PM defends Economic Citizenship Program

passport stampPrime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, has again defended the island’s Citizenship by Investment Program, comparing it to similar programs in the US and Canada.

He described criticisms of the program as malicious and unfounded, saying it is an important tool of economic activity in Dominica.

“The United States has an economic program in reference to the Green Card where tens of thousands of Chinese nationals have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in the United States of America …” he stated at a closing ceremony for five weeks of activities marking the 10th anniversary of the signing of the Petrocaribe accord. “Malta has an economic citizenship program, Portugal has had one. Canada was a pioneer in the economic citizenship program, they stopped it about three years ago and at the time they stopped it they had 60,000 applications within the system.”

He said many people give the impression that Dominica is the only country where such a program exists and it should be gotten rid of.

“And then we find ourselves as citizens of Dominica being quoted, making malicious and unfounded statements about the program, seeking to undermine the program and therefore remove from Dominica a very important tool for economic activity, work and job creation in our country,” he stated. “Jobs that we are all yearning for, better paying jobs that we are all yearning for ….”

The Prime Minister has always been in the forefront of defending the program in Dominica.

Last month he said if the program were to be removed, Dominicans would have to bear the burden of higher taxes.

“Where do you get the money from? Through taxation,” he said on the radio program, The Next Level. “How many of us would like me to go to the budget debate address and indicate to the country that I’m increasing taxation on the country?”


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  1. Francisco Telemaque
    July 18, 2015

    Somme of us Dominicans sometimes gets confused and talk out of a our mind, with no actual understanding of the context in which we a speaking. BorninLovewithJesus claimed when she/he left Dominica forty years ago, and they left Dominica as a landed immigrant:

    If one reads the following they will discover the Canadian Immigration and naturalization protocol in regards to immigration up till 2008, some where in there Landed Immigration is mentioned; review the following:

    The IMDB 2008 Immigration Category Profiles consist of the following twelve reports:
     Economic class: Skilled Workers (SW), Provincial Nominees (PN), Live-in Caregivers (LC), and Business immigrants – Entrepreneurs (ENT), Investors (INV) and
    Self-employed (SEI)

     Family class: Parents and Grandparents (P&G) and Spouses and Partners (S&P)
     Refugees: Government-assisted Refugees (GAR), Privately Sponsored Refugees (PSR) and Refugees Landed in Canada (RLC)

     Other immigrants: Humanitarian and…

    • Francisco Telemaque
      July 18, 2015

       Other immigrants: Humanitarian and Compassionate/Public Policy Considerations (HC)
      Each IMDB Immigration Category Profile consists of two main sections:

      1) Background characteristics: Provides demographic landings information for the target category by province, country of last permanent residence, family status, age, and
      gender; and:

      2) Economic outcomes: Provides information on the economic performance of the target category compared to other selected immigrant categories and all Canadians
      including, average employment earnings, income distributions as well as incidence of employment earnings, social assistance and employment insurance.

      The profiles are graphical presentations of the demographic and economic trends observed over time with corresponding text focusing on category specific highlights. Each profile is accompanied by an appendix containing a full set of supporting tables and the IMDB Research Series – Technical Notes providing information about data…

      • Francisco Telemaque
        July 18, 2015

        Technical Notes providing information about data sources, a glossary of terms and concepts as well as additional notes.

        The IMDB 2009 Immigration Category Profiles will be available in fall, 2012. Since we are in 2015, I am sure that information is already out. This is one of the reasons I try to be as accurate as I can be in order to avoid making erroneous statements as “BorninLovewithJesus has done! I do not know if they came to Canada as a refugee, i doubt that!

  2. Dan Tanner
    July 15, 2015

    We’re glad to be out of Dominica and back home in the USA. We will never visit Dominica again. When we lived in Dominica we paid for residency each year (the price went up) because we did not want to risk losing our US citizenship by applying for Dominica citizenship. After five years of annual residency we applied for permanent residency. We had “meetings” with top ministers who dropped broad hints…. But we never paid any more tan was officially charged. We thus never got the residency (because we did not bribe anyone). We simply stayed illegally (as many Dominicans do in the US).

    • Francisco Telemaque
      July 19, 2015

      Your story is unique; and that is why foreigners avoid going to Dominica and reside there. No matter what the intentions of a foreigner in our country, some Dominica, so called minister of government thief always try to bleed people of their money; well Dominica is not unique to the world, hence that is why it is so poor and backwards, because, the attitude of the government repels the foreigner.

      Some of the civil servants are thieves also, that is why our country is not making any progress.

      Regarding your fear of loosing your U. S Citizenship that could be overcome be obtaining “dual” citizenship, but with all things unequal in Dominica one never knows!

      Don’t forget Skerrit is a Dominican born, he became a French national, and lied about, he even sent his wife to give birth to his son Demetri in New York; what is good for the Goose should be good for the Gander!

      You are Dominica’s lost!

  3. Cpt Joe Sparrow
    July 15, 2015

    he will, he sure will …..

  4. Anthony P. Ismael
    July 15, 2015

    Mr. Prime Minister, please provide us with a detailed report of the Economic Citizenship Program that your government has been clinging to during your tenure in office. List income and expenses related to the program and also list some salient projects that were undertaken as a result of this program.

    If you were more transparent, there would be far less criticism and suspicions of your efforts. If you want to dispel rumors and false statements, please present verifiable facts to the public. That’s all we ask.

  5. John Paul
    July 14, 2015

    Mr. Skeritt first let me remind you that Dominica only has a Population of about 70000 People and the US has a limit even on Visas for Visitors.You really expect 10000 Chinese to show up here overnight?
    The Prime Ministership needs a Head Transplant ,History has shown that all the Prime Ministers who stayed for the third term they went a bit Coo Koo Banana!
    That is why I am a supporter of the two term limit

  6. Inform Yourselves
    July 14, 2015
  7. too late
    July 14, 2015

    Pm it is not an important tool to economic activity, it is the only tool. You said is either that or tax

  8. zane
    July 14, 2015

    Please tell the PM that I say that he needs to stop comparing his passport sale scheme to the Economic citizenship program in Canada. These two programs can’t be further apart – they are like night and day, rain or sun – direct opposites and not alike in any way, shape or form.

    The information relating to the Canadian economic citizenship program is clearly outlined on the country immigration website, and is administered by the immigration department of the government of Canada. Where do I find out information about Dominicas passport sale? Is the program administered by the government of Dominica? I need that information to compare the two – please Mr. Prime Minister.

  9. July 14, 2015

    To the critics of our blessed and most precious Prime Minister, His Holiness, Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit and the Economic Citizenship Programme, I must say that you are blinded by the evil propaganda machine of the United Wicked People in opposition. The Economic Citizenship Programme is indeed an important economic growth engine in Dominica and continues to bring enormous benefits to our shores. The Opposition United Wicked People as individuals and as a group are extremely envious and jealous of our most beloved and highly esteemed Supreme Leader’s wealth, power and international status. These men and women in opposition are consumed with a desire for power and will do anything to undermine Dominica’s Divine, Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit, even at the expense of stagnating the Country’s development. His Holiness, blessed Knight of the Most Holy Roman Catholic Church, Dr. R. M. Skerrit, however, shall not be moved by the forces of evil and will forge ahead to create a better Dominica for…

    • cc
      July 14, 2015

      Can you explain how the pm obtaijed hia wealth?

    • Moin meme
      July 15, 2015

      very funny. you beat me at sacarsm

  10. MandyB
    July 14, 2015

    That’s really nice, Skerrit… threatening your citizens with higher taxes. How is it that after so many years as the Minister of Finance you still haven’t learned that a country can’t run solely on the backs of the people? Taxation isn’t just a blank cheque to fund the goverment.

    You are right, we need more economic activity in this country. But you know what stimulates economic activity? Hint: It’s the opposite of raising taxes. Yes, those taxes you’re wielding as a weapon are also stifling investment. The cost of doing business in Dominica is the highest in the Caribbean. Between all the red tape, high electricity costs and ridiculous import duties, even the most determined investor is likely to abandon any project here.

    • MandyB
      July 14, 2015

      So stop trying to wring more money out of poor people in an unhealthy economy. Historically speaking, that never ends well. We desperately need lower taxes. Give Dominicans a chance to grow the economy. I know it’s a scary idea. You’re wondering how would you pay all those government employees. Well you can still sell passports but there needs to be thorough background checks. Maybe try changing the name to distance it from all the controversy.

  11. JoJo
    July 14, 2015

    I’m now hearing the govt. has approved investment in a special cruise ship for their citizenship program even to buy a time share on that boat. A ship is like a car, it loses value from the day it is launched and is worth very little by the time it reaches 30 and becomes scrap. That ship not even calling in Dominica so no jobs or income from that ship for us so that doesn’t make sense.. Only passport money and we don’t know where that is going seeing we are so poor and getting poorer every day. Roosevelt I really don’t follow your thinking sometimes brother. What motivates you making a move like that?

  12. pydana
    July 14, 2015

    this programme was supposed to be citizenship by investment. so where is the investment after the citizenship.when chinese come to dominica to invest they don’t hire dominicans instead they take our money from us by opening businesses selling fake things and sending the money back to china.once they pay for the citizenship they don’t invest to help dominicans get jobs’ they take care of themselves and the citizenship money finish in one monthly government budget.but if they invest to help people get jobs money can flow in the country and everybody can live a happy life. this programme is bad for the future of dominica if the recipients of the passport is not investing to help dominicans get jobs. majority put skerritt there so eat your cake and have it.

  13. ABCD
    July 14, 2015

    Well, Mr. PM I will start by agreeing fully with the point which you raised with regard to Canada. You said, according to this article, that the Canadians had sixty thousand applicants in the system when they dropped the program!! I wonder how many we have in ours? How transparent are our figures? Can you tell us sir how many have applied since 2000, indicting the increase in numbers? Can you tell us how many were accepted and how many rejected? Could the ‘numbers’ of interested persons not be the very reason why such a large country as Canada decided to pull out of this program? How many citizens can we take in terms of numbers? Why are they benefitting from our passport while we get a one off payment and many times receive no more benefit from that person through taxes or otherwise? Supposedly many people are ‘seeking to undermine the program and therefore remove from Dominica a very important tool for economic activity, work and job creation’. TWO OPTION SOLUTION =…

    • ABCD
      July 14, 2015

      I’m sorry but I ran out of space here….

      The PM went on to say “Where do you get the money from? Through taxation,” he said on the radio program, The Next Level. “How many of us would like me to go to the budget debate address and indicate to the country that I’m increasing taxation on the country?”
      This seems to indicate that the Government of Dominica sees no other means of bringing in any significant income other than these two options…… Economic Citizenship or TAXATION!!! How many jobs have we really realized from the ECP?? You have projects such as the ‘Morrocan Hotel’ incomplete and going nowhere!! You have the sale of citizenship with money in exchange for citizenship but no requirement to live in, invest in or create employment in the country!! Just give us the required amount and in record time, HERE IS YOUR CITIZENSHIP!!So citizenship comes…no jobs gained!!
      Chinese/Da Citizens…set up businesses…DO THEY PAY TAXES??? Serious question!!!

      WE R…

  14. Glo Cho
    July 14, 2015

    “The United States has an economic program in reference to the Green Card where tens of thousands of Chinese nationals have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in the United States of America … Fine. Just prove to us the hundreds of millions invested in Dominica and we will leave it alone! Apparently, Dominica have more citizens outside than inside. Just prove to us how much they invest after they buy the passport.

  15. Francisco Telemaque
    July 13, 2015

    Roosevelt, take a hike shut up, nobody can gain economic citizenship in America, and Canada, unless they invest into some industry, some form of business which employs a certain amount of people!

    The United States, and Canada do not have agents around the world selling passports to criminals, and everybody who wants one. When are you going to stop lying
    God is listening to you lie every day; God hate a liar, and a lying tongue!

    Our country is in crisis, and rather than you address that, you are telling lies, comparing your corrupt sale of passport

    • The Real Facts - ON
      July 14, 2015

      You are at it again! At it and always at it. No change of tone, eh? :lol: :lol: :lol:

  16. sold
    July 13, 2015

    Skerritt is scared to the teeth !!!! Mark my words. The net is closing. the fish is enclosed. He is trying to defend what cannot be defended by neither he nor the cabal operatives.

    Many secret deals have and are taking place regarding that selling of our passports, misnamed Citizenship-by-investment -programme. Our beloved Dominica is being sold piece by piece, thanks to Skerritt and his policy

    What foolishness Skerritt talking about? To whom is he spewing such nonsense? e.g. The deal with the foreign Co. Range Development. Skerritt went to Parliament, amend law and the others in the cabal, blindly supported the carving out of 15 acres of our Land from the Cabrits National Park and gave it to Range dev.

    The “Investor” was given hundreds of passports to sell to raise millions to build hotel. An empty-handed foreigner getting our resources free. Whose fools are we?????? Get-rich-corrupt-scheme for a few…

    • The Real Facts - ON
      July 14, 2015

      Give him a break to govern the country. Some of you people have not eased up on that. When will you cease?

  17. Zandoli
    July 13, 2015

    I think you are mistaken about the Canadian Economic “Citizenship” program. There was no such think as a “citizenship” program. Investor were granted LANDED STATUS. The major difference between that and Dominica’s was that with the Canadian model, these people had to meet stringent requirements to become citizens. Those same requirements apply to everybody who wishes to become Canadian citizens.

    I have a friend who deposited over $300,000 CDN, and he stands to lose is landed status because he has multiple businesses in his home country and just cannot afford to spend the required amount of time in Canada to qualify for citizenship. He really did it for his daughters who wanted to gain Canadian citizenship.

    Bottom line: Don’t compare the two systems. This is like comparing lemons and horses.

    • July 14, 2015

      @Zandoli July 13, 2015

      Are you sure you are correct with that piece above?

      $300,000.00 is no dealing, with the Canadian Government for Canadian citizenship–if at all your friend paid that amount to any one–he was involved with an illegal arrangement with some greedy, phony lawyer–they are all over the place in Canada–claiming to be immigration lawyers, but they work outside the immigration laws; until they are caught.

      Landed Status granted to investors, you say!

      Well I have lived in Canada for the past 4 decades; Canadian Embassy met with me at Forte Young Hotel, to tell me what Life was like in Canada.

      Canada is a very rich country on its own, if everyone who entered her land was for the sake of investment here–there would be no poor people living on her land. In the days gone Canada with her rich people, brought people in to work for them; lobs include anything from being a maidservant for the family.

      • July 14, 2015

        I applied for immigration status, in Canada, while I was in Dominica. My status was approved and sent to me in Dominica. I entered Toronto International Airport with my Landed Status–there was nothing about being an investor on that document–good Lord!

        I could have applied for my Canadian Citizenship 3 years after I had lived there, but there was no reason to rush. I applied 10 years later–by then I had attended college. One important thing about Citizenship is that we know some things about Canada, then I was intact.

        It cost me lest than 90 dollars for my Citizenship document–that was in 1985 Five years later it was costing a person over $1000.00–that would be for each person of the family, regardless of the number–how about today?

        A passport is only granted with Citizenship Status–the price continues increase as well.

        Are Canadian demanding to know what Government does with the money they receive for granting Citizenship Status? How foolish!

      • Francisco Telemaque
        July 18, 2015

        You are so damn stupid, you do not even understand that economic citizenship, and being a landed immigrant are two different forms of immigration. And if you were a landed immigrant, that means you went to Canada as a visitor, forty years ago, and apply for landed immigrant status, which is no longer part of the Canadian immigration agenda.

        One could only obtained landed immigrant status when the arrived in Canada, that is why it was termed Landed Immigrant!

        We know all about landed immigrant status, Canada was the only place within the Commonwealth to allowed that!

        In the 1950’s West Indian women were allowed to immigrate to Canada, as domestic servants, sponsored by the people who employed them, and they had to be single women, if they sent for their boy friends, the Immigration would direct them to be married within two months.

        I can name names, so just stop the lie!

        What poor soul from Dominica Canada government would expect to invest, when they know the reason…

      • July 20, 2015

        You are the one who is the damn arrogant fool! You know nothing, you have nothing, and you will go back to your demise with nothing!

        You cannot tell me what I know about myself–beginning from 5 years old–much more so for living in Canada for 40 years. Landed Immigrant Status and Citizenship go together in Canada. One can only get Citizenship status, 3 years after Landed Immigration Status.

        During the time that I came to Canada, the government was allowing people to sponsor their people–with providence that they can afford to support them for at least 10 years–this is the way my aunt sponsored me–I landed at Toronto International Airport with my Landed Status in my purse–but everything has changed now. .

        You need to just shut up and get off this website–you are a bad reputation for DNO; I don’t even understand why the even allow your comments here. Go back to your “twilight zone” of the dark stone ages.

    • July 20, 2015

      That is the same way you are writing all sorts of ugly things against the Government of Dominica, especially the Prime Minister–you simply pull those futile nastiness from that balled head of yours, and you write it here –those who are giving the thumbs up rating do not know any better than you do.

      You don’t live in Canada, to my knowledge you were not in existence way up to 2011–how I wish that you had never been uprooted in my mind. What right to you have to tell me, how I got to live in Canada–I am not, and was never in the crookedness that people like you do for survival.

      While you are speaking all of that darkness about PM Skerrit along with his men and women of government, you have no character of a human being–not even the most evil one in this world. You could and will never be able to stand in the shoes of Mr. Roosevelt Skerrit; that is the “Truth” that is eating you up–I hope it takes you right down to your very last bone.–you wicked and evil man!

  18. Ma Moses
    July 13, 2015

    If you want a license for a rum shop you have to publish that in the paper for all to see, the same if you want to claim title to a piece of land or want to change your name by deed poll. But when it comes to apply for our citizenship it is a big secret, why? The govt. is giving strangers, not even born here and without any connection our citizenship without telling us who these people are. All these applicants should be listed in the local newspapers and their names recorded in the official gazette. Why not do this if everything is above board? This is very important considering that all these people have full rights, including voting as to who is to govern us.

    • The Real Facts - ON
      July 14, 2015

      I think you people demand too much and expect too much from your government. You are not giving him the credit due him as leader of the country. He is constantly being disrespected by some of you, as if you are the leaders and not him. It is a form of harassment and persecution. This is a sad situation and how you are viewed by others.
      There is a diplomatic and respectful manner of approaching a leader on a topic, requesting information and patiently await the response. I noted it is the reverse on this Website and no doubt through some other Media outlets in Dominica. What goes around comes around for you guys.

    • July 14, 2015

      @Ma Moses July 13, 2015 “The govt. is giving strangers, not even born here and without any connection our citizenship without telling us who these people are”————-

      You people need to stop presenting my Dominica as a Land accommodating fools and stupid ignorance; a person who is born in a country is a citizen of that country by birth–that includes Dominica,

      Hence it has to be strangers who will receive a document–whatever it is– for citizenship status. How do you expect that immigration department should be announcing everyone whom they approve to hold a citizenship status in Dominica?

      It is time that you people get out of your darkness of stupidity and ignorance; or stay there through quietness; you people are sounding like loud clanging cymbal, unbearable to the human ear–for crying out loud!

  19. The Real Facts - ON
    July 13, 2015

    What is this consistent harassment and criticism of the government?
    It appears you non DLP supporters are conducting a tug of war with the government,
    The problem with specifically some of you in D/ca is, you lack respect for authority. You project your disdain for the government. Therefore, it is evident no matter what the PM states will never please you. You are such unfair and biased people.
    You push your nose in everything and want it in everything the government does as if you are entitled to know everything. You do not! You have it all wrong and need to learn much.
    When will you comprehend the PM is the leader of D/ca and you are the public? Note the difference. The government does not have to tell you everything and you do not have to know everything.
    You project that you are unhappy people who are not at peace with yourself. If you were, you would not make such comments to your prime minister. It is really low of you.

  20. mandate 2 mismanage
    July 13, 2015

    He compares our economic citizenship program to the one that Canada ENDED?! Why did they End it PM?

    Let’s see “…the [Canadian] government said many of these investors have only tenuous ties to the country and pay “significantly lower taxes over a lifetime” than other immigrants.”

    “Many criticized the program as a way for rich foreigners essentially to buy citizenship and live abroad without creating jobs or economic growth in Canada.”

    In Dominica, the situation is much much worse, yet our PM can tout the program and even compare it to Canada’s. Dominicans if you aren’t even smart enough to be insulted by this man’s crap, well you surely deserve him!

  21. GrandBayrian
    July 13, 2015

    The point is not that Canada have or had an economic citizenship program. Canada terminated the program in February 2014. The Immigrant Investor Program (IIP) aims to have experienced business people contribute to Canada’s growth and long-term prosperity by investing in Canada’s economy. Investors must:
    •show that they have business experience
    •have a net worth of at least C$1,600,000 that was gained legally and
    •invest C$800,000.

    Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) would divide the investment between participating provinces and territories. They will use it for projects to develop their economies and create jobs for five years.
    The investment is guaranteed. CIC will return it, without interest, about five years and three months after payment.
    If CIC approve the application, the investor must make his /her investment before CIC issue a permanent resident visa. So in other words there is a process, and the people know where and what the money is use for.

  22. The Real Facts - ON
    July 13, 2015

    Do you know any Americans and previously Canadians who demand of their government to inform them how many passports were sold and what their government did with it?
    I do find people as you are rude and crude, out of place and do not know your place. You should not make it your business to know.
    How many of you are employed and paying your full share of taxes to boost and maintain the D/can economy?
    Small minds. It appears you people have nothing else and better to do but to consistently harass and criticize the government, namely the PM. You should be arrested and thrown in jail for this.

    • Dyco
      July 14, 2015

      Dude or dudette you need to calm down take a chill pill and read a book or otherwise do something productive. It will do you better than what you are doing right now

      • The Real Facts - ON
        July 14, 2015

        I know enough. Speak for yourself. You do not like reading the truth. One day the truth will face you smack on and you may regret that you did not appreciate the truth.
        Maybe you should take an everlasting chill and change your mannerisms. Some of you project that you lack good manners. Your consistent indifferent attitude is not helping Dominica in any way. Those who read your comments especially from abroad are turned off. They do not have anything good to say about you. You are a sad lot.
        You are not even helping your country but you excel in criticisms. Start with doing something good for Dominica and those nationals who are in need of.
        I am informing you, one day you will pay for that. :twisted: :mrgreen: :twisted: :mrgreen: :twisted: :mrgreen: :twisted: :mrgreen:

    • Francisco Telemaque
      July 18, 2015

      Facts, American, and Canadian government donot sell their national passports to the highest bidder.

      And if the American government was selling passports, it would not be a secret, since it would have to be part of public record!

      I hear you too got Canadian landed Status, prior to you leaving Dominica oui!

  23. The Real Facts - ON
    July 13, 2015

    Ask the Americans if they know how many passports their government sold; how much money was received and what was done with it. Ask them also if they ever inquired about this from their government; likewise the Canadians. The public was not even aware of this scheme, if you call it that. I expect only the politicians and those who work closely with the government are aware of it.
    These governments, as leaders make certain decisions to boost investment for the benefit of the country and their nationals.
    When James sold passports to whoever and wherever, did you ask him about it? Did he tell you how much he received and what he did with the money?
    One day your words will return to haunt you. Someday you will pay for your attitude. It will come from The Holy One, from above who knows sees and hears all things. He knows you; who you are.

  24. Lang Mama
    July 13, 2015

    A Weh a dee passport gone
    Tell me tell me weh ir gone
    Look in vielle case
    Long Island City apartment
    In borne i doh wana here them say no more
    Look I’ll lick the arse
    Ask Dun he Cyan
    Ask Ju lyan Gee Row Row Row
    Ask the first child moda
    Ask ka mel wal on the drum
    Ask ex priest
    Tellme weh thee passport money gon
    Tell me tell me weh it gone

  25. Peter Potter
    July 13, 2015

    Skerrit, just stop your political spin for once! Nobody has got an issue with the scheme as such. The issue in Dominica is that this scheme has been done ‘under the table’ and up to this day the government is to address the nation and stating: a) how many passports have been sold on their watch, b) how much has the scheme yielded under their watch, c) where are the investments under this scheme?
    An economic citizenship program, if administered correctly and regulated prudently is not a bad thing for Dominica. But it can not be that Dominica’s economy is build on this scheme. And another thing, don’t constantly threaten us with tax increases if we do not want the scheme. Why is Dominica so much in debt for selling all those passports? Where is the money, Skerrit? Where is our money??? Stop feeding is BS on a daily basis!!! Where is our money from the passport sales???

  26. The Real Fact
    July 13, 2015

    The Canadian program was modeled after Roosevelt Skerrit program.

    • Francisco Telemaque
      July 13, 2015

      You are on your way to burn in Hell. Economic Citizenship, was in existence long before that boy Skerrit was born! It all began in Ireland; Ireland was an economically depressed country, hence they developed the program by giving citizenship to investors who would reside in Ireland.

      There were also other incentives given such as free land, and tax free operation for between twenty-five and thirty years. Old man Bird introduced that in Antigua around 1962 however the program never really took off there, it failed!

      If you want people to respect you, you need to stop pulling nonsense out of thin air, that is not true if the government of Canada was going to mole anything after anybody it would not be after an idiot like Skerrit, they perhaps would adapt the Irish system!

      • The Real Facts - ON
        July 14, 2015

        I hope the person who commented and you responded to, respond to you. It is not me. Recently, the person decided to use the same name without the “s”. I am still wondering why this silly person would do something foolish as this and not use a different name. Dominica has some strange characters.
        So I neither gave you thumbs up or down for your response does not pertain to me since I did not make that comment which you replied to. Comprehend?
        One day I hope DNO’s system will be able to eliminate people using the same name as others on this Website for their comments. With my confidence, I expect it will come. Something will give sooner or later.

      • July 18, 2015

        @The Real Facts – ON July 14, 2015

        I believe that he is the same person doing that, so to write what he wants for or against that person. I have noticed that habit from him many times before–because his own opinion gets a critical thumbs rating.

        By the way, I knew right away that, that comment was not from you–that is not your kind of language–especially referring to our PM as Roosevelt Skerrit! That man is very, very, sick!

  27. Mamizoo
    July 13, 2015

    To the Prime Minister please show us one economic citizenship investment that has brought benifits to Dominica under your administration. Judt one and please provide an honest report of ALL passports sold under your stewardship.
    We know and you admitted on radio that ” the guy” the Iranian former agent of Amardin was assigned economic citizenship-where is the investment Roosevelt Skerrit. There are sum more that will be exposed later.
    How can you actually convince reasonable thinking people that the ECP is working when there is nothing to show except passport selling agents moving millions of dollars into private accounts. But then the phraze reasonable thinking people is very subjective when applied to Dominica.

  28. alas
    July 13, 2015

    De problem is that we de citizens have no idea how many passports have been sold to date since you started playing with de original Economic Citizenship program.
    we have no idea how much money has been raised by selling citizenship through de Citizenship by Investment program.
    We have no idea how much of these funds have been or will be earmarked for national programs……….where does de money go?
    How many individuals are selling our citizenship?
    How many companies are selling our citizenship?
    Are the names of our new citizens public information?
    US gives people greencard not citizenship.
    Canada stopped their program because Chinese was abusing it……washing down de indigenous population.

    If you were more open up front to deal with you would not have to be trying so hard to defend de indefensible!!!!!
    Some of de individuals are unscrupulous….we can go through their background and look at who they associate with!!!!


  29. Zammmmm
    July 13, 2015

    The issues at hand are :
    How many passports have been sold ?
    Who are the holders of these passports?
    Is it public knowledge or recorded in the parliamentary gazette?
    Is there a list available to the public under the freedom of information act?
    What are the criteria for the issuing of the passports?
    Who does the screening or is it a money call program?
    Has the government to this day, produced receipts and so forth to the honorable house?
    So far how many billions have been made and most2 importantly where did the money go or where is the state”s money?
    Who are the legal experts involved in the sale of passports procedure so as not to bring Dominica in to further disrepute? Just think of Canada? Those holding Dominica passport but have no clue as to where Dominica is located?
    Who are the persons involved in ensuring reaches the buyers? Do they collect passports in Dominica or do they receive then elsewhere?
    Could the government kindly furnish Dominican with info

  30. Titiwi
    July 13, 2015

    I think mr. Skerrit is disingenuous. You can even get U.K. citizenship by investing in that country but that is not a given. Mr. Mohamed Al Fayed, one time owner of the famous Harrods store in London was never given U.K. citizenship because hew was not deemed a fit person to have one, despite having invested millions in the U.K. In the U.S.A. and Canada you must make an actual investment in the country whereas people, who buy a Dominican citizenship to be invested in the Kempinski hotel for example, don’t even have to visit Dominica and only get a certificate of a share in a limited liability partnership and not an actual share of the property. Will that hotel even get built with a scheme like that? There is no guarantee after all and the temptation must be real to pocket the money instead. Yes mr. Skerrit I am very cynical about our citzizenship by investment programme.

  31. %
    July 13, 2015

    Pm rather than going to Malta, Portugal, Canada, USA,etc,let us just compare our Economic Citizenship Programme, to the one in St Kitts. Tell us the amount collected, the time frame, who are the agents,where we can see the investments, etc. We will do thecomparism. We need to know many things Sir. The passports belong to all of us collectively,AND NOT JUST A FEW lackeys!

  32. John
    July 13, 2015

    Skerrit may be embarrassed if a terrorist is caught carrying a Dominica passport, an ISIS terrorist maybe. Or a Taliban member. He will have a lot of explaining to do to the United Nations or the United States.

  33. REAL!!!!
    July 13, 2015

    Skerrit ..the USA/Canada can tell us the amount of Green Card/ Passport/Visas that it issued and to whom.
    Also how much money was made from it, where it was deposited( Treasury) and how was the money used.

    Can you do the same and provide the transparency and accountable for our passport monies?

    This is all we are asking for……..

    • observer
      July 13, 2015


  34. Merlot
    July 13, 2015

    It’s none of allu damn business how many passports I sell…go to hell, go to hell..!!
    If we Dominicans had held Skerrit accountable from the FIRST TIME he disrespected us, we would not be asking, actually BEGGING for accountability. We gave him the right to arrogantly walk all over us… No one should question him now.
    It hurts but it’s the hard truth.

  35. Set it
    July 13, 2015

    Mr PM where there is smoke there is fire, where there is rotting flesh you will find maggots – if you claim you are a man of good speak the truth it may set your free. This passport affairs is fishy as fish can be . You are sitting on a throne of corruption engulfing in fire

  36. Sensible
    July 13, 2015

    Mr. PM do not compare Dominica program with United States, they don’t give passports to sell for investments, the people has their monies to invest and the US give them the avenue to make their investment and create employment. I am sick and fed-up with you politicians (both sides) misleading the people for you all benefit. Stop taking advantage to the ignorance of the people.
    One think we all seems to forget is the Dominica we create is the Dominica we and our children will be living in and don’t think because your children are not born there you never know!!!!

  37. memoi
    July 13, 2015

    I wonder how many millions Obama and his friends makes yearly selling passports to load up his and his friends bank account. I wonder if the US economy will crash if they stop their economic citizen program. Remember our PM said if we (he) do not sell passports, he will have to raise taxes. You can clearly see this man is his people have no clue on how to grow the economy and putting people to work. Gone are the days when farmers could make a decent living from the farms. I it sad when we have to look at what has happened to us Dominicans, we use to be hard works on farms or otherwise, now we are like beggers. Sad Sad Sad. I wonder how many people in the USA or Canada have private offices selling passports. I wonder who has the most offices selling passports, Dominica or USA & Canada combined.

    • The Real Facts - ON
      July 14, 2015

      When problems beset a country and the people, even in their personal lives, the first person who is blamed is the government and one closest to them. You never look at it on a higher level and beyond and ask why did it happen in the first place.
      You are blaming the government? You should have a heart to heart talk with them about God, how they worship, pray and how godly their lives are.

  38. MR CHENG
    July 13, 2015

    I paid over US$250,000 to a certain MR. HALIBUT for a passport.. I still waiting

  39. Tampa
    July 13, 2015

    Mr. Skerrit, here you go again trying to insult the intelligence of the people. The issue is not the sale of the passport as much as it is the lack of transparency by your government, For someone who complained that the UWP government was corrupt your behavior and that of some of your cabal has truly taken corruption to “The Next level”. We want quarterly reports on what is happening with the sale of Dominica’s passports. How much revenue it is generating? How many passports are sold each quarter? Where are these clients coming from? Who are the people handling the sale of our passports? Why can’t the entire process be handled by the public service? And don’t tell us that we should read the Gazette. Most Dominicans do not have access to it. Your lack of transparency obviously leads to speculation and only you can change that. Can’t you see that? Come clean with the public.

  40. Pope Francis
    July 13, 2015

    Who am I to judge… less I be judged too… If not Passport sales then what? Banana export dead, Tourism export not growing… in fact for the first 6 months of the year our overall visitor numbers dropped lower than last year. Now we gearing up to go back to the IMF because we in serious debt and no growth taking place in the economy… but is laba we laba. LABA POWER TO THE NEXT LEVEL OF POVERTY :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  41. Dominican
    July 13, 2015

    It is surprising to me that more citizens aren’t curious to know….How many passports have been sold? How much money has been raised? where is the money gained from the sale of the passport kept etc….

  42. chcha
    July 13, 2015

    So u saying if no passports then Dominica finish? so we come, its all because of the mismanagement of our affairs , especially agriculture sector. people don’t want to go work in fields again and importing carrots…smh then they wondering why so many cancer death every year.

    Personally I have no qualms about the program, just how it is run; lack of transparency, any and all lawyer selling passport and paying government what they want.
    Our fees are also too low, stop treating us like a washed up prostitute, with begging or being the cheapest on the block

  43. Oh Yes
    July 13, 2015

    Mr. Prime minister, with all due respect to you and your office you have a responsibility to be as honest and transparent as possible. You owe the citizens of this country explanations as it relates to all the alleged questionable deals and individuals who are associated and affiliated with the citizenship program. We would be convinced if clarity and accountability are obvious in the in which things are done on behalf of the people. Your method of control complicates matters for inquiring minds and worse yet, critics of the program. Your attempts at comparing the Dominica program to that of the US or Canada is unfair and lacks comparative strength…

  44. lady empress
    July 13, 2015

    I come from the North. We are not reaping the many fruits from this Economic Citizenship Programme. Skeritt and his boys from the North are the only ones benefiting. I would like to ask the Prime MInister whether the Haitians and the Santo Domingo’s are investing in the Nature Isle. Please Skeritt don’t compare Dominica with U.S.A. which is a continent, we are just a small island.

  45. Papa Dom
    July 13, 2015

    I fail to get the relationship between taxes and that selling passport scheme. Is skerritt saying that the amount of money Dominica receives from the sales of passports offsets taxes by a significant percentage? If do will he please explain further with exact figures.

  46. grell
    July 13, 2015

    Skerrit just tell the people that the money goes into your accounts,where are the jobs my friend,sorry for the poor people of Dominica,If this program is creating jobs,why do you continue to beg China my friend,Seriously your comparing this hogwash program you have with the one the US has your crazy,the program is creating millions to America’s economy and jobs.So my friend come clean with the poor people,but your day will come.

  47. Doc. Love
    July 13, 2015

    Please Mr. Prime Minister, if their are any malicious intentions, they are caused by you. Why don’t you remove yourself from behind the radio mic and be interviewed by the press. For instance, Dominicans would like to know how many agents are involved in the sale of passports. We would like to know how much revenue goes to the treasury from the sales of those passports. It is alleged, approximately 800 hundred passports are to be given to an agent and the sales collected are to be used to build a hotel. It is alleged, a mega tourist ship will be built through the sales of passports. It is also alleged, approximately $1.5 million were deposited in an account of a gentleman who is employed by your administration and that amount was associated to the sale of passports. These allegations are very serious, therefore, only when you have answered those questions, then Dominicans can judge, as to how malicious and unfounded are the criticisms.

  48. Ou ja konnet
    July 13, 2015

    It is a shame that today an agricultural nation can only get money from selling passports. A damn shame that there are no other plans in place to boost the economy. This is S*#t

  49. ME!!
    July 13, 2015

    I agree that this program is being used by other countries….but if u look…..NON of these countries are as small as Dca. We cannot assist our own people but we are willing to give passports for Investments??? What about investing in your people…help them build themselves instead of letting them feel comfortable in begging you and others for everything. If we invest in ourselves the country would be much MUCH further. Concentrate in your yard before selling your land.

  50. Dangleben
    July 13, 2015

    The issues Mr PM is not with the program but with accountability and open information. You are yet to tell the people how many pasports have been sold, what the money is being used for, etcc. In addition you are yet to fully disclose what you signed on behlf of the country in Malaysia. So you can state a million tmes about the program but we wont rest untill you speak the truth on the matter – SHOW US THE DATA!! We should not rely on sale of passports to sustain the economy when you killed all industries including agriculture in the country. You have failed your country and you know it…….

    • mano
      July 13, 2015

      Go on the Gov website easy easy and you will see

      • Peter Potter
        July 13, 2015

        Go on the government webste for what? To read lies, spin and foolishness? I’ve got better things to do. The only thing I believe is what I see with my own eyes…and frankly all I see right now is incompetence and corruption in every corner of this government and its blind followers.

  51. Harry Mack
    July 13, 2015

    Skerrit must understand that his Economic Citizenship program stinks. It is rotten, how many jobs has this program created? Where are the jobs except those of the Passport Peddlers? How many passport peddlers do we have? How many passports have been sold? Who are the so-called Dominican Citizens? How much money has the treasury received for the peddling of passports?
    After 22 years of an economic citizenship program, the only result Dominica has seen is the rise of a new breed of millionaires who are bold enough to declare their source of income as the SALE OF PASSPORTS.
    Skerrit must be held accountable to the people of Dominica for the blatant prostitution of their citizenship and sovereignty. At one time I was proud to be a Dominican, now it is questionable. What a shame.

  52. Dean
    July 13, 2015

    So Skerrit is comparing the U.S and Dominica????? You know best Sir !!!!!

  53. %
    July 13, 2015

    PM sir.Do you have any idea if Mr Chen has recovered his EC$54 000 000?
    Mr Skerrit Sir. Who is Mr WOO?
    Good day sir, while I await your response.

  54. Shaka zulu
    July 13, 2015

    Mr. Roosevelt all you have to do is get a truthful report of all the passports sold and amount of revenues generated to date, where these revenues have been invested in the country and the returns on these investments. Is that toooo much to ask? As long as the monkey is under the blanket there will be speculations whether it is a goat, a dog, or a pig.

  55. Lol/LMAO
    July 13, 2015

    Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, has again defended the island’s Citizenship by Investment Program, comparing it to similar programs in the US and Canada.

    He described criticisms of the program as malicious and unfounded, saying it is an important tool of economic activity of Skerrit et Al’s millionsin Dominica.
    Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit-Douglas has again defended the island’s Citizenship by Investment Program, comparing it to similar programs of how the chinese got to be millioneers.

    He described criticisms of the program as malicious and unfounded, saying it is an important tool of economic activity re: Boys-nous etc. How Gov’t find funds to buy everyone. in Dominica.

  56. %
    July 13, 2015

    Our programme is the shadiest of all. How many agents are sellers of citizenship? Who are they? How many people have purchased citizenship? We want their nationalities! how much money have we collected? Why cant we see investments on the ground as a result of sales of citizenship? What is the real price of a passport?
    Mr Skerrit 15 acres of land at the Cabrits was given or leased to an investor, plus almost 800 passports to sell ,to have a 160 or 161 room hotel built? Will the hotel be that of the state? Is this investor above board?Almost 500 000 000 dollars for a 160 room hotel???Will the rooms be adorned in gold or diamond? PAPA GOD HELP THIS SHADY, CLOSED AND FAILED COUNTRY PLEASE!

  57. Fi deghettoyouths
    July 13, 2015

    Thats is useless wat program sell our passport to people who don’t invest in the country people who don’t even live nor haven’t lived dominica after they bought d passport and if u were as smart as u pose to be Dominica would be one of the top Island in d Caribbean. And tax marijuana so d youths dem can be self employed and not rely on ur wacka** handout

    • July 14, 2015

      Fi deghettoyouths July 13, 2015

      The money which immigration department receives from the person bought the passport contributes to the expenses of the Government for the services of our country.

      If you decide to leave Dominica to go and reside in another country can the government stop you? Neither can they stop someone who paid them to hold a Dominican Passport.

      While you people are demanding this thing, that thing, and the other thing from the government–all of which will cost tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and most likely millions of dollars–at the same time, you all do not understand what they do with money from Passports sales

      You people need to stop ingesting that inedible fruit of futility, the counsel of darkness and death which is fed to your minds.

    July 13, 2015

    I really am fed up with this issue of defense of a programme that we do not know about. For the last time PM, please inform the nation as to the number of passports sold, to whom and the quantum of monies deposited into the treasury. Then, and only then, will WE the citizens be in a position to determine whether it is a good venture or not.

    • Dee
      July 13, 2015

      Exactly! How can we simply accept something when the details are always so sketchy? I really am disappointed in the manner in which the affairs of the country are being run. No transparency or accountability. I’m still concerned about this Dominica Trade House business and the way in which it was dismissed by the PM

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