. Therefore, we need to concentrate on building a jet airport or realigning Melville Hall if possible first.

      Upon completion of the jet airport, hotels, training of personnel in customer service and continuous improvement of our infrastructure etc will follow.

      The recent improvements to Melville Hall Airport while needed, was a complete waste of time and money. For well over $110,000,000.00 the designers were unable to keep arriving and departing passengers in the same building without having to go outside through a small door for departure. Night landing was yet another phantom expectation or white elephant and the landing of larger aircraft is still a figment of my imagination.

      I’m not sure where do we go from here? My guess is, within my life time, larger aircraft will not land in Dominica.

  13. US tourist
    April 6, 2011

    Well, you right: it shouldn’t. If my family is having a week vacation and have to spend 4 days just for only trip from my town in Indiana to Dominica and back home from Dominica; plus we have to spend night on both ways in Puerto Rico which is an extra expenses on hotel for me. Keeping all negative blocks in mind, I will definitely reconsider my only 3 days vacation at Dominica and go to some other islands instead. So, deal with that Dominica. You want attract us, tourists? Make our trips to Dominica less hassle.

  14. roads
    April 6, 2011

    We tried upgrading the existing airport, and I am still unable to book a flight from LIAT which would get me in or out of Dominica at night. I still have almost a full day of traveling from Dominica to Trinidad (long hours in transit).
    Think about it, the only way to get to Dominica is by first having to land in another Caribbean country.

  15. ATL
    April 6, 2011

    I don’t believe we need an International Airport because we do not have the population to support it. However, we need more flights from Puerto Rico to Dominica. There is no reason why it should take two days from Atlanta to Dominica.

      April 6, 2011

      Why do we think so small? Dominica population is greater that some Countries that has an international for e.g Antigua. So why think so small. We need an international airport to help the economy and the tourism sector.

      • ATL
        April 6, 2011

        Really……..Dominica’s population is greater than Antigua’s? Last I checked Antigua’s population was over 85K. Further more Antigua is years ahead of Dominica when it comes to tourism and development. Just ask them how much it cost to run an International Airport. Nobody is thinking small, just being realistic. Do your research before responding to people’s comments.

        • Reon
          April 6, 2011

          There are more Dominicans living outside of Dominica rather than than those living in Dominica. I Am not saying that we need an internal airport but we need to do better than what we have.

          An international airport will be beneficial in in a number of way

          increase visit and tourism to the island. Attract foreign investors, create more jobs, which will intern increase the amount of people moving to live in Dominica – which in the end will stimulate the enconmy.

          I think it is negative to sit back and think that because of the state of Dominica we should do nothing. You know the amount of young UK people that make quick weekend trips to places like Jamacia and St Lucia? To get to Dominica we need to subtract atleast 3 days of travelling from our vacation. This cannot be good in this age of change

        • Antiguan
          April 6, 2011

          Dominica’s Populus is greater than that of Antigua by 5000. Takeit from someone who livs there and deal with Statistics.

    • reason
      April 6, 2011

      Whoever you are, people like you shouldn’t have anything to do with any kind of development? You are small minded with no vision, the reason why it call an international airport, it’s not only for the people who is living in Dominican; it’s for the people who travel around the world to have easy access to your country.

  16. still
    April 6, 2011

    Lets build an international airport. Its long over due so are the tax increases when we have to pay the airlines for the empty seats. i hope i can get a few trips on my tax money after government pays for them. please dominicans lets look at this rationally can we really afford it now? do we really need it? yes it MAY make it easier to get here but are we surecan we fill a 747 from new york to dominica if we cant then what happens another white elephant? no one is goin to fly a 747 from antigua to dominica to st lucia its not cost effective. it would be like driving your car from courts to whitchurch to purchase ure snack. please dominicans lets think of all the consequences before we decide.

  17. JR.
    April 6, 2011

    Tell them that again, with there night landing nonesense, next level to the bottom level that where we going Struppppppppppppppp

  18. Sphynx
    April 6, 2011

    The same blasted stinking old story about international airport and difficult air access.some want,some don’t want.election campagne know damn well the benefits of such a structure.question is : where,when and the finance.island-hoping to Dominica is tiring.Is there some sort of organisation blocking the idea?

  19. Whappening?
    April 6, 2011

    He wants a Dominican National Airline.

    While we all debate and come up with much better ideas … just make ferry access easier from Martinique, Guadeloupe and St Lucia. Spending huge amounts trying to convince some diver in New Jersey to come here … the French are right next door. Do more to get them here. They love our Island.

    St Lucia is overflowing with tourists who would love to come here. Some make it and they love us. Make it easier … cheaper … subsidize the ticket if we must. Buy a boat for Christs sake.

    In the meanwhile we can debate the airport.

    • Really?
      April 6, 2011

      I could not agree more. Is like deciding to put an addition on your house, but your bathroom is in disrepair. Do what you can do now, and put the Airport in the Long Term plan. If I could fly into Guadeloupe or Martinique and take a ferry ride across for an hour (same day), and on the return, leave Dominica midmorning and connect to my international flight for an additional US$200 I would. I am not flying a 9 seat plan that cannot hold bags and equipment.

    • Cerberus
      April 6, 2011

      I agree. For instance, we have an E.U. market with nearly 1 million people right next doors to us with a strong Euro and far more disposable income than we have. On a good day you can even see them across the sea, so tantalisingly close yet so far away! We are right in between Guadeloupe and Martinique, both of whom have multiple direct flights with large aircraft daily to Paris and onward connections to the rest of Europe. Yet it is difficult and expensive to get a direct flight from Dominica to either destination.
      Why don’t we strengthen our ties with our immediate neighbours and take advantage of this opportunity? if there are problems why don’t we take the initiative to resolve them rather than wait for someone else to do it for us?

  20. Wow
    April 6, 2011

    Well well well…keep talking Dominicans….while others are doing..if I was not from dominica I would never return because I don’t feel like sacrificing 2 full days of my precious vacation just trying to get to my destination..what a joke..

  21. dominica's finest
    April 6, 2011

    Let’s talk about something more REAL

    Why have 4 ROSS students been held up at gunpoint in the last month and a half and there is no word of it in this newspaper???????????

    • B3
      April 6, 2011

      Good that you informed us. That is a question for Mr. Weeks.

  22. Peace and Love
    April 6, 2011

    The meaning of “international airport” should be defined so that everyone understands what is involved and is talking about the same thing.

    What would be the cost to maintain such an airport? Are there any recent feasibility studies available for the public to read? Would such an airport really make a big difference? See two examples below of amazing destinations close to us:

    (1) Nevis has a Four Seasons luxury hotel AND an “international airport” to which it appears jumbo jets do not fly. Read the following directions from the Four Seasons website on how one can get to it:

    Via St. Kitts
    BWIA and Air Canada fly from Toronto to Antigua and on to St. Kitts. Flights to San Juan are available on all major airlines with connections to St. Kitts on American Eagle, LIAT or Nevis Express and directly to Nevis via Nevis Express and LIAT. Guests are met by Four Seasons staff at the St. Kitts Robert Llewellyn Bradshaw Airport and then transported by Four Seasons private launch directly to the Resort pier on Nevis. LIAT and air charters are also available from St. Kitts Robert Llewellyn Bradshaw Airport to Nevis Vance Amory International Airport with taxi service to the Resort (10-minute drive).

    (2) St John in the USVI DOES NOT have an airport?

    Click the following link to read how to get to St John and what awaits a traveler.

    This might be naive thinking…but if the Dominican tourism product is being packaged in one way, why don’t we agree on the best form(s) of access (distribution) without creating potentially new problems?

    Let us be very careful what we ask for….

    • Anthony Ismael
      April 6, 2011

      I was fortunate to have lived in St. Kitts for four years before they extended their airport. Although they did not have an international airport during the early 90s, their airport was large enough to accommodate jets and charter flights 24 hours if necessary. Secondly, Nevis is only eight miles away from St. Kitts. Therefore, someone traveling from North America would only incur an additional 20 to 30 minutes of travel time if they landed in St. Kitts first and then had to travel to the Four Seasons Hotel in Nevis. Antigua is 30 minutes away by aircraft.

      St. Kitts did a majority of their fly over tourism business through direct charter flights from Canada, North America and Europe. They did not wait on LIAT like we do in Dominica because of LIAT’s poor customer service and the bad blood between these islands over LIAT’s departure from St. Kitts where it started out as an airline, before moving to Antigua as its headquarters (Check your history).

      A second and vibrant source of their tourism revenue came from wealthy tourist flying their private jets directly to St. Kitts. Again, another source of high end tourism that bypasses LIAT’s nonsense. Now, compare these scenarios with Dominica. It’s not even close. So, unfortunately, the examples that you gave above will suffice for those who do not understand these intricate dynamics or those who do not know their history.

      They also have a marina that again accommodates wealthy tourist who desire to sail their private yachts to the island. We chose to build a cruise ship in Portsmouth, instead of taking advantage of natural deep water at Prince Rupert Bay. Again, another brilliant move by the planners in Dominica.

      I was there when the “PEPSI CORPORATION” held their annual general meeting in St. Kitts. It was all private jets and charter flights not STUPID LIAT OR BWIA. I watched attentively and read the stats as St. Kitts planned and grew in the late 90s. Dominica is not even close nor will it be anytime time soon. Look at what St. Vincent and what they’re doing, granted their population is approximately 110,000-120,000 people with a far more superior tourism product to ours. We have leaps and bounds to make in order to play catch up.

      I love my country but we suffer from a consistent and permanent lack of planning and foresight. It took engineers from Trinidad and Tobago to tell them that, the gradient at St. Aroment was too steep for safe travel, therefore, you had to first excavate the area and reduce the gradient before resurfacing the road. Every road that’s built by our civil engineers is placed on gradients so steep, that wear and tear on vehicles and cost of ownership is enormous.

      You can’t tell those genius engineers in Dominica that they’re not Einstein after returning from studying. Only now we’re witnessing road improvements and it’s all being done by foreign companies. Had the public works department been in charge, roads would have been built with no drainage, only to be washed away by heavy rains, thus incurring more expense by the tax payers.

      • Peace and Love
        April 8, 2011

        Please note that the examples I gave are of niche destinations that do not have massive airports to get themselves sold successfully. On its very own website, the Four Seasons (FS) lists LIAT as an access option. Maybe Nevis is doing something productive to get LIAT’s support instead of the non-stop bashing given by some other islands. Remember results speak for themselves – yes? Why would the Four Seasons – if you know anything about it – make any reference to LIAT if its guests were having rotten experiences? It would be interesting to get the statistics on how many of its guests use LIAT versus other forms of access. I wonder how the private jets to which you refer land on middle-to-high end St John in the USVI?

        You seem to want a massive airport at whatever cost and that sir, is your right. IMHO, I think a good jet airport would serve us well for another century. What we badly need also is a thorough understanding of the product and best distribution channels; less negative and destructive criticisms and more genuine and professional management and development of the product, always bearing in mind that we have limited financial resources and few options.

  23. Proud Dominican
    April 5, 2011

    Why are people always knocking Dominca about how long it takes to get to D/A or changing of aircrafts, there are many countries that take more than a day to get there, for example people travelling to India,Germany etc, and many other countries, even traveling from Canada to the US sometimes one has to change about three times or more to get to their desination

  24. Nice
    April 5, 2011

    The Americans are just using the access as an excuse. Even if it’s true. It’s easier to say access issues. Who wants to go to a county that is run by criminals? I have been gone for about 10 years now and havent been back since. Scared if I wear blue I will make it back to the us…lol.

  25. William McLawrence
    April 5, 2011

    The issue of air access will continue to plague us until we have an airport capable of handling both scheduled and chartered direct flights from North America and Europe.

    We have the best of every thing…the most friendly people, safest destination for tourists, most pristine of all islands in the Caribbean…We have won awards after awards, we have been given some of the best FREE press coverage but without an airport capable of handling long long schedule and direct charter flights, we continue to shoot ourselves in the foot and shortage change us of important foreign exchange earnings.

    I am tired of hearing what can be done to improve air access…I want to hear what is being done now to address this dilemma. Obviously upgrading Melville Hall Airport has not addressed the issue, therefore, it seems we are back at ground zero. Isn’t it time we do something…otherwise, we will continue to compare ourselves with Nevis, Anguilla, Monsterrat!

  26. domcan
    April 5, 2011

    i got to DA in a day from Jersey, I just had to pass through peuto rico. I took a 8am flight on American Airlines and got to DA around 4pm on Eagle. does that count?

    • Domerican/PossieMassive
      April 6, 2011

      That’s what I do everytime I fly home from New Jersey, but for Dominicans living in other states it is not always that easy.

      • Cerberus
        April 6, 2011

        I know people who use that route even to go to London (via JFK).Apparently It does cost more and takes longer but you avoid using LIAT, interlining hassles with luggage and unfriendly Antigua airport

  27. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    April 5, 2011

    ‘Beneath the Sea’s Dive Show’ in New Jersey recently, says while divers had positive things to say about the country, they were concerned about the issue of air access.(DNO)

    It is annoying to read about Walsh talking the same old crap!

    You can talk the same old crap for the rest of your life, unless, you Walsh, and the rest of the country comes to the only logical conclusion that Dominica air transportation will only be resolved when we come to our senses and invest in an International Airport.

    And if you believe that a Dominica National Airline with all pipers, and Cessna single or twin, engine aircrafts, or LIAT will solve that problem, you will only realized that when you make your exist to one of the two designated places where we are destine to go, and that is up above or down below!

    You need to get real and stop talking.

    If you recently return to Dominica, from New Jersey, may be you can tell me on how many the sizes of LIAT or American Eagle you flew on to get there.

    I am sure you were mesmerized when you landed in New Jersey, your new experience should have enlightened you, there you should seek an audience with the Prime Minister, and try and cocks him into considering the building of an International Airport in the country, as that is our ultimate alternative.

    To keep on babbling without doing anything is not helping at all.

    And by the way if you believe that your National Airline will solve the air transportation problem in the country, invest your own money into it; perhaps you will be more successful than all those who have come before you, and disappeared into oblivion.

    However, since you almost cry when the donna who keep your pay cheque revolving suggest they may not be giving you the hand out may end you threw a tantrum, like a child, that was the last time we heard from you, now this: It is very annoying to hear you singing the same old song, when we all know how easily the problem can be resolved!

    I hope you did not complain to the divers how hard is Dominica, with the hope they would give you a hard, because America too oui!


    Yes, that is our trade mark cry, to every foreigner we talk to, we do that to get sympathy, rather than encourage our leaders to do the right, and industrialized the country

    Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque

    • Gabo
      April 5, 2011

      Franciso EDT, you booze, man. You telling the man ” seek an audience with the Prime Minister, and try and cocks him…”? :lol: :-D :lol: ; then you compound you x-ey inuendoes by including that you hope he didn’t “complain to the divers how hard is Dominica, with the hope they would give you a hard’. A HARD what Francisco?

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        April 6, 2011

        Okay, I made a few errors: To error is to be human; nonetheless, we Dominicans are always complaining to foreigners about how hard we have it in Dominica, the fact is I have never lived any place on earth, where life presented itself as a bed of Roses to anyone.

        Even in the wealthy nations in Europe, we find people who are bone poor. If you want to see poverty in America, you only have to visit the Mississippi Delta, there you will find poorer people existing in some cases as you find in Dominica. And indeed some of them go into the bushes and defecate, just as most people in Dominica still does.

        I encountered people in Denmark, who are so poor it’s unbelievable. One time I was invited to a party in Denmark, and when I ask what was the occasion, I was told that this girl had just bought a new summer dress, and so she wonted to celebrate the occasion.

        This girl parents were so poor, they had to save for many months to buy her a single dress. I experienced that in 1976, while in Denmark!

        So, I do not see why we have to cry to the world that Dominica is so ” hard’.

        We are the ones who has to endeavor to make it soft, by creating employment in the country, as soon as a Dominican open his/her mouth, the first word out is: the government should do this and that, but how shall the government do it?

        The answer is always, ” get a loan.” Don’t out people know that loans are not for free, and they have to be repaid?

        We will only manage to make Dominica soft, when we decide there is nothing wrong with the industrialization of the country.

        Are you the same person who wish to laugh me into the United Nations?

        I will be visiting the UN this summer. you know I have a cousin who works for the United Nations, and his employment has nothing to do with Dominica, and our government. I you are from Wesley, he is from that part of our village we call Brattice!

        Perhaps he could find me a good paying job in there, and that’s if I was looking for a job. I like your yellow or golden faces smiling at me, keep throwing them at me they make laugh.

        If I error again, and write crap, remember I am only a human, and less than three feet tall.


        Gait you, I am not a dwarf.

        Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque

      • JR.
        April 6, 2011

        you retarted man Francisco, get real and take that nonsense you write there

    • Big-Bannan
      April 5, 2011

      Your notion is so resourceful that i think you should split it in two. I’m sure the first person who gave you a “thumbs down” only read the first 3 lines. That is how we Dominican’s read.
      My comment: Dominica is still one of few places where people clap, and give a loud aplause when a plane land, which clearly indicated the danger associated with landing in Dominica. And we trying to get people to land in the night in dat?.. yess ai.

      • LawieBawie
        April 6, 2011

        That is a damned lie!!!!!! I am presently attending university in England and every time British Airways or Virgin Atlantic lands at Gatwic International people clap. On the return leg they also clap when we land in Antigua. You people need to be more objective and stop trying your best to make the country look bad simply because you do not like the ruling administration. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being opposed to the government, but at least present facts and stop ‘spinning’ stuff.

    April 5, 2011

    There are LOTS of places that take days to get to but always get tourists because of the level of what they sell. The tourists we should cater to are not those in the majority but the few (rich ones) that are willing to get to their destination to enjooy some exclusivity. Not having one day access is not necessarily bad, not that we should not work on bettering it but lets work with what we have still. Market DOminica as a place that will take two days toget to and 100 days for you to want to leave.

    • Big-Bannan
      April 5, 2011

      Non-sense. You are a pure African ideologically “believe too strongly in the negative things”, too blind to see different, or just plain biased. I wonder how much traveling you have done. You should be smart enough to know in 2011, New Jersey to Dominica, in the same time zone, there is no reason it should take two days to get to. Smarten up yourself.

      • Stating Facts
        April 6, 2011

        NYC is even further up the coast than Jersey and I get home from there in one day. So obviously the problem is Jersey and not necessarially Dominica. Having said that however, I must also add that our air access does need considerable improvement.

    • newtral
      April 5, 2011

      Oh really, name two places that takes days to reach. who wants to arrive to their destination and have their luggage arrive 2 days later.
      How many “rich ones” are there out there that can generate / circulate enough foreign exchange that stimulates economic growth and provides jobs for our Taxi drivers, street vendors, Restaurant owners, hoteliers, etc?
      Sir, Mam… just in case you forgot… we are in 2011… not 1925!

    • Realist
      April 6, 2011

      I see what you are saying but (since you brought up marketing Dominica) where would these “rich” people stay? Do you know of a 5 star hotel on the island?? If the rich want to get here they will visit from a neighbouring island and not spend a week strictly here. Dominica is a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL place but let’s get real, it is one of the most inconvenient places to travel to and around without spending a lot of money for uncomfortable flight/rides.

  29. de caribbean change, BBA, MBA, CPA
    April 5, 2011

    Simon Walsh just could not sell himself and Dominica well that he blamed his failures on “NO AIR ACCESS IN DOMINICA”. You see he is so obsessed with an International built in Dominica, which is not foreseeable in the near future, that he could represent himself and Dominica well. We will do well with what we have got for now, Simon Walsh, which will serve us well in the short to medium term. It is just not practical and economical to have an international airport built at this time. We will build one in the future.

    • newtral
      April 6, 2011

      I certainly hope that the letters behind your name does not stand for the qualifications you have obtained.
      It is the thinking and mentality like yours that limits the progress of a people and nation.
      Mr. Walsh has indicated what the concerns are of visitors to our island, one of air access. We can try to ignore this issue for as long as we like, but it does not solve the problem.

      And by the way, which economic study have you read that shows an international Airport would not be viable. Was it one from St. Lucia? or Maybe St Kitts, or St. Vincent, or maybe Antigua, is it Barbados, or Trinidad? Because all these islands either have international airports, received funding to build one, or are in the process expanding. NONE and I mean None have closed down. So show me your study Mr. Degree holder?
      Now I know what you qualifications stand for:
      BBA: Backward Behind Always
      MBA; Making Backward Advancement
      CPA: Cannot Progress At all

      • de caribbean change, BBA, MBA, CPA
        April 6, 2011

        to newtral, you will never ever in your lifetime come close to my qualifications, no matter how hard you try. And guess what, nobody will ever take those qualifications away from me. The bottom line is is that you and Simon Walsh are two jackasses from Dominica. We will do well with what we have for now, stupid. If you can afford an international airport, why don’t you build one now yourself, your jackass.

        • Cerberus
          April 6, 2011

          Qualifications are no substitute for common sense.

        • Anonymous
          April 6, 2011

          It is quite clear that i have rubbed you the wrong way Sir. Why the hatred? why the anger? You dont know me, neither do you know my qualifications.
          However, I will leave you with some common sense, because it is clear that you have lost all of yours.

          “Better to keep your mouth closed and thought of as a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt.”

          Have a blessed day Sir.

  30. Terrence
    April 5, 2011

    Where is the night landing?

  31. Duck
    April 5, 2011

    Some fool that call himself WIKILEAK chastised me for stating the obvious on the Donald Trump issue. The irony of the truth- truly amazing.

  32. M
    April 5, 2011

    I can get a flight directly to Barbados, Antigua, St.Lucia but these clowns have people flying all over the place just to get to Dominica, thank God for American Eagle for making it a tiny bit barable.

    • B3
      April 6, 2011

      That is if you can afford it.

    April 5, 2011

    I thought NJ was on the East Cost of the US and the very same way anyone on the East Coast does US to SAN JUAN and SAN JUAN to DOMINCA in the same day.

    But yes, Air Access needs to be improved.

    Govt should increase VAT to 20% and used that extra 5% to subsidised to the airline, and allow for bigger planes to fly from Miami. The revenues from increase commerce can be passed on to the taxpayers either through tax rebate or other tax incentives. But that measure should only be for that and nothing else.

    Phase it out after 5 years when we can stand on our own

    • dominica's finest
      April 6, 2011

      1. taxes are never “phased out”. The are simply kept and put to use in other areas
      2. visitors would rather go elsewhere than pay 20% VAT tax to get here
      3. Airlines do not need government subsidies. That is just crazy

        April 6, 2011

        Dominica Finest, if you don’t understand big people talk, why don’t you stay in the crib.

        1. Taxes can be phased out…
        2. The Tax Payers are Dominicans (BTW, Jamaican VAT Rate is 17.% or maybe higher)
        3. Airline do get subsidies…In the US, Europe, St Lucia, Antigua

        Go back to bed son, you are sleepy

        • dominica's finest
          April 6, 2011

          WIKILEAKS: The next time that you are writing something ignorant, make sure that it isn’t to someone with a Masters in Marketing and an undergrad in Marketing and Economics from an IVY league uni.

          1. they can be phased out but tell me the last time that they were!
          2.Jamaican VAT rate has nothing to do with here. It is not a comparable island touristic wise nor economically.
          3. The only thing you were correct about (somewhat) Airlines DO get subsidies but why should Dominica give a $711 billion per year (U.S. Figures from 2010) money out of the Dominican citizen’s pockets??

          I will go back to bed when you wake up, old and uneducated person.

          p.s. to call me son is also unsubstantiated, as I did not give my sex. Ignorant, pure ignorant.

          Now wake up and read a book!

  34. DLP
    April 5, 2011

    Four Hundred million dollars later and we are still where we started?? The next level .

      April 5, 2011

      tell dem! NEXT LEVELdownwards!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-P

  35. belbagay
    April 5, 2011

    Guess the Hon. Prime Minister is not aware of that situation, and we expect Donald Trump, we all await his coming when cock have teeth

  36. MR burns
    April 5, 2011

    It`s like a stuck record tell us something we do not know,. He did not have to come to NewJersey at tax payers expence and come back to tell us what we already know. Thats the next level?????

      April 5, 2011

      i whep for this country

      • what?
        April 6, 2011

        I weep also, things may be bad, but when I read some comments, its disturbing.

    • ROCKSY
      April 5, 2011

      Was he on Tax payers money??? All you must really stop talking out of ignorance, i mean really!! Do you even know the man and who he represents?

    • what?
      April 6, 2011

      tax payers money? the comments here are amazing!
      The Dominica Watersports Association pays his ticket and the DOMINICA Booth is paid for by the DDA and The Watersports association . Get your facts before you post….please.
      The Watersports Association has been attending dive/travel shows for maybe 15+ years, promoting Dominica, in the United States and also in Europe and England.
      Members who attend to man the booth and promote, do so at their own expense.

  37. look joke
    April 5, 2011

    Let them think people not getting fed up taking all day to get to Dominica that dam nonesense

  38. Ms. Chin
    April 5, 2011

    It is very difficult to get to dominica and when you get to Antigua Liat closes it’s doors and you are
    force to over night in antigua. And it is very costly to travel to dominica and especially when you
    did not carter to overnight (hotel, cab) Sometimes they want you to buy a new ticket from Antigua
    to dominica.

  39. Sisserou
    April 5, 2011

    It is also a problem for many people in various parts of NJ to get to other US states in one day. If you are not in the vicinity of the JFK, La Guadia and New Wark Liberty Airports you have to use a combination of car, bus and train before you get to the airport. The Issue is not just a Dominica problem. Recently I had to visit Atlantic City. I flew from San Juan to JFK took a taxi from JFK to the train station, took a train to Philadelphia then another train to Atlantic city train station and then a taxi to my hotel. The alternative would be renting a car over two hours drive in good traffic or taking a taxi from JFk which would cost me about $200.00.

    • Madness
      April 5, 2011

      Please you can’t be serious. Americans have many options .Do,minicans has none what so ever

      • Ms. Chin
        April 5, 2011

        That is so true americans has many options. If dominica had an international airport then you
        would fly directly to JFK and bypass San Juan.

    • newtral
      April 6, 2011

      Dear Mr. Sisserou, (by the way, I love your name, it suits you).

      Just because other places have the same problem, does not make it acceptable for Dominica.
      The easiest thing to do is to point fingers, and justify your lot in life because others are in the same shit hole as you are, That is the recipe for failure.

      Progressive thinking people try to pull themselves out of the Shit hole their are in and RISE to the top. That is the recipe for success.

      It all boils down to what you really want? Success? of Failure?
      You chose?

    • B3
      April 6, 2011

      American just raised it rates to a ridiculous amount for the short run from SJU to DOM. They were high enough before.
      So now LIAT has a captive audience. WinAir left.

      The solution is to provide ferry or small ship service between Puerto Rico and some of the islands, especially DA because of the problem air service to the island. Service out of Florida would be even better because you would attract a different type of traveler. Now whether the U.S. would give you permission to do that is another question.

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