Dominica removed from list of non-cooperative states and territories

OECD monitors countries in terms of tax compliance

France has updated its list of non-cooperative states and territories on the exchange of tax information, with Dominica benefiting from that move.

Paris has removed 11 countries from that list – six of them are from the Caribbean.

The six are Dominica, Anguilla, Belize, Grenada, the Turks and Caicos Islands, and St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The French decision was taken in early April.

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes have been pushing for countries around the world, including those in the Caribbean, to embrace internationally accepted standards on tax matters, seeking to have so-called tax havens become more transparent in their business dealings.

The two organisations are reporting that in recent times there has been a sea change in the level of tax cooperation throughout the world.

The OECD says that in response to the G20 group of countries’ call at a Summit in Washington in November 2008, there has been a widespread commitment by many jurisdictions worldwide to eliminating obstacles to information exchange in tax matters.

The Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes was established at a follow-up G20 Summit in London to ensure that commitments to implementing internationally accepted standards translate into actions and all jurisdictions participate on an equal footing.

According to the OECD, these actions to improve transparency for tax purposes will also assist the fight against corruption and money laundering.

Caribbean nations are among states which have been signing bilateral exchange of information agreements with European and other countries.

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  1. Dominican
    May 16, 2012

    After America France an England cause so much poverty in d Caribbean day still want to cum now an enslave us with sanction..I still can get over skeritt taking boat ffrom America .magwaysa..we dho hav shame..I wish chiina an Venezuela treat us like traitor..french helicopter flying all over Dominica all day..u rink if a Dominican hav a helicopter it can fly over Guadalupe..

  2. Dominican
    May 16, 2012

    People need to rember what kept Dominica alive for d past is Dominican citizens residing illegal overseas dat sends their miny Bach home an with all these magee with America an France make it hard to send ur mony back u can prove u ake it.

  3. patriot
    May 16, 2012


  4. Dave Thomas
    May 16, 2012

    Turks and Caicos went off the list. Their investment culture dried up!

  5. Faceup
    May 16, 2012

    Long live France, and long live Dominica. love you two so much,so i then say Dominica is a Third world country,and for the good have no choice but to comply….

  6. Amen Ra
    May 16, 2012

    We seem so elated over this, has Dominica met the requirements for compliance with the FATF (Financial Action task force) 40&9 recomendations, in order that Dominica not be listed? This is the pressing question.
    Dominicans beware, we are still not out of the woods. This relates only to the fact that Dominica has signed exchange of tax information. (EXCHANGE OF TAX INFORMATION)
    Dominicans read and understand and stop going out on a tangent like unreasoning children.

    • I'm Listening
      May 16, 2012

      It dose’nt seems to me that you all don’t like to hear good news about Dominica nah.What a same

  7. african queen
    May 16, 2012

    Good welcome news for my beloved country of u Dominica

  8. FACT
    May 16, 2012

    Folks this is not about the US or France. It’s deterring greedy people who want to come to Dominica and hide their fortune to avoid paying taxes on them.
    Also, other people who obtain their money by means of illegal manner can use DA as a safe haven for illicit financial activities.

  9. Rule
    May 16, 2012

    I think the OECD is a good thing especially when it relates to money laundering and transparency. If we as a country have nothing to hide, then we should be in alliance with this organization. The Turks and Caicos has been a safe haven for money laundering and financial deceptions. We should not be proud to be on this non compliance list.

    • Anonymous1
      May 16, 2012

      Non compliant to whom? Where is there a greater level of money laundering that these western states. Neocolonialism is alive and kicking.

  10. Eggleston
    May 16, 2012

    This is very important that Dominica is removed from this list and we have to try to keep it this way. This will make our country more attractive to potential investors from the outside and will also benefit us in other ways.

    • Anonymous1
      May 16, 2012

      eggleston u are deluded. This is just a ploy to keep us as beggars.

      • Eggleston
        May 16, 2012

        Anonymous, I respect your comment. If its a ploy, then what can I say.

      • May 16, 2012

        thats why you remain anonymous,because you are such a fool

    • forreal
      May 16, 2012

      there are two sides to a coin,this people are just protecting there own interest,they are doing this in order to keep there large companies investing in countries were they can pay less taxes and gain large profits,it’s an economic game our unfortunate third world countries are caught up in.

    • anonymous2
      May 16, 2012

      This will do nothing to attract investors. People have been sold on taxation without knowing the origins or history of it. Taxation implies bondage and a form of slavery. Paying taxes to the queen, the king, the emperor or illicit governments so that they can do what they want with the money under the guise of making you dependent on them for certain social benefits.

  11. smh
    May 16, 2012

    Once Dominica benifiting from a good move for it 8)

  12. May 16, 2012


  13. Robin
    May 16, 2012

    Is france other members of the EU and the world’s biggest bully, United States transparent about their dealings that cripple economies of developing countries? They believe they have free reign over this world like they were sent here by the holy father to tower over the little man. please these organisations are nothign but a complete and utter waste of time. They don’t supervise the exact people they’re suppose to which are the supposed first world capitalist!

    • Malgraysa
      May 16, 2012

      Robin, I would not mind kicking against people’s shins, if not at the same time we hold our hand to them for charity. To try both is foolishness.

      • Robin
        May 16, 2012

        So because someone is giving you something you should shut your mouth and swallow your spit right? Play dead in other words. Yes I sea how so many black nations continue to suffer because all you people keep jumping when Masa say jump! These countries wouldn’t need charity if the goliaths of the world would stop crippling their industries. It’s there intent to further cause these countries to be at their mercy by ruining any chance of them being able to stand on there own. Last time I heard the US and many countries have their hands out towards ASIA so we’re not the only ones who’s recieveing charity. Thanks!

  14. Meeee
    May 16, 2012

    No body not commenting man…

    Well I doh maylay, I will comment. Good news for Dominica.

    Thanks PM.

    • PKI
      May 16, 2012

      That must be Dominica’s biggest fool!

      • Meeee
        May 16, 2012

        PKI, you know what…come to think of it. You are right. I am the biggest fool. It is very bad news that Dominica has been removed from the list of non-cooperative states and territories.

        We should have remained on the list. Too bad they had to removed Dominica. SMH

    • Met Yo
      May 16, 2012

      The big joke there is.”Meeee” doh even understand what she read there u know. She just hear we come out from a “non-coperative” list and she high on that….”thanks PM”…lol…boy these people does give it to me we.

      • Meeee
        May 16, 2012

        What you mean I doh understand what I read nuh. Dominica was on the list of non-cooperative states and territory and was removed recently. Not that the story say nuh?

        At least that should be something good, right?

        Since all the buck stops with the PM, who should we thank? The president of France? lol

    • Truth and Justice
      May 16, 2012

      What good is there for Dominica ? you idiot. A decision to cooperate with French law enforcement regarding money laundering and tax evasion? So while we commit to be a snitch for the French right here in our own country we have blatant money laundering and tax evasion by influential people in Dominica. Stolen garbage bin money moving from Antigua to Barbados and back to Dominica; blatant tax evasion in land purchase transaction – the ordinary man must pay government taxes upfront on a real estate transaction so much so that ownership documents cannot be completed unless the relevant taxes are paid yet a notorious lawyer conveniently forgot to pay the taxes for the leader of the country- interesting; there is a looming money laundering bombshell that lunatic lawyers are trying not to get to the courts; what do you think the fire bombing scandal is all about – a web of corruption to include Villas, money laundering , passport deals etc;
      While the French authorities are interested in we becoming their snitch they can do a little bit of snitch for the sake of the PEOPLE of dominica. They can tell us about the French men with our diplomatic passports and whether or not one particular French man who quoted 2 million US dollars for a Dominica diplomatic status; If the snitching goes on the French man can tell the people of Dominica about the bank account that was set up after receiving plenty money from the kadaffi sons.

      Weekly Blitz may have been bamboozled but the truth will remain. DNO who will believe me anyway – I know what and said what I said; its just a thing that I keep in the back of my head .

      • Meeee
        May 16, 2012

        PFFFFFT….none of what you mentioned there cannot be proven independently. lol. Prove them nuh.

        Interestingly you mentioned Weekly Blitz…hahahaha…what a joke. Not all u nuh that use to think Weekly Blitz was equivalent to the New York Times or the Washington Post. None of what Weekly Blitz was writing about couldn’t be proven. Hahahahahaha

      • Met Yo
        May 16, 2012

        More laughable comment from this “meee” gimmick.

        You need to ask yourself why is that that Weekly Blitz was not sued by the Prime Minister for all these explosive information?

        Why is it that some talk of bribery and hush money came up in an exchange of emails, certain people left dominica for 2 weeks, and bam…all stories disappeared.

        Ask yourself those fundamental questions.

        When you see that man is thoroughly exposed, they might need a special mad house to put some of allu.

        Let the clock continue to tick.

      • Meeee
        May 16, 2012

        Garcon all you cannot comment without calling people one name or the other eh…anyway since I am a gimmick use your common sense nuh.

        Number one, it would be rather impractical to sue an obscure website in Bangladesh (of all places). That would be like suing a high school publication in Timbuktu. Maybe Bangladesh doesn’t even have laws on its books for such things. It just not worth it.

        Number two, if the Weekly Blitz was such a reputable organization, why would it accept “bribery and hush money” and make all story disappear? You think the New York Times would make story disappear because of ‘hush money?’ Not even DNO would sink that low….The Weekly Blitz realized what it was publishing could not be substantiated and the rest is history.

        There is nothing to expose. Everything all u trying will come to naught because its simply not true…and in the end you might be the one in the special mad house.


        Let the clock keep ticking


      • Met Yo
        May 17, 2012

        Final Response to “Meee”:

        Remember Allen Stanford. End of Story.

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